Friday, July 31, 2009

MC Hammer's Cousin Arrested On Rape Charge

I don't watch the MC Hammer show on A&E. Hell, I didn't even know MC Hammer had a reality show at all. I think there should just be some master list of all celebrities who have been in or on a reality show. I realize it would include just about every celebrity and their relatives, but someone in the universe must have the time to compile such a list.

Well on Hammer's show he apparently features his cousin Bigg Marv. Don't ask me why he spells big with two gg's, but I am sure it must be something he picked up from Snoop Dogg. Well, Bigg Marv started flirting with someone he met on Twitter and the next thing you know Bigg Marv is being accused of raping the woman.

A police officer in Livermore, CA said the woman was attacked after she spurned Bigg Marv's advances. Hammer of course thinks the charges are completely false and blames it all on Bigg Marv being famous. On his own Twitter page, Hammer wrote,

"We're standing by him. (Marv) Welcome to Fame Cousin Marv. We're praying for you.

"Thanks for your Prayers for Bigg Marv. He's a good guy, he has not been exposed to the 'World of Fame' where you become 'The Prey.'"

Marv is the prey? What about the woman involved here? You don't think she felt like prey? Where is her support? Just because some guy is famous he can't have committed a rape? I am not rushing to judgment or anything but I think Hammer could have shown a little more respect towards the woman and not just simply blamed all of this on fame. Hammer's statement has made it a certainty I won't ever be watching his show.


GoGo said...

MC who?

jax said...

i watch the show and Marv seems like a sweet guy...weird.

Kara said...

Maybe he does know enough about the allegations to believe they are false. And I would hope my family would stand by me and think the person was an out and out liar if I was accused of something like that.

Grace said...

You're a lawyer, CDAN: isn't a person innocent until proven guilty?

If Big Marvv denied the charges, what's MC supposed to do?

Let MC make his final judgment when the case comes to a close and he's found guilty.

Until then, it's all alleged and accusations.

Let the evidence come forward and then nail him to the wall.