Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Random Photos Part One - With Reader Photos

I figure if you have about 200 hours of programming on television each week that maybe you should get the top spot. Sure, Dick Wolf probably has a billion dollars but this is the top of random photos so that is priceless. OK, not really, but maybe his assistant reads the site.

It's Adrien Brody so that should be enough, but I think he's wearing velvet. Automatically gets you in now.

Etta James should have probably got the top spot, but unfortunately she chose to stand next to Beyonce.

All of you loved Baz Luhrman so much that I put him in again. This time with Valentino.

When I first saw this photo of Blake Lively I missed the fact she was wearing the belt. At first I thought she had given up Gossip Girl and decided she was going to star in a remake of VIP.

In my opinion, it is still too soon for the comeback. A record and tour and promotion seems to be a bit much right now in her recovery.

The new dad certainly can smirk huh? Why I ought to...

The only time I feel healthy is when I go to Jamba Juice. Glad David Beckham and I have something in common. Of course the drink I get there has about 5,000 calories, but it has fruit in it somewhere so I feel good about it.

Shape does their monthly tribute to airbrushing. This time with Debra Messing. I'm not even sure her husband would recognize her in this photo.

Add to my drinking list, one night of bombed to the gills drunkeness with Fran and Rosie.

Hugh Jackman. Sorry about Nicole.

How about Hugh with his wife instead?

Harvey Keitel on the set of Life On Mars.

Michael Imperioli also on the set.

Wait. I know, I know. It actually looks as if Jessica Alba is trying to act.

Didn't even recognize Jane Fonda.

I prefer to actually lift the seat up, but have been known to forget so I can empathize with Joey Fatone.

Glad to see Kelsey Grammer doing better.

Lordi - New York

Miley's not pregnant right?

Naomi Watts is though and I really like this photo.

Olivia Newton John at the Australia premiere in New York. Makes sense.

First time appearance for Paul Blackthorne. I think. Maybe not. Damn there are too many actors. I can't remember.

"Great, now I have something that matches my blue balls after being with Camilla so long."

"Ummm. I'm assuming you all are in uniform right?"

Been awhile since I had Padma Lakshmi in the photos.

Reader Photo #1

Reader Photo #2

Drink away Rachael Ray. Drink away. I wonder how many it takes to get her through a public event.

Not quite as many as if she had to stand next to Stephen Baldwin all night. You know what though? Let me say this. When he and Corbin Bernsen were on Celebrity Mole together, it was funny as hell.

The Dirty Awards in Atlanta. Wow, who would have thunk something like this would have happened? It's an awards show. It's a piece of metal. Who gives a crap if you get one or not. Although, I think it would be nice if at The Golden Globes some year people got pepper sprayed. I guarantee more people would watch the show from then on.


not a famous adrian said...

I thought Miley looked pregnant in last week's photos. He face looks VERY full.

Sylvia said...

I thought Etta James was dead. Can't stand Beyonce.

Valentino sure is holding on tight to Luhrman lol.

Clay Aiken's looks funny from the face.

Last week I saw Starter Wife and thought Debra M. looked fuller from the waste.

Granny Freeze needs a touch up on her hair coloring.

I like Harvey Keitel (sort of).

Jessica Alba I am not Latina lol.

Never heard of Lordi. I guess they are Headbanger music???

Buck Tooth Miley hehehe.

I like Paul Blackthorne.

Ohhh shit I can't stand Mz. Yum Yum Frog Face R. Ray.

califblondy said...

Oh wow, Ent watched Celeb Mole with Corbin and Stephen? I thought I was the only one.

DNfromMN said...

ugh if she's pregnant "it's a felony!" Though I have to say, I'd have a hard time keeping my hands of the man, too (I didn't originally find him attractive but he's getting better looking). He should know better.

Way to rub it in our faces Reader #2 - that's the first time I've seen the inside of a gym in over a year. :)

I hope Hugh's wife realizes how lucky she is.

