Thursday, December 10, 2009

Random Photos Part One - With Reader Photos

And everyone give your best fake smiles for the camera. I love how Katie is holding the glass of beer but never drank a sip the whole night.
This is Athina Onassis. I haven't seen a picture of her in a long time. Back in the day before the internet this girl when she was literally a toddler she was front page fodder for tabloids all over the world.
At the same event was Martina Hingis.
This is Martina jumping. Well, not her, but getting the horse to jump.
This is Martina after the jump.
I'm guessing when she played tennis it was a little easier. Except for the drug testing and all that.
Is there a reason why Carmen Electra poses like this? It is expected of her? Do people think it is cute?
Love Christina Ricci in this but I am kind of meh about Mandy Moore. Yesterday was much better for her.
Does Daisy Lowe even look like her dad Gavin Rossdale? I don't see it.
I will say though that Georgia May Jagger did seem to get her dad's lips. Jerry Hall looks great.
Donna Summer - Oslo
Lately all of the pictures of Ellen Pompeo show her alone and unsmiling. Has anyone seen her baby?
Harry Hamlin works to keep his intestines in place and
the whole family helps.
Jessica Biel and Isabel Lucas giving themselves a party before they go on a hike. OK, OK it is up Mt. Kiliminjaro but it is still just a hike.
The happiest I have ever seen Jennifer Espositio. Her old drama school invited her back to teach an acting class.
This is JoJo. What does she even do now besides running around in the hat she stole from the Monopoly guy.
I believe John Krasinski is wearing more lipstick than Emily Blunt.
All of you can try and explain Kate Moss' look because I don't get it.
Penelope, Nicole and Fergie. I guess Nicole didn't get the memo about everyone was supposed to wear black.
And later Josh gets nothing but air when he goes in for the kiss on Fergie.
Long time no see Michelle Rodriguez. In her case that is probably good since she is usually in the news only for bad reasons.
Nick and Vanessa Lemon Jello selling some kind of dating game or cologne or something equally as useless.
Love the pictures of Nicole Richie and Joel Madden and family. First thing I would do if I had money or broke into a Chuck-E-Cheese would be to get one of those camera booths for the home.
Reader Photo #1
Reader Photo #2 & 3
Great. Now Paris Hilton has ruined Fraggle Rock for me for all time.
When you sleep with Tiger Woods then what you buy your dog is suddenly very interesting to the rest of the world.
Steve Martin & Rita Wilson.
I love this picture of Reese. She actually looks relaxed. Well relaxed for her.
The Sex And The City poster.
Have you ever wanted to sit in on a Baldwin holiday dinner? I would love it.
Sarah Silverman and honestly she just can't be helped at this point.
A very rare photo of Tina Fey with her husband.
Taylor Swift and her new hair.
And Victoria Beckham with what I guess is a Cleopatra look?


genesis said...

uhhhhhh hahahahah on josh and fergie!!

im saving that picture! and the one of tina fey and her husband....who wouldve guessed.

and miss swift, why the sudden change of hair? I like it!

Bad Fish said...

Hi Jax! :)

MontanaMarriott said...

The tiger mistress looks like she is licking her chops in anticipation of EATING the dog food lol.

Tina Fey's hubby is tiny,lol

Nicole is one tall woman

Is that the same Gavin Rossdale as the one married to Gwen Stefani?!?

Christine said...

Tom really does have the maniacal laughter down pat, doesn't he?

Either Nicole is a giant or Fergie is a little person.

It doesn't even look like Taylor Swift.

Baldwins: Alec's brother - was he the original eye squinter, that JLo and Taylor then copied????

RocketQueen said...

I recognize Readers #2 and #3! (not me) <3

Day #2 of wanting to shake Posh HARD by the shoulders and tell her to get over herself.

I like Taylor's hair like that, although in some snaps I've seen, she kinda looked like Nicole Kidman.

I would PAY to be at a Baldwin family dinner.

I am genuinely happy for the Maddens/Richies. They make me smile :)

Kate. Moss. Yes, you. You're done.

Wasn't there a blind about Jojo recently?

Jessica Biel's face always looks weird and stretched to me - like it hurts to smile because it's so dry.

That outfit isn't doing Lisa Rinna ANY favours.

I saw other snaps of Katie from that night and she WAS drinking...hence the smile?

Cecilia00 said...

Penelope & Nicole - 2 Tom Cruise ex's meet! HA!

West End Girl said...

Wow, Donna Summer, I'm shocked!

