Friday, March 20, 2009

Another Fake Celebrity Rehab Story

Kelly Osbourne did the whole People Magazine thing this week. I think all of us knew Kelly went into rehab about six weeks ago, but none of us noticed that she got out about two weeks ago. So, of course that had to be remedied. She needs everyone to know so she found a magazine willing to give her a few hundred words to explain why she was in rehab and how she is 100% clean now for the first time in her life.

Have you ever noticed that celebrities always say that. Kelly was in rehab in 2004 and 2005 but says this is the first time she has been clean. I bet if we go find some interviews from back then she said the same damn thing. I know she said something last year when she was taking care of Amy Winehouse.

I hate how stars seem to only go to rehab for alcohol and painkillers. Kelly is no different. In the interview she says she got hooked on liquid Vicodin at 13 after having surgery. Apparently 11 years and 3 trips to rehab didn't cure it? Please. That is such a crock. They always want you to think it was an accident or it was the fault of a doctor. Kelly Osbourne didn't go to rehab for just Vicodin and it is another way that celebrities make "everyday people" feel as if they are inferior. Stars never go to rehab for heroin or cocaine or crack or meth. I know. You are saying, yes they do. You want to know when they do go for that stuff? When they got arrested for possessing it. Otherwise it is alcohol and painkillers.

It is such a crock and it isn't like Kelly Osbourne admitting why she went to rehab is going to affect her career. Who cares about why she went. Just tell us the truth. Ozzy would. I'm not meaning to pick on Kelly. I'm just using her as an example of how celebrities try and pretend to be something they are not. It is the same with the photoshopping, airbrushing, and plastic surgery.


palealebrew10 said...

Wow that is true about celebs usually going into rehab alone for the painkillers and alcohol rather than the coke. Everyone's coked out in Hollywood though-and the first step to accepting help is wanting it. Kind of hard to want to quit in their world where it keeps them thin, energetic, and entertained.

not on my dollar said...

Kind of hard to want to quit in their world where it keeps them thin, energetic, and entertained.

I've never thought about it that way palealebrew.

Jeez are any of the celebs. thin because they eat healthy and exercise?

Oh and like Enty says Kelly who really cares? It's not like you have a career.

elanenergy said...

I am so sick of this dumb "tell all" celebrity culture. Normal people have to handle their crap in private, or risk being fired and/or humiliated by their family, friends and colleagues. In lala land, it's the opposite. Aren't we all so brave and nobel for beating our addictions, and isn't it just so admirable that we speak out publicly. NOOOOOOOO! Stop it, we hate your confessions. Go live a normal life and stay out of the spotlight, you stupid fame whores. Just do your damn job and entertain us. Sorry for the rant. Whew, feel better now. lol

AnonMom said...

I have a question that I hope some of you more enlightened CDANers can answer-- WHY are so many celebs coked out?

twunty mcslore said...

The same reason that models are, to stay thin. It also gives you a false feeling of self confidence. Yes, I've done it and it makes you an annoying, egocentric ass.
I hope that helps, Anonmom

Kat said...

I remember learning some years ago that one of my favourite comedians was actually a huge coke-head, and I asked the person who told me why. She said simply 'because it's there and everyone else is doing it'. It probably is just that simple.

What gets me is that we never hear 'real' actors or actresses going on like this. It is almost exclusively an admission of the untalented and those teetering on the edge of celebrity. I have always thought of Kelly Osbourne as a priviledged, spoiled, self-absorbed, mannerless brat who cheapens everything her father used to try to project. Rehab is just another manipulation, in my opinion, to get people to keep talking about them.

I almost miss the old days when the real artists kept their weirdness to themselves. Now, we're inundated with these ridiculously contrived wannabes selling their 'stories', which we read, which keeps up to their knees in drugs and Prada. The fact that the top headlines always have something to do with young, stupid, drugged out people tells me that we're the problem. Maybe it's time for us to demand actual talent.

Just a thought.

Pookie said...

meh. this is completely what i'd expect from her. nothing that talentless, fame-whoring family does surprises me.

juicy said...

AnonMom- because it's fun and makes you feel good. :) ..... not usually the next day tho!

Harriet Hellfire said...

Remember when Nikki Sixx overdosed on heroin, died for several minutes, then left
the hospital to go home and do more heroin?

Vicodin? Pfft. Didja have a cold, sweetheart?

And people do coke, because it makes them think they're funny and social and can drink like champions. And it's no longer an expensive drug for the glitzy elite either.

palealebrew10 said...

I did coke for a while, at a time where my self-esteem was at an all-time low in college. It was everywhere, at every party. It gives you that false sense of high self-esteem, which is hard to maintain in Hollywood, I would imagine. Everyone is trying to keep up with each other, and I can see it being used as an escape to keep them feeling "confident." And the crashes can be brutal which is why people fiend for it-to avoid that.

jax said...

why are you surprised Enty? she's an addict. the Osbournes have never shied from the truth, so why do we call BS now?

i don't know..i think she gets a pass for this. it's just honest about addiction to me. after seeing her father abuse himself with hard drugs, it's no surrpise to me she'd choose pills instead. same with Jack. it's the circle of junkie life.

ardleigh said...

I don't know why they even touched drugs. I meant there was nothing that would have scared them more sober then watching Ozzy. I was never a big fan of their show but I watched an ep. where he struggled really hard to put a garbage bag in the trash can. It was almost physically painful to watch and I wanted to reach thru the damn set and do it myself.
To me it would have been like this.
See Dad do drugs+see Dad struggle to get thru life bec. he burnt out his brain = Drugs are bad. Don't be Dad.

Little Miss Smoke and Mirrors said...

All I know is that this new Osbournes show coming out on Fox looks like the biggest pile of crap ever shown on television. Hopefully it will get canceled mid-show.

Dianne P said...

Part of what makes an addict an addict is always wanting to put the best spin on their life and their addiction. So it's not surprising to me.

Their home life sounds chaotic and boundary-less as well. Money and fame may put a pleasant looking veneer on things, but the underlying truth is the same.


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