Thursday, October 30, 2008

Random Photos Part One

Estelle Reiner - RIP
I don't think AnnaLynne McCord is all that or anything, but I do hope the fine people at Blackberry or Verizon will take it upon their kind souls to go ahead and send me a new Storm free of charge. Yeah, yeah, I'm whoring myself out, but I want that phone. I don't ask for a lot and I really don't shamelessly plug things except for friends, but I want that phone and I'm not going to apologize for it.

Beyonce in Japan waving to an imaginary crowd. She thinks they should be there so they are. It works on the same principle as she thinks we should care about her career. But, we don't so there is a flaw in her theory.

Holy crap Batman, Bai Ling is wearing clothes.

When I saw this photo I was reminded of the line from Sixteen Candles where the grandmother says something like, "Oh, look. Samantha got her boobies." And then she gave them a squeeze.

Corey Feldman looks like he is already preparing for that Jackson 5 reunion tour for next year with Janet opening. It is going to be named "We Need Money Your 2009"
It's Catherine Tate and Zachary Quinto. Dr. Who won some award, but honestly was too lazy to check to see what it was.

DJ AM back at work. I'm glad.

Is it sacrilege for me to say that to me Danni Minogue is my choice in the family for who I would rather date? I just think she would be more fun.

Wow. Fergie is going to star in the new FOX show, "When Chemical Peels Go Bad."

Only Grace Jones would wear Hammer pants. Oh, you thought I would make fun of the fur or the veil?

My favorite photo of the day by far. Gwen Stefani and the baby look gorgeous. And she didn't sell them. Nice.

I owe so many good nights to this man right here. Some really awful mornings, but some really good nights. This is John Paul DeJoria. He is the owner of Patron Spirits and my hero. I may cry here. Hang on.

Probably the best photo of Kristen Stewart I have seen.

Yeah, it's Kate Walsh. Next. OK, I do like the dress. Compliment made. Next please.

Notice the subtlety of the middle finger Lily Allen displays.

Leona Lewis - London

Macy Gray doesn't have a boyfriend does she? Wow, I would not want to get into an argument with her.

I know. They made the Michael Jackson wax figurine a tranny.

I am going to leave it up to you to decide if Nicollete Sheridan looks good here. I am on the fence about it.

Someone who always looks good is Olga Kureyenko.

"Ahh. I wish we still were allowed to punish people by hanging them. Unfortunately we have laws now, so..."

How many times a day do you think Dr. Phil's wife tells him to stfu?

That must have been an interesting conversation. And yes, that is the mother of the baby.
"So, I told Clay it could be a hornet and a tick that are doing it. It don't matter unless the sun comes out."

So, if I were to pick two people to go get drunk with, I've decided that it would be Prince William and Harry.

Robert Pattinson looks much better than yesterday.

But if you want that Twilight scare you out of your mind look, here you do.

Simon Cowell and Andrew Lloyd Webber. Nice combination.

So, what do you think the purpose of this party was? Any guesses? To sell eye wear. Yep. Makes sense.

Umm. A bodyguard who can't catch his breath after two steps is not really going to do you much good.
Slipknot - Perth

Yeah, that is Whitney Port and this is on the set of The City. Yes, I said set. Oh? It's reality I forgot.

It's The Stig. I love Top Gear.


MontanaMarriott said...

At first I thought AnnaLynne was a young Kylie Minogue

Beyonce, just give us a break already! Do like Sade and go away for a couple of years, so oooover her

What exactly is Bai Ling's claim to fame besides being at every event, including the opening of an evelope?!?!?!

Danni looks good, she got rid of all the botox and collagen. I like!

GRACE, I LOVE HER, she just doesn't give a f*ck. I would love to see a PETA member throw paint on her, lololol

Gwen and the baby look awesome

Macy Gray looks a hot mess lol

Nicollette scares me, she looks like a wax figure

William and Harry are such goodlooking boys, Thank God for the Spencer genes

Snoop needs glasses to hide the red eye from all the chronic lol

kimmypie1 said...

Wasn't that Jon Paul Mitchell? From the hair care line Paul Mitchell? Or wait, I think there was another guy named Mitchell and the two of them had the line together? Regardless I think that is him.

Andrew Lloyd Webber is giving me a Mike Meyers vibe right there.

jennamaria said...

i know its wrong but i am seriously attracted to robert pattison

A Pimp Named DaveR said...

THE STIG!!!!!!!!

Some say that Madonna learned all her dance moves from him... others insist that his discarded Kleenex are used as currency in French Polynesia. We just know him as...

Amber said...

Oh yeah, I saw David Tennant's acceptance speech, he said he's not going to play the doctor after 2009. I'd rather have Eccleston back.

not a famous adrian said...

Nicollete Sheridan & Fergie look very rough. The only thing they have going for them is their figures--otherwise, they need to be surrounded by air brushers & photoshoppers.

Harriet Hellfire said...

Holy burn victim, Fergie!!!

DNfromMN said...

I don't think I will ever find the appeal of Robert Pattinson.

Enty, I think that if anything Macy Gray would have a girlfriend.

And you really need to explain your hate for Kate Walsh.

The outfit, the toothy smile, the hair; Dannii Minogue = Miley Cyrus

montanamarriott: Bai Ling was pretty awesome in Red Corner, then she got mixed up with Chris Isaak, some drugs, some booze, and quick fame. Now she's kind of a mess, sweet, but a mess. Read her blog for a taste. It's pretty loopy. Her entry from last night was about meeting 'Jody Forster' (Jodie Foster) at that event. That's who I would've loved to see a photo of.

jax said...