I never noticed Robobride didn't drink from the cup, despite seeing more of those pics. Bizarro.

Fergie/Josh divorce soon?

pomme said...

@reader photo 1: i LOVE your dress!!!

i feel another blind item on Emily Blunt and her guy!
Taylor Swift looks a like Gwinnie Paltrow or another 35 years old blond WASP actress but i don't identify her

nunaurbiz said...

OMG Harry Hamlin must be pregnant bc he touched his belly and then his wife did!!!!!!!!! lol

Have to say I like the straight hair on TS. Didn't recognize her either, and that's a GOOD thing.

Has anyone noticed Rita Wilson showing up here and there sans Tom Hanks??? Hmmmmm

Donna, well, guess it's comforting to know celebs get a middle-age spread like the rest of us, but, um, wow!

Sporky said...

I did see some pictures of Katie drinking the beer (or pretending to) on Jezebel.

Oh Mandy, you look like a prom photo from 1971.

Does the Donna Summer picture look weird to anyone else? Or is she just bottom heavy? If so, I never noticed before. Still love her music though!

Yay more reader photos! :) Love all of them.

lutefisk said...

I love the reader photos--
numbers 2 & 3--it's so awesome you were able to meet up--and bought matching glasses for the occasion!!

Clanger said...

Funny, I missed that Ellen Pompeo even HAD the baby until like a week and a half ago! Her bag is pretty big - maybe she stashes the baby in it so the paps don't get a picture of it til Kneepads pays up.

Thisisridiculous said...

Nicole Kidman is 5'10 Fergie is 5'1.

I see the resemblance on Dasy but she is a girls therefore wears make-up. I'm sure Gavin looks like her when he wears make up in his closet.

I want to sit on the Baldwins face and fart on them eeew!

Silverman is plain ugly and annoying.

Why the hell isn't Jess. Biel wearing make up...she so needs it!

Christine said...

Love Taylor Swift's new hair!

rtsew said...

I think Tom is lining up Cameron for when Katie finally jumps ship.
Taylor Swift's straight 'do makes her look generic. I didn't recognize her. She still is pretty but the curls are her signature. They separate her from the pack looks-wise. (Carrie Underwood, Kelly Pickler)

Harriet Hellfire said...

So Ellen Pompeo had the baby? I thought abput it last week because I caught an old episode of Grey's. And I thought to myself "wasn't she suppose to have a baby"? I guess she did.

I totally know readers 2&3! *L*
And they are gorgeous, and so is #1 - very pretty dress indeed!

ny emerald said...


Love Tina Fey with the husband. I don't think I've ever seen him before.

Rachel Uchitel *disgusts* me.

jbdean_79 said...
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Green Wave Gal said...

Yay! Thanks Enty!

I'm #2 and Jax is #3 (from left to right). :) We hung out when I was in BC last month! There's a closer-up picture where we look like sisters!

Love Taylor's hair by the way...she looks more mature but still age-appropriate. Nicole Richie's family photos are cute!

Lisa (original) said...

genesis, Taylor's hair was smoothed out for a photo shoot earlier in the day and she just kept it that way. :0)

NotSoAnonMom said...

I've never seen Tina and her hubby before. Pretty ironic that Paris is with a fraggle, because Tina Fey said her hair LOOKED like a fraggle!

I thought that was Jax! Hi Jax and Green Wave Gal!

Jennifer said...

Hi Readers!!!

Is Katie pregnant? I hope that all these rumors about her and Tom are bogus and that they truly are happy.

Green Wave Gal said...

Thanks all. :)

Hi NotSoAnonMom!

Harriet Hellfire said...

And I am SO excited for SATC2. I can't help it.

Ms Cool said...

Actually, I'm guessing Nicole did get the memo.

Hi Reader #1, GWG, Jax! Great, pretty pictures.

Pookie said...

oh sure. give us tom & katie BUT NO SURI?! travesty.

carmen electra's extensions look fab.

i love mandy m., but WTH?!

LOVE the monolopy hat!

reader 1-pls out yourself...that dress is fab and i HAVE to know if it has pockets.

yay green wave & jax! awww...gauging by those smiles it looks like you two had a great time that day!

sarah silverman. do not like.

taylor swift. like. a lot. great hair!

sunnyside1213 said...

So cool to see you Jax and Greenwave Gal. I love the reader pictures.

whole_lotto _luv said...

Reader #1 - Wow. You look like a movie stah.

Just before reading the comments, I was prepared to state that Readers #2 & 3 were either kin, or starting to look like each other from reading CDaN together.

