Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Random Photos Part One

Patrick McGoohan - RIP

It's a Baldwin. Yeah, I think that is Billy. Definitely. Billy Baldwin.
Apparently Brooke Hogan likes everyone to think she has something to rush off and do. Well, maybe she does. I mean her friend is wearing an outfit that Britney pretty much ruined for anyone else.
John Corbett and Brie Larson seem to be having fun.
"So, then I killed him. I mean I'm Clint Eastwood. The studio can always find another director, but not another Clint Eastwood."
You will never believe me when I tell you who it is. You won't. It is Cheri Oteri who has now become the woman from SNL most likely to have had work done.
Doug Reinhardt and Amanda Bynes at a celebrity basketball tournament.
The lovely Eliza Dushku.
I guess now that The Zooey is taken I will have to set my sights on Emily Deschanel.
George Clooney in Washington DC where apparently he is such a superstar he got a police escort.
Miss Great Britain.
And our random athlete of the day is boxer Jeff Fenech.
Well sure, if you are going to protest something it should be about spending money on beauty products.
The reason random photos was created. Joan Rivers, Chris Noth and Ronnie Spector all in one photo.
Jean Smart looks pretty damn good.
Never let it be said that Kevin James won't do everything possible to sell tickets for one of his movies.
You just know the kid is saying, "Daddy, will you hold my apple?"
Michael Vartan has been missing from the photos for awhile.
And so has Noah Wyle.
Paula had to rush over from her gig waitressing at Caesar's Palace.
If it is Wednesday it must be time for our weekly look at Rachida Dati. At this point, I don't even think she had a kid.
A first time appearance for Richard Schiff in the photos.
Salma Hayek before her Letterman appearance. (Yes, she had been signing autographs)
And after Letterman.
Steven Weber looks really good. He is aging really well.
So, do you like the Victoria Beckham Armani photos better or,

still like the David Beckham one better?
Hey, look it is William Macy and he doesn't have mercury poisoning.
A much better way to make sure everyone gets a photo with Will Smith than one on one on one.


kris said...

David, definitely

Athena said...

Michael Vartan ... mmmmmmmmm.

Ror said...

I just LOVE Cheri Oteri!! One of the best female players ever on SNL.

Ent-can you find out if she has anything in the works?

jw12 said...

Awl, say goodbye to The Cutting Room. I spent many a drunk night in there.

John Corbett is looking good. How old is he?

David D. said...

Good..God. What was so wrong with Cheri Oteri that she had to stand in a wind tunnel while a dozen angry doctors threw scalpels at her??

DNfromMN said...

Vicki's tits don't look like strapped in wrecking balls in those photos. But much prefer David's orbs.

That French lady must have had some liposuction with her c-section.

The Vartan's lookin' a little rough, balding and weight gain. Did enty ever post the Full Frontal for him? (even though it's not impressive)

Mexi said...

Miss Great Britain's chest is horrid!!!

I love everything about Salma in those two photos. I so have a girl crush on her!

West End Girl said...

Michael Vartan & Ronnie Spector? My day's been made :D

Lil said...

Thank you for posting Varty, Ent. He'll always be one of my favorites (hearing him speak French - ooh la la)!

ElsieFire said...

I had to open that picture of Cheri just to see all that fuckery up close. Wow. Not pretty.

David on the other hand, ohhhhhhhhh...

And Noah, I loved you so much once upon a time. You're still such a cutie.

Mooshki said...

I'm sad about Patrick McGoohan. :(

Any Michael Vartan fans (or Radha Mitchell fans), immediately Netflix "Rogue" if you haven't already. It's a cheesy crocodile movie, but Vartan and Mitchell are almost as gorgeous as the Australian setting. I keep pimping this movie, but I just loved it that much.

Eliza, I sure hope your show makes it past three episodes (if it makes it to the air at all)!

Somehow I suspect WHM is a little bit more popular behind-the-scenes than the Pivert was.

Majik said...'s been a bad day for deaths in Hollywood...

LOVED the McGoohan. RIP.

RIP to Ricardo Montelban, as well. Loved him.

Cheri Oteri looks good, but TOTALLY different.

When OH WHEN will skinny jeans go away again??

Dushku could have dressed a little better...she's looking a little matronly.

Miss Great Britain has a set of buttocks in the middle of her chest.

It was nice of Kevin James to pose with Gary Coleman.

I just wanna pinch Noah Wyle's face, he's so cute.

