Tuesday, May 05, 2009

Costume Institute Gala Photos - Part Six

Rachel Bilson
Rosario Dawson
Ric Ocasek & Paulina Porizkova
Rachel Weisz
Renee Zellweger
Selma Blair
Stella McCartney
Tyra Banks
Victoria Beckham
Vivi Nevo & Ziyi Zhang
Winona Ryder


Dianne P said...

My eyes, my eyes!

nancer said...

winona---fail. that makes 2 ugly dresses she's stolen lately.

rachel bilson looks darling.

beckham's dress sucks. zellweger ruins every dress she wears by being IN it.

paulina looks very matronly. she's still gorgeous---what's with that dress?

Mooshki said...

Oh, Rosario, no. You have a smokin' body, why would you cover it in that?

What happened to Rachel Weisz?! Gah!

How sad is it that Renee Z looks the best in this group?

Jenn said...

My best dressed would go to Roasario.....otherwise, YIKES!! WTF is up with Stella's pantsuit?

Ms Cool said...

Does Ric Ocasek actually look better than he did in the 80's? Paulina looks gorgeous.

warmislandsun said...

Thank you for all the great picture posts today!

Beckham's shoes make her feet look like hooves. Was that the look they went for?

sassafrass said...

If I was Selma Blair I would have my hairline lasered. But I am not her so I can shut up.

AnonMom said...

You know, I'm just not really feeling any of the outfits this year.

Babs said...

I just saw Empire Records for the very first time this weekend, and I cannot get over how much better Renee Zellweger looks with a little meat on her bones. Somebody give her a sammich.

Most of these "costumes" look like crap.

Mags said...

I hope Rhiana didn't pay too much for that tux and the Michael Jackson auction. Yikes!

bflogurl said...

Ms. Cool- I was about to post the very same thing! Somehow, with age, he doesn't look half bad!!

Pookie said...

wow, thalia! and the color looks amazing too.

Julia said...

Selma Blair needs to eat a sandwich..I love her but she's starting to look like a bobble head.

Sue Ellen Mishkey said...

I think Rachel Weisz looks horrid (what's up with that lipstick?) I do like the dress because of its green tulle that I missed the first time around.

Sylvia said...

Rosario's dress isn't too bad.

Rihanna's outfit is horrible.

Paulina, horrible dress. Pretty lady.

Rachel are you applying for the Bride of Frankenstein.

Renee's dress is nice, probably a Carolina Herrera.

Selma Blair looks not like herself.

Stella McCartney, really don't think her design's are that great. Even though other celebrities think highly of her designs.

Tyra what is on your head hahaha

Thalia, Ms. Skank.

Victoria - No fashion sense.

Winona, Eeewwwww

littleoleme said...

Stella McCartney - oh. dear god. I had something almost exactly like that (minus the plunging/missing front) in the 80's.
IN THE 80's!!
I agree that there's nothing really wow here. Was it last year that Anna Wintour's daughter wore that incredible Nina Ricci gown? I guess I'm a sucker for that kind of stuff.

Miss said...

I agree Stella Mc looked horrid. That dress does not belong in anything but a trash bin.

I think Renee looked great.

Selma's hair looks fake

Tyra still knows how to give fierce face

Ziyi Zhang is one of the most beautiful women in the world!

B626 said...

Selma Blair's ensemble looks the best out of any of them.

farmgirl said...

I love Posh's shoes.
Rhianna looks great - I usually dont like her
Renee makes me hurl
Selma is a beauty
and Tyra is just FUG

selenakyle said...

Hahaaaa, nancer. Good one twice!

Well, I know most of us have issues with Tyra but she sure can put on the dawg. I mean, she knows how to work it and still has it TO work.

RZ's gown--beautiful cut, hideous color.

Rachel Weisz looks like Lucy from Bram Stoker's Dracula.

selenakyle said...

Holy crap--it didn't even register with me that THAT was Selma Blair!

I guess I've never seen her w/out bangs and it looks like a completely different person.

Kat said...

