Friday, September 25, 2009

Random Photos Part One

Top spot for Gerard Butler & Jon Bon Jovi. A random combination for sure and I don't think you will have any complaints. If you do, I think I might have some more pictures in here to make it up to you.
A picture of Bill Murray and an apple is probably not going to make it up to you. The goofiest smile ever though.
How about Bruce Willis and his wife? Does anyone else think she looks really similar to Demi?
So, if you shaved all of Rumer's hair off how close would she look to her dad?
Apparently someone just told a Billy Bob Thornton joke.
Cate Blanchett and her husband Andrew Upton.
Candace Cameron Bure looks great.
Even Denise Richards looks nice. I think I said two nice things about Denise this week. I need to make up for that somehow.
Gisele Bundchen walking down the street. Everyone excited now?
Oh, Hugh Jackman needed a ride and none of you volunteered? How could you leave the man to get around on his own?
Has anyone actually seen Extract because I am thinking about going this weekend?
Check out the shoes. Have you stopped laughing yet? I believe the current price on those shoes is $400, but the douchiness is priceless.
John Prendergast and Andie MacDowell. Oh and I had Bill Murray earlier. It is like Groundhog Day again but without the Groundhog or the drinking that I normally do to accompany a viewing of the movie.
Joe Perry still looking like a rocker. Close to a rocking chair, but still looking like a rocker.
I think Kristin Chenoweth is my new most likely to be invited to the basement.
Kathy Ireland with the big hair.
Some definite randomness. LaToya and AnnaLynne McCord.
Patrick Dempsey in Spain promoting Subaru.
Also in Spain is the Princess which makes sense since she lives there. Here she is thinking she is talking to her husband before she realizes, it is in fact, an actual mannequin.
Mickey Rourke goes for the sly crotch grab.
I still don;t understand the whole Rick Fox Eliza Dushku coupling. They seem like an odd match.
I always have room for Tia Carrere.
Vince is back. He is in a new movie with Jason Bateman.
One of the greatest bands ever. Wolfmother - Melbourne.


RocketQueen said...

Love Vince V. He always makes me laugh ;)

Lol @ the Kristin Chenoweth caption - very creepy, Enty.

Jon Gosselin - yep, still dumpy and gross.

Jon Bon Jovi must have gone for teeth whitening just an hour before. My eyes!

libby said...

I just read a quote from Vince V, who is newly engaged, about how this is the first time in his life that he wants kids.

Any guesses as to how long that quote from VV's junket gets spun into a yet another 'poor, poor lonely Jen' story?

A Pimp Named DaveR said...

I will second Enty's comment about Wolfmother. Saw them opening for the Killers, and they just blew me away. Fantastic, fantastic band.

Mooshki said...

Couples Retreat looks so damned funny, I can't wait.

SkittleKitty said...

Rick Fox and Eliza Dushka? Missed that entirely, and yes, it seems weird.

My husband is totally turned off/freaked out by Kristin Chenoweth. Between the voice and her tininess, he made me change the channel during Letterman last night. As talented and generally attractive as she is, her forehead looks really huge with her hair this way.

Has Mickey had yet another facial tweaking?

Is Jon Gosselin seriously wearing LV shoes? Lord, he's such an idiot.

libby said...

It makes me SICK how every Jackson relative (except Janet, who still gets incoming calls) is suddenly being invited everywhere.
And the brothers put themselves as backing vocals on MJ's 'last ever' song. They all just milk it and milk it.

Quintessential Southerner said...

how are the killers in concert?

rick fox has lost his looks--MAJOR.

notvotingforsuckno said...

I saw Extract. It was really funny and Milla looks really hot throughout. I wouldn't consider it a must-see in the theater, but you won't regret it either.

Karmen said...

Enty - I saw Extract. Meh. Not too impressed. Love Jason Bateman and Office Space, but not too crazy bout this movie.

Anonymous said...

