Thursday, September 03, 2009

Random Photos Part One

Hugh Jackman gets the top spot today because he is still out there selling tickets to Wolverine which had it's premiere in Japan.
Ashley Greene headed back to Los Angeles. With the exception of say the top three stars in these Twilight movies, I need to say the rest of them are about as down to earth as you are going to find for people who are photographed almost constantly. When they fly, which they do every week, it is very rare for them to go to the First Class lounges. For the most part they stick around and wait with everyone else even though they know they will be photographed and asked for autographs. They don't hide out in their hotel rooms and are really nice people. I give lots of crap to celebrities who think they are better than everyone else, but this cast is pretty down to earth.

Competing with Ashley Greene for who can carry the most stuff at one time is Common who is carrying all of Serena Williams' stuff.
Barcelona Fashion week this week. Apparently mosquito netting can now be worn.
Don't think the 80's are back? Think again. It's like watching Terminator and Pretty In Pink at one time.
I threw up more than a little when I saw this.
The ridiculously good looking couple of the day award goes to Gabriel Garko & Laura Torrisi.
"Welcome to Fantasy Island."

Hayley Wood at the DJ AM funeral.
Travis Barker was also there.
When did they start giving out stars at Karate class?
I guess that Jessica Alba hair color from yesterday was real and not a wig. Here she is with Kelly Sawyer.
Jennifer Connelly in InStyle. Notice that the heels don't reach the ground. I am no fashion expert, but it would seem that this would be a difficult way to walk.
With these boots you don't even need pants.
Yes, yes, this is Lo Bosworth. Forget about her for a second and focus on the metal grate on which she is standing. That grate is my enemy. I cannot tell you how many times I have tripped on that thing and fallen to the ground. Granted I was drunk each of those times, but it is my enemy.
Not in a million years would I let Lindsay Lohan hold my baby.
Senior prom night 2009.
Melissa Gilbert and her newest way to make money. Prairie-cize.
Two days in a row of SJP. We need different cast members. So, here is Cynthia Nixon and
David Eigenberg.
Shia LaBeouf and his driver. I mean girlfriend, Carey Mulligan.
Almost a smile from Sam Ronson. Almost. Oh, and Benji Madden.
Scott Weiland - Las Vegas
Tyra Banks and Bow Wow. If they became a couple they would be called Ba Bo Wo which is also the name of a Star Wars character.
Viggo. Enough said.


MontanaMarriott said...

Uhm who is kissing Nic Cage?
Bad nosejob on whoever it is, btw

DNfromMN said...

I miss the days of daily Hugh Jackman photos. So thanks for the double photos today, Ent!

Viggo suddenly looks a lot younger, and shorter than I remember.

Jennifer Connelly is beautiful, if a little too skinny.

Those Barcelona models don't have enough pockets. I think we should sew some more on. No, really.

Quintessential Southerner said...

viggo looks refreshed and nice.

RocketQueen said...

@MontanaM - it's Eva Mendes.

Wow - SamRo looks almost pretty there!

whole_lotto _luv said...

I feel incredibly sad for the family & friends of DJ AM, even Travis Barker.

Shia's just trying to make his hot mama jealous.

Didn't know Scott Weiland was still alive.

Oh, Viggo, Viggo, I do love him.

littlemanwhatnow said...

i edited that lindsay lohan photo...enty did you pay for that?....hehehe

blog hopper said...

Eva looks like she's going to throw up too.

Why is Tyra Banks kissing Bow Wow?

writeaway-22 said...

Is that the same dress Mariah wore in her video Vision of Love? Girl needs to update her wardrobe!

Caroline said...

I have a question about fashion week...Why do they always have the models wearing outrageous outfits like the ones above when no one would ever wear them. I mean do they even sell the outfits like they show on the runway?

Mooshki said...

I'm starting to wonder if Hugh Jackman is the second coming. He really is just about perfect.

The Twilight set seems to be the Anti-Grey's Anatomy. People get along with each other, and have fun.

Serena Williams is my idol. Seriously.

Oh #*(@&$, I was hoping that SJP outfit was a fluke. '80s fashion = BAD, people! Trust me, I was there.

Way to go, Alba, you've managed to make yourself even more bland.

But where's the Rojo Caliente?!!!

Thanks, Enty, if I send that pic of Viggo to my bff, I bet she'll treat me to lunch.

Mooshki said...

Blog hopper, he was a guest on her show and he said he had a crush on her, so she let him kiss her.

SkittleKitty said...

Yay, Viggo.


How can he be in his 50s and look this good?

blog hopper said...

Thanks Mooshki!

Samantha Ronson looks like she's about to start laughing.

Lana's Blog said...

Ashley Green sure is pretty.

Same for Common.

Is that Eva Mendes?

Is Kate Hud prego.. that skank.

I don't like Alba blond. Looks really fake.

Why do we need to know about Lo?

Mariah's hair is from Vision of Love too!

Babs said...

Some people can't pull off being blonde. Jessica Alba is one of them.

(sigh) ... Ah, Viggo ... (sigh) You can come over any time. And bring your sword. said...

Methinks Samro might be wearing some makeup. It looks good on her.

Harriet Hellfire said...

Oh, Viggo! He looks good with long hair!

Caroline, as far as I know, there are two kinds of fashion shows; Haute Couture which is all the weird, futuristic stuff you think nobody would actually wear, and then there's Pret a Porter which is the stuff that you would find in stores. Thing is, I think these pictures are from the latter...*L*

Harriet Hellfire said...

Also, I know I shouldn't be, but I am SO EXCITED for the Sex And The City movie! *L*

Paisley said...

Wasn't there a blind item everyone thought was Eva Mendes and Nick Cage? Around the time of Ghost Rider. Pregnancy rumors around the time she went to rehab? I'm blanking.

liza said...

Viggo needs to stay at this weight for, like, ever. Also, I really want to hate his girlfriend but they, goddamn, they make the cutest couple ever :P Ok ... I hate her now :D

Ms Cool said...

Too soon to ask for Daniel Craig?

OK. I will settle for Viggo.

The Northman said...

Hugh is yummy!

Love Common. LMAO that he's man enough to be seen carrying his GF's purse!

Oh look Eva and Nic are trying to rekindle the 'spark and chemistry' they had in Ghost Rider...BARF.

Must Google Gabriel Garko... need more hot pics...

That Haley Wood girl just rubs me the wrong way. RIP DJ AM.

Uh Mariah...Vision Of Love was 1990...LET IT GO!

Enty what's up with the dig at Carey Mulligan?

Is it wrong that I like SamRo whenever she's NOT with LiLo?

Viggo; nuff said indeed.

Mooshki said...

Ms. Cool, you don't want to see a current picture of Daniel Craig. I think he's lost muscle weight, and he has the SCARIEST pornstache. I saw a picture of him today that I really wish I could un-see. :( Time to end the play and get back to James Bond mode!

figgy said...

Wow, that Common is very handsome man. But then Serena is a very cool chick! Love her.

I love that Ashley Green takes her doggie with her.

Olive skinned white women (Jessica Alba, Kim Kardashian) should NOT do blonde. On the other hand, some black women look great as blondes, like Mary J Blige.

LiLo is about to run off with that baby and sell her for crack, be careful.

figgy said...

I was at a play at a very small theater here in Chicago and afterwards some of us stayed to talk to the actors. I looked at the guy next to me and *shazzam* it was David Eigenberg! Just being all totally cool and down-to-earth and complimenting the actors. No one bugged him at all about SATC or whatever.

He's pretty small but SO cute.

Lana's Blog said...

^ cool story figgy!

califblondy said...

I just saw Apaloosa last weekend and Viggo was soooo good.

Any guy who carries his woman's purse is my hero and if you find a guy willing to dig to the bottom of a purse for a tampon, you've got a keeper.

sunnyside1213 said...

Ashley is adorable.

Viggo is hot. Love him.

I knew Scott Weiland's mother. He got his younger brother hooked and she was pissed. Said Scott had the money for rehab. Twice. Younger brother did not.

Daniel Alex said...

It looks like Benji is doing his best Sam Ronson growl and it is making her laugh. Great picture!

Pookie said...

hugh jackman just seems to keep his pr peeps happy. i respect that. go him!

wow, even I hole up in the admiral's clubs when i travel...kudos and applause to the twilight peeps. *impressed*

*kinda liking serena's bag*

barf on barcelona fashion wk.

omg, that italian couple is the gorge!

enry, try the grates with skinny stilettos. best way to sprain an ankle...and i'm stiletto savvy. *voice of experience*

teehee @ "Prairie-cize".

t-man said...

just looking at nic cage makes me want to vomit. he is the worst actor in the world. i've never been able to take the oscars seriously since he won best actor for 'leaving las vegas'. oh sure, there were plenty of stupid choices in the past, but his was the worst.

as for jennifer connoly in those seemingly useless boots, there are many foot pervs out there who would tell you that those boots would be quite useful.

and has anybody ever seen travis barker and ryan gosling in the same place at the same time? hmmm? blew your mind there, didn't i?

devildana said...

