Friday, May 15, 2009

Random Photos Part One

I'm not sure how Amanda Bynes made it to the top. I really need to stop drinking before noon on Fridays. The only reason I include her in the photos at this point is to make sure I have a catalog of the fact that she continues to wear the same thing but in different colors everytime she goes out. I know I have said it before, but she just doesn't ever change. Short dress, long legs, high heels.
I will choose to ignore the fact that Rashida Jones has her arm around Anna Faris. Maybe Anna was about to pass out or was going to be ill. Perhaps Anna needed a shoulder to cry on because she realizes her movie career is just going to be her playing the same part repeatedly for less money each time.
Adam Lambert out shopping in Beverly Hills. It doesn't look like he has seen much sunlight since being in LA. I mean seriously. Look at his hand. When is the last time it saw any kind of light other than what is reflected from Ryan Seacrest's shiny face?
I picked this picture of Pete and Ashlee because you can only see half of her. I know I am slow and I don't always catch things, but is that big tattoo on Ashlee's arm new?
What does Brooke Burke have now, six kids? I would much rather watch a reality show with her about raising her kids than Jon & Kate.
Blink 182 - Los Angeles
Christian Bale and his wife Sibi at the Terminator premiere.
Also there was Eric Dane, who looks really different.
I wrote about Grey's Anatomy earlier so thought I might as well throw up a picture of Ellen Pompeo.
The "candid" photo of the day goes to the greedy Gretchen Rossi and her latest money sucking sucker Slade.
Last week Kylie Minogue was having sex with this fuse box and this week Hilary Duff is all over it. The Empire State Building fuse box gets more action in a week than I have seen in my life.
I'm surprised none of the paps coughed up a quarter for Jessica Alba. Must be the economy. Or they don't like her.
Jennifer Hudson - New York
The one and only John Lithgow.
This is Jason Mesnick and his son Ty. I didn't see the Bachelor person he is supposed to be with now that he dumped Melissa.
Bethenny Frankel was there though.
Is Kelly's dress pleather?
Nikki Reed taking a little break from Vancouver.
This was supposed to be the top photo. Note to Trudie Styler. Owen Wilson is about 100 times more famous than you. Guess what? He is coming out of the train station in Washington DC. He took the train!!!!! Not a private jet. A train.
Carey Hart and Pink back together again for now.
Patrick Wilson looks lonely. Anyone want to join him on the carpet? On the red carpet, not on your carpet. Get your minds out of the gutter.
Seriously. Rose McGowan didn't just pose like this did she?
Stockard Channing looks amazing. She looks younger than when she was in Grease.
Judging by his footwear, Sam Worthington apparently has a shift to pull at the construction site after the event.
Weezer - Los Angeles


Mooshki said...

Owen love!!! Enty, you just made my crappy day a hell of a lot better. Next drink's on me!

palealebrew10 said...

Eric Dane was kinda revealed to be the subject of Lainey's smack no kids blind from an earlier post today. Sad.

I was thinking about this earlier this morning..did that bachelor dude and that replacement Molly split already?

MizCaramel said...

Anna Farris has a funny look on her face.

I wonder what Christian Bale is like at home?

Eek on Adam Lamberts hand!

Ellen Pompeo seems bitchy but I saw her on Punkd so I'm not surprised

Pink looks tacky as shit!

Hilary Duff, bad hair day

John Lithgow has always given me the creeps

I thought Patrick Wilson was Christian Slater

MizCaramel said...

My mama taught me better manners than that I should also say something positive.

I like Brooke Burke, her husband is cute too.

dollface said...

Leave my Adam Lambert ALOOOONE. I want to marry him, and have him teach me how to put on eyeliner, and tell me how to dress, and decorate my house, and listen to Erasure, and snuggle with him and watch Beaches.

Oh, my dearest Adam. By the way,I'm not being sarcastic. I seriously want to marry him. I live in San Diego? That's good, right?

Quintessential Southerner said...

sibi, let's fucking go already!!

nancer said...

i adore john lithgow. haven't seen him in forever.

amanda bynes's dress looks like a nighty. in fact, all these shiny dresses look like cheap negligees to me.

bethenny, don't even talk to jason. he's an ass.

Ms Cool said...

Mmm. Love Christian Bale.

