Thursday, February 12, 2009

Random Photos Part One

On top today is the Victoria Bushfire Appeal. Because I am not a news site, I have not really talked about the terrible devastation and loss of life that has occurred in Australia over the past two weeks. When I speak to my friends over there they are all just in shock. One friend there who actually lives in Melbourne described it as what she imagined the Apocalypse would be like. Gale force winds 120 degree heat and fire and people didn't stand a chance. The fact that most of the fires were deliberately set is just unspeakable. To all my friends and readers in Australia, I do hope you know that all of us are thinking of you and all stand to help if you need anything.
The Royal Opera House has announced plans to stage an opera of the life of Anna Nicole Smith. They claim it will be classy. I just want to know who is going to play Anna's cousin.
Ayelet Zurer and Tom Hanks doing press for Angels And Demons in Switzerland.
Speaking of demons. The clothes demons have been playing with Gwyneth Paltrow again.
Hilary Duff was also at the same event but seemed to have escaped whatever possessed Gwyneth.
Java is the new leopard cub at Mirage in Las Vegas.
The funny thing is the wax statutes are actually better singers than the real Jonas Brothers.
Joan Osbourne - New York City
This was after Joaquin's Letterman appearance.
The look of someone who didn't get a single nomination for the ACM's even though Jessica was there to help announce them. Do you think she expected a nomination?
Justin Timberlake sure does look happy. He must have just told a fan to f**k off.
In the staged candid photo of the day, we find Kristin Kreuk all dressed up right in the streets of Tokyo.
Umm. Yeah. Eva. You got a little something right there. Nope, on the tooth. No, other side. It's big and brown, or is that black?
Kellie Pickler, Julianne Hough and Leann Rimes at the same nomination ceremony Jessica was at. Notice how happy this group looks.
Kyra Sedgewick looks really nice here.
Kate Winslet just doesn't take a bad picture.
Lily Allen has taken to her blog in an attempt to get you to buy her album. She is actually begging people to buy it because she wants to be #1. You have to admire her for at least saying what is on her mind and that she wants to be the best.
Their role model.
Must have been one hell of a premiere party.
Robin Thicke - New York
Renee being very nice to her fans. I decided to be nice to Renee today because Kenny Chesney really annoyed me yesterday.
So when exactly can Shia LaBeouf take off that cast?
Tinsley Mortimer has aged about 20 years in the past year. Wow she got old fast.
Speaking of old. I am going to jump on the bandwagon that says Taylor Momsen has got to be older than 15. Way older. If she is 15, she is going to look like Courtney Love at 20.
"Of course we are going to build Nadya a house." You know they are thinking about it.
Tara tries to resurrect her career. She ticked off People and so had to go over to In Touch.
One of the best actors ever. Willem Dafoe. Does not get enough credit for his acting.


DNfromMN said...

Robin Thicke is a very attractive man.

Kristin Kreuk is stunningly beautiful.

Joan Osborne looks like slightly chubby Christina Applegate.

Can we implement a JoBros ban?

My heart goes out to those of you in Australia.

pomme said...

like Ent lawyer, i love willem dafoe actor( i yet met him,he's vey nice)and i dislike Gwyneth Paltrow outfits(and i never met her)!

califblondy said...

After the scarey fires we've had in SoCal, my heart goes out to those in Australia.

BlackseatDriver said...

apparently you have not seen the movie Boondock Saints. Big military favorite for reasons I could never figure out. Personally,I hated every stinking minute.

David D. said...

Tara: Why bother...seriously...
Taylor and Tinsley: I think this whole generation of Hollywood youth all have the youthful innocence of Joan Collins. And her sister.
Shia: You could be so cute and loveable if you stopped smoking and drinking and being an asshole. Think about it.
Justin: Looks fake happy. Trying too hard. And why so rude? Isn't that why he hired Jessica B--to be his protection?
Jonas Bros: When I saw six of them, I screamed.

princessj1987 said...

The title of that movie doesn't help that old "Tom Hanks is Illuminati" rumor.

I never realized how waxy The Jonas Brothers looked until I've seen them next to their own wax figures.

Does anyone know who makes that black and purple sparkly dress? T.I.'s fiance/baby momma/whatever Tiny wore it to the Grammys also.

