Friday, October 16, 2009

Random Photos Part One

Monty Python 40th Anniversary. That is top spot guaranteed.
This bear in Colorado broke into the car of this family. They were alerted when the bear tried to get out and the alarm went off.
Alexandra Maria Lara tries to keep a straight face as Sam Riley goes in for the kiss.
Ashley Tisdale - Los Angeles
Cindy Crawford and Lily Allen who just has not looked the same in the past few weeks.
Cindy Crawford and Mel B. I wanted pictures of the three together but it didn't happen.
I'm no sweater expert, but I'm guessing Cameron Diaz's is pretty much stretched out for good now.
Cary Lowell and Richard Gere in Rome.
Chris Martin - New York
With the hand on the arm, it almost looks like David Beckham is getting arrested.
I love Daisy Fuentes.
Fleetwood Mac - Rotterdam
Garth Brooks is coming back. All it took was a big pile of cash from Steve Wynn.
John Stamos and Gina Gershon after opening night of Bye Bye Birdie which is supposedly so awful that it would have closed last night except for them. Apparently people will go see uncle Jesse in anything.
So, for those of you who like Gabriel, here you go, and the rest of us can look at Halle. It is a win/win.
It really is too much beauty for one picture when you combine Iman with Halle.
Beth managed to get Howard out of the house.
John Mayer & Alicia Keys - New York
Happy to see you too Piven.
I don't want anything bad to happen to people, but I would love it if these diet pills had something wrong with them and the Kardashians also got sued. Work out. Don't use pills.
Lukas Haas keeps plugging away. It must be tough to get famous so young and then never be able to get it back.
Lindsay on her way into court this morning. Over an hour late and she left with another year of probation. In court she said she was moving to Texas. Seriously?
Dear Andrea Soriani and Mark McNabb, can I just tell you how incredible both of you look. Your suits are fantastic and you look fabulous. Congratulations on your achievements.
Do you think that perhaps you could see your way fit to loan me one of your new Maserati's for a year? I promise to write about it everyday and take lots of pictures and won't leave any McDonald's wrappers in it when I give it back. Thanks. By the way have I told you how fabulous you look.
I guess the shoulder pads thing is back huh? No going back? No stopping it? If Mandy Moore is doing it then I guess everyone is doing it. Why don't they just go ahead and remake Working Girl so we can have a shoulder pad fiesta.
Placido Domingo and Anja Harteros. She has the most incredible voice.
Padma Lakshmi is showing, umm, a lot of cleavage. I guess she is enjoying her pregnancy boobs.
Paz Vega looks amazing.
Pete Wentz painting himself one section at a time.
Katy Perry picking up Russell Brand from the airport.
Rhys Ifans always cracks me up.
I thought Paz Vega looked amazing, but it's possible Sofia Milos looks even better.


selenakyle said...

You'd think Lilo could at least brush her effing hair before wadding it up in a messy bun for a court appearance.

she looks sloppy and dirty, as usual.

And she needs to wipe that GD Olsens "say 'prune'" look off her face, too.

shazzzba said...


gossip said...

LOL to the bear.

RocketQueen said...

Monty Python - fuck yeah!

Paz Vega looks FAR better than Padma, without the need for all that cleavage. Take note, Padma!

Whoa. Mel B looks ROUGH.

Didn't Jessica S. already try a shitty remake of Working Girl? Utter fail?

WTH happened with Lukas Haas? He's been excellent in everything I've seen him in - why hasn't that translated to more jobs?

I can't handle Howard STern's hair. Like, seriously. Can't you be a douchebag without looking greasy, too?

Tisdale's getting skankier everytime I see her. Kind of sad but not surprising, I suppose.

Fleetwood Mac 4ever!

Majik said...

Graham Chapman is in the first pic, in spirit. RIP...and can we have your liver?

blog hopper said...

I want the Cindy Crawford's plastic surgeon's number. Just in case...

Also, it's great to see Chris Martin in something other than that military jacket. Love him.

Can we get a national Lohan ban?

.robert said...


How does the bear get into the car without setting off the alarm?

Stern is a skeez.

Ah, El Piverto, but his mask slipped down.