Love the Killers, but not wolfmother.

Cheryl said...

There have been rumors and blind items that Rick Fox is ill.

ardleigh said...

Hell I'd carry Hugh anywhere he wanted to go. I'd make a joke about being willing to give him a ride but then I might have to go anon. ;)

B626 said...

That's one of your most random randoms!
GroundHog Day & Bill
my favorite movie to quote.

YES she's a miniDemi

Dang, Enty they are already yanking Extract out of theaters in the midwest looks like I'll have to wait for rental. For the record I giggled all the way thru Idiocray.

Please La Toya, stay home

Joe Perry is pissed at Steven Tyler and I don't blame him
Except for the part where they're
millionaires mucho times over.
Senior citizens can be so grouchy!

Rick & Eliza?
Noo Way HooWayne!!

Wolfmother Guitar Hero yup

BlahFrickinBlah said...

Jon Bon Jovi-Wanna fuck him and have wanted to fuck him since 1985. Swoon. Like fine wine I tells ya.

Brad, baby, trim that shit down please.

I'd Hugh a ride and then some. Then we would run over that douchebag Jon G.and laugh. Then we would backup over those shoes and laugh some more. Good times.

Rick Fox and Eliza would have some gorgeous kids. Crazy gorgeous.

Patrick Dempsey-he might be a douche but that's one douche I'd bang.

nunaurbiz said...

Gerry and JBJ ... Enty thank you thank you thank you thank you thank you thank you thank you you thank you you thank you thank you thank you thank you

I will hoist a few drinks in your honor tonight (right after I take a cold shower.....)

MWAH! Love ya baby!

Scooby Dubious said...

Bon Jovi's mega-choppers look like they spend their nights in a glass of water on the bedside table.

Majik said...

I'm sorry, but I can't say "Wolfmother" without a silly German Hogan's Heroes accent...


Try it, you won't be able to hear it the same way again.

Amanda Franchard. said...

Jon Gosselin quite nicely shows that money does not buy class.

Kinsey Holley said...

I dunno, I think Rick Fox is still mighty pretty. But Brad P is going for some kind of crazy moonshiner grampa look and I don't like.

Cate Blanchett is an ethereal wonder. That face...

I LOVE to see super models get big when they're pregnant. Does that make me a bitch?

Unfortunate Couture said...

Did Mickey Rourke sign up for some sort of Kabuki theatre gig? Or did he die and nobody's telling the corpse?

Tia Carrerre always looks like she's a colossal bitch. Maybe it's just me.

And Wolfmother FTW

Mic said...


Anonymous said...

Off Topic:

So, Hilary Swank is part black. And after that investment bank appointed Obama president, her crew were toying with the idea of having her "come out" about her heritage. Ultimately, they decided that the move would look too crass and opportunistic, so Hil decided to sit tight.

But remember, this is the same woman who sold her (ex) husband down the river in order to get some ink in Vanity Fair.

Don't be surprised at the revelation above coming to light right before the Amelia Earhart film opens.

Anonymous said...

Off Topic:

Q. Which good-looking, solid actor has a microscopic career because of his inability to accept that his attractiveness to both women and men should be exploited and used to enhance his prospects?

A. Casper Van Dien

Q. Which actor doesn't have this issue and has the career to show for it?

A. Virtually every A-list actor under the age of fifty working in Hollywood today.

(Honorable Mention for an actor whose situation is akin to Van Dien's: Billy Zane)

Anonymous said...

Off Topic:

Chelsea Handler isn't 34, but she was several years ago. She's taken a page out of the Catherine Zeta Jones playbook.

Too bad middle-age is hitting both like a cream pie hitting a brick wall.

Anonymous said...

An incomparably sad and angry man with personal issues that dwarf his considerable appetite:

John Goodman

Anonymous said...

The Winona Ryder story won't have a happy ending, either.

Anonymous said...

Tori Spelling's truly unforgivable sin?
Being born ugly to a prominent Hollywood family.