Robin Thicke. Please leave your wife and marry me. A girl can dream.

Taylor Momsen. Yikes! Smack is one hellava drug.

Molly said...

If she is 15, she is going to look like Courtney Love at 20.

she looks like courtney love now.

princessj, get in line, honey!

lutefisk said...

I thought that WAS Courtney Love until I read the caption.

Mooshki said...

There's not much scarier than fire. :(

LOL at the Eva pic! (And the Royals.)

Since it's "Be Kind to Renee" day, I'll say that she looks a lot more human than usual.

After having his finger re-built with a bone from his hip, I'm guessing Shia's gonna have that cast on for quite a while yet. OWURGH!

I agree - Taylor M. is already at Courtney L. stage.

"He's got hydrogen psychosis, the crazy-eye!"

Marisa said...

BlackseatLife- Maybe I'm reading your comment wrong, but regardless, I think Dafoe whooped ass in Boondock Saints and the movie kicks ass.

jax said...

renee looks great..for a FRAUD!

Harriet Hellfire said...

BlackSeatDriver; Boondock Saints was a really good movie! :)

Majik said...

I LOVE the Boondock Saints! Dafoe is fantastic! I always thought he'd be a great Len Slank if they ever made "The Edible Woman" into a film.

If TP and co build that brood sow I house, I will personally reign down all holy hell. A barn, maybe...just make sure she has enough room to turn around.

BlahFrickinBlah said...

Boondock Saints is one of my all time favorite movies! The one brother is fuckin hot! Defoe was great in it. Is it wrong that I laughed my ass off at the cat scene? Probably. Meh, I'm going to hell anyway.

Justin is happy cause Hermy isn't up his ass pretending to hate the paps after she tipped them off to where she would be. Or rather where she would be with Justin cause who really gives a shit about her awful acting ass. Watch her disappear after they break up. Get off Justin's sweet ass, he looks hot. ;)

Tara Reid. WGAS? Looks like she only costs 2.99 and that is 2.98 too much.

That Taylor chick looks gacked to the gills. She has to be around 25. Even for a Hollywood 15 she looks old.

Renee Z looks good in that pic. I really don't care for her but she looks good there.

Kate Winslet looks like she just saw shit,smelt it or both.

Java the leopard is soooo cutttteeee!

Gwenie P. Train wreck wardrobe per usual.

whole_lotto _luv said...

It doesn't matter if those Extreme Makeover people build a house for the sow. She's not responsible enough to maintain it, pay property tax and insurance, or not borrow against it and ultimately lose it, like a lot of people they've built houses for have.

Lady Fizzlebottom said...

Ahhh, Willem Dafoe...why does Hollywood give all the sexy roles to Ken dolls like Brad Pitt?

Green Wave Gal said...

Did Julianne get her boobs done?

sandman said...

how does little justy get away with not shaving his neck?
every chick i know hates that crap.
no way he's doing females.

Char said...

Thanks for the shout out Enty, it's good to know the world is supporting us here in Victoria. The devastation is unbelievable, and so tragic how many people have lost loved ones in these fires.

B626 said...

Dafoe is such a mesmorizing actor when I watched 'To Live and Die in L.A.' back in the 80's I thought he was the good guy and William Petersen was the prick. Am I the only one that had the hots for him after that movie?
And Mickey Rourke's wife was his main squeeze in it.Back when Mickey still got quality women.

Audrey said...

Leopards DO NOT belong in glass cages in Las Vegas!!!!!

Manda said...

Thank enty for the comments about the fires. The last couple of weeks have been hell. I have lost friends and family, others i know have lost homes and everything they own. Sometimes it feels as if the grief and pain is too much.

But I know we are a tough bunch. Those who lost will rebuild, we will heal and move on..but for now, we just wait for the next phone call.

Manda said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Wil said...

Ugh! The Fires! I saw that picture of the koala being given water by the firefighter .. I had a crying jag that last an an hour and a half thinking of the people and koalas killed.. then I started thinking about peoples pets, then their belongings and pictures .. it was a mess. I hate like hell they are suffering down under. And to hear that it was arson.. God!! I just want to roast that fucker/those fuckers on a spit! If there is a god .. maybe they took care of that themselves??

