Friday, December 05, 2008

Random Photos Part One - With Reader Photos

Clint Eastwood gets the top spot today. Primarily he is getting it because the other possible candidates today have already been in the top spot and I can't remember if Clint ever has. Plus, he is like 100 and still looks great.
Adele - London
Aretha Franklin - New York City
So, I was on a flight last week and I could have sworn Ally Sheedy was sitting there. I was going to say something witty and then I saw the kids traveling with her and I said that isn't Ally. Not that funny, I know, but it is a mildly amusing anecdote that sounds frikking hilarious when you are half in the bag. Oh, and must not forget Jennifer Coolidge.
Ben Affleck has lost some weight. Even with his Silent Bob coat on he looks thin.
Billy Zane always looks kind of creepy to me. I had an argyle sweater like that once. Note to everyone. Fat men and argyle sweaters are not flattering. Especially with belly showing.
Speaking of belly showing, Cindy Crawford is showing a little skin here.
Not as much skin as Susie Feldman likes to show though. Pretty soon she is going to find someone more famous and rich than Corey and he will go bye bye. Now, I'm thinking of SNL and buh bye.
It really isn't fair that someone can be as good looking as Cheyenne Jackson and not even be the best looking guy in the photos.
How long have Elisabeth Shue and Davis Guggenheim been married?
It's about time for Danny Masterson and Bijou Phillips to get married.
And the newly divorced Dylan McDermott. I only put him in here because you like him. With him divorced it will mean less opportunity for me to see Shiva.
Now that Hilary Duff has a new album coming out she emerges from her hiding.
Love the glasses on Isla Fisher's baby.
The random photo of the day goes to Jane Kaczmarek and JJ Abrams.
Jaime King and Rosario Dawson. I like this photo.
I can't remember if Josie Maran has been in the photos before.
Jurnee Smollett gets to be in the photos because she added me as a friend on Facebook.
No wedding ring today for Kate Beckinsale. Interesting.
Tell me again why Kristen Bell and Dax Shepard are dating.
Have you noticed that since Lily Allen gave up public drinking she has kept herself out of the tabloids. Amazing what some self discipline will do for your image.
Aaaah. The one and only Loretta Swit.
It has been several months since Marcia Cross has been in the photos.
Michelle Trachtenberg will be returning to Gossip Girl so don't worry.
Marlo Thomas does so much for St. Jude's. It really is amazing.
Speaking of wedding rings. Didn't Noa Tishby just get married?
OJ gets 33 years today. Will probably serve 17.5 years which most likely means he will die in jail.
The second most random photo of the day. Glen Close and Oprah.
Rick Fox looks terrible. He has aged like twenty years the past few months.
Reader Photo #1
And Reader Photo #2
Probably my favorite photo of the day.
Shawn Marion and Dwayne Wade. Hey Dwayne. Andre 3000 called and wants his sweater back.
This is not the same Suzanne Shaw from earlier in the year. Has she had some work done?

The best looking guy in show business. Taye Diggs.
So who hear thinks Tatum O'Neal is sober in this photo?
In my opinion Twiggy was the original super model.


palealebrew10 said...

I LOVE Isla Fisher.

I agree with you,ENT about Billy Zane. He freaks me the hell out.

Kristen Bell looks stunning. Great dress.

And what is happening to Ben Affleck? Jesus.

palealebrew10 said...

Oh and I think Reader#1's dog should've taken the top spot. Adorable!

Dr. Spaceman said...

I agree about Reader #1's dog.

Someone should tell Jimmy James you found Loretta Swit.

Cheryl said...

What happened to Rick Fox? Is he sick or did he have bad plastic surgery? He is barely recognizable.

maggiemei said...

I saw Aretha last night! I was walking out of work past the NYSE, and there was a big crown gathered. So, like the obedient little sheep I am, I stopped to look at what they were waiting for. Ten minutes later, the tree was lit and I had witnessed the queen of soul sing 2 songs.
And she doesn't look that bad! Note: she is not the answer of the R&B Blind from earlier this week. She looks the same as always.

twunty mcslore said...

I agree, Cheryl, Rick Fox looks terrible. sad.
And another gorgeous reader, wow.

maggiemei said...

OH, and I forgot- I loooove Taye Diggs. And he sings!!!
His wife, Idina Menzel, is awesome too.

DNfromMN said...

Hot Lips Houlihan! Always wondered what happened to her.

Ally Sheedy looks like Sigourney Weaver in that picture.

Billy Zane needs to not shave his head, it makes him extra creepy.

Cindy Crawford is gorgeous.

Cheyenne Jackson doesn't do it for me.. there's something off about him and I don't know what.

Reader #1 looks like a Michelle Pfieffer/Dakota Fanning hybrid with the best of both parts.

Reader #2 looks like she's having a good time. Where was the cruise?

Reese: "I just farted" face or "My boyfriend's gay and you guys all buy it" smugness? I can't decide.

Leslie said...

Wow. I went to high school with Shawn Marion, and now, here he is in Random Photos. The circle is now full.

not a famous adrian said...

What a great bunch of photos today--great readers & maybe some reveals hidden in there?
Ben & Hillary look awful--I hope it is only stress for both of them.
I have to say little Olive is adorable!

MontanaMarriott said...

