Thursday, July 30, 2009

Random Photos Part One

Chris Isaak - Newport, Rhode Island
Amy Adams has some really well defined calves.
A lot of movies have been made if you combine the careers of Ang Lee and Meryl Streep.
No pole and no dad. Brooke Hogan seems sad.
That whole Travel Channel blind I ran has kind of ruined the Bridget love I had.
The ridiculously good looking couple of the day photo goes to Brent & Tamara Zachary.
A first time appearance for Chelsea Handler.
I haven't seen Cory Kennedy in ages. Here she is with Alfie Allen.
And let the paychecks commence.
And mama is there to make sure she gets the checks made out to her.
Something doesn't look quite right about Chloe Sevigny. Brooke Shields looks like she is feeling no pain.
One of the funniest people around is Demetri Martin. I know you have probably never heard of him but he is hilarious.
Emile Hirsch - "Umm, sure I guess I will pose with a flower."
Liev Schreiber - "Umm, no I won't be posing with flowers." He might have thrown in an F bomb or two with that.
Vanessa Carlton - "Sure, I will pose with a flower. I would walk 1,000 miles to pose with a flower."
I think this is Claire Danes actually being funny. It works. It made me laugh.
Green Day - Washington DC
It's checking up on baby time. Jessica Alba.
The twins.
A first time ever picture of Denise's kids smiling.
And the best looking baby of the bunch.
Graham Norton and "guest."
I'm guessing Kellan Lutz burped. Whatever it is, Nikki Reed is dying.
Speaking of babies. Follow me with this. Here is Mandy Moore.
Here is Mandy Moore with Camila Alves, Ciara and a ringless Rachel Bilson. Rachel cracks me up. Someone calls her out on not wearing her ring and then for two or three days she wears it and makes sure everyone sees it and then goes back to not wearing it. Anyway, I lost my train of thought. Oh yeah. Mandy and babies.
Look at the look on Ciara's face and the guy. Plus you have a pregnant Camila. This is not a how are you, nice to meet you expression. Could this be Mandy telling Ciara she is pregnant?
Michelle Rodriguez has lost a lot of weight.
Penelope Cruz. It's ok, but not spectacular.
Someone tried to give Paul a Merlot.
The Specials - Melbourne
Vin Diesel looking like a tool.


Mooshki said...

And Vin's "guest" looking like a toolette.

"Someone tried to give Paul a Merlot."


MontanaMarriott said...

Chloe looks like she is TWEAKED lol

Demetri Martin is off the chain, he has a show on comedy central, real funny dude,lol

I don't think Jessica Alba's baby is as hideous as some folks say, I think she's got a chubby baby face, but yeah no one can come for Nahla she is adorable!

Kellan Lutz is looking UBER gay in that pic

I hope Michelle Rodriguez is not on the Coke diet, cus she really has lost tons of weight.

Penelope blends in with the carpet, lol

Vin looks so staged with that woman

RocketQueen said...

Penny Cruz' outfit -

Mandy Moore looks great!

Sigh. I have lost all love for Emile Hirsch. I just want to smack him in this picture and tell him to put a little effort into his appearance. Yeah, we get it. You're a big star now so you don't have to dress up?

Haha! Dina Lohan pit stains!

I do NOT like the shoes Amy is wearing, or this general trend of wearing shoes that are so big and chunky they make you look like you have hooves.

not on my dollar said...

Dinah Lohan has armpit stains. UGH!

Jessica's baby has grown into her looks.

DNfromMN said...

I get the feeling Emile is kind of an asshole.

And I love that picture of Claire, she looks like she has a sense of humor.

I can't believe I'm going to say this, and slap me now, Denise Richards actually looks pretty in that picture.

I wouldn't kick Graham Norton's guest out of bed.

I think the Ciara/Mandy picture is Ciara didn't know Mandy got married. Although it's the wrong hand.

Penelope: The carpet is supposed to match the drapes, not the dress. I know English isn't your first language, so I'll forgive you.

not on my dollar said...

And Mandy Moore and Ciara are discussing how much they hate texting.

Guttersnipey said...

LOL @ "toolette"!

Mrs Brightside said...

Rachel Bilson needs to disappear right now. The ring thing is annoying me, does anybody but tweens believe that she is actually engaged.
She clearly shows her hand here and knows people will notice that, now for the next few days we all have to put up with her flashing the ring again in oh so subtle poses.
So fed up with her..... ok rant over!!.