I want to eat marshmallows and chocolate off of Viggo. I would lose 50 pounds for him.
(See if you give me Viggo, I don't give Linsanity crap)

ardleigh said...

Be still my heart, Hugh twice in one day!! If he were truly welcoming me to Fantasy Island they'd clone him. OH come on they can clone a damn sheep!

Maybe Nick Cage asked Eva if he had anything in his teeth.

I'd pay that baby money if it threw up on Lilo! Just to see her face.

B626 said...

Ghost Rider 2?!

Ms Cool said...

Mookshi - Rats!

anita_mark said...

Re the stars on the martial arts uniforms, you've obviously never tried to teach kids a martial art. Their attention span is 20 seconds so for them to learn everything they need to know to advance to the next belt, it would take them years. So to keep them encouraged,you come up with incentives. It's not bad-ass but as long as the school doesn't do that with adults, it's acceptable.

I've always thought men who carry their woman's purse are pussies. It's emasculating.

Robin the Mad Photographer said...

OK, maybe I'm overly sensitive, but it seems highly disrespectful to be photographed smoking up a storm while at the graveside of a man who may have killed himself, whom you recently dumped, and for whom the breakup may have been the proverbial straw on the camel's back. (I know I read a news story over the past couple of days that described the scene at AM's apartment when they found him, and mentioned that the valentine she gave him this year was on top of his closed laptop...Not that his death would be her fault per se, but damn, show a little class and hold off on your nic fit until you're out of the damn cemetary!)

Allison said...

I want my own Common. Serena is one lucky woman. Real men want to take care of their women, so if that means holding all her stuff, he would do so with a smile on his face. Sigh. Common is so much hotter to me now and he was already up there among my celebrity crushes.

nunaurbiz said...

I had to catch my breath before writing this. Great. Viggo. Photo. Thanks. Enty!

Alice D Millionaire said...

"With the exception of say the top three stars in these Twilight movies, I need to say the rest of them are about as down to earth as you are going to find for people who are photographed almost constantly."

So is Enty. saying Kristen, Rob, and Taylor are not down to earth? I am not disagreeing but I have not really heard anything about them being divas. That said I could totally see Taylor flexing and posing in front of the mirror.

Viggo man you look so good. I don't usually find actors that hot...are usually too pretty for me...but this is an exception.

Leah said...

Doesn't it look like Ashley Greene's dog has a soother in his mouth?
It's just his muzzle, but I did a double take, twice!

NotAMeanGirl said...

I normally don't comment here but Enty, you asked when karate started giving kids stars...

My son JUST started Tae Kwan Do and there is a program where kids are rewarded with stars for their uniform for doing good acts. Good grades, behavior or simply reaching a goal set by the teacher such as "Do something nice for your sister 3 times next week."

It's a great program to help kids get their attitudes and head space into the place that martial arts requires and it helps them be better people in general. It's the whole mind, body, spirit approach to martial arts.

Pandora said...

I'm melting.


TY, Enty, you have just fueled my long weekend fantasies.

Alice D Millionaire said...

Kruger is wearing the same shoes as Connelly in her Interview Mag. piece. I think Kriger is pretty but these pictures are incredible.

MoodyBlueEyes said...

Mmmmmmm.... Common. He's just such a fine looking man, always so clean cut and well dressed. I had no clue he and Serena were an item - that's awesome!

Blonde is not working on Jessica Alba, at all.

The baby looks like it's trying to choke Lindsay! Or pull out a chunk of her nasty hair...

I like that pic of SamRo and Benji - it's cute!

Scott Weiland. *sigh*. I have always been a huge STP fan, not so much his solo stuff. Wish he hadn't fallen so hard into drugs - talented guy.

Viggo looks smokin' in that pic! Did he just lose 20 years or what?

braverwoman said...

Scott Weiland - a real piece of work. Total self-absorbed (aren't they all) unrepentant addict. My brother-in-law was in rehab with him in the mid-90's. Probably when STP took their first hiatus so Scott could get clean. My brother-in-law died 4 years ago from drug related causes. He was 41 and a lot like Weiland.

shelley502 said...

You mean Scott Weiland hasn't ODed yet?