Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Random Photos Part One

Just really like this picture and both Harvey Fierstein and John Waters have done so much for entertainment that I feel they deserve the top spot today.
Now can you please stop with the Anderson Cooper requests. Here he is.
Always willing to check in with Bucky Covington. Just cracks me up. I think it is because he is always smiling. Chop off his finger in an industrial accident and he would probably still be smiling.
Have not had BD Wong on here in forever, but it is mostly because he rarely seems to go out.
The too good looking couple of the day is Chris Diamantopoulos and Becki Newton.
Wow. Between the high heels and the hair-do Carrie Underwood has discovered how to add six inches to her height. Hello Tom Cruise. Are you listening?
Lets see. The David Archuleta on the CD cover looks 30 while he actually appears to be 12. Nice marketing.
And his dad made that pass at home just so people would know.
After a three day absence, Daniel Craig makes an appearance again. This time with Satsuki.
To remind people who she is, Debra Messing has started posing like the opening credits to Will & Grace.
The randomest photo of the day goes to Donatella Versace and Jet Li.
I can imagine the conversation with the designer. "See, I'm going to be at this Christmas star unveiling and I need something that will match."
Meanwhile in the UK, they have already lit their street lights on Oxford Street a mere 43 days before Christmas. Next year they are going to do it in July.
Greg Allman - Nashville
Gladys Knight - New York
Anyone want to take a guess at the over/under for how many drinks combined Hank Williams Jr and Kid Rock have had in their lifetime.
Il Diva - London
Jon Hamm at the Quantum of Solace after party.
As well as Andre Balazs.
So, I still say she's pregnant, but I think I was wrong about the father. Oh, I think I kept that quiet before. Oh well.
James Marsden has been long absent from the photos.
Our random athlete of the day is Kerry Collins.
I keep putting Kenneth Cole in the photos hoping he will take pity on me and send me some free stuff. Of course, I put Tom Ford in here for like two months straight and never did get that shopping spree.
I'm guessing that medal is not for being the world's greatest dad. Notice the engagement ring on Miley's finger. Think I'm wrong?
Look at Justin's finger.
"So Taylor. Maybe you can come back to the house with us and we can reenact the Vanity Fair photos I took with Miley. What do you say?"
I really do like Mary Louise Parker.
I also really like Nobu. Here is Nobuyuki Matshuhisa actually cooking.
Unlike Gordon Ramsay who I'm not sure even cooks anymore.
You think Nicole Richie would ever pose anymore with the other Hilton sister?
Just because it is Phillip Seymour Hoffman.
Just thinking about how many hours a week Susan Lucci must work out to stay looking so young is enough to make me tired.
The runner up for randomest photo of the day goes to Whoopi Goldberg and Tim Allen.
This is at The Grove which is a shopping mall in LA. Two weeks ago I went to The Grove everyday for about a week straight because I had some things to get and the biggest celebrity was some guy who I think was on Last Comic Standing four years ago. Everytime anyone else goes they name drop more than Phoebe Price trying to get into a party.


palealebrew10 said...

Miley's got that "glow." ;)

Molly said...

is bd wong the answer to a blind? i always ask that, don't i?

i don't get the comment about david archuletta's father. anybody know what that means?

bad pic, but i want jon hamm!!

Mexi said...

that sure does look like more than 13 lbs on Fergie.

is it me or is there alot of BI clues today?

farmgirl said...

Il Diva - LOLZ!
Was that on purpose?
They were terrific with Babs.

Gladys looks great.

Miley makes me want to puke.

I didn't get the Daniel Craig thing - then I finally saw Casino Royale.
Now all I want to do is suck on his lower lip all night . . .

not a famous adrian said...

Susan Lucci's head is HUGE.
Fergie & Kirstie Alley are now interchangeable.

Mexi said...

I wonder if Miley not wanting to do another season of Hannah Montana is her way of getting out of it cuz she's preggo. Why would she leave such a money maker? Her dad can't be happy with it...and you know he'd make her stick with it as long as she could...something isn't quite right!

califblondy said...

Susan really can't afford to do the Jersey hair, her head is too big as it is.

Is randomest a word? I guess it is now.

Can Anderson Cooper take a BAD picture? Sigh, if only...

Joe Hamm looks hammered. He looks like my kind of guy.

Little Beckham looks so cool, like whatev. Yep, big deal if my Mum wears six inch heels to shop and the paps are all over us 24/7,all I want is a friggin' toy!

That's the best picture I've seen of Debra Messing in a long time. Still love Will & Grace.

Harriet Hellfire said...

I love Anderson Cooper. Love him. I want to go for Cosmopolitans with him and stuff.

Miley engaged? It looks like it. But maybe it's one of those "promise rings". I mean, I'm pretty sure she puts out, but maybe all the negative talk about her and that dude made them wear the rings for show?

AnonMom said...

Donatella has had some MAJOR face smoothing done ....

Gladys looks AMAZING!!!