I am never sending in a photo, as it would ruin the idea that all the readers are gorgeous.

figgy said...

Note that Joel Madden does not change his expression one iota in all four pictures. Funny.

Kudos to Tina Fey for marrying a short guy! So many women are SO hung up on height.

Kudos to Jerry Hall for looking good AND dressing with class. So nice to see a woman her age not trying to dress like her daughter.

Green Wave Gal said...

Thanks again everyone. Jax and I had a great time. It was like we'd known each other forever! :)

My name is Ellen, by the way.

Dianne P said...

Taylor S looks like she had something done to her lips.

jax said...

heyo! GWG and I had a blast,always love meeting CDAN time i think i need to come to LA ;o) better weather.

blog hopper said...

I think Taylor looks cute with straight hair- and much more mature.

Run Katie, run! I watched an old ep of Dawson's Creek the other day, and it was so sad to know what her life became.

Tizzy said...

Oh gawd...

I hope that is a temporary blowout, Ms. Swift.

I am not a fan of hers even a little, but I can honestly say I was a fan of her hair!!!

I guess she is ready to move on from Fearless days, tho...understandable...Still...bummer.

Mooshki said...

It's my favorite Sisters From Another Mother! Hi gals!

Green Wave Gal said...

Hi Moosh!!!!

genesis said...

Thanx lisa, I like her hair better this way, too many curls too much of the time is blah lol

HookedOnCDAN said...

LOVE the pictures of Nicole and Harlow, but I'm reasonably sure those are cardboard cutouts of Joel and Sparrow! LOL The baby I can understand, but c'mon, Joel, make a different face now and then!

And just because Taylor's hair is straight today, doesn't mean it will be tomorrow. Lighten up folks! (ha, a little hair-change humor there...) She's young and entitled to play around with her look!

Lana's Blog said...

Damn, I'd be so sad if I couldn't drink the beer in my hand. LIKE SO SAD!

I am loving seeing GWG and Jax. Very cool!

Carmen is too old to be doing that pose. F'real.

When my baby was a tiny I did not leave her side. Talking to you Ellen.

Methinks Biel isn't quite as good looking as she imagines herself to be.

I can admit that Christina Ricci looks great there, even though I don't like her. Bangs are her friend.

I saw JoJo sing the National Anthem at a Pats game.

Good catch on the two Tom Cruise exes meeting!

Sporky said...

jax - I'd love to meet you! Hit me up when you do decide to come to Hell-Ay. :)

Green Wave Gal said...

Hey sporky-I'm in LA too. Where are you?

hotchacha said...

I love Reader photos! Yay ,you adorables!

Yes, Donna Summer does look weird.

Anyone else think Mandy Moore's face is going the way of Sally Field's?

Nice to see Tina Fey's husband!

Paris does indeed look pregnant. She's been out of the news for a while too. I am scared.

Rita Wilson: I don't like the look.

What's up with the Sex and the City poster? Looks like a rejected poster for a Celine Dion Vegas show.

Kidman looks a fright. Just awful. I feel like I want to help her and save her from fossilizing her looks. Y'know?

I love the uncomfortable smile on Penelope Cruz face as she pulls away from Nicole.

ardleigh said...

Well Heck, now all of Fraggle Rock needs Valtrex because even that proximity to Parasite is contagious.

It gives a whole new meaning to Down at Fraggle Rock.

B626 said...

Fergie looks great and that aint saying much for the other two.
Are her and Josh at the premiere of 'It's Complicated'?
You bet it is!
Yes Tina's hubby is small.
Bravo for her for staying with someone that isn't Hollywood perfect.

Judi said...

Mandy looks like death without lipstick. Would have made a huge difference.

RJ said...

Love Taylor's hair. That must have taken forever to straighten! My husband glanced over while her picture was on the screen and said "Man, Molly Sims looks amazing!" I'm taking that as a compliment to both of them.

I'm glad to hear others of you say that you don't like Sarah Silverman. I've never really gotten her either, and I've always resented the whole she's-so-cool-it's-your-problem attitude that her fans have. She's can be very funny in small doses, but her Comedy Central show was about as much fun as trip to the dentist.

Mango said...

Athina Onassis - Didn't she have butt-cheek reduction surgery a few years ago?

Nicole Kidman looks like a Stepford Wife and Fergie looks like a lawn gnome standing next to her.

If Paris is preggers it's because she's jealous of all the attention Nicole Ritchie has been getting. (And also because she's run out of chihuahuas and pot bellied pigs to adopt/accessorize with.)