Aretha looks much thinner than before, WOOW

Poor Rick Fox looks like hell

MontanaMarriott said...


Sara said...

I watched the Surreal Life season with Corey Feldman (I know, I know).

Anyway, I just about fell off of my couch laughing when, during the episode where they filmed Corey's wedding, his wife said (totally straightfaced):

"Next time I get married, it won't be on TV"

jax said...

wow Ben looks..gaunt and sickly and he's taking Rick Fox with him!

damn you Affleckkkkkkkkkk!

Green Wave Gal said...

How cute is little Olive Fisher Baron Cohen or whatever all of her names are! :) She's got to be a funny kid!

Taye--yum. (And his wife is gorge and they both have great voices)

Cheyenne is sexy...and sadly not interested in my kind.

OJ is a moron and I'm glad he's locked up!

The readers look great-that water looks beautiful!

Ouch-Rick Fox looks like he's ill.

Hmmm-Kate Beckinsale reveal?

I think I like the Jamie/Rosario photo also because they genuinely look like they are friends and not just fake posing together.

ECFan said...

I see Reese Witherspoon is in the photos - Where is the person who argued with me last week when I said Jolie had supplanted Reese as the highest paid actress? I can't remember who it was, but in cause you missed it confirmation of that fact came today courtesy of the Hollywood reporter. For some strange reason Julia Roberts and her hyena laugh at #2. I can't remember remember the last time she had a hit movie! Reese witherspoon was #3, Cam Diaz #4 and for some reason Katherine Heigle - queen bitch of the universe - was #5. I guess all it takes to go from making $500,000K per movie to $6MIL is 2 hit romcoms. Let's see how long it takes for America to catch on to the fact that she's a big old beeyotch.

ECFan said...

BTW - Billy Zane...not only does he look creepy, but I swear he's letting his gay out to play more and more often. That sweater he's got on is just so freakin' gay...

Brenda22 said...

I just saw Rick Fox at the Laker's game (10 feet away) on Sunday and trust me, he looked amazing in person. It must be a bad picture. In person, he is incredibly handsome.

brum said...

Met Billy Zane pre Kelly and he was very creepy, gay and straights agreed on that. Although we were in Soho, he hit on the women.

jennamaria said...

i LOVE jane Kaczmarek! good to see her in the photos. Love taye diggs also.

so...the duffster is an answer to one of those tweener blinds?

lachickforever said...

Jurnee Smollet sure has grown up! That pic is weird though, she looks like she has linebacker shoulders on a tiny body.

Ms. said...

So who are our readers today? Come on, identify yourselves!!! Reader #2, do you own a boat?

Enty, you could have seen Ally on the flight, she's a stay-at-home mom.

Billy Zane. I know someone who has known Billy since the Titanic days and he likes Billy. Apparently he also throws awesome parties.

trashtalker said...

Ent, your festive Facebook photo is freakin' hilarious.

califblondy said...

I hope that's a bad angle for Rick. He's too hot to go down. Well, looks-wise that is.

Of course, Ben Afflect used to be hot too and he's turning into crap right before my eyes. Who would have ever thought he'd look his best when he was with J.Lo?

Hey OJ, karma called.

Anybody in SoCal feeling the quakes tonight?

Carmen said...

My brother worked with Idina in NY. According to him, she's an angel. Also according to him, Taye Diggs is hung like a down to his knees. Sigh. Lucky Idina.

DNfromMN said...

speaking of peen... I guess it's time to give up hope for FFF. Guess I'll have to hunt for naked mens on my own.

Mooshki said...

DN, I take it your bf doesn't read cdan? ;)

Thanks for the info, Carmen! On that note, I'm headed off to bed...

eileen said...

Well, aren't you all the sweetest people ever!
Reader #1 here -- with my precious pup, Stella.
Reader #2, that looks like so much fun!

Dead Kennedy said...

Check out the cum shot spot on Reese's jacket. She's such a slut.

Billy Zane takes it up the ass.

Affleck is a crack addict.

Bijou still fucks other guys.

Cindy is a luscious fuck. I know.

Tatum is cooked in the photo.

Fox has AIDs.

Kate B. is fucking another guy. Her fake tits are atrocious.

Jaime and Rosario eat eachother's pussies.

libby said...

So honored to post after "Dead Kennedy."

Fuck O.J.

And Billy Zane strikes me as a candidate for an S&M "daddy." A cruel one. Just the feeling I've always gotten from his widely acknowledged creepiness.
I've always seen him as a sadist.

It's fun to speculate. I can't say I have any inside info.

Mooshki said...

Libby, I can see him doing that too.

bionic bunny! said...

agh! sorry it took so long, blogger has been a real bastard the past couple of days!

the beautiful ocean view is just a few hours out of long beach, on the first day of a mexican cruise, and, yeah, the happy fat broad is me-- figured y'all would guess if you checked the t-shirt close enough: zombie bunny, a gift from a friend!!

lutefisk said...

I thought that was you on your recent cruise, but I couldn't get in close enough to tell based on the Jimmy Buffet photo.
You lokk so relaxed & happy Buns.

bionic bunny! said...

not to mention the club photo was at LEAST 10 years old!!

Mooshki said...

Bunny! I was wondering where you were. I envy your cruise! :)