Friday, November 21, 2008

Random Photos Part One

Tom Hanks, Baz Luhrman and Shakespeare. Hell, you have to put that on top of the photos. That, and I really do love the Shakespeare Festival of LA.

Until I saw Tom and Baz this was going to be the top photo. That is one hell of a fireworks display in Dubai for the grand opening of a casino.
Alec Baldwin and Salma Hayek on the set of 30 Rock.
So, yesterday I had Mary Kate in the photos. It's only fair to have Ashley today. Plus, it seems like Full House day today on the site.
I guess maybe Charlie McDowell is holding up Kristen Chenoweth's dress because I'm not sure how it would stay up on its own. I know, I'm an ignorant guy but it looks like the top could fall at any second.
Clay Walker probably deserves to be on top because he gave $100K yesterday to the National Pediatric MS Center. That is really generous.
My favorite celebrity offspring went from 14 to about 30 in a flash. I wasn't even sure it was Dakota Johnson at first.
Ellen - Las Vegas
Just checking in on Gwen and Zuma. Still want to say Zima.
Josh Blue and Jim Breuer. I wasn't going to post the photo and then I saw their initials and it reminded me of my favorite marketing slogan ever. Since it is holiday related I thought I would share it with you. --- "ingle ells -- It just isn't the holidays without J&B." I know, I know. A liquor ad is my favorite. Shocker.
Been awhile since Jon Bon Jovi graced us with his presence in the photos and his wife looks lovely.
Another person absent for awhile has been Jennifer Connelly.
I don't think Jon Favreau's wife has ever been in the photos so welcome to Joya.
Jimmy Fallon looks really good and very un Jimmy Fallon like. Must be the George Hamilton tan.
Jamie Kennedy was probably not making anyone laugh at the Comedy Festival.
A first time appearance for Katy Mixon in the photos.
OK, OK. Are all of you happy now. I went back and found an event that Kevin McKidd went to a few weeks ago. Here he is. Please stop the e-mails and just enjoy.
Apparently Keanu Reeves just found out the event had no liquor.
Ladyhawke - London
Minnie Driver looks great and that is an incredibly tiny Christmas tree.
Book signings can be pretty tough if no one comes.
Sure, why not? Rhys Ifans seems to have a thing for blondes. This time it is Natalie Imbruglia.
Natalie Portman and Scott Cohen on the set of their new film.
Robert Duval and his wife I think are making their first appearance in the photos.
The marriage everyone said wouldn't last. Ric Ocasek and Paulina Porizkova. Seems to be doing ok.
Uh oh. The mysterious hand is back. It looks like it is trying to hold Reese steady.
And since I know there are lots of shoe fans, here is the pair Reese was wearing.
Solange Knowles - New York
One of my favorite people in the world Schuyler Fisk.
She and her mom Sissy Spacek posed for lots of photos together, but I thought they each deserve their very own photo.
Well at least we know Tyra Banks knows how to fake it. Good news for her boyfriends.
The lovely Tina Fey.
The Pigeon Detectives - London
Amy Poehler making her first post baby appearance. Will Arnett probably decided he wasn't going to miss out on the chance and got away too.


not a famous adrian said...

I can finally tell the Olsens apart--Ashley is the one with legs.

Mooshki said...

It's Dubai day!

Maybe if her top fell down they'd uncancel Pushing Daisies?

Good for you, Clay.

Jamie Kennedy is sucking up Ghost Whisperer so bad. :(

LOL at Kevin McKidd! Never get between a gal and her eye candy!!!

Gah, is Ric Ocasek dead? That looks awful even for him!

Marisa said...

Deat EL,


And please note the bulge in Mr. McKidd's jean and accept it as a plea for him to be featured in FFF.


califblondy said...

And please note the bulge in Mr. McKidd's jean and accept it as a plea for him to be featured in FFF.

So glad to know I'm not the only one who looks "there" first!

SkittleKitty said...

Is Ocasek allergic to the sun? Yeachh--he's why they said it wouldn't last.

Like the inclusion of Scott Cohen (yeah, yeah, and Natalie Portman).

Molly said...

i could never decide whether jamie kennedy looks like a douche, or reminds me of someone who looks like a douche.

Marisa said...


Can't say I visited there first, but can I say I stayed there the longest.

I had no idea there were so many Kevin McKidd fans. Damn. And I thought I could maintain the fantasy that I could easily have him....

kimmypie1 said...

Thanks for the confirmation on Reese being the answer to the blind about the celeb who steals shoes even though she is rich

And who the heck is Ocasek?

kimmypie1 said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
not a famous adrian said...

Kimmypie1---Ric Ocasek is the lead singer of The Cars.

Sylvia said...

Ocasek - singer can't remember with what group.

bionic bunny! said...

pppssstt! adrian! maybe we're giving away our age here!

not a famous adrian said...

I thought that too bunny! *sigh*

DNfromMN said...

bunny - no... I think by not knowing who Ocasek is kimmy exposed herself as a youngster.

Who knew Baz Luhrmann was a hot old guy?

