Friday, March 27, 2009

America Young - Groupidity - Season Finale

This is it! The Season Finale! It makes me sad that the season is over. But the stuff we have brewing for next season is so great! Julie falls in love. Vanessa's nerd guy joins the group. David continues his crush. Kelli meets her match, and more but I can't tell you since it'll give away the end of this episode! Greg Aronowitz joins the Groupidity family!

Thank you so much for watching! For those of you who'd like to check out the cast, click here.

GROUPIDITY Ep 11 _ Buddha Would Do It from Groupidity on Vimeo.


Bad Momma said...

Great job! Can't wait for next season!

Mooshki said...

Argh, I can't get Flash on my ancient computer at home. Can't wait to watch it!

Mooshki said...

Aargh, I hate a cliffhanger ending! When does next season begin? :)

Jerry said...

Sorry to be coming in late on this one but I didn't view each video as it came out. Vimeo lets you download so I burned all the episodes to a DVD and watched them all together on TV. The whole thing was less than an hour and a half so it was like watching a movie.

Even if you've seen all the episodes, I recommend watching them again this way. Damn, this was fun.


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