Friday, September 25, 2009

I'm Actually Supporting Aubrey O'Day

Tuesday was the debut of Aubrey O'Day in Peepshow which is the show on Vegas that also stars Holly Madison. During the show someone took a photo of Aubrey and Holly when they were topless and then of course posted them online. No big deal right? I mean each of them has been in Playboy and lots of people have seen them topless. I mean Aubrey barely wears any clothes when she is on a red carpet so this was nothing new.

Well, Aubrey didn't look perfect in her photo and some bloggers and one specifically that she mentions in the video said that she looked ugly her body looked horrible without retouching. According to Aubrey that made her feel really insecure about her body and she was going to quit the show and even took Wednesday night off from the show because of how bad the comments made her feel.

As I said yesterday I think all people men or women should feel comfortable in their own skin and there is absolutely nothing wrong with Aubrey's body. In her video she shows off her body and says that she is proud of it and that anyone who doesn't like it can f**k off.

Whatever you may think of Aubrey and hopefully you are not thinking of her too often, she at least is willing to stand up for how she feels about herself and is sending out a positive message to others about how they should feel when it comes to their bodies.

In the video she drops a couple of f bombs and also strips to a see through bra so you may want to think about that before watching it from work.


Mooshki said...

No one should ever listen to that "one specific" blogger anyway. Or anyone who comments at his site. (I'm assuming it's you-know-who; I don't go there anymore.)

I really thought we were about to have a backlash against all this crap about trying to look "perfect," but it hasn't happened yet. :(

melanie said...

I don't really understand who Aubrey O Day is, same with Phoebe Price

GladysKravitz said...

I was prepared to dislike her when I started the video. She is actually quite impressive, and brave. And there is absolutely nothing wrong with her body. Most women would (and in Hollywood, do) pay a lot of money to look like her.

None of us should be judged by how we look, and if it's that POS Perez that did the judging (like Moosh, I no longer go there. I refuse to support him by letting him count me as a hit), then he especially should not make any judgements. Glass houses.

cosina said...

Who is he to judge Aubrey O'Day or anyone else for that matter. That video on target.

pomme said...

she looks better with make-up and natural hair

Cute Little Redhead said...

I thought this was really awesome and I loved what she had to say and how naturally she said it.

Why does anyone listen to Perez?
Why? He is the lowest form of life.

So, go Aubrey. You rock in my book.

ps...I would kill for her tummy.
That is my nemisis. I am okay with my small boobs. But just once in life I would love to have a smooth, flat stomach.

Cute Little Redhead said...

@pomme, did you mean to say that she looks better "without" make-up and "with" natural hair?

If so, I totally agree. I think she looks lovely in that video just as she is. In fact, the no make-up and the natural hair makes her beautiful in a way that styled hair and lots of make-up would never achieve.

childeroland said...

Perez -- assuming it's him/it/she who even wrote that post and not his sister or something -- isn't worth worrying about; anyway, Aubrey looks great in that pic.

Majik said...

Hmmmm.....not so insecure about herself that she isn't able to go naked on stage...I don't understand why she can't keep her clothes on to sing--oh, right. She's a ho.

Good points made by a hypocrite. Can we have a better spokesperson for this issue, please?

Alex de Campi said...

I was surprised and delighted by Aubrey's response to the photos. You go, girl.

Anonymous said...

She looks like she has a mustache in that photo and if she were so happy with her body she wouldn't have bought boobs.

selenakyle said...

Way late here, Saturday 2:00pm on the EC...

ITA! Go Aubrey!

I've always looked down on her for being so trashy looking but in this vid she shines.

I know everyone in Hwood has a persona, blah, blah, but if only she would let her natural self be out there all the time--she is naturally gorgeous!

Rocking body, gorgeous hair, gorgeous face, natural eyes.

Oh well. But kudos to her anyway,even if she goes back to looking like a two-bit whore...


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