Friday, January 16, 2009

Earth To Lance

Everytime I see or read an interview with Lance Bass the thing he always mentions is how there will be an N'Sync reunion any day now. He sounds like one of the Jackson brothers who keep repeating the same line repeatedly in hopes that one day when the reporter interrupts Michael watching home videos of kids that Michael, will say "yes, I want to go on tour."

Lance is like the same expectant puppy. He keeps sitting waiting patiently at Justin Timberlake's feet. The ball is sitting there waiting to be tossed. Lance wants to play, but Justin doesn't.

JC Chasez is doing a round of press for America's Best Dance Crew and so of course he is always asked about a reunion and how Lance wants one. JC said, "I really don't know where Lance gets these things from. No one has heard anything. Only Lance."

It is interesting the way JC put the quote. Not the part where he makes fun of Lance, but the part where JC says he has not heard anything. Apparently it isn't his decision. I'm wondering what would happen if N'Sync did something similar to what Take That did in the UK without Robbie Williams. Robbie's career has gone nowhere and Take That is more popular than ever. If you are a fan of N'Synce aren't you going to go see them whether Justin is there or not? The question I have, and don't know the answer to is who owns the N'Sync name. The JC, Joey and Lance tour doesn't sound as fun.


MontanaMarriott said...

I think it also depends on who sang lead on all their songs. If it was a "Justin and Nsync" type of thing (a la Diana Ross and the Supremes) then they are screwed and nothing will happen without Justin. But if they all took turns singing lead then they can easily get a lead singer and go on tour, hell film a reality show out of it, so many other bands have.

jax said...

since when is a $100M record deal 'going nowhere?' LOL!

he chose to say no and i think alot of people were grateful, esp Take That. they didn't have to share the spotlight. or the money.

Ror said...


wish they would all fall down a sync hole.

HA! See what I just did there? Sink...sync?!?

Ah screw you. Creative juices can't flow. Too damn cold.

schneefloeckli said...

I wouldn't exactly say Robbie Williams' career has been going nowhere. He has sold more CDs and concert tickets than Take That will ever dream of. All his concerts were sold out in like 2 hours.

Andrea said...

To answer the questions posed in the post: 1) JC and Justin split the lead on most of their songs. The only song Justin sang lead on alone was 'Gone.' They could do it without Justin, but that would be a lot of JC singing.

The band owns the name NSYNC. I don't think Justin would give a shit if they used it. However, according to Lance's book, when Justin told them he wasn't going back to NSYNC, JC wanted to go on without him. But Chris refused to do the group without Justin, so that was the end of that.

Miss Gypsy Eyes said...

I dunno, I mean I guess it really depends on the group dynamic. The Backstreet Boys lost a member and just kept on trucking... of course the member they lost wasn't given many lead parts anyway. Of course, one would think that going on without Timberlake wouldn't be that difficult, they could either A. Find another tenor or B. shift the parts around so that all of the harmonies are covered and have the guys who are capable of singing tenor do so at different times.
I just realized I wrote all of that like I care. I love JC but could care less of nsync come back from the dead... I'd probably be able to appreciate the group more without Timberlake though.
Guess that makes me ambiguously indifferent to a certain extent. said...

Justin will do the NSync thing eventually, but folks have to give these things time. God, it doesn't seem like its been that long since they went away.

bionic bunny! said...

my daughter was the teenybopper age just perfectly for nsync. the camps were divided, they were either nsnyc or backstreet boys fans, not both. i sprung for really good concert tix for her and then tricked my mother into taking her (i'm evil, i know). the day justin left the band she declared him an asshole (or whatever word she was allowed to use at the time) and ripped down ALL her posters and crap. thank god.

lance was my favorite of the bunch, and the only one i could pick out of a line-up.

c17 said...

Doood! Lance is my FAVORITE N'Sync'r.

Don't crush tha' dream!!111

(mine, I mean)

kalabee said...

Take That have only just comeback - within the last 2/3 years! While they were off in disbanded-boy-band-no-man's-land for nearly a decade, Robbie was selling out giant tours, having hit songs and being a HUGE star all around the world (except in the US, I guess). You can't say his career has gone nowhere - it may be a little lost right now (may be the aliens took it?), but he was massive while the rest of the TT boys were struggling.

And now the situation is somewhat reversed, and I'm not knocking the TT comeback, and kudos to them for pulling it off (and I can't wait to see them later this year) - but you can't say Robbie did nothing.

When TT started their comeback, it was the general consensus in the UK that an appearance by Robbie would kickstart it for them. Maybe it's the other way round now? I hope he doesn't go back. For all their reputations.

Sorry, I know this is an N'Sync post, but I couldn't care less about them - and I hate the comparisons.

Jerry said...

NSync will get back together when Lou Pearlman gets out of jail.

Ms. Hathaway said...

Heheeee, what about Chris? Everyone always forgets the creepy old dude.

BlahFrickinBlah said...

I've said it once, I'll sat it again: Nsync will get back together after one or two of Justin's albums shits the bed and not before. I think whoever has Nsync's contract also has Justin's. If that is the case, they won't care if Nsync gets back together just yet. Justin is making them cash hand over fist for now. I don't think Nsync would be able to go on without him. He sang too many leads. They couldn't move forward w/o him or JC. I don't think it would work with just Justin either. They need both of them.


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