Friday, October 10, 2008

Stalker Watch

There are way too many stalkers for me to keep track of. It would not be a bad idea for a a website though. Just keeping the public updated on where the stalkers of celebrities are and what they are up to. What magazines they like to read while stalking. Any favorite beverage to keep them up at night as they stare through the windows of a celebrity home looking for movement. That kind of thing.

Well, one stalker I have kind of kept my eye on is the one who was arrested for stalking John Cusack last year. She was arrested outside his home. If you will recall she was arrested when she took a cab to Cusack's house but did not pay the cab driver. The cab driver called the cops and somehow Cusack came outside, saw her and the cops arrested her. Her first stalking charge was as a result of the 200 messages she sent Cusack which consisted of love letters weighted down by screwdrivers and rocks.

Yesterday she could have had a plea deal which basically would have seen her go home. Instead, she rejected the deal or didn't understand it and so her trial starts today and she faces 4 years in prison if convicted. Stalkers are dangerous. I understand that. This woman needs help though. From what I read about her appearance in court yesterday, the woman has no idea what is going on or is in and out of reality, and sending her to state prison for your years is not going to help that situation. It is just going to make her more unstable, and when she gets out of prison, whoever her focus ends up being, is in for a world of hurt. Yes, maybe even Misery hurt.


MontanaMarriott said...

This has the makings of a Jackie Collins' novel. Stalker goes to jail and swears vengeance on the star who put her behind bars. JC better hire her an attorney or a shrink

donna said...

jon cusack .. serously .. I always get him confused with matt broderick .. and jon cryer .. maybe she is stalking the wrong john hughes movie actor

zandra said...

How is it that the only choice is home or 4 years in prison? Can a judge try a woman who can't even understand a plea agreement that would let her go free?

Where is the justice in any of this? If I was John Cusack, I would be pissed, this woman needs to be in a psychiatric facility getting much needed help.

bionic bunny! said...

the problem is, the psych facilities are also overcrowded. the judge can send her for an evaluation, and they'll hold her for 72 hours, get her on meds, get her lucid. once she's lucid, then what?
THEN they let her out on her plea deal, she's non-compliant with her meds, the whole damn cycle starts over again.

Linda said...
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Jasmine said...

that movie scares me to this day.

David90212 said...

There is a site :-) It is called

Click a link while you are there :-)


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