In truth, she is the spitting image of both of her unattractive parents, but that fact has been overlooked in every attempt to improve her appearance.

Result? Two botched rhinoplasties and at least that many sets of horrific breast implants.

And a husband who is repelled by her face (but who isn't going ANYWHERE until their community property includes a beach house).

Though her mother demanded that Charlie Shanian sign a pre-nup before she would let a wedding take place, Candy wasn't around when Dean entered the picture.


Anonymous said...

The other Hollywood girl whose background is remarkably similar to Tori's (jewish; producer's daughter; same generation), but whose photogenic looks (and family connections) ensured enviable success in modeling and movies, and a truly loving husband?

Phoebe Cates

hotchacha said...

Mickey Rourke needs to be the next Joker.

Anonymous said...

That ridiculous tattoo of Tori (which looks just like her), is rather oddly placed: It's on the BACK of Dean's left arm.

Which makes perfect sense when you learn that by having it inked there, Dean never has to look at it himself, and that he had decided early-on that any future laser scarring in that location was something he could live with.

For a price, of course.

Anonymous said...

Something in common: Caster Semenaya, Jamie Lee Curtis, Nicole Kidman.

Anonymous said...

Shirley Jones: Gracious, genuine, bawdy sense of humor. Married to an absolute buffoon. Opposites attract.

Anonymous said...

A pitch-perfect portrayal of one of the most famous women of the 20th century, achieved by masterfully underplaying the small part: Jean Tripplehorn as Jacqueline Bouvier Kennedy Onassis in Grey Gardens.

Two extraordinary, tour de force performances in the same movie: Jessica Lange and Drew Barrymore as "Big Edie" and "Little Edie" Bouvier Beale.

Should have been a feature film.

Harriet Hellfire said...

Well, this is quite awesome! *L*

Mooshki said...

Kinsey, I love it even more when models fall down, so if you're a bitch, I'm a triple bitch. :)

Wow, Anonymous, bring it on!

Don't know Caster, but it would explain why Nicole had a surrogate. It's funny, but the fact that Jamie Lee Curtis is intersexual (is that the right word?) makes me love her even more.

Casper Van Dien is an idiot. Everyone in Hollywood is judged by their looks. Even someone like Steve Buscemi benefits from his unconventional looks to get a certain kind of part. (And that is in no way meant as a criticism of him. I love him to death, and think he is extremely sexy in his own way.)

Anonymous said...

Success as the very best revenge: Michael Sheen's rapidly expanding film career in the face of Kate Beckinsale's flameout and increasing desperation.

She left Sheen for Hollywood fame and the chance to have her future shaped by a (then) up-and-coming director.

What she got instead: a set of concrete grapefruits and a husband who is ready to ship her back to Jolly Olde England.

Comic relief: Kate as Ava Gardner (!!!) in that turgid Howard Hughes movie.

Anonymous said...

And speaking of England, and yet another Brit gal whose ambition is far larger than her talent: Presenting Sophie.

Rest assured, she is determined not to be the next Kate. Unfortunately, she looks more like that hooker who was trying to land Nick Lachey for a while, rather than a proper "English Rose."

And her acting is merely serviceable, but she has shrewdly stuck to comedies, so that that fact is less apparent.

How she's hedging her bet: Marriage to what the Brits call a "royal," albeit a minor, impoverished one.

They made a beeline for Hollywood about 30 seconds after the wedding reception ended.

Big Trouble on the horizon: Freddie likes the boys, and ONLY the boys. But as a dutiful member of the so-called aristocracy should, he married to keep up appearances. Problem is, he's just landed in the candy store. And only one of the couple has a proper job and it's not him.

But he'll find ways to fill-up his, er, time.

Anonymous said...

What price, fame? The hard truth?

Ask John Travolta.

Anonymous said...

Want a reminder of why Terri Hatcher was once the hottest thing on two very long legs?

