Wednesday, January 07, 2009

Random Photos Part One

It's about damn time. Anyway, might as well begin with two of the three amigos body surfing or they could be doing water ballet. Yes, it's Martin Short and Steve Martin.

When the collar bone starts jutting out and looking as if it could harm a small child, it is time to eat Anne Hathaway.

Yeah, I'm not getting this latest look from Brad Pitt in W.
This was one of a series of about ten of Britney Spears from yesterday. She then covered herself and basically freaked out at the photographers.
Is Drew Barrymore's hair saying she just had a nooner or ten drinks at noon?
Yes, Daniel Craig is promoting a new movie. So, I'm sure I will run through a photo a day of him for a week or two.
Who is eating this huge lunch?
I have to say Hilary Duff looks pretty good here.
And Jake never takes off his hat.
Joshua Jackson keeps his ipod in his pants. You looked didn't you?
Jennifer Love Hewitt on the set of her show yesterday. She looks like she would be a laugh filled riot to talk to.
And Katie Holmes has given up Scientology and now become Amish.
"I'm Kate Moss and 8 feet tall."
Well hi right back at you Leighton Meester.
Michael Phelps wins our staged candid of the day award.
It has been awhile since I had Mira Sorvino in the photos. Nothing really else to say.
Sheryl Crow back in LA after her vacation with Jennifer Aniston and Courteney Cox.
I really hope that is a wig on Selena Gomez otherwise people are going to think she has started doing porn.
Verne is back and this time he brought Coolio with him.
At least Whitney Port tips the valet.


Vis said...

Just out of curiosity, why does Hillary Duff look good when you rip Drew for the same hairstyle?

nancer said...

it's time to eat anne hathaway??? do i have to?

West End Girl said...

Joshua Jackson? Whimper, whimper, I love you.

d said...

Um, that's a big lunch? It looks like mostly lettuce.

Is this why I don't look like Anne Hathaway?

nunaurbiz said...

Wherever there is injustice, you will find us.
Wherever there is suffering, we'll be there.
Wherever there are mediocre waves that middle-aged men can pretend that they are surfing you will find ...
The Two Amigos!

tania said...

Of COURSE I looked! ;-)
He's keeping something in there, that's for sure.
Mmm, Pacey and his iPod......

nunaurbiz said...

Steve Martin: I'm Superman!
Martin Short: No, I'm Superman!

palealebrew10 said...

Michael Phelps isn't going away any time soon, is he?

Brad Pitt looks horrible. Wow.

Anne Hathaway-stop shrinking! I wonder is coke is a factor?

And wow, I had forgotten about Mira Sorvino.

Harriet Hellfire said...

I think Drew Barrymore looks cute! Then again, after that kindness, she can really do no wrong in my eyes *L*

lutefisk said...

Michael Phelps should only be photographed when his top is off.

Snautrag said...

Who is Whitney Port and why is she wearing my Grandma's blouse?

Sara said...

Fergie's lunch is all vegetables.

I'll eat Anne Hathaway any day.

I think Drew is sexy.

It's like someone challenged Brad Pitt to get as ugly as possible. It's okay, though, because I keep the FFF picture within arm's reach at all times.

DNfromMN said...

I was kind of hoping that the photos wouldn't be working and we'd get Random Photos Part "Two" tomorrow. :)

I thought Sheryl Crow's baby was from China? That does not look like a Chinese baby.

Geebus Kate Moss looks like a freak, that one goes next to my Naomi Campbell grinning like she's going to eat the airport security person.

Jake needs to get rid of that hag.. er typo, meant hat. but hag works, too.

Miss X said...

Can we have a week of Joshua Jackson, please? He is HOT.

Lisa said...

"it is time to eat Anne Hathaway" OMG I'm still choking lmao!

shakey said...

I find Brad's photo interesting. Just not liking his hair or little goatee. He almost looks like William H. Macy here, somehow.

Yeah. She's well enough to tour.

Keep working, Daniel! Leighton Meester looks like a little girl. How old is she?

What would a lovechild between Sheryl Crow and Verne Troyer look like?

Verne: Hey, hey Coolio, hey!
Coolio: What's up little man?
Verne: Hey Coolio! Wanna bang some chicks, man? Hey, wanna, wanna bang some chicks?

Lisa said...

Everyone knows you use the wand on Naomi Campbell and the little dog on Kat Moss! Duh.

Brad looks like a mean German poet (no offense Germans).

Mira Sorvino needs a bra: desperately.

And did Princess Cheeto go off her meds again? Hope not.

Mooshki said...

No thanks, Enty, I prefer a more fatty cut of meat. I think I just woke my neighbors I laughed so loud.