What the hell is wrong with with the LA County justice system? I guess Training Day was closer to the truth than I thought.

Giant 400 pounders probably can't fit in that Maserati, so I'll drive it and tell you all about the experience.

amazonblue said...

How tall is Richard Gere? He looks very little next to his wife.

Steve Wynn looks like a cartoon with the purple hair and orange complexion.

surfer said...

Interesting pics of Cindy Crawford - she's wearing what appears to be the same dress in both shots, but in the second, she's wearing a diamond necklace. Hmmm.

Has anyone ever heard Gabriel Aubry speak? It would be a shame if he had a high-pitched squeaky voice like Becks.

Had to laugh when I read the comments on the first pic of Andrea Soriani and Mark McNabb - I thought you were majorly hinting about the suits, until I scrolled down. Funny though.

Sofia Milos is just stunning, but she looks very different from her CSI Miami days.

Liz said...

If you think the shoulder pads are bad, wait until you see the stirrup pants. They're in the stores already.

Lisa (original) said...

Halle is lovely, but that dress is so very tacky. You don't need to show everything to look hot; especially since we've know she's got a hell of a figure. Paz did it right.

selenakyle said...

Well, fuck-all if I ever wore stirrup pants the first time. Damn sure ain't wearing them NOW!

Anonymous said...

Cindy looks "fresh".

Paisley said...

.robert, bears usually break in through a window. Could have kicked the door open on the way out and set off the alarm.

My cousin was a park ranger in Yosemite. They'd warn campers not to leave any food in the car including the trunk. People would do it anyway. Bears would come in through the window and rip out the backseat to get to the food in the trunk. Happened quite a bit. She had some good pictures of the bears in action.

Anonymous said...

@Surfer: I found this clip of Gabriel speaking and he doesn't sound half bad.

ardleigh said...

The Top Spot makes me want to break into The Lumberjack Song.

I smell Karma if Lilo moves next to George W. (hahaha)! Poor Texas haven't they burden enough already with having to put up with George.

Preciousredtx said...

Lilo....STAY AWAY...we dont want you here!!!

Majik said...

@.robert....what flavour is it?

B626 said...

Howard and Beth! what a suprisingly great looking couple.
Hope she leaves him to have that child she always wanted OR he sincerely changes his mind about being a daddy again,
Wouldn't you hate to be the unwanted child of Howard Stern??

star_grades said...

May I just say that I love Lukas Haas?

Anonymous said...

Lilo, don't mess with Texas.

Lana's Blog said...

Dear Texas, I'm sorry you're getting Lilo. Seriously.

Does Beth O want a baby? Howard always used to say she didn't, but most (not all) women do. Either way, I miss listening to him.

The Kardashians need to go away now. Take Peter Wentz with you.

surfer said...

Thanks @anon 4:31. You're very funny.

Ms Cool said...

I'd rather look at Halle, too.

PJ Nelson said...

"One of these things is not like the other..." are the two Kardashian sisters in the photo 100% related? Wow.

ambernyc said...

Dear Blohan,

OH HELL NO. Texas does not want you. That's my homestate and it's way too good for your ass.

Please consider moving to the moon. Or the bottom of an ocean. Somewhere far, far away, with little to no oxygen.

Thanks in advance!

Katja said...

PJ Khloe apparently asks her mother the same thing.

Anonymous said...

Interesting fact about the Beckham photo: He is carrying a FAKE Louis Vuitton duffel bag!

The easiest way to tell a fake LV is that the LV motif logo NEVER faces downward on any purse or luggage EVER. Beckham's bag clearly has the LVs going upside down on one side.

Frank said...

That's a black lab, not a bear. Are you people all this dense to believe whatever "Enty" and assorted staff caption is true? Jesus..

Mary said...

You should read John Stamos' tweets. They are kind of eye opening and odd. I am starting to believe the rumors that he is "light in the loafers" as they say.

canadachick said...

I doubt LIndsay could find TEXAS at this point.

canadachick said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Carla said...

Um, what happened to Mandy Moore? She looks drastically thin.

lyz said...

Frank....perhaps Jesus can help you with being a little less judgemental. It WAS a bear. See story below.

Your apology is accepted.