Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Adrianna Costa, Tara Reid, American Pie,Twilight, And Kellan Lutz

Hello Dear Friends!!! Hope you're all doing fabulously well :)

As some of you may know, I was on the set of "American Pie 7" (yes, 7!!!) in Vancouver last week. As widely reported in the press, a newly-released "rehab-ite" (I mean, there may as well be a term since it's so common these days) Tara Reid was cast in the movie, and then un-cast, if that's even possible?!?! She was all set to play a teacher in the latest installment, which, if you ask me, is rather ironic.
(The women of American Pie and me)

Anyhow, the story goes like this: I'm running late (as always) to LAX and an Air Alaska flight last Monday, I made it just in time to grab a seat and go over a bit of last minute information about the movie before boarding the flight. Literally, as I'm reading up on Tara Reid's role, I glance up, only to be face to face with none other than the actress, herself. She was dressed in a Newsboy Cap, Hudson Jeans tucked into Uggs and a basic black top. Oh, and might I add, Tara was rolling around with her yummy Louis Vuitton Luggage- pretty damn plush. (The guys of American Pie and me)

If you've never seen Tara in person, she's super tiny. I'd say around 5'3, 100 pounds, if that. So, here's where things get weird...We get ready to board the flight and I'm thinking, "Hell Yeah, what a great time to get acquainted with Tara before our interview-SCORE!" But, that never happened. Tara never made the flight or the movie.

When I got off the plane and met up with a production assistant from "American Pie" he said the entire cast and crew were shocked to hear she pulled out last minute. In fact, they were so sure Tara was coming they even had a trailer set up for her, which they later removed. Days later, we found out it was just a case of a Hollywood deal gone bad, at the very, very, very last minute. (Producers of American Pie and me)

I hear that it was nothing too juicy, just a miscommunication between her camp and "American Pie" and that it could have been about money or something similar to that.

Moving on. Even though Tara was out, Twilight was in!!! One of the most-gorgeous men on the planet, (aside from my own-oh yeah, and Enty) Kellan Lutz, and most of the "New Moon" Cast were staying at our hotel--talk about being in the "Twilight Zone!!"

My girl/Producer, Mariam and I were hanging downstairs at the very cozy bar when all of a sudden Kellan, Peter Facinelli, Nikki Reed and a few others rolled up. Kellan comes over to our table and asks if we wanted to see his friend's band play, to which we responded by saying literally nothing!!! It's not that we were being rude, it's just that we were in utter shock that this hottie was standing before us. (Twilight cast members at Kellan's concert)

After a long (and I do mean long) pregnant pause, I spoke, and said something like "Well, it's past my bedtime but Mariam..." Okay, now I know you probably all think I'm a serious nerd, but I had to be on camera the next morning, looking and feeling my best. Anyhow, my girl took one for the team, met Kellan and his other Vampire friends at a local bar and had a blast! She reported back saying there were tons of young fans everywhere and the cast was very kind to take pictures and sign autographs. (Kellan's concert)

I know you're wondering about the others- No, we never saw Robert Pattinson (sorry ladies) and yes, we did run into Kristin Stewart. She was in the business center and appeared to be very sweet.

That's all for now folks, I'll check in soon with more celebrity stories.


Taylor said...

You do realize that Kellan's "friend" who performed was Jackson Rathbone of Twilight, don't you?
That's him in the second to last pic.

DNfromMN said...

Diplomatic as always, Adrianna!

Thanks for sharing the pictures, and your take on things.

jax said...

lol, all these 'concert venues' in Vancouver offering these noname bands somewhere to perform to attract all these Superfans, you should see the streets in downtown Vancouver at night. it's like a Tween Vampire Festival out looking for their prey.

dbfreak said...

Adrianna posts make me happy : )

eric said...

Hey, there is more sex in American High School than American Pie!! You can get it at Target, Best Buy, and FYE!!

Check out the trailer here: