Thursday, November 13, 2008

Random Photos Part One

No special reason for Chace Crawford to be on top. Simply a luck of the draw type thing. He does look thrilled to be in London selling that Gossip Girl stuff though doesn't he?
The I bet he wishes he could take it back photo of the day goes to Cody Linley.
Mr. Big, Chris Noth doing some work in the theatre while waiting to get back to Sex And The City 2
You know my rule about giving people second chances the next time around if they looked bad, and Carrie Underwood looks much better than she did yesterday.
Had David Archuleta on yesterday, so today, the other David, David Cook.It's like American Idol day today for some reason. I guess because so many sing country. Here is Diana DeGarmo.It's a Hootie. Or was Darius Rucker one of the Blowfish? Who knows.

Daniel Radcliffe is really enjoying this horse play a lot it appears. Of course that could just have been his Halloween costume.
Want to vote for your favorite?
It's the entire Biel clan all with the initials JB.
Josh Hartnett still doing that play in London.
And Jay McCarroll still doing whatever it is he is doing now.
Jake Owen is definitely not a bad looking guy.
And Kellie Pickler is definitely not a bad looking woman.
Umm. So, this may seem odd, and maybe I'm wrong, but doesn't Tom Cruise have the same suit as Keith Urban?
Makes you almost want to go home and watch Father Of The Bride 2.
Hey Michelle Branch. Elvira called. Wants her wig back.
So, this is Priyanka Chopra who I guess was Miss World at some point. Do you think that anyone actually remembers who was Miss World or Miss Universe or Miss whatever. I mean I don't doubt her at all, but how in the hell am I supposed to know without checking.
Apparently this is a Norwegian instrument and not a guy with a unique bong.
Also not a bong.
And also not a bong.
Yep. Pumkin is getting married. The former Flavor of Love contestant found a guy who obviously has never seen the show.
The random Spanish guy of the day goes to Rafael Medina.
So, the Rockettes have their own doll, but what I really need is for someone to hook me up with Judith Leiber and a cupcake evening purse.
Not the usual look from Reese Witherspoon but she looks really good.
Shania Twain returns to the spotlight.


Molly said...

jesus, half of those people don't even look like themselves.

MontanaMarriott said...

OOOHH that cupcake purse is too cute, I pass by the store on my way home and whenever I see it I just want to eat it up lol

Mr. Big looks UHM BIG

My fellow Latina Adriana Lima, always looks amazing, GAWD I HATE HER lol

Wow the Biels all have the same nosejob, lol! The dad kind of looks like James Brolin for a second there

Jake Owen can get it, oh yeah he screams CHIPPENDALES'S DANCER lol

Kellie Pickler has some REALLY AWFUL implants

Either Nicole is a giant or she likes her men short

They are re-running father of the bride 2 on LIfetime, funny you mentioned that lol

Reese gave me Olivia Newton John circa 86"

not a famous adrian said...

The random Spanish guy reminds me of Patrick Dempsey on a bad hair day.
Reese looks AMAZING!

palealebrew10 said...

Shania Twain is 43!! She is disgustingly gorgeous-I know, what an oxymoron.

I still don't see what's special about Reese, Cody Linley must be high and Chris Noth looks like an character from Sesame Street. And what the heck is David Cook doing these days? He won and then disappeared overnight.

kris said...

and when IS the unique bong edition of this blog?

Molly said...

palealebrew, david cook has broken a few billboard chart records, so he hasn't disappeared at all.

KellyLynn said...

Wow, Shania has been out of the spotlight so long, her special event shoes got some kind of fungal growth on them. Too bad she didn't have time to get that cleaned off before she got out of the limo. Otherwise, she looks good.

califblondy said...

I wonder if Jessica Biel needs a step-momma? Daddy is kinda cute.

Emobacca said...

The whole Biel family looks like they play for the other team

Mooshki said...

"No special reason for Chace Crawford to be on top."

Funny, I would've figured him for a bottom.

My vote: Marisa Miller, always.

My family is all J's except my brother; when we were kids I used to tell him it was because he was adopted.

I bet there are a few of your readers who could turn those into bongs.

Did you mean to say Shania Twain got stuck under a spotlight? Man, is she ever orange. And wtf is up with those shoes?!

jw12 said...

AWl, Mr. Big turned 53 today.

Shania looks amazing. Divorce really agrees with her.

Whatever happened to Hootie and the Blowfish?

Mexi said...

Kellie Pickler's hair is a'd think they could've done something with it.

I had to look twice at Shania...I didn't even recognize her with all that fake tan!

PK said...

Miranda Kerr should NEVER take another pic head on like that again. She has a very odd face.

lymi said...

Shania's back. Without Mutt's mixing and fixing her songs, wonder what her voice will sound like this time?