Willem Dafoe .. wonderful actor and amazing person. I met him in person maybe 22-23 years ago [after "Platoon" and before "Last Temptation"] outside of Appleton, WI .. where I think his family still was - his Mom and Dad. He was very, very nice to a very, very star struck me. I was stuttering so badly I didn't even understand me!!

lisa said...

Ooh so sad for the Aussies ... our thoughts are with you all.

Yowza Julieanne ... I know what you did last summer! Actually saw her open for Brad Paisley, with Jewel, and Julianne's now-boyfriend Chuck Wickes. Excellent concert ~

Feel really bad for the Bacon family - if the rumors are true about Madoff losing all of their investment money. Hate to see seemingly nice, *normal* people (I don't know them, but they come across as very nice and normal, family oriented) get screwed over like that. And their comment was something like "we'll just (go back to) work and try and build our savings again" or something to that effect. Can't get more normal than that.

Count me as a new member of the Robin Thicke fan club - I recently discovered him, and he's so, so talented.

Finally, big lolz at Ty ... I very recently worked on Extreme Makeover Home Edition - uuhm ... design team? Yeah, they consisted of designers, architects, contractors, home builders, and huge community outpouring from my hometown. Ty and the design team? They only participate the first day or two; to be filmed pulling up to the house w/ the bullhorn, calling the family out, and then to tromp around in some dirt and rubble. Then they're off to another town or two for the rest of the week while the house is under construction, to film the same thing at the next episode location. Then, a day or two before the family returns, the "Design Team" arrives back in town and film the big reveal, and get some shots of the finished home. REALLY an eye opener! ... When Ty gets all up close and personal with one of the family members and says "I'm going to make this MY special project" well nah ... doesn't really happen that way! That's the magic of television, folks! They're not involved at all. Kinda disappointing, really. But, it was an absolute kick in the pants to work (I was catering) and this stuff literally does go 24/7. My shift started at 4 a.m. And the goods and services donated were unbelievable.

trogdor said...

Kristin Kreuk.

Is seriously hot.

Dude, ent... more of her please?

I swear I'll clean your room or something.

Jerry said...

Really. Kristin Kreuk. It's about goddam time. Geez, if I was 80 or 90 years younger...

bmh said...

I live in a distant part of the world, Western Australia, and was not directly affected by the terrible bushfires in Victoria but deeply upset and saddened by what has happened to my fellow Aussies. I would like to thank Enty and our American friends for their thoughts and compassion at our awful tragedy. We hear about the devastating wildfires, tornadoes, hurricanes and snow storms you guys experience and we really feel for you guys and its nice to know that when we have a tragedy you feel for us. Oh how corny and lame is that!! Sorry :) but its true
Cheers and best wishes to all
You do a great job Enty and give us all a great escape from real life and lots of amusement - keep it up :)

selenakyle said...

This is WAY late, but I too LOVE The Boondock Saints.

For all it's crappy editing and continuity problems, etc., it's still one of my favorite movies ever.

selenakyle said...

My heart also goes out to the fire-stricken Australians at this time.

I hope they fry the balls off the perps who started the fire(s).

Snautrag said...

What struck me about some of the pictures of the fires is how the homes were destroyed but the trees were still standing. It all seemed so malevolent.

Ty Pennington and Kenny Chesney were both wearing puka shell necklances. If you are a man over 21 and still wearing those things you are an automatic asshole.

shazzzba said...


bionic bunny! said...

i heard on the local news today that one of the assholes accused of setting the fires is being held, and his identity is not being released for fear of retaliation against his family. and that he faces up to 25 years in prison.
not near enough time, if you ask me. the enormity of the fires seems even worse that what we face in california each year, the fact that there was no warning, people getting caught in flash fires with no way to get out. i've been devastated, too, my heart goes out to our aussie friends

@ wil- the poor koala had burned "hands", and i also cried. the kangaroos running from the fire was a jarring sight, also.

Manda said...

I am also angry at the protection the accused seems to be getting. Normally i am all for the "innocent until guilty"thing..

But i just lost my friend and a family member in these fires and the pain and grief i am feeling right now..lets just say put me in a room for 5 minutes with whoever did this.