Monday, March 16, 2009

Random Photos Part One

Ron Silver - RIP
Once again, proving the age old adage that Alec Baldwin will hit on anything whether it moves or not.
I think this makes wig #15 in Angelina Jolie's new movie.
The one and only Angela Lansbury.
Hugh Dancy must have talked his way out of the opera because Claire Danes is all alone on the red carpet. She has however continued her streak of smiles. She is now up to three consecutive smiling appearances which marks a new personal best for her.
Dwayne Johnson making some fans happy in Mexico City. Of course they were less than thrilled when he decided to show them The Game Plan instead of Race To Witch Mountain.
Diane Kruger and Joshua Jackson.
My favorite Minogue. Danni.
Who wouldn't want to bid on an Elvis Presley owl ring with an eye missing.
I think as much as we all love Gillian Anderson, she has definitely looked better.
Gisele Bundchen then demonstrates how to eat ice cream while driving. I'm actually more shocked she is actually going to eat it.
Ginnifer Goodwin looks sad. She must have heard about Justin Long and Drew Barrymore making out over the weekend.
It's been awhile since Gilles Mariani was in the photos.
And then Heidi dropped him.
I like the plaid bow tie on Jeremy Irons.
It just looks painful for Amber Rose to keep her eyes open. Maybe because when they are she keeps seeing Kanye.
Lily Allen - Manchester
Go ahead. Admit it. You thought Mary Kate Olsen was Courtney Love for a second.
Midnight Oil - Melbourne
I'm telling you someone has replaced the old Michelle Rodriguez with someone new and less cranky. She looks different and she is smiling.
They are in America!! How come no one told me they were coming?
One of my favorite actresses. Parker Posey.
Who is going to help Rupert Everett with his tie?
Rihanna is coming out of a restaurant. It seems it would be difficult to eat with the weightlifting gloves and the two inch long fingernails.
Reese and Jake in Paris.
Selena Gomez trying to get that McDonalds endorsement deal.
Taylor Hicks has lost a ton of weight. Here he is with Emily Procter.
The Pretenders - San Francisco
It's Ribisi's. Marissa and Giovanni.
Tom Selleck always looks like he is on his way to do a western movie.
Long time no see for Vanessa Lemonjello.
How tall is Zac Efron? Here he is next to Brett Tucker and that has to be a good foot or maybe more in height difference.


Mika said...

I wonder if Zac is shorter than Tom Cruise.

jw12 said...

I would watch Tom Selleck eat cardboard. LOVE HIM!!

I sat near Gisele at Peter Luger's about 5 years ago. She ate steak and had a ice cream dessert.


ureallyannoyme said...

Tom Selleck dresses left. Got it.

(He's a great looking man, but ick.)

Mooshki said...

That's so sad about Ron. :(

Oh, Gillian, no.

Ugh, I can't believe Justin & Drew hooked up again.

Mmm, Jeremy Irons is yummy.

Enty, you must not watch TMZ on TV. I think Michelle is pulling a Julia Roberts and playing nice for the new movie.

Enty, you HAVE to go stalk the royals. I'm sure their bodyguards would let a 400lb man soaked in booze through to meet them.

Speaking of booze, hi Parker!

lutefisk said...

I met Chrissie Hynde years back outside of Madison Square Garden.
She has the whitest, pastiest skin I have ever seen, But was EXTREMELY nice, & had an entire conversation with me.
I love her!

twunty mcslore said...

Chrissie Hynde is the Shit! She opened a vegan restaurant in Akron that is fabulous and I love how she moved back here to help out her elderly parents. Her brother, on the other hand, I met in a club after his band played and he acted like a douche.

Nature Girl said...

I've been to Chrissie's restaurant in Akron while visiting relatives. They have a whole lotta "fake meat" dishes instead of tofu, tempeh etc.

Was very odd to bite into "fake" beef. Cool decor though.

sandman said...

i thought taylor hicks was george clooney

Pookie said...

omg, so sad ron silver. :( rip.

the little selena girl is a cutie.

the royal's stalking is hilarious. keep it up, enty.

eep. is taylor hicks ill? he looks 60.

midnight oil still gigs out! AWESOME.

so is kanye using the stripper, or v/v?