JB's - two very homely funny men.

Jamie Kennedy is not looking very good, even for Jamie Kennedy.

Paulina Porizkova looks gorgeous.

AnonMom said...

Ok, you gotta give us some Titus Pullo to go with the Lucius Vorenus.

Every time I see clips ofKevin McKidd on Grey's, I keep waiting for him to break into his natural brogue. Is it just me, or is he having a hard time with the American accent?

jax said...

"Who knew Baz Luhrmann was a hot old guy?"
you should Dn, you slippin??lol.

i lovvvvw Schuyler. her music is some of my favs.

lol EL you found the fugliest McKidd ever didn't you? even a fug McKidd is a decent McKidd.

forget Beyonce, I'm all about Solange.

Monalicious said...

Amy Poehler looks great!!! When did she have the baby? Two weeks ago, not even? Wow!

Ms. said...

@ DNfromMN
I met Paulina's mother several years ago. Drop dead gorgeous and extremely well mannered. She's an older duplicate of Paulina and even though she was well into her 50's was clearly the most beautiful person in the room of 900 people.

Ms. said...

Actually, now that i think about it, Paulina's mom was about 60 when I met her.

Marisa said...

Speaking of Kevin McKidd & Grey's, what the heck is going on on that show now?? Why are their ghosts? WORST. PLOT. EVER.

nunaurbiz said...

Thanks for the Clay Walker photo, Enty. For those who don't know, Clay has MS.

And someone should tell Dorothea Bon Jovi that a tight satin dress isn't flattering. Is that Madonna's green feathered dress she's holding in her hand????????

Nice to see Ric and Paulina. Both look like they haven't aged in 20 years!!!!!!

Happy Friday everyone!

Sis said...

Gotta wonder is JBJ is the answer to the rocker blind last week. It seems the blinds come first then the photos, just wondering...

Caroline said...

I didn't know Schuyler Fisk was Sissy Spacek's daughter. I need to get out more.

Dan said...

Is Solange singing in a church basement? Her shoes are cute though...

sandman said...

what blind goes with the clue that witherspoon needs to be steadied?

hotchacha said...

Baz! Had no idea he was a sexy older guy. Well hello there!

I want to hope that the front view of that Zuma baby is cuter than this view.

Jim Breuer always looks wasted. Maybe he always is. Always had that frat boy chic going on.

Yay for Jennifer Connelly. Do I remember her being far bustier at one point?

Jamie Kennedy has always struck me as sort of strange-looking. He's got a weird face somehow. Unfortunately he looks like he's on a bender. I hope he isn't.

Can't we just unite a society to tackle Keanu to the ground and stage our own grooming intervention?

Rhys Ifans. Your hair.
What. The. Fk? How does this guy bang chicks with hair like that?

Ric. Oh Ric. Ric, Ric, Ric. You're turning into the corpse of a birdy old woman. For the love of Gawd, please get some sun! And here, take my Oil of Olay. No really, I insist.

Oh look, we can tell it's Reese Witherspoon because she's wearing her standard-issue strapless fitted dress. Everything is up to code here. Carry on, people.

Amy Poehler looks great. I'm just waiting for her to make an appearance WITH her kid so they can both break out into rap.

RagDoll said...


Let's not tackle the reeves. The smell may never come off us. We can trip him so that he falls into a vat of hot soapy water...

Paulina needs to give her man a little of what she's having. Or maybe he's her portrait in the attic?

ElsieFire said...

@ Hotchacha: Jennifer Connelly had a boob reduction years ago. My husband swore off all her films immediately upon hearing the news.

p m said...

Yea for Solange. It's the best I've seen her look. Love her.

shakey said...

The front of Kristen Chenoweth's dress looks like a tear-away. Didn't know Jim Breuer could afford to go out. Have seen him in absolutely NOTHING since Half-Baked.

Mrs. BJ should fix her dress. A slant like that across the chest is most unflattering. Is it me, or does she look like a healthy version of Diane Lane?

Mrs. Favreau is HAWT. Jimmy Fallon has to look more corporate now he's replacing Conan. Jamie Kennedy was mostly funny when he had that Candid Camera rip-off show.

I think comments about shoes are fitting with Ric Ocasek in the pictures. Life's the same/I'm moving in stereo/Life's the same/Except for my shoes ... Reese's look better from far away, Sissy's look uncomfortable, and Solange has the best footwear.

Speaking of Solange, is that a cleaned-up Rhys Ifans on bass behind her?

PK said...

Ya that isn't the best Kevin McKidd pic ever, but it's nice to see him anyways, so thx.

I don't watch Grey's, I was introduced to the hotness that is McKidd before the bastards at NBC canceled Journeyman. That show was awesome. I hope he doesn't stay on Grey's, he deserves his own show. And one that doesn't suck. Journeyman didn't suck, I'm sorry I'm just still pissed they canceled it. And just found out they canceled Dirty Sexy Money too! Does it make sense good shows get canceled while all these stupid reality shows are still airing?! I mean how many seasons of The Hills do we need!? HORRID.