A friend of mine had access to the red carpet at the shindig in NY last night, as in, her work required her to be there. Anyway, her summary of those she came in contact with was this:

Madonna and Donatella-asses. Totally rude, totally out of touch with the fact that they are in fact, human, like the rest of us.

Gisele-breathtakingly gorgeous, and as dumb as a bag of hammers.

Kate Moss-not so pretty in person, and when she opens her mouth, it's obvious she's not educated (whatever that means.)

Anne Hathaway-extremely nice, to the point that it didn't seem possible that she'd ever say a mean word about anyone.

She mentioned others, but I can't remember them all. Anyway, all I can say is what was Rihanna thinking? Pretty sure that part of the 80's is better off dead.

Mistik said...

People are usually insanely well dressed at this gala. This year it looks like Prom of the Damned.

Christine said...

Stella McCartney .... What is she thinking? Would you go to a doctor who refused to wash her hands? Why would buy clothes from SM if that's how she dresses herself?

Trying saying "Vivi Nevo & Ziyi Zhang" three times fast. I couldn't.

I used to want to be Paulina (except for the whole married to Ric thing). She looks lovely.

ardleigh said...

Rhianna next time leave the shoulder floatation devices at home.

Rachel Weiz frightened me.

Loved Renee Z's dress. Really love the color.

WTF is Stella wearing? Fredrick's of Hollywood circa 1983?

What is Tyra wearing on her head?

Ziyi Zhang looks lovely.

Winona a swing and a miss. A big miss.

Nancer love your comment on Miss Ryder.

Myrlin Hermes said...
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Cooper's Mom said...

Urgh, is it me or is this the most boring gala in recent years? Fashion wise, it sucks hardcore. Nothing grabs me. Madonna looks like she forgot to put on her jodphurs and i can't believe Winona Ryder chose THAT. Also i din't even recoginse Selma Blair. Renee looks like she does on every single bloody carpet of the last 10yrs....

Paisley said...

I don't get it. This annual gala is the opportunity to wear an over-the-top, amazing ball gown. Why would anyone want to wear a mini dress? And many of these look like the same prom dresses I rejected back in the 1980's. I hated them then and I hate them now.

Anna said...

Um, excuse me, Mizz Banks, but you have some poop on your head.

ihpguy said...

I think my new puppy(a BLACK GIANT SCHNAUZER) took a big black dump on Tyra's head!

monalisa999 said...

I wouldn't mind having a dress like Renee Zellweger's. Winona looks like she just heard a police siren.

Jungle007 said...

Love Rosario--- HATE the dress :(

Rihanna's face looks amazing. Puffy shoulders will always bother me, even if the 80's does come back. (which it most definately has, as the 60's and 70's did in the 90's with platforms and "flares" a.k.a bell bottoms)

Rachel Weisz looks hideous. The yellow tulle makes it all the worse.

Renee looks absolutely gorgeous. I love her, probably more so because so many people don't, (and for no legit reason at all imo.)

Selma Blair was always ugly to me. This picture has given me a whole new perspective. I like her dress too :)

Stella... wow. no, thanks.

Tyra is working that style. Good on her!
Her hair looks nice as well because I believe tht might actualy be hers and not a weave. *clapping hands* (I have afro hair and i absolutely refuse to put a weave on my head- It looks so fake and retarded)

mngddess said...

Hey Mistik!!!!!!!

I love, love Thalia's dress. Don't know why.

Renee looks stunning from the neck down. She needs to stop with the sour lemon face already.

Stella McCartney - the absolute WORST advertisement for her own clothes. That outfit is hideous.

And Rachel Weiss looks like she was attacked by some runaway tulle.

PollyPureBred said...

Ardleigh - you nailed it - Frederick's of Hollywood, ahahaha!

Rick Ocasek wins - he looks great. Is Paulina wearing a WIG?

Clare Danes looked fab.

shakey said...

Very late to the party. Thalia wins this round for me. I actually like Winona's hair in that picture. I rarely get to think that.

I've only seen these batch of photos so far - it looks ultra conservative this year.