Molly said...

hey califblondy - i'd like to get hamm-ered!

adrian, yea, she has that nancy reagan 'head like a macy's day parade character' thing going on because she's underfed.

miley's engaged? i didn't even know she was pregnant!

Emobacca said...

Miley Cyrus is so fucking scary looking. Ick.

So is Sigler knocked up by Turtle or not?

Alot of love for the gays today Ent. I see Harvey Fierstein, John Waters, Anderson Cooper, BD Wong, David Archuleta and Miley's underwear model

Ms. said...

Off topic: reposting of the puppy-cam link:

not a famous adrian said...

hey--that's how her mom got Billy Ray Molly.

littlemanwhatnow said...

hello remember that blind about the tv star from a hit show that is preggers....

where is that blind? it's on here somewhere anyone remember?

jamie lynn seigler. ..remember he said it will all come out when it's revealed she's pregnant?

Dan said...

The Miley/ring thing is for publicity I'm sure. Celebs do it all the time just so they can deny it for a story.

Molly: The comment about DA's father refers to the VIP pass around his neck. ENT is saying that there was no official pass. He just made it so people would know he's DA's father. said...

I thought about all you Daniel Craig-er's when I caught a glimpse of him on Regis and Kelly today....

Molly said...

dan - thnx!!! funny!

adrian, i'd ask if you were kidding, but i know you're not. i hope miley is smarter than that.

ms., what is the live puppy cam? i checked it out, i'm just not getting what it is.

Grace said...

Notice Victoria Beckham looks nothing like the shoppers staring at her from behind -- she sticks out like a sore thumb. Maybe she wants to be noticed -- because NO ONE dresses like that in So Cal.

The Miley wedding rings -- yet another blind about a tween pregnancy?

Ms. said...

Six puppies and there is a live web cam on them 24/7. They sleep a lot, but all six were playing a little while ago. Two are semi-playing right now. I'm just enjoy watching fat little furballs do their thing. Others have seen the Mama when the owner has brought her in, but i haven't.

Heard the owner cleaning the area outside the bed the other day. The puppies were trying to help him and kept bounding out and he kept putting them back in the bed. Every few seconds, you'd see a hand putting a fat puppy back in the bed and finally I heard him say, "Oh come on guys..."

Personally, I found it kind of funny.

Ms Cool said...

I just envision myself next to Daniel Craig. *sigh*

Ms Cool said...

OMG farmgirl - I know exactly how you feel about DC. If you are looking for some more hot shots of Daniel Craig, look no further than my blog:

I have a whole category devoted to him. The other categories are devoted to boring stuff like sewing and baking.

Podbaydoor said...

Look at the ring fingers? Look at her eyes; she's the blind.

Molly said...

ms, i thought they might be your pups.

too cute. i just spent a few minutes watching. two of them got a bit frisky with each other but then fell back asleep. i can see where this would be

Ms. said...

Her pupils look big. Doesn't heroin make the pupils pinpoints?

Dan said...

A lot of people guess JLS for this blind:

#1 & #2 - My worst possible nightmare, and your as well if you like the idea of sleeping at night. This C list actress who really has always done television and was on a very hit drama has B list name recognition. Well she and this a-hole former C list teen actor and now all around douchebag have started dating. If that wasn't bad enough, she's pregnant. I can't believe he is reproducing and that she let him get anywhere near her.

Father was guessed to be Mario Lopez... another guy people also guess is gay when it fits a blind...

Ms. said...

Michael K posted this link last week. Someone else posted it here... yeah, totally addicting. It totally warms my cold little charcoal heart ;-)

Ms. said...

@Molly. Here's some information on the breed of these puppies.

Molly said...

thnx, ms. i missed it when michael k. posted it. i don't read all the things enty puts up, and i skip the comments when i skip his posts.

too bad they're not hypoallergenic, they could send one to the Obama girls.

warms your charcoal heart...heee!

dragonlady said...

Gladys Knight looks amazing!

I once saw daniel craig in a play in london (in 2002 - way before bond) he was gorgeous then and is gorgeous now!

Ms. said...

@ Molly

My local news station just did a story on Obama's new dog - it's a hairless one.

and they covered the webcam -turns out two million people are logged in watching the puppies.

not a famous adrian said...

not Kidding Molly---
Billy Ray Cyrus dirt

Billy Ray Cyrus was seeing a groupie, Leticia, and when she got pregnant she named their daughter Destiny Hope because she said that it was destiny that they were together and she hoped that he'd marry her. Seriously! He eventually married her.

Before she met Billy, she got a little money from somewhere (divorce or a work comp settlement?) and spent it trailing a couple of country stars on their tours and hanging around their road crew to get backstage passes. Billy Ray was not the first country guy to bang her.

Harriet Hellfire said...

Isn't Meadow dating Turtle now?
Yes, I have a hard time separating fiction from reality. And SO DO ALL OF YOU!!! MUUUAAAAHAHAHAHAHAAAAAAA!!!

Harriet Hellfire said...

I'm sorry.
I don't know where that came from.

Eeny Beeny said...

@Mexi - def. more than 13 extra lbs on Fergie. My friend got very close to her at an event the other night and says it's got to be 40 or 50. Yikes!

The photo of Donatella looks like what I imagine the Olsen twins will look like in 30 years or so.

Green Wave Gal said...

Is it me or does Justin's 'ring' match Billy Ray's???

DNfromMN said...

I'm with harriet, those are promise/purity rings. Why would Justin be wearing one? I'm not saying that they're following the rules to those ridiculous things.

My hot man roll call: Kenneth Cole, John Hamm, Jimmy Marsden, that long haired guy in the front of the Il Divo picture, and Andy Cooper (who looks better when he smiles).

Daniel Craig wouldn't be the blind of the action star who hired a girlfriend for a few months? She does seem to come and go between events.

And truly Donatella Versace and Jet Li is perhaps the most random of photos ever. I can't think of any situation where they would be in the same room together.

Molly said...

ms, how odd. my news station just did a story on a hairless dog group that has written the Obama's telling them they'd give them a hairless dog for free, but they haven't gotten a response yet. i don't think they've made a decision yet and they said they wouldn't get the dog until spring. i think we're going to hear a lot of things before we get official word.

littlemanwhatnow said...

thanks dan!

Little Miss Smoke and Mirrors said...

Jon Hamm is so effing hot. More pix of him, ENT, if you please.

He makes me weak in the knees.

stiffkittens said...

ms.: Opiates make them pinpoint, amphetamines make them large. I believe she may be the one in the blind about the shocking father-daughter coke sharing (it was shocking because she was underage and it happened in full view of everyone at the event/club or where ever they were).
I always thought it was that little sleeze.

stiffkittens said...

Forgot to mention, some people take coke to get perky after heroine - just like many take valium to come down from amphs (so they can sleep). It wouldnt surprise me if Cyrus is on smack and using coke on the side.

He boyfriend is a model, and its common knowledge how prevalent drugs are in the fashion industry (bottles of pills can often be seen on the make-up tables at runway shows, and models rarely go down the runway sober – in fact they are often discouraged from it or so says a former catwalk model). Also its common for photographers etc to offer models lines to perk them up at shoots.

Miley is at that age where you tend to act older then you are, and to show others how 'mature' you are. It seems plausible that she would get into all kinds of things to impress/keep up with her older boyfriend.
Or maybe it’s an interest they bonded over at the start – who knows with these prostitots, eh?

Alpine Summer said...

Ms. -- I saw the mother dog! She came in to feed them once when I was watching. I'm not "obsessed," per se, but I have popped one for a few minutes several times in the past few days.

I kind of thought Miley's dude had a ring tattoo. I can't say for sure, but when I look really closely, it looks really wide on the underside and flat, too. Of course, Billy Ray's looks like a tattoo to me, too, so what do I know?

I have a cousin named after Susan Lucci's AMC character. Oh, happy 9th birthday, Eric (Kane)! Haha.

Alpine Summer said...

PS. Jon Hamm's John Ham was the funniest thing I've seen on SNL for years.

Sis said...

Did Lainey out Debra Messing for Body Instead of Baby blind? She looks more anorexic than ever.

c17 said...

1) Ummmm....who IS Bucky Covington and who told him that hairstyle looked good?

2) Daniel Craig looks like Vladmir Putin. Or is that just me?

3) Debra Messing's chest - Eeeeewwwwwwww!

4) How is it that Greg Allman looks better now than he did in the '70's? And yes - I DO remember. He looks better than Cher.

Oops! My bad!

hotchacha said...

Crazy to see Chris Diamantopoulos posted. I went to school with that guy for YEARS. Weird to see him with his man face, but I still see the kid he was. Neat.

Does anyone else find it eerie that Miley's hooked up with a guy who looks like her dad? Go back and those at those shots. Look at Billy Ray, then look at Model Guy.

Dan said...

BTW how come the last few sets of random pics have been "Part One?" Where are the part 2s?

donna said...

C17 .. you took the words right outa my mouth .. greg allman looks fantastic .. the man is a true rock god!

Alpine Summer said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Alpine Summer said...

Dan -- All of the random photos are "part one." Just leaves it open for a part two, if Enty feels like it. I think maybe, back in the day, he occasionally posted a part two?

Mooshki said...

I love John Waters so much. He is a true individual.

Whoever that girl with Bucky is, she looks kind of terrified.

I love BD Wong.

Debra Messing = total fail.

Jet Li!!! And yes, that is sure f-ing random!

I'm so sorry that JLS broke your heart. :(

Ms., I have become addicted to that damned puppycam now thanks to you! Is your goal to drop our work productivity by 50%?

LOL, Harriet!

Dan said...

Just felt the need to reiterate that Anderson Cooper is one fine man... his head looks big in that photo though.

A friend of mine saw him in NYC the other day and said he looked like a "pocket gay".

shakey said...

Gregg Allman and Axl Rose look a lot alike.