Monday, November 03, 2008

More About FW

A couple of things. After the reception Jax got today, I think most of you may want to reconsider those lunch plans with me. Jax has been reading and commenting on the blog forever and also has a very tough skin. I usually let everyone just have at it on the site, but all Jax did was agree to go to lunch with me, and so I feel really bad that she is getting hammered for that. Everyone can take as many shots at me as they want. It is part of the blog, and I'm fine with it, but to give someone a hard time for going to lunch with me seems a bit excessive. Jax, I know I speak for everyone when I say we love you. And if they won't say it, I will, and I would go to lunch with you everyday if you pay for the drinks. And the food. I mean I would be buying the airplane ticket so there has to be some give and take. Jax is funny and smart and I consider her to be a great friend who has always been there.

The hammering someone for no reason made me think of FW. I bring that up because many of you have e-mailed me today asking about FW and that whole situation. I know that I seem like the cuddly teddy bear type and I am, but before everyone thinks that FW would be crazy for not wanting to be with me there is something you should know. Since, FW doesn't write, I want to make sure her side of every story is always heard.

I previously mentioned all the baggage I bring to the table. I once compared it to the luggage hold of a 747. When you have been through as much as I have, and are living in the basement of your parent's home you start to feel like a beaten man. That is how FW found me. How would you like a guy who has no self esteem, hates his job, has a trail of ex-wives and alimony payments and lives at home? Well, she took the chance to be my friend and through literally thousands of hours conversations built me back up to the obnoxious guy all of you love.

It was at about that time that I first decided I wanted to be with FW. At this point we had not been friends that long, but because someone was actually being nice to me, I just jumped right in and basically became a love sick idiot. I would say stalkerish but that is going just a touch too far.
Well, all of that attention was probably not the best thing I could have done, but I worked at it. Everything was going much better until one day we got into an argument. I'm not much of a fighter. I'm a lover by nature. Not a very good one as the ex-wives will attest, but still, a lover. Fighting with someone you love is much different than fighting someone in court and I did not handle it well. I said so many things that were mean and hurtful and became someone I never want to be again. I can't believe I said some of the things I did. It was like all I was doing was trying to be mean and hurtful, which is not who I am or what I ever want to be. All I have to do is think about that day and I am reminded of how miserable I was after, and how miserable I will be forever. You can't take back things you say. God you wish you could and it isn't what you are feeling inside. The day I regret most in my life is that day. How can someone say such hurtful things about someone they love more than anything in the world? Just thinking about it makes me hurt inside.

It says a lot about FW that not only didn't she abandon me, but that she is still my best friend. So, telling her that I want to be with her, is not the same as making it true or making it happen. I don't know if it ever will happen, but I know that if it doesn't, it is not because of anything that she has done or will ever do. It will be because of me, and my failings as a person. Do I hope that she will overlook them? Hell yes. But to me, she has already done more than I ever had any right to expect. If she ever takes that next step, it would make me the happiest guy in the world, but if she doesn't and just stays my friend, I will still be the happiest guy in the world because everyday I spend talking to her is the best day of my life. I'm grateful for her everyday and I hope she knows that. I'm also grateful for all of you who read the blog and comment. I just think that sometimes we need to think about why we are attacking someone and for what purpose. It was lunch. It wasn't politics or whether Denise Richards even needed a costume on Halloween.


dragonlady said...

Thanks for the response enty - the negativity today freaked me - it was all a bit ridiculous.

twunty mcslore said...

Enty, don't sweat it. You know that you were in the wrong and I'm sure that FW understands that you regret what you said. I've been there and it is such a releif to apologize and find out that an apology was all they were waiting for. Love you.xoxoxo

GladysKravitz said...

I agree with you Enty re: Jax and attacks. I told her in a private email that you develop an aura of mystery and therefore probably have some expectation of animosity. Jax, on the other hand, is a wonderful, smart, funny woman who you took out for drinks and lunch. That doesn't make her (or you) the anti-Christ, a demon, Eva Longoria, George W. or anyone just particularly odious. It makes you friends. People need to get a grip.

As for FW, may she bring joy to you however she can. And, may you bring her joy and depth in your relationship with her. Your sadness only makes you seem more vulnerable, and therefore, more honest. I'm sure she sees that and cares for you because of it, not in spite of it.

Sometimes it's wise to remember we're all in this together and a little kindness is remembered for a long time.


Christella M said...

I have been in that unrequited love scenario more times than I'd like to mention. It happens, people move on and hopefully can stay friends.

As far as the jax stuff goes, well, people are immature and want to push negativity on others in order to avoid dealing with their own perpetually dismal lives. Does it really matter who jax is or isn't? Does it really matter who Enty is or isn't? It's a blog that we read to entertain ourselves with gossip from hollyweird because we've got nothing better to do at work or at home or wherever.

I think no matter who Enty is, maintaining a blog for this long with this much regularity is pretty damned amazing. I have one, I would know. He gives us good gossip, entertaining pictures and moreso tries to fulfill our requests (he even posted a Hanson pic for me, for christ sake! that takes balls!) so what do we have to complain about? Shut up and read. Comment when necessary and go about your business.

Ta DA! Peace in the middle east [of the blogosphere]!

Christella M said...

PS... I'm also totally jax. This time I'm playing a 22 year old from Toronto. Go me!

twunty mcslore said...

Ha ha! Totally agree with you Christella, I just started a blog and it's a pain in the ass sometimes so I have to give enty credit, he delivers.

Manda said...

annnnnnnnnnnnnd as per usual i have no idea what is going on lol.

For the record Jax, I adore your posts on here, you always make me laugh:)

AphraelDanae said...

What manda said. Werd.

*hugs and love all around, 'specially to Enty and jax*

Julie said...

i missed all the Jaxydrama!!!

That being said, if you're ever in Philly, I'm going to be between CHOP and duPont now. SO! I'm sure I can make some time to get some takeout mushu w/you, Enty.
I also hear theres an awesome flight of stairs in front of what I think is an art museum? :P :P :P

Miss X said...

I'm caught up on the Jax drama. It was a bit ridiculous.

I'm here for the gossip and Enty's snark. If I wanted to read the gossip blog of someone who wants his readers to know he's all that, I'd go read Ted or Perez. But, I like the mystery of Enty.

Jax, I may not always agree with you but I don't have any issues with you. I am jealous of your lunch w/ Enty.

Enty, good luck with FW. Make the most of your friendship.

Little Blue Pill said...

Wow i just finished reading the comments from About Damn Time and all hell broke loose after the first few. Me and a few others left good funny teasing comments but the some of the rest....shit. And who are these people who attacked? No one I remember in recent posts. Complete strangers who came out of their caves from nowhere. What a buncha freakin weirdos. So Jax, pay no mind. We all appreciate your humor and comments and insights. I haven't been posting here long but I've been reading here forever. Yours are the comments and one-liners I remember the most. The Best. Whenever you're gone its like Where The Fuck Is Jax??

Enty..whatever happens, eh? My brother's been married 4 times. Each bride got younger and more beautiful and thankfully more stupid and more in love with him. So you never know. Baggage? All it is is proof of living and loving and taking chances. The more you experience life the more mistakes you'll make but at least you're living it and that's what it's for.

'Course its easy for me to say that now....falling in love and taking chances. Becausae if you and me ever get together no way I'm taking chances and letting you get on top and squash me like a bug. No way baby. Its gonna be me on top or not at all. LOL

jax said...

thanks guys..i appreciate you all.

you dont have to like me and i dont have to like you,but its just a blog people..just a blog.

im going to address the 'just sayin' thing one last time and thats it.
yes i posted as Just Sayin, but not knowingly until it was pointed out by another poster. at the time i was using a shared workspace.
i stand by all my comments made as Just saying because it was me.
there is no shadiness going on with it. i said this all at the time it happened. i have never shied away from speaking my mind as Jax so i find it funny people think i'd have an alter ego.
end of story.

with that said i'm off to dinner..alone, no need to get out the pitchforks lol.

Ms. said...

Well said, everyone.

Christella M. - you're a funny, funny girl ;-)

Enty, glad you appreciate FW and have said so publicly. If you truly love her you will never again speak to her/us about wanting to take your friendship to the next level. You told her and trust me, she gets it and knows.

Each time you bring it up, it is pressure, whether you intend it to be that way or not. Pressure can force a premature decision - perhaps one you do not want. Pressure can make her back off. Pressure isn't helpful, I guess that's what I'm trying to say.

Relax. Enjoy each others' company. Without pressure and expectations. Yes, I know. Easier said than done.

I've been on both sides of that fence. Highly doubtful I'm in the position to advise anyone about love, but I do know that at this delicate time in your friendship, there is a risk of ruining what you have by hanging on too hard. Stand back and breathe. Let her breathe too.

Then date other women. Seriously. This will help give you some perspective and prevent you from smothering her.

(and please bring back the trash cans)

jax said...

ps..she's a damn fool if she doesn't want 400lbs of pure man sweat and love! you never is funny sometimes.

Little Blue Pill said...

Okay there's other positions we can do..and other things..shit now I'm thinking about sex with did this happen??

Ms. said...

Little blue pill, when your fantasies turn to Jax, log off. ;-)

Anonymous said...

Little blue pill...
you aren't the only one that thinks about having sex with Enty. Especially after a rousing snark about Denise Richards.

Ms. said...

Good gawd, if either of you have sex with Enty, we'll have to hire 24/7 security for you. Look what a sandwich did...

I'll start the fund. Keep in mind that I might be able to only raise enough fund to protect one of you.

Or tag team him and be prepared to live together and on the run for the rest of your lives.

Just trying to be helpful

Little Blue Pill said...

The trash cans are a google blogger problem thet they're trying to fix. you can see yours if you're on the main page (the black one) of the blog not in the white comment page.

Good to hear from you Jax.

Little Blue Pill said...

Ms and xyz...LOL. Maybe all of us having sex with Enty will help him lose weight. Or increase his appetite I dunno. World hunger will meet its match. LOL

Ms. said...

"World hunger will meet its match"

Too funny, LBP.

Enty, may we steal an idea from Gawker? They have the Commies every Friday where the five best comments of the week are posted as a recap.

Possible for that to happen here? Readers nominate comments and you or someone else (Mooshki?) chooses from the nominations?

Just a thought.

Ms Cool said...

As usual, I don't know what the heck is going on. I guess that is because most of my posts revolve around asking for more Daniel Craig pictures.

I wish you the best with FW. If she is as great as you feel she is, she'll probably look past the day you regret.

