Friday, January 23, 2009

Random Photos Part One

Neil Young - Sydney
Albert Brooks and his wife. Albert seems to be holding up pretty well and his wife is lovely.
I know Bill Nighy has been in twice this week, but how can you not put his photo in again when he stands right next to one of the coolest posters ever.
I'm guessing that maybe Chris Ashworth had a beverage or two on the way to the red carpet.
Courteney Cox looks like she just smelled the perfume she is hawking for Avon, and doesn't look too pleased at what she smelled.
Calista Flockhart makes an appearance.
She was out supporting Harrison Ford who got some kind of Senior Olympics medal or maybe it was an aviation award. I like the idea of him competing in the Senior Olympics better though. Oh, and in his Indy hat. Shorts, t-shirt, running shoes and Indy hat.
Eva Longoria on the set of Desperate Housewives.
"Fletch, 6'5", 6'9" with the afro."
George Clooney on the set of ER.
I think the US owes an apology to the UK. Apparently the entire sideways baseball cap looking like an idiot thing has made its way over to the UK, and on behalf of all of us, we're sorry.
Oh, from this angle you can't see Jeff Bridges' ponytail. Too bad. It looks ridiculous. Seems to be my favorite word of the day which kind of sucks because it is hard to always type.
Jon Lovitz - Los Angeles
Shape with their monthly tribute to the world of photoshopping and airbrushing. This month it is Jaime Pressly.
I am going to go ahead and say some Indian guy made a few bucks taking a cell phone picture of Julia Roberts.
Lorenzo Lamas needs to eat some food. The guy is fading to nothing.
Liv Tyler right after she got out of the dentist's office. The good thing about having dentures is that I don't have to go often.
Len Wiseman without his significant other. Interesting.
The one and only Morgan Freeman. I forgot to look to see if there were any photos of him with his new girlfriend.
I can't believe it, but I think this is the first time I have ever had Mercedes Ruehl on the site anywhere.
A truly random photo. Hugh Jackman and Martha Stewart.
Michael Sheen and Rhona Mitra who appears to be wearing about a million bucks worth of jewels.
This is who Michael came with to the premiere.
From l to r, Michelle Trachtenberg (work), Sophia Bush (no work), Olivia Palermo (maybe. That nose doesn't look right)
Always have room for Neil Patrick Harris.
I give the Princess a lot of grief, but I really do like her, and she seems totally into these children.
Phylicia Rashad is your new Jenny Craig spokesperson. At this point I can't remember who is working for which weight loss programs.
Rodrigo Santoro is a good looking guy.
Sneaky Sound System - Sydney
The Grates - Sydney
I have to say that for the past few days Victoria Beckham has been looking rough. The dead animal doesn't look so good either.


lutefisk said...

Victoria Beckham looks like she is waiting to have a wig p;aced on her head.
Dead animals is definitely not the best look for her, or anyone.

DNfromMN said...

Rodrigo Santoro is almost as skinny as Lorenzo Lamas. But yes, he is a good lookin' guy.

If they ever make another movie about Abraham Lincoln. Hugh Jackman should get the role, yeesh bad photo.

That photo of Liv Tyler is adorable.

If Len Wiseman has given up on Kate, I wouldn't mind taking him for a whirl.

Ror said...

I don't know why, but I just want to push Julia Roberts over every time I see her.

not on my dollar said...

Is Julia filming a movie in India? And Ror she annoys me too.

ihpguy said...

Rodrigo Santoro is beyond hot. Here in Brasil, he is the biggest male star. Check him out in "LOVE ACTUALLY" The clothes hide an incredible body and he is a part-owner of a chain of gyms here in Rio de Janeiro.

Mooshki said...


Why is the awesome Sophia Bush in a bitch sandwich?

Ooh, thanks for reminding me I need to buy more dental floss!

kimmypie1 said...

I think the comments about the Sheen guy who came with someone other than the one he is closely hugging in a pic is a hint about something. I have no clue who these people are, but still think it is a hint.