Debra Messing's face looks fine. I wonder who's body that is.

I propose a ban on Clay Aiken... the man is not appealing at all. I don't care if he's got the voice of an angel, the voice isn't in still photos.

Thanks for more Baz, Ent. Since we've seen Valentino in a speedo, I think it's time for Baz in a speedo. It is summer in Australia right now.. (well late spring anyway.)

Cheryl said...

Miley's full face has been very obvious lately, but some websites are saying it must be from birth control pills. I actually wouldn't put it past Billy Ray to encourage this Justin guy to knock her up for publicity. I know that's awful but if you are going to whore out your daughter you might as well go all the way (no pun intended).

selenakyle said...

Rachael's makeup is flawless here, and a nice unibrow wax on the hubby.

I know he's not high as hell, but Stephen Baldwin sure looks it.

This Celebrity Mole sounds good...gotta see if it's on netflix.

Dave said...

Looks like Mr. Rachael Ray is going to have a nice, big butterball for Thanksgiving!

And then Rachael will cook the turkey.

And Baldwin, darling, just because Jesus loves you does not mean you can shit on the red carpet. Oh too late! Your jacket did that for you!

Mooshki said...

Hey, VIP rocked!

I just can't look at pics of Hugh anymore without noticing how wonky his head is compared to his body. :(

'Life on Mars' pics! Another thing on my list to be Thankful for! God I love that show, and can't wait 'til it's back.

Miley - definitely 'pill' face.

i am a princess, yes i am said...

ps lainey reveled today that its debra M that chose body over baby.

moi said...

Ahh, in the reader photos, is that the Palacio Royal in Madrid that I see?

GladysKravitz said...

I think we should rename him Tan-atino. He puts a pumpkin to shame.

Harriet Hellfire said...

Yay! reader photos!

kris said...

I don't think that is a pic of Alba trying to act...that's her usual pissy face....

AprilinParis said...

Oh Adrien Brody how do I love thee. Even with your ick facial hair I still wouldn't say no (after you shaved of course).

And yeah, I like that pic too of Naomi.

CDANers are all so amazingly gorgeous. Kudos lovelies!

Ms Cool said...

Next time you think about putting Jessica Alba or Stephen Baldwin in, perhaps you could find a dashing photo of Daniel Craig and put that in instead.

Enjoyed the Hugh Jackman, though. Too bad Nicole Kidman is so insecure that she is ruining her beauty with the botox.

Molly said...

off topic

this is an article about how hard it was for debra messing to lose her pregnancy weight:


i think she's the answer to the blind enty did a while back about the actress who was having trouble losing her pregnancy weight and then started doing drugs for help.

*girl said...

Isn't there a blind about Rachel Ray and her drinking? I'm sure there is. I'll start hunting.

Dave said...

GWAR called, they want their look back Lordi.

jax said...

Dear Britney,

It is not mithaeffin 1998 its 2008.
Put a shirt on that fits and pull up your damn jeans. In case you missed it everyone has moved on from that Lolita sexy look so stop trying to peddle that shit like lemonade on a hot day. if sex is all you got for 'talent' then go back to Louisina and call. it. a day. and yes Enty you are dead on, this is way too soon for her to be doing anything but chillin with JJ and SPF.

Ohh look Naomi Watts and pregnant...hmm.

Miley totally looks knocked up lately! god let it be a baby so she fucks off once and for all.

jax said...

ok that was supposed to be mutha effin but in my hate haste....

Bad Fish said...

I agree its too soon for Britney. Its too much too fast.

califblondy said...

Good or bad, love or hate her, it has taken a long time for Debra Messing to even closely resemble her pre-baby self. That pregnancy really changed her looks and I'm talking about her face, not her body. Still, it's no excuse for doing drugs or whatever she's supposedly doing.

nunaurbiz said...

The Rachel Ray, Debra Ray and Miley Ray (LOL "Messing" with Deb!) items did sound like reveals to me!!!!!