When I first met my husband, circumstances got in the way that didn't allow us to date initially (he was my teacher). But I felt the way you did - I was grateful to have him as my friend he was so wonderful. Fortunately, I was able to become his wife and, no matter what I say about Daniel Craig, I am grateful every day for who I get to sleep next to every night. May you all have that good fortune and happiness.

newsgrrl said...

This is part of my winding down routine from work [daily newspaper editor] and so I missed all the drama. Love the site, get a kick out of most of the regular crew.
Not going to go look at what happened because it's over. Love ya'll.
Vote for your favorite tomorrow.

Monalicious said...

If any CDANers are in North Texas, I will host the "Chicken in a Bisket Orgy"

Sorry, all this talk of sex and food......

busymom said...

I'm actually coming out of lurkdom for this one. I've been around from before Shimmy, and have enjoyed reading Jax's comments and snarks. It's a shame people felt the need to get nasty on something like this. It was a great sweet story by Enty, and what a lunch! Lucky Jax. So thanks for a great blog and Jax thanks for keeping it interesting.

Local Tourist said...

Enty- look me up if you ever come South. I will cook you a meal to rival Paula Deen's. I am also a preacher's child, so I know how to keep my mouth shut :)

Jax- I am so jealous. Don't listen to the haters, we run them off pretty quickly on here.

Anonymous said...

CDAN tends to have an issue with throwing stones at people who curry Ent's favor. It's a semiannual thing. I'm just glad it had no effect on jax who is one of the reasons I like coming here.

And Ent, FW seems like a sweetie, but give her space and time. She's given it to you.

Judi said...

Newsgrrl, you missed nothing. DN, Jax is one of the reasons I check the comments section. The drama was puzzling, unnecessary and inappropriate.
Enty, FW sounds like she's a great friend! Nice.
A therapist once told me that you can't think yourself out of depression. You have to be active.

Bad Fish said...

jax is my giiiiirl. nuff said.

Little Blue Pill said...

"Chicken in a Bisket Orgy"

Sorry, all this talk of sex and food......

Kinky is when you use a feather....perverted is when you use the whole chicken.

Who wants to be Enty's bisket?

OK I go now.. LOL

Manda said...

this is all strikes a chord with me because i have recently ended a 6 year relationship(and we live together to make it more complicated). The idea that i have hurt this person i care about breaks my heart, and I am reading through here to cheer myself up.

its comforting to know emotional turmoil isnt specific to my household this week:)

Wil said...

WTF?!? I missed all the drama .. not sure i would get most of it anyway cause I am pretty much a full time lurker, 1/2 of 1% poster .. but Damn. Jax is always lovely to folks, I find.

Very sorry to hear people were evil to you, Jax. They are just jealous you get to dine with our delightful host, is the thing. So .. put it down to petty jealousy and move on.

BlahFrickinBlah said...

I missed the drama. Damn me for trying to get some work done around the house. That will never happen again! So let me get this straight, people are pissed cause Jax went to lunch with Ent? ok, I can see how a riot can break out after that. wtf? People are idiots.

liveunderarock said...

Enty, you should have said something a long, long time ago. I would never have bothered to defend the people jax bullied if I had known you were in favor of it.

trogdor said...


This is why we don't have nice things!

K said...

Why would anyone want to bitch at Jax for having lunch with you?

I'm glad I missed all that negativity, TBQH.

Rhianna said...

I just re-read the thread and HOLY CRAP! Some people need Prozac or more booze or both.

Jax, even though I don't always see eye-to-eye with you or agree with you I give you props for always coming back, and being what I consider a good, honest, respectful poster. I look forward to your comments and see them as part of the attraction of the blog. I'm sorry some butt wipes decided to attack you for having lunch.

Hopefully all those poo poo heads have had a good stiff drink, someone crammed some food down their gullets and mommy kicked them in the ass really hard for being rude. The entitlement attitude of some of the shmoes is insane, ENT is posting a free blog with free comments. Accept it and move on!

And again ENT, how do you feel about horse meat in Italy for lunch? I've even got Grappa and Limoncello. ;)

brum said...

eek, I didnt even read past the first few comments on the original post. just think it seemed like a nice gesture from EL to a BOR. There's enough out there to be negative about, this didnt seem like it. best of luck with FW though, friendship not to be sniffed at.

canadachick said...

WOw you go home from work and BAM shit happens.....glad i missed it - or i may have had to throw down to defend my fellow Canadian.
Jax - from one coaster to another -Rock on !!

bramblewitch said...

Well, all, I seem to have missed all the drama and i'm glad. I read this blog several times a day and comment rarely. I'm a reader not a writer. Just wanted to let you all know how much I love this blog and Enty and everyone here. It gives me a lift to my boring day with much loved entertainment gossip . It is good spirited (in a snarky way) and I love that Enty doesn't use this blog to become a "sort of star" like some of the other bloggers out there. Thanks to you all and special thanks to Enty. (You still could call me if you're in the Miami area). I really wouldn't mind.

not a famous adrian said...

I just want to add that FW & Jax are two luckey women, & Enty is fortunate to have them both in his life.

Anon said...

Enty, LOVE you man, and have been lurking since the beginning but here's a tip for the day. Don't give attention and power to someone who starts so much shit on your site. That was the problem, not that she had lunch with you, not that you like her, but that she's been a bully to people who don't deserve it and they love you just as much as she does. Just a heads up. I'm not one of the victims, dude, but I do come out of lurk mode to jump on her shit and a couple of the others when she starts her shit, so I get pounced on, too.