Green Wave Gal said...

Moosh-bitch sandwich made me laugh!

Len Wiseman is HOT HOT HOT!!!

Seeing George Clooney as Doug Ross makes me happy.

Seeing NPH always makes me happy.

Lorenzo looks ill.

ffleur said...

Michael Sheen (I actually typed Martin Sheen first) was with Kate for years, they have a daughter together named Lily. Then, while the two of them were starring in Underworld, Kate dumped him for the gorgeous Les Wiseman. That Michael and Kate can still work together in Underworld's sequel says something about decorum and the famous English manners.

Patra said...

I thought Vikki B. was a spokesperson for Peta about fur and that she only wore fauz? This does look real in which case i must curse her to the high heavens!

bionic bunny! said...

i speak from experience: it's very hard to get the live ones to sit still and stay where you put them! ;)

NPH=YAY! probably the only reason i watch that show. and dr. horrible would just be stupid if it was anybody else!

me thinks harry has had work done. he was looking really, really rough for a couple of years ( i still blame calista) and since indy he's looking more like ten years ago. wish i still had the unconditional love i used to have for him before he left his wife for the vampire.

VelvetStaccato said...

Interesting, indeed, to not see Wiseman ANYWHERE without Beckinsale (and or her daughter) in tow! Trouble in paradise???

Dave said...

So what you're saying is that Neal Patrick Harris is Jell-O?

Majik said...

Chris Ashworth has somehow gotten a hold of Paris' wonky eye.

*sigh* Clooney in scrubs....just like I when I first loved him.

That kid with the green hat has an ENORMOUS melon!! It's HUGE!! It looks like and apple on a toothpick!! Heeeeed doown NOOW!!

Hey, Enty....leave JB's ponytail alone. He's The Dude. The Dude abides. Just be thankful it's not a rug...though it would probably really tie the room together.

I hate Callista Flockhart. But I love Harrison Ford. So, do I like HF a little less, or like CF a little more? Why must they do this to me?

Beckham!!! You're the same...don't look away.

Love Like Winter said...

*Hangs head in shame* I went and saw the new Underworld movie. It was actually pretty decent, although weird going into it because you already knew the ending.

Michelle Trachtenberg looks like a wax doll. NOT a good look for her.

Jasmine said...

has michelle had work? shame and a sin really- she is only 22 yrs old max.
and posh? that jacket is real, your boobs are fake, stop getting them mixed up.

Wil said...

Hey EL .. can we apologize to the UK for the freaky flat bill business, too?? I don't get the look at all.

George does look gorgeous .. too bad I gave up on ER a few hundred years ago. Doubt I will here about when his episode will be on.

When I looked at the pic and quickly read the description .. I thought it was someone had hit Julia in the forehead a a cell phone .. I guess it was wishful reading.

c17 said...

re: Side-cocked cap: Ent, the UK has had Chavs for as long (if not longer) as we've had "white home-boys" - no need to apologize on our part. They're the same thing.

NPH rules my world - I'd go male (if I could) for him!

Martha & Hugh - two of my favorite peeps!

Amanda said...

Aw, leave George Sampson alone with his little hat. He's from my town and I adore him. His story is a fantastic rags to riches story and he's an amazing dancer- google him and check him out on You Tube - you won't be disappointed. Go Little G!

Jerry said...

Is that a bad picture or does Julia Roberts have a bindi on her forehead? {disclaimer: I had to look up the name of that red dot thing so I'd sound like a man of the world instead of a man of the garage}.

Molly said...

well done, jerry! well done! lmao

it's a bindi.

B626 said...

Rodrigo Santoro was also in "REDBELT". Great movie and yes he was droolworthy in it.
Shocked at Courtney Cox's
appearance in Sandler's
'Bedtime Stories'
Gaunt face and body!

Tessa Lane said...

Rodrigo is incredible, he is perfect. Happy to see him here...or anywhere.