Find a copy of "The Big Picture," with Kevin Bacon, Jennifer Jason Leigh, J.T. Walsh and Michael McKean. A sweet, funny movie.

Best line uttered in the film by Kevin Bacon's character's estranged wife:

"Oh, I didn't recognize you without that starlet sitting on your face."

And the "starlet" in question is none other than Terri, in some of her very best work.

Anonymous said...

Pound for pound, the two families who have brought more talent and artistry to Hollywood than virtually all others, based on the astonishing quality and breadth of their work?

The Fondas and the Hustons.

Anonymous said...

Simon Cowell:

Square head
No chin
Big teats
Flat arse

Oh, and smokes like a coal-fired locomotive.

But she's got a great personality, LOL.

Anonymous said...

Off Topic:

When, arguably, a lot of it started to go south for the good ol' USA: The moment Ken Starr subpoenaed Monica Lewinsky's book-buying records.

And most of the rest of us placidly continued watching the circus, popcorn at hand.

Money spent to investigate Bill Clinton's cum stains: $100 million.

Money spent to investigate the events of 9/11/01: $15 million.

Runners up: GWB expressing that, "The Constitution is just a goddamed piece of paper."

And then, crypt-keeper Nancy Pelosi abetting him: "Impeachment is off the table."

Those two should have been tried TOGETHER.

Awake yet?

Anonymous said...

Film Perfection:

"Lars And The Real Girl"

Anonymous said...

Example of a hack trying to capture the simple brilliance of "Lars" by remaking a classic: Spielberg's upcoming version of "Harvey."

Anonymous said...

Shameless example of his earlier thievery:

"Poltergeist," which is a very good thriller, assuming that the viewer has absolutely no knowledge of a film which predates it: "The Amityville Horror."

Quintessential Southerner said...

Anonymous, give me more.

Quintessential Southerner said...

"Something in common: Caster Semenaya, Jamie Lee Curtis, Nicole Kidman."

STFU. just kidding. people have been saying that shit about jamie lee curtis for eons.

spill on keanu reeves. pretty please. i hope that i can handle it.

Anonymous said...

Keanu: Surprisingly, appearing rather corn-fed looking in "The River's Edge," but quite appealing nonetheless, and wearing some very authentic-looking grayish (originally white) jockey shorts. Great scene. Must have been Method Acting, LOL.

Anonymous said...

They will have to create a special award for the performance that Renee Zellweger is giving currently. It's that good. And as the saying goes, "They'll love it in Omaha!" Which would be the intended demographic.

The fascinating part: Evidently, somewhere between marrying and then annulling a gay man (Kenny) and then going on to "date" ANOTHER (Dan Abrams), she decided finally to fully embrace her sincere preference for the company of men of a certain type.

Which brings us to the present situation. An In-Your-Face to the other infamously unlucky-in-love sob-sister who struck out with him? Or is it just business for Renee?

Can't say whether she knew the real deal about Kenny before she married him, but even the civilians down in Key West were well aware of his private life, and were surprised when he married a girl.

At any rate, Renee seems to be going for the hat trick. And she and her mouthpieces have skillfully updated the old Hollywood standard of planting selective press with favored columnists for due consideration in kind.

Columnists, of course, have been updated to mean Bloggers, and if you want to see how on-board some have been, check out the recent gush job attesting to Coop's hetero-ness put out by Lainey. Nice piece of fiction, if a little too obvious.

But she delivered the goods. Maximally. And one hopes she's now driving a new Audi because of it (with all former respect to be lost if she actually settled for a mere handbag), LOL.

Anonymous said...

On the other hand...

Zellweger in "Cold Mountain."

Just awful. She chewed her way through the scenery in that film like it was a plate of grits and biscuits. And Renee provided the ham.

Anonymous said...

Yeah, yeah, we've all heard about Candy's "gift-wrapping room" in that ridiculous conference center/corporate retreat facility she calls home.