LRS said...

I was standing in the same place as Reader #1 about 6 weeks ago! Ah, Madrid....Ah, sangria.

brendalove@gmail.com said...

It probably is too soon for Britney, but on the flip side, she's probably bored as hell and something to do would be good for her.

I'm so tired of her "Look at my belly!" schtick, though.

AnonMom said...

According to Lainey's blinds, Debra had a lap band installed to lose the weight and is so addicted to the skinny, that she's putting off having baby #2, and it's causing friction in her marriage.

I saw her a copule of years ago at Whole Foods (aka Whole Paychecks) near UCLA and not only did she seem really thin, she and her hubby were really cute and couple-y together.

califblondy said...

Too bad Debra got the cover of a magazine to show-off her body wearing one ugly-ass bikini.

janele said...

Re- Blake Lively's belt:

I knew someone who wore a belt that looked like a wide Ace Bandage. I accidentally embarrassed the both of us when I asked her if she injured herself.

Molly said...

anonmom, thanks - now that you mention it - i'm thinking of the lainey blind that enty posted here. it was the one you mentioned - a lap band, not drugs. i'm getting my blinds confused.

Grace said...

I thought Blake Lively was Cate Blanchett; she looks just like her there and very lovely, I might add.

Debra Messing: Looks good but not super skinny and tight. However she got her weight down, it does look realistic.

mngddess said...

I LOVE Hugh.

I love Hugh and his wife.

I love that hugh loves his wife.
And lastly, I love that Hugh's wife is (I think) 1 or 2 years older than me. You GO, girl!

CarolMR said...

Kelsey Grammer is doing better? What was wrong with him?

shakey said...

Love janele's comment. Sounds like something I would say.

All I'll say is this - Stephen Baldwin looks like he's straining for a big dump.

Cute Little Redhead said...

@DNfromMN....you said "Way to rub it in our faces Reader #2 - that's the first time I've seen the inside of a gym in over a year. :)"

Double lol on that cause I haven't either! I do cleaning at night and this is one of our accounts.
Swiping the vacuum underneath all the great equipment is about as close as I've come!

c17 said...

1) Adrian looks like a Renaissance man a la Leonardo. Still ewwww.

2) Etta looks better than what's-her-face any day of the century.

3) Blake Lively = SKANK

4) Hugh Jackman = *SIGH*

5) Lordi....is that the new GWAR? I'm betting GWAR does it better.

6) Go Olivia! She's timeless!

7) Rachel Ray's a no-tipping ass - I don't know why you feature her.

8) Stephen Baldwin - Fat, drunk, & stupid is no way to go through life, son.

9) It's Atlanta. I lived there for 15+ years and like Memphis, that's just how they roll.

mngddess said...

Cute & Redhead - that's EXACTLY what I was thinking about the reader photo...LOL

The only thing to make it worse were if she were in the gym in a bikini...

john said...

Saw Nicole Kidman on Letterman.. what the ever living fuckity shitty pattity fuck has the creature done to her face?

It. Really. Doesn't. Fucking. Move.

Plus, thanks to stuffing or injecting or whatever the hell she has done to her mouth, the flesh on the underside of her top lip has now actually become her top lip. It's weeeeeird...

She's kind of screwed. She was not good looking to start with but the surgeries have NOT improved her. Now she just looks unnatural.

Plus... she really can't act. Like REALLY can't act. Over rated much?

Olivia Newton John on the other hand is one hot mama... Does that woman actually age?

Ms. said...

Are the two readers going to identify themselves? Pretty please?

Cute Little Redhead said...

I'm reader #2 and really the only reason I snapped that pic when I should have been working is that I caught myself in the mirror and thought for once that my hair looked decent! Seriously.

Squeezebox said...

Ooh, I love Lordi. Thanks, Ent.

La Pachuquita said...

I'm reader #1 and this is at the Palacio Real in Madrid, Spain. This was the best trip ever, and wine was sometimes cheaper than water!