And as Liveunderarock says, if you're condoning that, then you should just say so and several of us will go hang out somewhere else.
Because at this point, it certainly does look like you're condoning the bullshit that takes place here. Maybe you can post about that.

Good luck with FW, you deserve the love.

Jeannies Bottle said...

ENTY you can't be half as bad a person as you make yourself out to be because that person would never be able to write such a sensitive, insightful commentary on themselves and their love for someone else. Could you, maybe, be a little gentle with yourself and consider that maybe you have changed? Just a bit? You sould awfully sweet to me!

donna said...

Enty, I appreciate your camdor regarding your relationship with FW. I dont think there is a person or troll on this site who can not sympathize with your predicament. Not to get all Oprah on ya, but things happen for a reason, whether you know the reason or not .. just trust.

Jax Jax Jax ..what can I say .. you know who your friends are and who the trolls are .. you have handled the situation awesomely . enty made a good choice in lunch partner!

Harriet Hellfire said...

The sex remarks on this one reminds me of the "fat sex" episode of Family Guy. "Eat more, Lois...I want you bigger...I want you fatter...IT WILL PLEASE ME...".

I'm sorry I can't be more empathetic, but it kind of freaks me out when men talk about feelings. Having said that, I wish nothing but the best for ya, enty.
And the whole Jax thing...some people just need to get a life. I know it's a cliche, but I think most of the bullshit came from people who were jealous. They say enty isn't real, and accuse people to the left and right, but deep down inside, THEY wanted to go to lunch. Or get a shoutout on the blog. Whatever. Same thing happened when Hez was still here.

BTW, if anyone wants to buy me lunch, I am ALWAYS hungry!

WriterMommy said...

((((hugs)))) to Enty.

I've cut back most of my gossip reading now that my life has gotten much busier, but I always make the time to read this blog. I don't care who writes it, but I choose to think Enty is real. :) This community and the mostly intelligent and funny comments are why I keep coming back. I don't comment often...but there have been a few times when I have posted and had someone say something I interpreted as rude in return. I just ignore the negative people- I don't often see their usernames anyway. What else can you do?

slappywhyte said...

does FW stand for First Wife?

this reminds me a bit of posts i would put on WIS late night and then delete the next morning ... im known as a PDB on certain message boards

Mamacita said...

Can't we all just get along???
Good luck with your lady, Enty

Mamacita said...

Can't we all just get along???
Good luck with your lady, Enty

califblondy said...

Ya, I thought things were getting a little brutal yesterday and I like how Ent. addressed that crap. Jealousy makes people do mean things. One thing I learned early on when posting on message boards is not to get too upset when people disagreed with me or attacked me.

Whoa, Ent really layed it out there with FW. Sounds like the big guy is smitten. Love the word "stalkerish", btw. It's tough when one half of a good friendship wants more. Don't push (or stalk) too much and don't beat yourself up over running off at the mouth. It's done now, move on (hopefully with FW). How you act from now on will prove that you really aren't that person.

Don't forget to vote today!

cynthia said...

i'll be your friend too enty! your writings make me smile on a daily basis.

Sue Ellen Mishkey said...

All I want to say about the jax drama is if you can dish it out, you have to be able to take it.

And that's that.

Ernestine said...

I'm so glad you said something, Enty. I stopped reading the comments after the first insanely jealous insult towards Jax was hurled out, because I know it's my first inclination to defend her (especially when the haters are a bunch of pathetic, envious losers with nothing better to do than to actually question the existence of a real, live, curly-headed Canadian girl), and I just wasn't in the mood to get angry and riled up last night. *sigh*. People are obvious, sometimes.

I knew that the fact that you and Jax actually met in person would cause some vitriol. It pains me that your site attracts the occassional Aggressive Annie or Belligerent Barney (or, in some cases, Racist Rhonda). Still, I keep coming back because of people like Jax, Mooshki, Gladys Kravitz, badfish, local tourist, bionicbunny, dnfrommn, devildana, ms., new peeps like Christella, and other intelligent posters who might occasionally disagree with me or other CDAN readers but still have worthy, entertaining, respectful things to say.

Jax just pisses people off because she doesn't suffer fools and calls people out for saying things that might be construed as offensive or just plain stupid. She's got a sharp tongue. Those of you on the recieving end can do two things: engage in a dialogue, or ignore her.

There are definitely people who post on this site who astound me with their unbearable idiocy, but they're a rarity. This site makes me feel a little less shallow for caring about the entertainment industry. I'm glad it's a distraction and an outlet. I'm also glad Jax is too strong-willed to be scared off by a bunch of jealous jackasses.

jib said...

Bad energy Monday around here or what.

Jax - man alive am I ever jealous!! LOL I hope you guys had an awesome time. I know you to be a kind and thoughtful person - I hope you continue to ignore the rudeness. No one should ever have to defend who they are - Ent included.

Ent - make sure if you're coming to Edmonton Please give enough time for me to find hockey tickets!! I've already got a designated driver lined up. FW is more then welcome as well. I hope your relationship continues to grow. *hugs

Happy Voting day to all the US citizens!!! Go BO. lol

Chris said...