Yum Steven Weber.

*very grudgingly admits* 2nd pick of Vicky is fabulous. Still hate her.

...and I'm spent.

Molly said...


jean smart looks great. looks like she lost some lbs.

i hope we never read anything bad about amanda bynes here. it would break my heart.

jax said...

damn marriage has done sucked the hot right out of Billy Baldwin!

ok Cheri looks hot,but girl why? whyyyy? you went from funny to bimbo in 10 seconds flat.


more like Miss Great Balls of Sillicone.

good for Jenny, why should women have to go around feeling less than beautiful? isn't being broke enough?

Looks like the Frenchie got the combo deluxe, that face looks like its seen lipo as well.

that is the oddest pose to put Posh in. not flattering at all.

lutefisk said...

Team David.

captivagrl said...

Cheri? Really?

califblondy said...

I like Posh's pix. Nicely done.

Did Rachida go to Nicole Kidman's gyno?

JW12, I thought New York Post said the Cutting Room would reopen in another location?

Oh great, Salma siging autographs...just my luck that when I stalked Letterman's side door a few weeks ago, all I got was Jay Thomas. (No offense Jay if you're reading).

I'm telling myself that Cheri looks different just because of the dark hair dye.

I loved Patrick McGoohan. What was the name of his show? The Prisoner? The Stranger? I was really young, but I remember watching him in that show and I had a mad crush.

bionic bunny! said...

miss great britain= HUGE tracks of land!

i love salma's before shoes!

boxer jeff frenech: here, leezerd, leezerd, leezerd!

Mooshki said...

Molly, you mean something worse than the fact she's dating a cast member of "The Hills?" LOL!

Blondy, "The Prisoner." A true classic. I seem to remember they were talking a redo for film or tv last year. Now he can't do a cameo. :(:(:(:(

Megan said...

John Corbett is one hot old guy. God the things I would do to him... He was great in the United States of Tara too. Is Vartan a vampire? b/c he looks the same as he did on Alias.. smoking hot.. well except for the hairline but that can be forgiven b/c he isn't doing the comb over thing. Eliza Dushku kinda looks pregnant like her makeup though. Bynes makes the same face in every picture ontd has a hilarious post about it.

BlahFrickinBlah said...

Vicky's tits don't look like softballs underneath her skin. I'd say photoshop helped. Dang! Becks is all balls.

I would shoot someone in the face for Salma's boobs. I'm so jealous. She looked great at the Globes. Pun intended.

I used to LOVE Noah on ER. He is still a cutie.

Miss Britain's boobs look weird and Brooke Hogan's look like her mom's.

Today is apparently boob day.

Clint is the man. My grandpa looked like him. Very weird.

Wow! Cheri does look so different. I wonder what she had done. I do like her hair. It suits her. Her boobs look fine. LOL

SG39 said...

Yum! Thanks so much for the Vartan photo....beautiful man!

Mooshki said...

"I would shoot someone in the face for Salma's boobs."

That's what he said. (Sorry, I could NOT help myself.)

shakey said...

Sad day for deaths. RIP Patrick McGoohan, RIP Ricardo Montalban, RIP Cheri O'teri's face. There's a woman at my work who looks just like her pre-surgery. I do a double-take every time I see her. I'm sure she thinks I'm weird.

Poor Amanda Bynes. Trying to find her hip. I'm sure she must always look down while walking - to watch for grates or cracks in sidewalks.

The French minister does have the tiniest of paunches going on under the belt. My sister was like that - my BIL took a pic of her about 20 minutes after birth and she looked like she lost 50 lbs in that short amount of time. So it is possible to look this good - if you were super thin before.

hotchacha said...

Cheri Oteri must have gone to Jennifer Grey's plastic surgeon because she's unrecognizable. I had to open the photo, tilt my head and squint to catch a note of familiarity.

Ace Tomato said...

Emily Deschanel is pretty - looks a lot like Keri Russell in that picture.

merrick said...

LOL Mooshki!

OT - Anybody read the Lainey Blind CABO? Is she saying the Cindy Crawford and the Clooney get it on? Or did I misread?

CarolMR said...

No mention of Ricardo Montalban? Shame on you, Enty.

becki626 said...

Best bad guy in a 70's
Action Movie:
Patrick McGoohan
in Silver Streak!

Kim said...

merrick - that's how I interpreted it. But there is lots of discussion that George is Chocolate so.....

triunfopark said...

Mmmm David, yummy