Bodie said...

It saddens me that Ron Silver has passed away. What an amazing actor.
He scared the crap out of me in Blue Steel. Literally.

brum said...

Can someone tell me when Claire Danes and Billy Crudup broke up. Nothing on their IMDB pages, and became curious after seeing Watchmen this weekend (followed by the comment Enty made against her pic).

shazzzba said...


AnnMarie said...

Christ on a biciycle; I am reborn!

I've never heard of Gilles Mariani before, but I'll not go a day without him again! He is sublime.

And if anyone has dirt on him, lalalalala (fingers in ears) "I can't heaar youuu!"

jenna (original) said...

R.I.P Bruno Gianelli! I loved him on The west wing.

Jungle007 said...

Angela Lansbury!!! Oh, how I love thee.. :D (Murder she wrote is my show. I'm only in my 20's but I'm older at heart)

Kruger and Jackson are one stiff couple of... stiffs..

Aw, Gillian! WhY!?!? What were you thinking??????

Mary Kate needs an Intervention. Pronto.

Uggggh. Sorry Ent, but I hate Parker Posey, and every role she's ever played.

Speaking of fucked-up faces, what's going on with Rupert? Me thinks me spies a crooked-er nose than usual. That with the crooked tie has me raising a brow.
Raising it high...

This is one of the first pics i've seen of Rihanna since the attack. No comments about it, just sayin'.

not on my dollar said...

Gilles Mariani was in the Sex in The City Movie (he had a naked shower scene). He is also one of the better contestants on Dancing With The Stars.

Amber Rose, Kanye's current love interest was a stripper and she is also bisexual.

Mooshki said...

"what's going on with Rupert?"

His outsides are finally matching up with his insides. He's an ass.

AnnMarie said...

Thanks, not on my dollar!

LOL, Mooshki!

white lorelei said...

Why oh why has Emily Proctor ruined her face? What could she possibly think was so wrong with it that she's had things "done" to it???????

I hate Hollywood. It makes people so stupid.

Dave said...

Wow yeah, I hope Taylor is ok, he does look awfully thinner. He'll be an Olson at this rate.

shakey said...

You get the royals in an action photo, and Diane Kruger and Joshua Jackson do the cardboard cutout pose for them.

Bebedog said...

why isn't Tom Brady wearing his wedding ring if they just got married?

c17 said...

Giovanni Ribisi? Really?

It serslah doesn't look a bit like him. Thank the Deities!

And as much as I *used* to love Chrissie, she's said some things that make me not so keen. Still respect her though, 'cause she feels so strongly that she'll state her opinion regardless of how *it can (and will) be interpreted*.

/didn't say *stupid* even that's how I feel. YMMV.

not on my dollar said...

Anne Marie,

Just for you. Here is the link to Giles nude shower scene from the SATC Movie. I don't know how to hyperlink it but you can cut and paste it for viewing. Enjoy!

Aussie Wench said...

Would you really want Danii to be your favourite Minogue if you knew she was a racist, Enty?

In an interview with Britain's GQ magazine several years ago, Danii was quoted as saying that the French National Front leader Jean-Marie Le Pen had "struck a chord with people", and that "even the street signs [in Australia] are written in Asian" (sic)

Babs said...

Amen, white lorelei! I watch old CSI: Miami episodes, and she looks totally different - just another plastic blonde now. Too bad. She always looked so natural and 'real' before.

RIP, Ron Silver. You will be missed. The best ever Ron Silver scene was with Mandy Patinkin in Chicago Hope. They were arguing, and the camera was circling them while they both talked at once. Here's a link to the episode - fast forward to about the 28:30 mark:

B626 said...

Ron Silver the ultimate bad guy in The Arrival.
Ooops make that the ultimate psycho bad guy in Blue Steel.

Angela Lansbury showing the rest of the old hags out there how to do Plastic Surgery the RIGHT way...

katespades said...

more giovanni!
more giovanni!
more giovanni!