I missed the whole thing because, frankly, I rarely read the comments here unless I get stuck for an ID on a blind item. I do know that one of the names I remember most from when I do read the comments is Jax, and she stuck in my head because her comments seem to always be hellatiously funny and intelligent. That being said, who-the-f*** cares who EL decides to take to lunch? Like I said, I missed the drama apparently, but it is still a free country here the last time I checked, and I don't recall there being rules or laws saying who EL can take to lunch. I'm free for lunch, if you ever come to Phoenix, EL!!

Anon said...

Yeah, it's okay for you all to be bitches, but when someone defends the attack, you get all upset. What a bunch of crybabies. If you can't take the retorts that come as a result of you being bitches, then stop being bitches, it's as easy as that.

And I have news for you - if people are jealous of Jax it's because they have no life. Don't count me among them, I'm not here all damn day like some of you are.

Rare Avis said...

ok my 2 cents. I have been a reader, a comment writer, and a lurker since, I think, just about the beginning. Yup, true.

Jax has been there too. She has a sharp wit that I have been at the end up, but I like her for it. I have taken a ribbing from Ent as well. It is part of the fun.

In so far as Ent, closeness brings conflict. When you get to the other side, that is when you have a true relationship, which is where I think that you are. How you define that is up to your insides. Please stop being so hard on yourself, self flaggelation is on fun to watch in the 18th over whiskey.

Molly said...

yea, that's been my beef, too, anon. god forbid you post something in return to the bitchy post directed at you because then you're the troublemaker. what bullshit. if somebody jumps on me or starts with that passive aggressive "um..." bullshit, they're getting it right back and it's much deserved.

enty, i'm confused about who FW is, whether it's a poster here or not, but go slow and enjoy whatever it is you have with her.

slappy, maybe it stands for 'favorite woman'. i don't read every day and don't read every post, so i've missed a lot of this stuff.

jagerlilly said...

I learned a long time ago that people love to pick fights on message boards because of the sheer anonymity. The "haters" tend to be people who can't/won't confront others in person. It's almost a stress reliever for them. The only thing sadder, in my opinion, is if the object of the blather takes it too seriously. Ya gotta let that stuff roll off you, or just graze the comments and read the ones you like. :)

mngddess said...

Enty and or Jax - if you ever head to Philly you have a decent group of people who would thrilled to have a mini CDAN convention...

The people who are complaining are jealous. Plain and simple.

Anonymous said...

On a lighter note, I think slappywhyte figured out what FW stands for. And it's not first wife, it would be Fifth Wife (4 ex-wives, remember). Nice job, slappy!

i am a princess, yes i am said...

wow. I don't even know why I'm commenting (because I missed it all and it seems that everything has been said) but i just want to say that I wish peace for all, the bitchers and the bitchees, the haters and the lovers because we are all people.

Enty ~ your site is what gets me through the day many days of the week and I thank you for all you do for us.

Jax ~ just keep rockin. that's all.

kaybee said...

Enty, thanks for addressing this! I started reading the comments yesterday and couldn't believe it. Long time lurker, rarely comment because I can never remember my username/password, get po'd and give up. This time I'll figure it out!

I love this blog because of Enty's perspective and writing style (and the stories - hate on me all you want, I loved Shimmy/Timmy!), and appreciate all of Jax's comments. I'm happy the two of you got together for lunch and at the same time feel envious - just thinking of the stories, wow!

Of course, late last night, I figured it all out though... it's not real. None of it. All of you - enty, jax, all commenters, guest writers, everyone, you're all one person.... Ben Affleck. I will be fooled no more!

(btw, I'm totally kidding if that's not obvious)

Lil said...

Enty, I could give a rat's patooty if you're actually a huge hunka burnin' love living in your parent's basement or if you're a high powered massively handsome lawyer or a 20-year old pimple faced geek. You write here exhaustively every day and provide us all with snark and completely enjoyable gossip posts. Thank you for that and thanks to Jax for her consistent and funny commentary.

Everybody who posted nastiness, pop a valium and down some booze so you can get a grip. We're all here for the fun, not to get mired down in reality. :-)

Lil said...

Oooh, kaybee! That's it! Why didn't anyone notice that before?!? It's all Ben! The universe finally makes sense. Phew! :-D

*girl said...

Jagerlilly, you are absolutely right. Angry posters get their rocks off and come out of the workwork when they get a chance to bash someone they're jealous of. Look at how much hate the whole Jennifer Aniston / Angelina Jolie debate gets on other sites.

Lame. Attacks on Jax, lame.

All fellow Torontonians - lets do drinks.

Sis said...

Ok, EL, at some point you have got to spill everything about Denise, I just know there is more to the story with you and her!!!! Spill!!

Love this site!

kris said...

wow. I just read all the comments from yesterday.


jax you always make my day and you know it.

gillian said...

I don't get it- why are people getting at Jax? haven't read all the comments, having to be sly at work (internet down at home- that's the only reason I'm in work these days;-))

It's great Enty and Jax met up, esp as she's been a loyal supporter of the site. I always enjoy Jax's comments, along with all the others.

Live and let live people.

And Obama for President too. It's the right choice!

Ms. said...

Anon, I've agreed with SOME of what you've written in the past, but posting now about "bitches" and "cry babies" just killed your credibility with me. Name calling? Really?

Some people on the board have had an...let's say, sometimes have an edge to some their posts. Agreed. However, IMO, it's the intent behind it that matters. Are they disagreeing with an opinion (perhaps a little too sharply) or are they being aggressive and mean-spirited?