Dn-you'd think'd be wrong shes got a whole gaggle of kids by diff daddies i beleive.

im more Kylie than Danni myself.

I'll drink with Harry and Chuck, he'd be good for a laugh or two and we all know dude likes the gang.

you know even I cant my head around The City.

Gwen...le sigh.

LOL! Dr. Philisms.

Enty- i'd like to see you do a new blog all with pics of royals and your captions. i'd squeal.

Nicolette- FAIL. she looks waxen.

Jacko has never looked better. how sad is it when your wax figure looks fore alive than you?

Lily Allen. i heart you.

Fergie- you look a mess. i will steal your man. be warned.

wow DJ AM will be back to bearding in no time!

Catherine Tate!!! love her show. LOVE.

Mooshki said...

Montana, shocking as it may be, I actually think Bai Ling is a pretty good actress.

My friend is absolutely despondent that David Tennant won't be working with Steven Moffat.

Mooshki said...

Hey, anyone want to help me take up a collection to buy Enty a Storm in exchange for him never printing a pic of AnnaLynn McCord (or Shenae Grimes) again?

Bad Fish said...

Bai Ling isn't actually all that bad. She was in Baby Daddy's (I know, I know) and an ep of Lost. There are DEFINITELY worse actresses in this world, who are infinitely more annoying, too. Her blog isn't that bad, and she's not as dumb as she seems, not at all.

AnonMom said...

I very randomly saw Bai in a Japanese keraoke bar last year with a non-actory date. She acutally has a really good voice and definitely not as dumb as she seems.

Lisa said...

mooshki: I'll happily chip in $100 bucks if Enty NEVER posts another photo of Potato Head Willis : )

shakey said...

Does Lily Allen need to pee? Camilla looks like she does it standing up.

Love the wax figure's hair - MJ's, not Nicolette's.

Check out the picture of Dr. Phil at the mic. Is that person in the background stifling a yawn, or stifling laughter? Discuss.

k said...

Zuma's going to feel like crap when he grows up and realizes Gwen didn't sell his picture while she did sell Kingston's and her wedding. It's like when I look at the two volumes of my older brother's baby pictures compared to the five sheets in the album of mine. Of course, in my case, my parents were just tired out - they didn't grow "integrity" because the magazines don't have as much money anymore.

c17 said...

1) AnnaLynne McCord has AWESOME hair! I'd kill for hair like that!

2) Best Bai Ling pic EVAR! And I don't even like her.

3) YAY DJ AM! Keep on keepin' on!

4) Grace Jones RULEZ - no matter what!

5) Hah! Paul Mitchell? I could tell you stories about him and a CA distributor (initials J.B.) but I won't.

6) Please, for the love of FSM, NEVER POST "DR." PHIL EVER AGAIN!

7) Robert Pattinson IS NOT hot. EW.

8) Snoop RULES. 'nuff said.

Miss X said...

Enty, it took me 2 days to figure out who Robert Pattinson is and why you keep posting pics of him. Brilliant move on your part as Twilight is going to be a Blockbuster. I think the movie will be better than the book.

However, I worry that you are going to start attracting the annoying tweener/young adult to your blog. Please tell me we aren't going to have to deal with dumbash remarks from the kids.

I'm barely in my 30' that old enough to start complaining about today's young people?

Shakey, that guy is most definitely yawning.

Lastly, Nicollette looks great for 50ish, but not great for human.

Rhianna said...

For shame EL! The good Doctor won several awards. Donna Noble accepted the award for "Best Drama", and then she was saved. Hehe, I lurve me some Doctor.

Tennant accepted for "Outstanding Drama Performance". It was then he announced he was quitting. I prefer him to Christopher Eccleston, though I think Chris is a much better actor and far more versatile.

Bai Ling with clothes! You can't even see her little bandages on her knees! Bless who ever got her to wear actual clothing. She looks quite good.

Corey looks like a greasy Nazi wanna-be. Creepy as hell.

DJ AM looks to be happy, and his health coming back. Good to see, and I hope it continues.

Shoot me! I thought Danni was trying to look like an older version of fish-tongue Miley Cyrus. I'm so sorry . . .

Lily looking drunk as always. Still love her and await her new disk.

Robyn said...

THE STIG! Hottest person in pictures today... Top Gear is the best show.. TBH!

devildana said...

I want a threesome with ENTY and the STIG. Top Gear is my top show, and I have boobs.

Mooshki said...


BlindGossip - Which couple introduced their baby earlier than planned to respond to rumors over the child’s paternity? The couple were inundated by calls from friends about an item on questioning the paternity of a celebrity baby. They immediately arranged for a photo op of their new tot to dispel the rumors. While their baby is certainly a cutie, the original blind item was not about them.

Miss X said...

Mooshki, my best guess right now is for Gwen & Gavin as the couple that responded to rumors that weren't about them. I love babies and read about celelbrity babies.

Yellow Rose said...

I adore The Stig!! Top Gear is absolutely in my top 3 favorite, can't-miss shows. My question is, did he give an acceptance speech? I can just imagine him standing there, arms crossed at the podium, then finally clutching the award, "staring" straight ahead, then immediately walking off the stage, daring anyone to stop him.

Did y'all see when the guys came to the US & drove from Miami to New Orleans? Everyone knows how much Jeremy hates America, so I'm sure The Stig's "American Cousin" (aka "Big Stig") was his idea-as it is how he envisions all Americans to be (slow & overweight). Still thought it was hilarious, esp when Big Stig came out of a mobile home.

Totally read my mind devildana-really eerie since we seem to share a first name. ;)

muccimooch333 said...

I am right there with you jennamarie: I am also seriously attracted to Robert Pattinson.