Wednesday, February 04, 2009

Random Photos Part One

I had not really intended for Andy Garcia to be at the top of the photos, but hey, it isn't as if he doesn't deserve it.
My intention had been to put Aishwarya Rai Bachchan on the top, because, umm, well, lets face it, she is a fairly attractive woman.
A not so attractive woman and a mystery to me why she is even invited to things is Brittany Flickinger.
Just in case you wanted to see a close up shot of her. God she is a mess. But, she is Paris Hilton's BFF so what do you expect?
Do you think Ben Kingsley puts a Sir on his autographs or is that frowned upon?
Speaking of frowning, it is Charlotte Ronson and Cory Kennedy.
First time appearances for both Emily Mortimer and for Allessandro Nivola.
Note to Christina Aguilera. Take a look at how good Gwen Stefani looks with very little makeup. It's ok to go out side not made up like a clown.
Josh Duhamel taking his dog home from surgery. Let, the awwwws begin.
Jamie Foxx on the set of his new movie.
Which also stars Colm Meaney. If you have never seen The Commitments you need to do so immediately.
Yes, that is Jude Law
And unfortunately for the rest of the world this is exactly how Juliette Lewis looks. Remind me again why she and Brad Pitt were together.
Mark Ruffalo on the set of his new movie.
John Schneider looks like he hasn't aged in years. I really need to look into this whole plastic surgery thing.
Jason Wahler does his Guy Fieri hair impression.
The kid obviously wants an autograph. He probably has no idea who Lorraine Braco is and was sent down to get it by his parents. I think she is debating if she is going to charge him money for the privilege.
Come on. For a second. Just a brief instant you thought Liza Minelli looked like Eddie Izzard in drag.
Milo Ventigmilia has obviously moved on from Hayden P and is now into sci-fi love.
NKOTB - Amsterdam
Prince Charles appears to have two hands next to his face. It can mean only one thing. The ghost hand has made a comeback.
Rachel McAdams on the set of Sherlock Holmes.
Reese Witherspoon loading up on coffee and chocolate. Those are my two favorite food groups after bacon and booze.
Someone who has probably not even tasted bacon or any food in about a year probably is Selma Blair.
Two consecutive days of Steve Martin. Oh well. At least I like him.
Where do suppose Steven Van Zandt gets all of his clothes?
I'm guessing wherever Debra Winger gets hers.
Yeah, ok. Tom Cruise looks pretty damn good here.
The Fray - New York
Just our six month check in on Whitney Houston to make sure she is alive. Hard to tell from this photo, but I think she is. Yep, I am going to go ahead and make a judgment call on this. Whitney Houston is alive and loves lollipops.


Mooshki said...

One of my favorite things to do is watch Andy Garcia movies and wait for his accent to poke out when he gets emotional. It's very cute.

Can the Paris ban extend to her BFF as well please?

Gwen needs to stop wearing makeup altogether.

Awwwww, puuuuuupppppyyyyyy.

It must be hard for Mark R. to concentrate when so much messed up stuff keeps coming out about his brother's murder.

Jason Wahler? How deep are the corners in that barrel you're scraping?

Milo's a furry!

Enty, you have the WORST taste in men. Seriously.

MontanaMarriott said...

I think the lolipops are to help her stop smoking Malboro's.

OH HEELLLLL NAW, Tom Cruiser looks horrendous in that pic.

Its hard to tell Liza from her dragqueen impersonators

Jude Law looks soo pretty

Aishwarya Rai Bachchan is STUNNNNING, she brings out the inner lesbian in me

A Pimp Named DaveR said...

Are you sure that's really Alessandro Nivola? Good lord -- he looks 20 years younger today than he did 10 years ago in "Love's Labours Lost".... Score one for the MA homeboy!

Also, re: Sir Ben, I think protocol and custom dictate that you don't sign something "Sir _____". You sign your name, with an identifier indicating your title. So he would sign it "Ben Kingsley, O.B.E." (Or whatever specific knighthood he was granted -- I think it was an OBE). If he were a duke, he would sign "Benjamin, Duke of Norwich" or what have you.

lutefisk said...

thanks-I haven't seen Jude Law with a full head of hair in a while.

Mooshki said...

LOL, Lutefisk!

Quintessential Southerner said...

Steven Van Zandt has some fucked up teeth.

palealebrew10 said...

Whenever I see a photo of Juliette Lewis, I always have the same question in mind-"What did Brad see in HER?" She scares me.