Sometimes the difference is in the eye of the beholder, but I feel fairly confident that posting about everyone being bitches and crybabies is mean-spirited. Especially in light of Enty's post.

Anon said...

MS., was it okay yesterday for Little Blue Pill to point to 3 posts asking questions and write "yawn, that's what google is for"? That's just rude and uncalled for. Where was the outrage then?

Is this exchange okay? Because personally, I'm sick of seeing Bad Fish AND Jax going after people like this with their passive-aggressive "Um" responses,

Molly quotes DN and then replies:
The only true solution is to just not have it around.

ding, ding, ding!!!!

Bad Fish quotes Molly and then says:
Um, no. Restricting yourself 100% isn't control. And hardly effective. Control is having it in your cupboard and still not feeling compelled to stuff it down your throat.

Um, eating processed shit and thinking it's food isn't exhibiting control, it's acting like you're two.

Bad Fish:
Uh, actually Molly, you're the one that consistently acts like a needy toddler :) I weaned myself off of processed shit, as you so call it. Oh but Im sure you eat nothing but raw vegetables? Annoying, self righteous know it all little twat. LOL.

This happens all the time. Why do you never call out the people who start it? Jax, Harriet, and especially Bad Fish/Trix are on certain people like white on rice and I'm one of many who are sick of it. If people want peace, then you need to reign in the pit bulls because I'm gonna call them on this shit every single time they do it from now on.

Sorry, I'm not one of the suck ups that will throw away my ethics just so I'm not the one being attacked like some of of the people here are.

Anon said...

Big mistake. Not Harriet, Ernestine.

Sorry Harriet, I love you!

Harriet Hellfire said...

*LOL* I was just about to tell you not to drag me into this!

Ms. said...

Anon, you made a good point just now. Just really wish you hadn't stooped the level of discourse you despise in others.

I didn't see the exchanges you posted. I don't usually read all the comments for all of Enty's posts. However, I do agree that all those exhanges you posted are nasty and uncalled for. Glad I didn't read them the first time around.

For the most part, I stay out of the fights. However, the garbage directed towards Jax yesterday was unfair and I did get involved because it wasn't in response to anything she posted, but in response to Enty posting about their lunch.

I've repeatedly been on the receiving end of Bad Fish's vitriol. Like almost everyone else on this board, including Enty since she targeted him too about five weeks ago. However those posts against Enty were so 'out there' that I no longer think nastiness is the core issue and now ignore her posts entirely. Just don't want to go there. Life is short. I'm here to have fun, though haven't had much of that yesterday and today. (Any posts after this will be dedicated to fun and fun only. The fighting is depressing.)

With Ernestine, this, I guess, is where the eye of the beholder thing comes in. When I read her posts, I personally see it as her disagreeing with something, but I don't see nastiness. I guess we'll have to agree to disagree :-)


Anon said...

MS., I'm with you, I'd rather just lurk personally, but I've gotten really tired of the b.s. I hope it stops. I'd rather lurk and I'm sure almost everyone else would rather just read and have a good time here.

Hopefully, other people who really do want peace will call any of us out for stirring up garbage, because that's the only way it's going to stop.

Enough with the passive aggressive "Um" responses and getting on peoples cases for nothing. That's what's causing the problems, not the replies of the people responding back to you few who get mean.

How can we ever expect peace in our time if we cannot make peace with each other here on this forum where few people even post?

Peace, people! said...

I'm going to start up a series of "messing with Jax" commercials in the same vein of the "messing with Sasquatch" commercials.

I love how its become "Jax and her crew" used to be "Hez and her crew"....

Are some of ya'll really that jealous that Jax got to meet ENT while your little F list ass got snubbed? LOL

not a famous adrian said...

brendalove--who is Hez?

liveunderarock said...

ms., I think you are correct that it is in the eye of the beholder.

All the things being said on this post about susannah and about me are exactly the things I have always thought about jax's behavior, jealous, mean-spirited, a hater that gets on a message board to take her frustrations out on innocent victims & stir up trouble because she doesn't have a happy life or popularity except on CDAN. I think some people have missed, what I considered, her most viritrol attacks as they subsided once people began to call her out on her behavior.
I remember a time in the beginning of CDAN when I thought she was one of the funniest posters on here. I logged on frequently just to see what she had to say. But then something changed and imo her snark became a hateful bullying of anyone who disagreed with her. I thought she & her friends took a special delight in picking on anyone new who didn't know the ropes.
I have never been one to stand by and watch people be abused (physically or verbally) without coming to their aid. I sincerely apologize if I have offended some of you by standing up for what I believe is right. I certainly did not intend to be viewed as the aggressor by defending others.

I have always expressed my respect for all the work Enty puts into his blog & have never questioned who he was. But I also have never fawned over him, e-mailed him, nor desired to meet him or be his friend because it is just a blog to me, a minute diversion to my busy schedule that I enjoy visiting once a week or so.
I also respect the fact that it is Enty's blog. Since he has given the word that he approves her behavior, I have nothing more to say to or about jax unless she attacks me directly.

Thanks Anon & Molly for seeing the situation as it really is and for not being afraid to speak up to defend me.

Brenda, I love Hez and considered myself one of her crew back in the day. said...

adrian (not a famous one) - Hez was a poster from back in the days when ol' CDAN was but a little blip on the internets. She was smart and funny but she had this crew of pre-fab stalker/haters that would write some of the most crazy things. Everybody thought Hez was ENT. They were even saying that I was one of Hez's alter-egos! It was insane but a lot of people were really jealous that Hez and ENT were friends...or something. I never quite did have my finger on the pulse of the whole story. But Hez finally left. Then people started in harrassing Twisted Sister. Now its Jax's turn.


patian said...