I didn't recognize Taylor Swift but she still looks cute, albeit rather generic. (Remember how Ashlee Simpson's face lost what little character it had when she got the nose-job?)

Someone get Posh a sandwich... STAT!

persefone05 said...

(Leaving my first comment. Whoo!)

Loved TS's new hair, but was no one else disturbed by how thin her legs appeared in this pic?? Hopefully that's just a bad angle...

Meg C.H. said...

I'm late on the bandwagon....when did Enty start doing the reader photo's? I've been seeing them awhile but must have missed the original posting. Love seeing those!

LOVE the Ritchie/Madden photos but agree that Joel could have changed up the expressions. Her new hair is so cute. Swifty does not look like the same person.

chihuahuense said...

oh, so much to comment on!

the Cruise's give me the creeps.

looking at those horseriding pictures made me realize...even if I earn a lot of money in my life, I will never be a part of that kind of world. Not that I would want people problems are scary.

So Ellen doesn't carry her baby around? So? Not to sound mean, but I don't know if I would want my baby around the freaks/paps that are out. Just because you've seen quite a few pictures since the baby was born, that could be 15 minutes of her day. Just wanted to make that point. Also she might be seriously stressed because of daddy drama or post partum depression...we don't know. I feel sad when I see her pic though.

Hamlin/Rinna look weird/awkward/dorky.

Nicole's baby reminds me of my boys' Santa pictures this year. You could've cut around on picture of him and pasted it on to all of the shots, it would've looked the same.

Seriously, beautiful readers...I wish I could pull off that dress or those glasses.

ugh, now I have the fraggle rock song stuck in my head *clap clap*

lets hope Paris isn't pregnant.

does that Tiger-ho have to stick out her tongue to walk? My two-year old does that when he is doing something walking with dog food that difficult for her?

Steven Baldwin cracks me up.

My husband is about a half inch shorter than me. I love short guys without Napoleon complexes.

Taylor does look generic like that, but I can understand wanting to change it up.

J-Mo said...

Hey all, the two Tom ex's didn't just meet up, they're actually in a movie together (well I don't know that they shared any scenes). Those photos are from their premiere.

caydian said...

What are Nick & Vanessa selling? Perfume? I have to squint to see what it is...Flatino? SERIOUSLY? Flatino?! They couldn't come up with a better name for bottled farts?

Alice D Millionaire said...

I saw pictures of Katie on Lainey's site (yeah I know Lainey ugh) where she looked like she was getting kind of trashed. Check out #6 where she is texting as Tom waives to his adoring fans HA! And in #8 and #10 Tom looks irritated that she is getting a little tipsy but who knows...they are just photos.

Leah said...

HA! - "bottled farts"

Leah said...

Oh, and I think that if Paris was pregnant, we'd know before the urine was dry on the stick.

empyrios said...

i watched a bio on Christian Bale the other day and somebody asked him how he developed his character for American Psycho. He said he watched a couple of Tom Cruise interviews and when Tom did his crazy smile he said to himself "that's it! that's the character right there!"

i laughed so hard at that. looks like Bale knew Tommy was nuts before the rest of the world did, LOL.

i think Taylor Swift looks like Jen Aniston in that pic.

empyrios said...

oh and i read it as "have you ever wanted to sit on a Baldwin" at first.


Karmen said...

Sorry for the delayed responses, but I didn't have access to a computer yesterday and my crackberry wouldn't let me go to CDAN. Anyway, I'm reader #1. Pookie, yes the dress has pockets! Love dresses with pockets.

If you live in bmore, you can see this picture on pg 28 in the City Paper this week! That explains where I got the dress :)

Green Wave Gal said...

Yay Karmen! You're beautiful! It's almost like you, me and Jax got to pose together! (ok, not really). :)

Kisha said...

Ellen Pompeo is always unsmiling lately probably because she's hungry...she must be starving herself to be back to that skinny already so soon after baby!

crazy766 said...

Enty. PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE give us some more info on the Emily Blunt John Krasinski situation. We all know that blind about the cheating fiance was about John and Emily. Please give us some hints as to why you are so sure that they are doomed as a couple!

Karmen said...

Hehe, thanks, Green Wave Gal! Love the picture of you an jax. Too bad I don't live on the West Coast, or else I would've come posed with you two :)

Kerry said...
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bionic bunny! said...

sporky and ellen, don't forget me! we'll get jax down here and do something fun! said...

i've always wanted one of those photo booths in my own house. so much fun!!!!