WriterMommy said...

Dina's eyes look psychotic.

.robert said...

Demetri Martin is on comedy central all the time.

Red on a red carpet.

Vin, looking?

selenakyle said...

Nice fake boobs on the not-being-properly-educated-or-not-really-at-all Ali Lohan.

Poor little boy. Wonder how they'll enhance him to make more money?

Lorin said...

I can't stand Amy's voice

warmislandsun said...

The Lohans really bother me. It looks like Ali is puching her boobs in her brother's face in the first pic. In the second pic, Dina looks younger than Ali. Do they die her hair black, because it does not look natural at all.

Amy Adams must be lacking in vitamin D. She needs atleast ten minutes of sunlight on that skin. Her legs are grossing me out.

Napoleon In Rags said...

Much love for the picture of the Specials! I saw them back in '96 and they put on a better show in a small club than most bands put on in amphitheaters with million dollar stage shows. :D

Gina said...

Demetri Martin is fabulous. Thanks for the pic, Enty!

West End Girl said...

So, is Mandy Moore pregnant then? :p

Lana's Blog said...

Brent yes, Tamara no.

Jealous of JLo's bag. Birkin!

B626 said...

chelsea handler-number one on MY late nite list!

Keisha said...

Halle Berry's baby is the cuteness!

What is up with Ciara's boob in that first pic?

k said...

Honor's adorable but Nahla is gorgeous.

Penelope Cruz is the one I think is pregnant.

Char said...

Dina Lohan has had some work done recently. She looks way younger in that pic. Still looks like a coke whore, but a younger one. Guess that's what she needs the money for. That and coke.

Susan said...

I was at that Green Day concert last was incredible.

The Lohans make me sick...every one of them.

blankprincess said...

"The Chris Isaak Show" on Showtime was so freaking funny! The man is brilliant. How I wish the show would come out on DVD...

Elizabeth said...

Those babies are sweet but my girl blew them all out of the water in the baby looks department, easily.


gay tallywacker said...

So sad that Ali Lohan thought she needed bigger boobs. It kinda looks like Denise R. has her girls at the Grotto.

bionic bunny! said...

demitri martin is easily one of the funniest new comics-- no, entertainer out there! plus he's amberdexterist (forget spell check... dude can write/draw with both hands at the same time!)! i'm just pissed they moved him to a different time slot, so i keep missing him!

amy is a true red-head... the sun will do hell to her skin, so she has to stay that ungodly white!

hey, enty (and fellow commenters), will my grandaughter get equal face time when she's born in november??:) she's bound to be cuter than ANY celeb baby, right?

gossip said...

West End Girl, according to Enty, Mandy's been pregnant since she got married...

Nahla is a cutie.

linnea said...

of course bunny!!!

Now, I am going to post this on the Ryan Reynolds item too, but did you guus pick up this little thing from the NYT? There was this long article about renting out your house to a movie set, and there was this little nugget in there:
"“Oh, I loved Betty White,” Blair said. “She was holding Mocha between every scene. She would always talk to us. She’d say, ‘Oh, I like those earrings, Blair,’ ‘You look pretty today, Blair.’ ”

Except for Mr. Reynolds, who seemed to be preoccupied between takes with text-messaging Scarlett Johansson — they became engaged during the filming — the actors all went out of their way to reach out."

They were pretty slick about it, but it does seem as though he wasnt very nice...

Aimée said...

I refuse to believe that Bridget blind item...REFUSE :'-(

Beth said...

Post Chris Isaak as often as possible. That's it.

Lothar said...

Graham Norton's guest is Reichen from The Amazing Race, Dante's Cove and Lance Bass' Big Gay Coming Out Party.

__-__=__ said...

Did somebody say hooves????

DNfromMN said...

Lothar - no way, unless he's had more bad plastic surgery.

mngddess said...

Demetri Martin? ".. here's a graph of my ability to draw mountains over time..." LMAO. If you haven't seen him; he's on youtube. Enty, I luvs you even MORE. Please, please have an L.A. suaree and invite me..and most everyone here, please?

Miss said...

a hahaaaa that first pic of Lohan I totally thought was Demi!!!

too funny

lol @ the Paul G caption