Friday, November 13, 2009

Random Photos Part One

You throw Derek Jeter in a funny wig filming a movie with Mark Wahlberg a week after winning the World Series and you get the top spot.
Amanda Peet gets the silver though. Now I'm thinking about tequila. Tequila and Amanda Peet equals drunk dialing.
I'm guessing by the look on Des Moines Jungle Book's face that he realized Ashlee Simpson is his mom or he saw Joe Simpson flashing someone. Or gas. Or he could have seen his future if he hangs out with Paris Hilton like
Brandon Davis
Bridget Marquardt is looking lovely.
Ditto Devon Aoki.
Eva Longoria pulls out an old bridesmaid dress.
While Emme looks stunning as usual.
Eva doesn't seem to like the picture. Funny enough I kind of like it.
George Lopez looking at Zac Efron playing with his ball.
Also at the game were Jack Wagner and Heather Locklear.
The cast of Glee shows what they think of Tyra.
I think this is the first time in a long time I have seen Julianne Moore with her son.
Joan Osborne - New York City
I guess I will read the book. Everyone is talking about it.
Also at the book launch were Stephanie March, Sandra Bernhard, Sara Switzer and Bobby Flay.
Liev was there
As was Elizabeth Berkeley
Not there, and not sure where he is himself is Kenny Chesney.
That is one way to bring more of the Twilight cast with you.
"I bought this. Can you believe I actually paid for something?"
Madonna looking at orphans in Brazil.
A million dollar car takes a swim. The guy was talking on his cell phone. All I can think of is a million dollars gone, and of course the Office episode where Michael drives into a lake.
Marcia Gay Harden has some pretty good form.

Goodness she is excited.
Mr. Hudson - Manchester
Muse - London
Russell Brand's new DVD must come with a naked picture of him.
A first time appearance for Scott Adsit.
Simon Rex in the same shirt he has been wearing for a week.
Hey look it's Ja Rule being fondled by Tila Tequila who has said she is now exclusively a lesbian. Until her next offer comes along.
One of my favorites. Tamara Tunie.


Yellow Rose said...
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Yellow Rose said...

How did I know the Bugatti Veyron in the lagoon in Galveston would end up here? Moron claimed he was distracted by a low-flying pelican. Says the bird startled him, causing him to yank the wheel, which made him drop his cell phone, after which he drove the rarest & most expensive production car in the world into a salt water lagoon.

The best line from the article in the Galveston County Daily News said "The Veyon's powerful engine gurgled like an outboard motor for about 15 minutes before it died."

shelly_bean said...

oh dear. Simon Rex is looking far too similar to Brandon Davis in this pic.

Anonymous said...

Will the last MV clue be "and MV was not pictured in the randoms this week" because that would not help...or would it?

Mooshki said...

Is that an 'AP' reveal?

LOVE the Glee comment!

The drowned Bugatti breaks my heart.

RJ said...

Looks like Kenny Chesney has been hanging out on Willie Nelson's bus. Elizabeth Berkley looks very scared. I guess even pretending that she might read a book is a scary thought.

Yellow Rose said...

I'm curious if the drowned Bugatti will end up on one of the new Top Gear episodes-it's just got to, as much as they love that car. (Of course, we wouldn't see it until well after it's original air-date.)

lutefisk said...

I guess Lindsay finally ran out of money--she couldn't scrape enough money together to get her hair done.

sunnyside1213 said...

I started watching Lohan's movie Labor Pains. It sucks. Don't waste you time.

Bitter Queen said...

Jeebus Eva Longoria's eye makeup looks horrible. How much liner and mascara did that mess take?

Pookie said...

awwww...amanda peet looks mondo-fab. go her.

"Des Moines Jungle Book" *dying*

devon aoki looks fab...eva longoria, the complete opposite.

eva mendez, back to fab.

lol @ glee comment! love it.

awww lindsay...someone help her.

madge...come ON, enty.

omg, the bugatti! i would die.

awww...go marsha gay harden. cute pics.

AnnMarie said...

Wahlberg's Boston friends probably aren't gonna like this too much...

RocketQueen said...

Hooray for the book by Jonathan Safran Foer - I'm so glad people are reading it. Elizabeth Berkley's eyes are looking weird?!

Enty - why give us a pic of Brandon 'Greasy Bear' Davis? Why? I want to know why almost as much as I wonder how he can possibly thinking wearing a baseball hat backwards is a cool thing to do.

Oh Mark Saling (Glee)...please be in my Xmas stocking this year?

genesis said...

Muse-Matthew B. How I love thee.

ali said...

I love me some Silver Patron.

I agree about Elizabeth Berkley's eyes, she looks awake!

Sis said...

Love Glee!

nancer said...

it's good to see joan osborne. i saw her at lilith fair years back. she was a minor act on the bill but she stole the show. i've liked her since then.
(sarah mclachlan not so much.....she completely ignored 4 little girls in front row yelling 'we love you sarah' and holding up a huge sign. beeyotch.)

ambernyc said...

Derek Jeter and Matthew Bellamy in one post? Swoon.

Anonymous said...

I just love love love Muse..

I've seen them live 2 times now, and they are mindblowing!

And I know it's evil, but that car in the lake just makes me smile.. Am having a very cynical day..

Caroline said...

What is the deal with Kenny Chesney? He is shiny. Ugh. Love Tamara Tunie.

Anonymous said...

love Love LOVE MUSE!!!! They were just the topic of conversation with a co-worker and myself today!! :)

Anonymous said...

"Also at the book launch were Stephanie March, Sandra Bernhard, Sara Switzer and Bobby Flay."

- It's almost like a cardigan convention. Which one of these are are not like the other?

Wil said...

That idiot and the Veyron .. trashed a gorgeous $1,000,000 car over a stupid $250 cell phone. ASS!!!

Excellent form on Marcia Gay's part!!

And Tamara Tunie .. Gorgeous! Gorgeous!! But every time I see her .. I think of the scene in the dressing room in "The Devil's Advocate" then poor Charlize's character sees the women as they truly are and starts her rapid decline to her end.

Leah said...

I love Amanda Peet! She's my celebrity crush!


shakey said...

lutefisk - it was either the jacket or the hair.

What a planned photo op that trip to the toy store was. bleah. Eva? wtf girl? That would make a nice bridesmaid dress. Never to be seen again.

Elizabeth Berkeley looks as scary as her acting here. Has she been in anything since Showgirls?

My husband thinks Bugatti guy got what he deserved.

Riddle me this Muse fans - how can a singer drink Coke (multiple Cokes) while singing? Wouldn't he belch into the microphone?

lutefisk said...

Shakey--she should have chosen the hair instead.

Babs said...

Looking forward to NOT reading the animal book, and having a nice juicy steak this weekend. Mmmmmmm...

Sporky said...

RJ - my fiance might be touring with Willie Nelson next year and he's been getting teased incessantly about getting a contact high from the bus. Haha!

Karmen said...

Bobby Flay - Please stop. You are not a girl. It is not necessary for you to put your hand on your hip. The whole point of putting your hand on your hip in a picture is to emphasize your feminine figure. So, unless you're a girl, don't put your hand on your damn hip!

Honestly, Enty, I don't see how the knocked knees look bothers this more than Bobby Flay posing like a sorority chick.