Ellen Pompeo still looks anorexic.

AnonMom said...

I wonder the same thing about Christian Bale. What a pompus ass.
My years-long crush on "Laurie" is officially over.

the.princess.leia said...

Seriously, is Gretchen Rossi still wearing her engagement ring? (Jeff died last September or October, I think.) What a whore! Well, at least she's with another whore-a fame-hungry manwhore!

Patrick Wilson - I'll get my red bathing suit.

Eric Dane - He does look different. It looks like he lost about 105 lbs! I wonder Rebecca is. There's no way I'd let him out of my sight in H'wood.

It looks like Owen let Pink borrow his shirt.

Rose McGowan tries to do a Lisa Rinna impression and fails.

Seeing Stockard Channing makes me miss The West Wing and Sports Night. Hell I even liked Studio 60. Aaron Sorkin put down the crack pipe and write us a new series.

Miss said...

Nikki Reed needs to take a break from that tanning bed. Do they have tanning beds in Canada? I can't recall ever seeing a tan Canadian..I know someone will school me on this one.

Harriet Hellfire said...

Is this old news or is Meredith Grey pregnant?

nancer said...

i didn't even notice but yes, gretchen's still wearing the ring from her dead sugar daddy.
i gotta say, she and slade are a match made in heaven.
there will need to be a lot of mirrors in their house. said...

All the other girls always wear short dresses and heels all the time, what's up with calling out Amanda Bynes on it?

Mooshki said...

Harriet, it's old news. :) I think Enty may have given it a quick mention a few weeks ago.

Rocket Queen said...

lol @ dollface!

does Ellen Pompeo look pregnant to anyone else? She's normally so thin.

I'll be with Patrick Wilson on any carpet he wants.

Someone remind me who Brooke Burke is married to again?

Marisa said...

um..weird- i totally walked right by Lithgow sunday night, said hi and watched him try to figure out where he'd met me before (he hadn't)--it must be a sign

Little Miss Smoke and Mirrors said...

Pompeo announced she was pregnant a few weeks ago.

And ITA on Eric Dane being quietly revealed on Lainey today as the answer to that "smack no kids" riddle.

lutefisk said...

Pete & Ashlee look like they are in a fun house mirror. They are totally out of proportion.

ambernyc said...

Eek. Rose McGowan could have given Heath Ledger a run for his money with that Joker's mug.

mygeorgie said...

@Miss: We are still waiting for the tanning beds, pizza ovens & electricty to arrive in Canada. Sucks to be us, we are pale & natural ;)

Moxie said...

I'm embarrassed to admit I know this but Jason and his "second choice" Molly are still together (at least for media/publicity appearances, but they insist they're happy and in love). They're on vacation this weekend with Ty, Jason's son.

Bad Fish said...

I find it hilarious that Ellen is pregnant but no one remembers. Its because no one gives a shit! She was the "original" Katherine Heigl, if you remember right. I guess she got a dose of reality quicker than Katherine did, 'cause I haven't heard a word of her diva antics in awhile.

Jim said...

I don't know, I've read that Bethenny is seeing someone named Jason but maybe (hopefully) it's a different guy.

shakey said...

Why would Anna Faris get less money each time? The more she does it, the more tired it gets rule?

Adam Lambert can't sing. Neither can Assley, but thank you for your kind mercy in this regard.

Maybe Ellen has starvation bloat.

Slade Smiley? I will pee myself if that's his real name.

That play with Katie aged John.

Stockard Channing was the best thing about Grease.

PollyPureBred said...

Loved the red bathing suit comment - I'll buy 50 if Patrick is delivered to my house as well...

Mooshki said...

"Stockard Channing was the best thing about Grease."


linnea said...

Can I just say I am so frecking excited about trains being environmentally sound and the more moral, upstanding transportation device? I HATE flying, and always try to take the train, but now I can just pretend I do it cause I care about the environment so much...

linnea said...

Can I just say I am so frecking excited about trains being environmentally sound and the more moral, upstanding transportation device? I HATE flying, and always try to take the train, but now I can just pretend I do it cause I care about the environment so much...

Emma31 said...

I don't think thats Nikki Reed!

Leah said...

Maybe Rashida is posing for a photograph with Anna as a favor to cast-mate Chris Pratt?


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