DNfromMN said...

Jake Owen is definitely spongeworthy. But only in that picture.. google shows he doesn't always look that good. Too bad.

Shania's always been pretty, even before the plastic surgery.

nunaurbiz said...

Yah, now that the man who ENGINEERED her "career" is out of her life and she's been kicked out of the Swiss escape, Shaninny Twat comes crawling back to Nashville trying to get people excited that she's been "writing songs" since her "breakup" and will finally get off her rich ass and make another album. Yah, and Music City will kiss that ass, too, you betcha.

I ain't buyin' it tho. I'm sure she'll find someone she can pay to make it sound like she can actually sing. Still ain't buyin' it.


melissa said...

Hugo, come to mama. Yum. said...

I love Michelle Branch. What an unfortunate photo.

Harriet Hellfire said...

Where is this cupcake purse everyone's talking about?

not a famous adrian said...

Harriet--I believe it is the bag Carrie used in Sex in the City when she was off to get married--it's about $4500.

Queen Beatnik said...

Jake Owen looks like a younger version of Luke Wilson...or perhaps I need my contact lens prescription updated.

Molly said...

adrian and harriet - i didn't see the movie but i read it was a purse carried by charlotte's daughter.

you can buy it at needless markups. here's a link:

not a famous adrian said...

Thanks Molly--I don't have an exrea $4300 at this point, & I carry so much stuff with me I would need a Viennese Table purse, not a cupcake.
I do remeber Charlotte's daughter putting Carrie's phone into it--I couldn't remember who it belonged to.

Molly said...

yea, i'd need a yule log myself.

magnumforce1 said...

Shania went a little crazy with the spray on tan (lol).

About 6 weeks ago there was blind about the former A list singer and the married hockey player. A lot people think it's Shania. I sure hope Ent Lawyer reveals this blind in January.

Jasmine said...

mooshki--- lol on chace
dnfroommn(did i spell that right?)---
anyway, i love love love that seinfeld episode!
#1. mr. big looks old! i am sad, but oh well, we all know he likes to snog with men in cars anyway so no chance for me anyway ( i might be repeating myself a lot in this comment)
#2. dont care about the dumb old idol peeps.
#3. i dont care if daniel does have a tiny peen, he is still hawt!
#4. jessica biel is gay, this is a fact.
#7. (really # five but my five and six button no longer work, ghetto i know)....i think keith urban is too pretty, his hair looks more conditioned than nic's does!!!
# (number six)
elvira was my favorite movie when i was 12. michelle branch only has fans who are 12, so they have something in common.
#7 (actually number 7) Priyanka Chopra is freakishly good looking. seriously, i bet her dna strands look like works of art....bitch.
#8.pumkin is right under the bong show which is appropriate, both make you feel dumb when your near them.
#10. cupcake purses are dumb. now a hoho purse i could get into.

bionic bunny! said...

does anybody else want to know where moby is?

just curious... tee-hee!

Harriet Hellfire said...

Jasmine - I don't know if there is Chinatown in your city, but I find it's a great place to find purses that are shaped like pastries.

I do remember the cupcake purse from the movie though. I just thought it was in one of these pictures and that I was going crazy.

Which, in all reality, I probably am anyway.

Moonmaid said...

I saw Nicole Kidman on Oprah the other day, and she had so much makeup and all on, she looked like a mask. Scary. She is a very pretty woman, why does she do that to herself?

Heather said...

Is it just me or does Kellie Pickler look a little more like Dolly Parton with every day that passes?

Jasmine said...

Harriet Hellfire,
i live right outside of san fran,ca.
i will hunt around for the purse pastries and let ya'll know if i find anything delicious.
i have seen strawberry purses before.
does this count?

trashtalker said...

DN-you don't need sponges. Silly!

What the crap did Diana DeGarmo do to herself?

I thought the Norwegian instrument was a snake in that dude's mouth.

shakey said...

Yeah, I'm with trashtalker on the snake. I thought w..t...f?

Carrie Underwood doesn't even try to hide her bitch anymore, does she.

Hated Hootie and the Blowfish, but love that green jacket on Darius (which is a pretty cool name).

Jake Owen does look like a cleaned-up Luke, but he also looks like a male escort.

I believe Tom and Keith exchange clothes and call each other up and talk like teenage girls.

Why is a cigarette company sponsoring an industrial design award? (He's done some nice stuff.)

Have to agree on Shania's shoes. They look like slippers. Did they get divorced because she stepped out on him again, or the other way around? She was on Canada AM a couple of years ago and had these 2 girls with her. I think they were related to her. They looked like twins, but the plastic surgery done to both of them made them HIDEOUS. And yeah, I have proof when Mutt's not mixing she sounds like shite. It's called The Twilight Sessions.