I'm confused-are Milo V and Hayden broken up now? I haven't seen them together in quite some time. Paris' (ex)BFF reminds me of somebody and I cannot figure out who. She needs to close her mouth for pictures, too. Doesn't work for her.

DNfromMN said...

What Brad saw in Juliette was - weed coma.

Alessandro Nivola is a handsome man.

That Tom Cruise photo, there's just something off about it. I can't put my finger on it. He's never really looked good with his shirt off (even when he was all buff for Far and Away). I will say, he does get nice biceps though.

Debra Winger was shopping in Candyland apparently. And why do her arms look extrordinarily long?

I didn't recognize Gwen Stefani, she's a cutie.

nancer said...

so how long until liza collapses from 'exhaustion' again?

juliette lewis is nuts. but i kind of like it. she just doesn't give a shit.

whitney looks fucked up again to me.

tom's sucking in his stomach. wonder if he's had implants? i wouldn't put it past him and there are places that do them so well, you really can't be sure.

califblondy said...

That's the best Jude Law has looked in ages.

What's with Tom's tummy? Weird.

I like Steve Martin okay, but did anybody see last week's SNL? I had to switch after the first few minutes and usually I can stand SNL even when it's bad. The jokes were horrible.

amster said...

Cute widdow puppy.
What is debra hiding under there?
Tom should cover that shit up!!!

Mrs.M5 said...

i wish i was that wookie, i'm closer to his age than hayden =)

Mrs.M5 said...

i wish i was that wookie, i'm closer to his age than hayden =)

AnonMom said...

Do you know that old Margaret Cho line about how only gay men can have six packs like Tom Cruise? She said something like ... that definition can only come from sucking C***!

Molly said...

And unfortunately for the rest of the world this is exactly how Juliette Lewis looks. Remind me again why she and Brad Pitt were together.

blame it on the pot.

jude law makes a fugly woman.

love mark ruffalo. so sad about his brother.

i don't think andy garcia is aging well at all.


Molly said...

does it look like reese has put on some lbs???

sheryl said...

I love Jude! This pic is setting off a whole new territory in dirty thoughts for me.

Still feel sad for Mark about his brother.

Tom Cruise's physique looks a bit odd and disproportionate. Is he sucking in his gut? said...

Juliette was with Johnny Depp many years ago. Once again, it was the pot.

Ror said...

Me and the girlfriend BOTH want to fuck Gwen Steffani!

Seriously. Ent, hook us up brotha.

Jasmine said...
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Jasmine said...

Poor whitney- i still blame bobby for her slide into the hell known as crack/pcp.
As for tommy boy i thought he looked hawt and also just assumed that as he is old(er), he just has some places that arent as tight on his skin, as many older people who are fit have since your skin isnt as elastic or something. He may look like he is sucking in because his obliques and lower abdominals are slightly more elastic than the rest of him.... still, he looks hotter than i have seen him in awhile.
And thank you for the 'far away' refrerence whoeveer said that, he was sooooo hot in that movie.... i will definitly be thinking about that tonight before bed.

Jasmine said...

was that TMI? sorry 'bout that.
we havent had FFF in awhile, a girls gotta use her imagination sometimes, ya know?

PJ Nelson said...

Steven Van Zandt looks like he is wearing a coat that is a tribal design from Uzbekistan - the Silk Road.

PollyPureBred said...

OMG I thought Whitney Houston was CARROT TOP!!! Either she needs a make-over or I need to lay off the booze...

K said...

Aww, it's nice to see those smiles on the faces of Emily Mortimer and Alessandro Nivola, after the funeral pics. They're such a cute couple.

RIP John Mortimer.

Heather Matthews said...

Whitney will never be the same, but at least she looks clean. A lollipop is a better look than a crack pipe, any day.

linnea said...

pollypurebread, you made my f-ing NIGHT! You are hilarious!

Also, probably both. hehe

__-__=__ said...

How can you NOT love Juliette Lewis?!?!!? She's the best Scientologist ever and you all know it! Johnny Depp AND Brad Pitt??? I would take up smoking weed for that any time. Steve Berra is about as hot as Tony Hawk - in a Juliette Lewis kind of way. We need more people like her in the world!!

LaLoo said...
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LaLoo said...

I love Ben Kingsley but I just want to point out that in this picture, he looks like Wallace, of Wallace and Gromit fame.

Please Google image it if you don't know who Wallace and Gromit are...