Less well known is the fact that there are actually TWO such rooms. One is intended for Candy to prepare gifts for others. The second room is exclusively for wrapping gifts to herself.

Guess which one hasn't seen much use over the years?

chihuahuense said...

call me stupid, but I had no idea Nicole used a surrogate! Is this common knowledge?

These are great reads!

Mooshki said...

Chihuahuense, there was a lot of disagreement here on what exactly was going on with her "pregnancy," but a lot of people, including me, don't think she carried the child herself.

Anonymous said...

You should see Citizen Kane (1941) if you haven't. It's a monumental work of art that also achieves the unthinkable: Tweaking a giant.

In this case, the giant, or rather, the tyrant, was William Randolph Hearst, who, through his newspaper holdings, had a virtually press monopoly in this country for many years.

He was a powerful, dangerous and unscrupulous man; not one to be made an enemy of.

How did Orson Welles (in his feature film debut, no less) do it?

By weaving a wonderful story around the quest to learn the meaning behind "Rosebud," the last word uttered in the film by press-titan Kane (Hearst) on his deathbed.

As a result, the word "Rosebud" is spoken literally dozens of times, throughout the movie.

In real life, "Rosebud" was actually W.R. Hearst's secret pet name for his beloved mistress's (the actress Marion Davies in real life) pudenda.

What Welles did was comparable to someone making a film today about Rupert Murdoch's life and lacing it with multiple references to, say, a "chinese box" or something like that, with the key phrase, of course, being Murdoch's private name for his wife's vagina.

Citizen Kane spelled the beginning of the end of Hearst's insidious monopoly.

Unfortunately, we are at a place in history where one man's stranglehold on communication is even greater (through print, radio and TV holdings), than Hearst ever dreamed of.

Anonymous said...

Re: Nicole's pregnancy. Trust that the people who work with Hollywood magic everyday can pull off some remarkable things. And some that are simply clever.

Although that supposed late-stage pregnancy sighting of Katie Holmes with an obvious basketball stuck up her shirt was just heinous.

Lana's Blog said...

Loving Anonymous!

Anonymous said...

La Toya Jackson seems to be racking up the frequent-flier miles these days (her wigs accumulate miles individually), what with her personal appearances all over the country.

The irony? Since the death of her brother, La Toya now actually has SOMETHING TO DO. She has latched onto a real "career" at a fairly late stage in life.

It wasn't always so. Yours truly was in the crowd when she caused a riot at a "gentlemen's club" north of Philadelphia, back in '93 or '94. I'm fairly certain this was after she had appeared in Playboy—and was still married to Jack Gordon.

She'd been paid to strip, as the headline attraction. But when she finally graced the stage, all La Toya did was warble a few feeble notes, turned and gyrated some, and then exited the stage.

Wellllll, the Pennsylvania farm boys and the mechanics and the truck drivers weren't having any of THAT. They tried to take the place apart. Bottles thrown, broken furniture, the works. La Toya had to flee. After damages had been paid, I don't think she could have made any money from that outing. In any case, the "tour" that was supposed to kick off with that appearance came to an abrupt halt.

And La Toya has struggled financially in the many years since. Still bat-shit crazy as ever, but she's at least approaching solvency. Maybe.

Lana's Blog said...

Anonymous - anything on Brangelina?

TinselSass said...

Anonymous And All -

RE: Catherine Zeta J and Chelsea H and pulling off the "younger birthdate claims"... any thought on how so many people are paid off?! Think of how many people a person encounters in life before becoming famous who would know the truth and the number of recorder keepers who would have to be paid off?! Very impressive.

The H Swank race story and the Nicole K fake pregnancy are CLASSIC Hollywood and totally believable. Share more!

Anything on Will and Jada so we can end the $cientology guessing game?!

Your comment:
What price, fame? The hard truth?
Ask John Travolta.
Sadly, profoundly, true.