Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Random Photos Part One

When I go to court, this is what everyone is wearing. You have to admit that Amy Winehouse is always full of surprises. I will also say that she actually looks healthy.
Bill Hader has been in the photos before, but I think this is the very first time anywhere in the blog for Kristen Wiig.
Brian Williams, his wife and daughter and a crooked tie.
Clive Owen was the man who started the recent velvet jacket revival, but he says he won't be wearing one anymore because his daughters hate it and think it is weird.
Does David Beckham ever take a bad picture? It is kind of depressing.
Ed Westwick in a much different kind of pose than we saw him last.
Iman at a Holt Renfrew in Toronto. She really needs to replace Heidi on Project Runway here in the US.
You know those fish that are attached to bigger fish so they can steal their food? That was my first thought when I saw this picture of Kim Kardashian and Reggie Bush.
Is he hiding Kate Moss' tail?
Kristen Stewart doing press for Adventureland
And what she decided to wear to the premiere.
How cheap is Mario Lopez? He took Eva Longoria out for her birthday to her own restaurant.
"OK, who wants to play the Princess and the leprechaun?"
Priyanka Chopra at some magazine launch. I just wanted an excuse to post her photo.
Paul Giamatti looks stunned to be recognized.
Russell Brand - Sydney
Look what we have here. Ryan Reynolds did his mandatory five minutes at the red carpet of Adventureland.
The first time I have seen Robin Roberts on a red carpet. She looks lovely.
I don't know why CBS needs their own magazine, but Roselyn Sanchez was out promoting it.
Sarah Jessica Parker on the set of her new movie.
Sienna Miller looking to see which guys have wedding rings on their fingers so she can make her choice.
Apparently Seth Rogen was a little nervous going through security. Check out the pit stains.
The Fray - Perth


DNfromMN said...

I think that Seth is just a sweaty guy.

Ryan Reynolds is looking good. No wifey?

Reggie's got a nice bod.

Becks looks great. And he does take bad pictures, they're called videos, and it only occurs when he starts talking.

Amy does look healthy. Apparently the pot munchies diet works for her.

shazzzba said...


littleoleme said...

Kristin Wiig looks beautiful from the neck up - from the neck down it's Little House on the Prarie. Yeesh

Iman effing rocks on our Project Runway. I love her.

MontanaMarriott said...

I love Iman and years ago her and I used to go to the same gym in NYC. Can you believe she used to be on the threadmill in FULL MAKEUP and WEAVE?? All the while prancing as if she was on the runway. Now that was a sight!

Green Wave Gal said...

Did Amy have her boobs done? Or maybe she's just ingested something other than drugs.

Kristin Wiig looks like Mandy moore there (not a bad thing).

LOVE the color of Priyanka's dress.

Eva-not wearing the ring?

Doesn't everyone sweat when they travel? :)

No thanks on Kristen Stewart...blah. But I grew up near Adventureland (the place the movie is supposedly based on) - had a few of my birthday parties there.

Iman is gorgeous but I like Heidi too.

Becks isn't human. :)

selenakyle said...

Gyahhhh, some of the new clothing styles are butt-ugly.

Kristin Wiig is gorgeous but why the EFF is she wearing one of my Grandmama's dresses?

Love the orange black dress on the vampire movie chick, though.

I've never paid much attn to her, but sure does look like SJP had a boob job.

Is Princess Anne wearing a coon skin cap, sans tail?

Majik said...

Selenakyle....that was my first thought when I saw SJP, too--I sure don't remember those puppies being quite as large.

Mika said...

wow! I guess Becks really is the sexiest man alive. his voice doesn't bother me.

not on my dollar said...

Green Wave Gal are the talking about THE Adventureland? If so we used to go there every year when I was a kid.

AnonMom said...

i think sjp has had more than one boob job over the years ... this latest one was "debuted" at a baseball game right after the SATC movie came out.

mngddess said...

Priyanka looks like my niece. Seriously. My niece is gorgeous.

But then you have to follow it up with Russell Brand. Thank God I have hand sanitizer at the desk.

Green Wave Gal said...

Not on my dollar -- the one I'm talking about is in Farmingdale, NY (on Long Island) Route 110

lutefisk said...

Green Wave Gal--THAT Adventureland?
I am still hysterical at it being used in Music & Lyrics.

I think we need to have a meet-up there.

califblondy said...

I love Heidi on Project Runway too. It's one of my favorite reality shows.

Green Wave Gal said...

It was used in Music & Lyrics? I didn't know that. I LOVED that place when I was a kid. It was a special treat to go there even though it wasn't that far from home. My grandparents used to take us there too. They had a great arcade back in the day too.

I'm up for a meet-up as long as it's when I'm in NY! :)

ihpguy said...