It comes and it goes, people it is a blog. Hez, GeezLouise et. al. were in the beginning, now it's Jax and whomever. The basic consistancy is Enty. Has been and will be his blog. Controversy is good keeps the hits up and juices flowing, BUT it's a blog. A very entertaining blog but still a blog.
Have loved it since the beginning and will continue to read. kisses from SOFLA

Anon said...

Actually, it's been looking for a while like it's Molly's turn, but maybe now that Jax has taken some heat, she'll be willing to lay off other people.

not a famous adrian said...

thanks Brendalove---I guess that is a risk we all take by posting--you never know who will jump on you for
your thoughts/beliefs.
This is a fun destination for most--I wish we could keep in that way.
By the way, we did see the niceness of most last week when we learned of some of the tragedies others had been through. You never know what heartache someone who is posting is going through, so it is just nasty to gang up on someone.

Little Blue Pill said...

Anon said MS., was it okay yesterday for Little Blue Pill to point to 3 posts asking questions and write "yawn, that's what google is for"? That's just rude and uncalled for. Where was the outrage then?

HELL YEAH it was ok for me to post it because I get fucking tired of people asking questions that they can look up themselves with Google. Ent gives a name of a person and people can look it up. Why the fuck do I or anyone else have to do the work for them and explain who/what/where? hey Anon what time is it? I could look at the corner of my computer but its easier to ask you to look it up and post it for me. Why don't you do that cos I'm too busy and your time is worth less than mine. Anon, if you think people should be "outraged" by my subtle hint for people to use Google at the same time while you're attacking Jax or whoever is your target for today for no good reason then you got problems and I won't make them worse by talking to you again. Get some help. Good luck and see ya.

liveunderarock said...

ms., do you have the link or the name of the post where Bad Fish attacked Enty? I missed that one.

Susannah Leigh said...

I fully admit to going slightly overboard in my comments yesterday. I intended to post one short comment expressing disbelief about the meet-ups/initialed characters and leave it at that, but I was attacked and accused of being jealous so I felt I had to respond. Everything got out of control, but it's difficult to reign yourself in when you're accused over and over again of being something you know you're not (i.e. jealous and angry).

I'd like to thank liveunderarock, Molly and Anon for what they posted yesterday and today. It was all on point and much appreciated.

I for one miss Hez. It was a lot more fun around here when she was a regular commenter. I was just a lurker back then, but I loved reading the comments. Most of Ent's posts are still enjoyable, but the comments have gone WAY downhill.

Anon said...

Liveunderarock, i don't have links, but i remember that happening more than once, especially when she first starting posting here. i think the reason she changed her name from Trix to Bad Fish was because she came to be disliked as Trix with all her attacks, but as you can see, she's still attacking people for no reason and she's equally disliked.

I have hope for Jax and Ernestine. I think if they want to they can keep themselves in check. Bad Fish, not so much. There seems to be serious issues with that one.

Susannah, no problem. I know we're not the only ones sick of this.

As for Hez, she was just as bad. Nobody remembers her making people cry because of her attacks? Why do you think so many people thought Jax was Hez? They both rip into people for nothing.

As we can see by the response from Little Blue Pill, some people here have serious anger management issues. I have to wonder how they get along in life.

Anon said...

Liveunderarock, i don't have links, but i remember that happening more than once, especially when she first starting posting here. i think the reason she changed her name from Trix to Bad Fish was because she came to be disliked as Trix with all her attacks, but as you can see, she's still attacking people for no reason and she's equally disliked.

I have hope for Jax and Ernestine. I think if they want to they can keep themselves in check. Bad Fish, not so much. There seems to be serious issues with that one.

Susannah, no problem. I know we're not the only ones sick of this.

As for Hez, she was just as bad. Nobody remembers her making people cry because of her attacks? Why do you think so many people thought Jax was Hez? They both rip into people for nothing.

As we can see by the response from Little Blue Pill, some people here have serious anger management issues. I have to wonder how they get along in life.

jax said...

i'd like to thank the people with half a brain who see this for what it is and the other half who raged like lunatics making themsleves look the worse for it.

all your credibitlty is pretty much shot...keep it up.

you will not stop me, i will speak my mind and YES i will jump on the bullies here,if you look back that's all i ever did so stick your BS about me being the big bad bully. every 'attack' as you call it was fully warranted. someone either was attacking someone else for no reason whatsoever or just coming on to the site and being a dickwad. sorry for sticking up for the little guy!

you did not scare me, i chose to walk away from crazy.

better luck next time.

feel free to call me a fat houswife,not that im either...i wont be back to this post!

Anon said...

You'll jump on the bullies? Bully, that's a joke!

Keep jumping on innocent people and you'll get it back in return. Just sayin'.......


jax said...

i'm not engaging Anon.

4 people versus dozens...ya i care.

Susannah Leigh said...

Thanks again, Anon. I don't remember Hez being that bad, but I wasn't checking in every day when she was a regular commenter so I may have missed a lot of what she said. It does seem like the quality level of the comments was higher before the current queen bees took charge.