Re. Drew B.: if I were dating Jason Segel, you can bet my hair would be plenty mussed!

Daniel Craig looks like a '50s leading man; very suave.

Who needs FFF when you're giving us Jonathan Jackson pics like that!

It's not J.Love's fault - the tabloids made her stop eating with their comments about her weight. You'd be grumpy too if you hadn't eating in 6 months! :)

Leighton!!! ♥ ♥ ♥

Hello, Mira's boobies.

Forget Whitney, the real star of that show is unabashed beeyotch Olivia Palermo!

Ms Cool said...

*sigh* I wasn't expecting Daniel so what a pleasant surprise. Thank you!

Ror said...


loco said...

That's Britney Spears?? It looks like Kim Catrall. Dear God. Britney has finally fulfilled the prophecy set forth in Crossroads.

classalpha said...

... not a girl in the *evil "Em"tertainment 'biz* right now that's cuter and more precious than Selena Gomez... but I'm sure that once she becomes "legal"... there's *one or more Hollyweird skum bag(s)* ready to corrupt her and "make" her a WH0RE. Trust.

... don't *go there*... Selena G.! Always Remember The Once-Beautiful "It Girl" aka Brittany Anne Murphy Bertolotti and Her now-'DEAD'/down-the- TOILET acting/voice over "careers"... not to m"Em"tion the *ABJECT "trainwreck" that is* now Her "Personal Life"!! }:[>---...

... 'nuff said.

David D. said...

That photo of Britney realizing that the paps are photographing *gasp* her CROTCH (like she's ever had anything else photographed when she's stepping out of a car) is priceless.

Cute Little Redhead said...

Bradley looks and is 45. I like it. He looks like a real man.

My BF is 50 is he's the hottest man I know. A man willing to look his age and not apologize for it
....that is sexy.

Cute Little Redhead said...

Just wondering hear a lot of talk (not necessarily here, but just around) about how Hollywood stars are using botox and plastic surgery to look younger than they are. People seem to think that makes me look awful and plastic and they always end it with: "Why can't they just age gracefully?" I think that's pretty legit.

So why is it when stars do let themselves age naturally, people are quick to criticize?

Using Brad as an example, what if that pic showed him obviously trying to look younger or with altered features that made it clear he'd had surgery done? Wouldn't people then just criticize that too?

I'm not trying to be mean or anything, I'm truly interested in knowing. I am 50 now and see lines in my face and other parts and have a hard time with it....
but still I want to look like "me".


Nature Girl said...

Re: Brad's W Cover
I read that he asked the photographer for a specific type of technique (Daguerreotype?) that shows every flaw, wrinkles & all.

Mooshki said...

"A man willing to look his age and not apologize for it
....that is sexy."


Mooshki said...

Redhead, it's all about trying to maintain an elite. When people had to work in the fields, a tan was low-class. When people started working in offices, a tan became desired, because it meant you didn't have to work. With weight, when food was scarce, fat people were admired. Now that food is abundant (well, for most people in the US), skinny is in. When plastic surgery was begun, it was so expensive that only the wealthy could afford it, so it was desirable. Now that any Joe Schmo can get it done, the "natural" look is coming back in. Thank you, Anthropology 101.

AnnMarie said...

Nunaurbiz, your "wherever there is injustice" was funny. I was thinking something like that about Brad Pitt. He could easily be a Joad in that picture!

AnnMarie said...
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jax said...

Vis i have to disagree that is NOT the same hairdo.

Moosh, where did you read Drew and Jason Segal were dating? i thought he had a fiance from his hometown?

Lynne said...

In that coat, Leighton Meester looks like Veruca Salt from Willy Wonka

Sara said...

@redhead: Brad at any age is HOT. The facial hair? Not so much.

bionic bunny! said...

i will gladly take steve martin over brad pitt or craig whats-is-name ANY day! i keep my car stereo on the XM comedy channel (unless the top's down, then of course it's radio margaritaville or a CD), and steve is STILL one of the funniest people alive.
if you guys haven't read his book "born standing up: a comic's life" i HIGHLY recommend it, especially if you grew up in southern california *ahem* a "few" decades ago! but it's a great book.
sorry, ramble over!
did i mention i love steve martin? and eddie izzard?

Megan said...

YAY Leighton picture! thank you! I don't know why I get so excited seeing her on your photos It's not like I haven't seen this pic and million others in the same clothes. :D

Mooshki said...

Jax, they were seen all over each other two days ago. And now I read today that he was just spotted making out with Even Rachel Wood. I hope he and his fiancee are broken up, 'cause he seems bound and determined to pick up some serious cooties!