SJP definitely has got the bigger models as spied at the Oscars. And how about them nips? No more of the rumored, inverted kind, she be showin' her headlights there!

lutefisk said...

Yes--there is actually a scene where Hugh Grant is performing, & they pan the park to make it look like Great Adventures--you can't tell that it is the dinky park that it is.
That was the best date place in high school.

Green Wave Gal said...

Great Adventure? That's the Six Flags in NJ. Adventureland is the smaller one in Farmingdale.

carlasee said...

Is it just me, or would SJP look a little like Kathy Griffin in that photo if the wig were red? Maybe it's bc I just saw an episode of the D list show...

Also, is Priyanka related to Deepak? She's gorgeous.

lutefisk said...

Yes--that is my point--they make Adventureland look like a 6 Flaggs park--it is very funny to see.

Watch the movie if you get a chance--just for that scene!

jax said...

Kritin Wiig is pretty hot for a SNL girl.

kimpim said...

I must be the only woman on the planet that thinks Becks is meh.


Mooshki said...

Uh-oh, Enty, now you'd really better keep your identity secret - dissing Heidi might get you killed! ;)

LOL at Kim as a sucker fish!

Kristen Stewart has bad posture, but not as bad as Amy - her neck isn't strong enough to hold up that beehive.

I heard that Russel Brand may remake Arthur.

Maybe someone at CBS created the magazine so they could get to meet Roselyn. She's so freakin' gorgeous. As is Priyanka. Maybe in my next life... :)

I want SJP's shirt - I love that color.

Is that a reveal about Seth Rogen? :)

kimpim said...

PRC.....Looooove Iman Tuesdays!

And Brian is way more tolerable than Tim

jax said...

are you kidding? Tim Gunn is THE MAN. they need to combine Tim and Iman for a wicked show!

Green Wave Gal said...

LOVE Tim!!! He and Iman would be an unstoppable team! I don't mind the Project Runway Canada guy but no one can complete with the GUNN!

kimpim said...

Brian>Tim? I know. Lame. But Tim AND Iman? I'd OD on drama. It is midweek, afterall.

Mooshki said...

I want Tim Gunn to adopt me. Seriously. I'd watch him 24 hours a day.

.S. said...

Please stop posting pictures of Russell Brand - they scare my cat.

Ummm, I mean me. They scare me. Actually, both of us.


rourke13 said...

I am from Denver, but how do you all feel about The Fray???

shakey said...

Amy looks like a colt just learning to walk. I had no clue Brian Williams was married. Ed Westwick always looks like a freak to me, but this is the first time I've noticed his clown feet.

Did Kristen fall right after that first picture was taken? She looks drunk off her ass, and her left foot looks like it's about to collapse. In the 2nd photo - it looks like she had to look at the wall to remember why she was there.

Nice Brillo wig Princess Anne is sporting. Ryan Reynolds doing College Boy Pose #434. Roselyn looks like she's wearing a Glad garbage bag around her waist.

Cripes, SJP is fug. I nominate her to play Camilla Parker Bowles. Who seconds that nomination?

Amber said...

Priyanka Chopra is lovely :) I think you'd like Preity Zinta too.

Clive Owen totally stole the velvet jacket thing from David Tennant!

not on my dollar said...

Green Wave Gal there was also an Advertureland in Illinois. It was probably a chain.

Mooshki said...

I know SJP has a horse face, but I'm very fond of it anyway.

Harriet Hellfire said...

SJP looks pretty rough in this picture.

Sporky said...

I think SJP is too pretty to play Camilla, believe it or not.

And I thought Amy Winehouse would look better after that long vacation. Speaking of which, I was on eBay the other day and saw that you can buy a full set of her tattoos.


Mooshki said...

Thanks, Sporky, I've always dreamed of looking just like Amy! :)

Impertinent Vixen said...

SJP's nipples look like martini olives speared on those little plastic swords.

Sporky said...

Anytime, Mooshki. Just add some crack and a huge black beehive, and voila!

bionic bunny! said...

since great adventure used to be part of the six flags chain, is it possible that adventureland was, too? i remember seeing that film and thinking "ah! another six flags!". magic mountain her in SoCal was NOT originally six flags, but i was floored by how similar it was when we moved to GA. and then later, it was bought by six flags.

and i think Remora Kardashian has a lovely ring to it.

lutefisk said...

Bunny--Adventureland is a little rinky dink amusement park between a Target & a post office where you take the kids when there is a day off from school, or for a birthday party.
That is what is so funny about Hugh Grant being reduced to performing there in Music & Lyrics.
here is the link:

Bello (Buddy) Manjaro said...

Amy Winehouse looking healthy? Bathed perhaps. I'd hate to get a look at her lungs though. Probably look like beef jerky.