Jax, I know despite what you said you're still here and you'll see this. No one is trying to scare you off. You can keep saying whatever you want and so can we. Why do you think you and your cohorts are the only ones who are allowed to speak here?

liveunderarock said...

Hi susannah,

I'm glad you didn't let them run you off when they tried to gang bang you. It is very difficult not to get angry & respond when a group sets in on you. It is also easy to get off track and go overboard in that situation.

If defending your right to have your say like everyone else makes me a jealous troll, I am proud to be one.

It is supposed to be fun. But it is also easy to say that when you're not the one being attacked.

West End Girl said...

Holy shit sticks Batman!

I've had life, ugh, to deal with so haven't been on for a while. Seriously, what a bunch of fruitloops to rag on Enty & Jax like that. For what purpose? Nutters.

Enty, if you're ever in Londinium, Eng-er-land, let me know. There are some fab places for boozing over her ;)

Anon said...

Jax isn't engaging me, she's just responding to something I wrote. LOL!!!

See, the problem is I've been around since day one and I have a great memory. A lot of these Jax fans are new and didn't see how often she used to pull this shit. It's actually less than it once was, but it's still too much.

Why do you think she had to make up another name? She'd post as Just Sayin' so she could spend time ripping into people while Jax looked calm and sane. After she got busted for that she started going back to ripping people as herself again.

So unnecessary, boring and immature.

Ms., if I have time, I'll go pull some of Jax' posts to copy here, too, so you can see what I'm talking about. Not so pretty when the truth is posted here for all to see.

West End Girl said...


Apparently, I don't need the booze to make me spell badly hehe.

Anonymous said...

ew im gone for one day and i miss all the drama, i tried to read the comments but i got bored half way trhough them, there are some crazy people out there, anyway i wish you the best of luck with FW and if you ever come to mexico i promise ill get you drunk on the finest cheapest tequila i can find

Susannah Leigh said...

Thanks again, liveunderarock. I wish I hadn't said so much yesterday, but there was no way I was going to be silent when mob rule took over. I went overboard, but really, so did they.

I'll probably be posting a lot more regularly now, whether the majority likes it or not! I'm going to try to stay away from the arguments, but if something needs to be said, there's no good reason why I shouldn't say it.

liveunderarock said...

Anon, I was like Susannah, too green back then to know what was going on. Hez was always nice to me. I guess kind of like the situation some of the newer people are in now.

Anon said...

West End Girl, I thought that was a freudian slip! ;-)

Amen, Susannah. I'll go back to lurking, but if the shit starts again, I'm on it.

Live, I understand. I don't blame some of these people either, but they'll know the truth eventually because I'm gonna point it out for all to see every single time it happens. People better learn to stfu when it comes to pushing other people around.

liveunderarock said...

Enty, I will ignore that direct attack on me out of respect for the innocent bystanders.

Susannah Leigh said...

P.S. to Jax: My credibility is still very much intact. All YOUR credibility was pretty much shot--at least with those who were paying attention and have no reason to kiss up to you--when you accidentally outed yourself as a person who uses different screen names to suit your various personas.

Moving right along...

selenakyle said...

Whoa. I see the shit hit the fan here yesterday after I left utterly disgusted and offended by *greg* being a total dick.

Everything else appears to have been just par for the blog-posting course.

So for the record, I am neither a housewife, nor fat, nor greasy. said...

Come on you guys. Its not like we're battling apartheid or global domination here. Its a COMMENTS SECTION of a blog. The only requirement for being here is to be able to read. If someone spoke rudely to you, tell 'em to kiss your royal honeybaked ass and just keep on coming back. If someone is bullying you, folks will notice it eventually and jump in. But you can't come bringing the negative and not expect someone to throw it back at you. It is the way of the world.

liveunderarock said...

selenakyle, I think greg was an actual troll who called us all fat greasy housewives. I just ignored him.

"But you can't come bringing the negative and not expect someone to throw it back at you. It is the way of the world." That's what we keep trying to tell jax & trix.

selenakyle said...

I know! And I was like, well fuck it...I could feel something weird brewing so I took off.

Although I do have periodic fat days, and even the occasional greasy day, I've never, EVER watched Oprah or Ellen. Really.

LOVE (and Red Bull & vodka) TO ALL!

Anon said...

Selenakyle, I don't remember even seeing anyone named Greg post before, and I didn't see the post yesterday, but it must have been someone who just dropped in once. More road rage. For the record, I never envisioned you as fat or greasy.

Brenda, exactly, that's the point. But the problem is, when something is said and a poster tells the bullies to kiss their (love this!) royal honeybaked (should that be heineybaked?) ass, they get dumped on by the bullies and their buddies and nobody defends the person who got it in the first place. That shit has got to stop.

Susannah, I agree with you. At least we have balls to post under our regular posting names and not have to make up some bullshit name to hide behind. Just sayin'.

selenakyle said...

Ha Haaaaa! Whew, thanks.

liveunderarock said...

OOPs, Sorry I saw greg had posted a nice comment on the blind.

Ms. said...

I have an idea... how about ALL OF US acknowledge that we are very human, have foibles and perhaps ALL OF US have not behaved as well as we could have on every occasion in our lives...including on this board.

We wipe the slate clean of past wrongs and hurts. We move forward.

We hug, we kiss, we shake hands and we vow to better next time.

Tomorrow is a new day, everyone.


slappywhyte said...

alls i have to say is:

jax and moosh are pervs

i have proof

its the troof


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