Friday, December 11, 2009

Random Photos Part One - With Reader Photos

My favorite actor Don Cheadle gets the top spot today. He is outside the new Miles Davis exhibit in Paris.
I almost didn't recognize Anne Hathaway.
Probably my favorite picture of the day. A really tipsy Angelina Jolie with Muhammad Ali.
Ali Larter looking lovely.
Speaking of lovely, Alyssa Milano just turned 37. She was also a child actress like Lindsay Lohan, but compare the two and imagine how Lindsay will look at 37.
Aubrey O'Day with her dogs Ginger and Mary Ann. Hopefully she is not trying to collect all of Gilligan's Island.
I just don't see the resemblance between Bryce Dallas Howard and Ron Howard.
At night I often think about taking tweezers and plucking out that soul patch one hair at a time.
One step above a mug shot for Chris Noth.
It's like looking at a David Bowie music video from the 80's.
Same hat as David. It looks like a fabric store exploded and landed on Miley.
One of the best dressed people around. Common.
Here is some randomness. Demi Moore, Heidi Klum and Rachel Zoe.
Bruce Willis looks happy.
George & Elisabetta were all over each other at the ceremony. People even used Michael K's favorite word. Canoodling.
Hayden P and I think her dad.
Javier & Penelope walking the streets of Beverly Hills.
"Yeah, I guess you could say I'm like the Lindsay Lohan of guys. Without the stealing, lip injections or drug use."
More randomness. Brad Pitt and Jeremy Piven.
Yesterday Martina Hingis fell. Today she made it.
I haven't seen Matthew Lillard on a red carpet in awhile.
Emily Blunt and Martin Scorsese.
Hey Pamela Anderson finally wore clothes.
As much as I dig at Rachel Bilson at least she was doing some charity work and she does shop at Target a lot so good for her.
Reader Photo #1
Reader Photo #2
A very lovely Selena Gomez.
Sienna Miller is attractive. I just don't really like her. Here she is with Marin Ireland.
The brothers Madden. Benji is supposedly dating Holly Madison.
Another mistress.
I know we will here about how Jada and Will had sex somewhere in this building.


Miss said...

I heart Don Cheadle big time! My daughter and my boyfriend make fun of me for it constantly because I think he is so sexy. Thanks for posting him in the top spot

sunnyside1213 said...

I love Don Cheadle too.

Anne Hathaways dress is weird.

Angie' dress is lovely.

Is it just me, or does Miley look really haggard?

Have Penelope and Javier gone public?

Pitt and Piven. Double Gag.

Love Emily Blunt. Can't wait to see her as young Victoria with Rupert Friend. (Enty, my birthday is next week. Can I please have a picture of Rupert?)

Who is that creepy old guy with Pam? (Just kidding, but he is looking seriously old.)

Selena Gomez is adorable and looks her age.

Sienna is hooking up with Jude again. Wonder how he will blow it this time.

And the best for last...WTH is up with Jada's face? She looks like a tranny.

sunnyside1213 said...

oppps, sorry forgot to check the box that emails me all your funny comments.

Judi said...

Cheadle is one of the best.

Ali, Alyssa and Selena look fabulous! Pam Anderson looks like/is a floozy.

LOL at Tiger's newest mistress!

Yes, Sienna IS beautiful. Good genes.

Geez, Becks! Get a new coat! Ick.

Stacy said...

Don Cheadle is da bomb!

Ali Larter has lost too much weight, she's starting to get the lollipop look.

I love Elisabetta's dress!

Martin Scorsese supports child molestation. Can we ban him?

WTF is Jada wearing?!

Stacy said...
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Preciousredtx said...

Beautiful reader photos!!!

lutefisk said...

Pam Anderson may be wearing clothes, but that is the most ill-ffitting dress I have ever seen.

RocketQueen said...

Both Anne Hathaway's and Pamela Anderson's dresses are terribly fitted.

I know a lot of people hate her, but damn Angelina is a beautiful woman. That is a great picture with Ali.

Jada's face kind of resembles a skeleton around the mouth?

Speaking of Benji Madden, has anyone else seen those pictures of Sophie Monk on Lainey's site today? Her face is MESSED UP.

And speaking of Lainey - did anyone read her piece on Mayer yesterday? WHAT AN ASS. He apparently tried to do stand-up, bombed, ruined another guy's set, then "apologized" on his twitter by saying people didn't get him because "he's a jock who gets all the girls doing something that is normally done by guys who only talk about getting girls." I hate him more by the second.

I hate that Aubrey O'Day dyes her dogs and carries them around as accessories. Poor creatures ;(

Sporky said...

RocketQueen: I read that about john mayernaise on Lainey yesterday. He's a fucking dickhead.

The reader photos are sooo cute!!

hotchacha said...

Oh I LOVE LOVE LOVE all these reader photos. You guys just warm my heart! Nice to see you.

Don Cheadle: Hubba. Yeah, he'll do.

Common: Looking good. Also looks like trouble with a capital T.

Jada: What the hell is that outfit supposed to be? Did you lose a bet or something?

K said...

The incorrect use of "here" on the Smith photo finally has me convinced that something is amiss in the CDAN world. . . a lawyer would never mix up here and hear. So who's the real writer? Or who's the real Enty?

ballyhoo. said...

how weird, just the other day *and for some inexplicable reason* i was wondering whatever happened to matthew lillard? well thanks, enty.

i loooove common, he really is a sexy, sexy man.

Stacy said...


As a veteran paralegal, I can assure you, most lawyers have horrendous spelling and grammar...until you are the one making the mistake, then it's on.

m said...

Common is far and away my number one celebrity crush. Serena W. is playing in an exhibition match tomorrow near where I live, and I have so many of my friend ask if I'm going to see if Common *might* be there. LOL.

Please Ent, more pics of Common.

valerie said...

Very cool to see Matt Lillard!

Anonymous said...

Pam's got a bit of a belly going on.

Heidi looks fantastic, also looks like she has a belly band or tauts on.

Kinsey Holley said...

That Common is a beautiful, beautiful hunk of man.

SFG said...

Am I the only one who's wondering:


I use to love her because she seemed so real and normal but lately? Fish lips and something done to her eyes or nose or both. I can't put my finger on it... At any rate, I'm very disappointed in her.

DNfromMN said...

Marty Scorsese - cutest little old man around.

John Mayer just looks like Edward Scissorhands to me these days. I don't see how anyone can find him attractive.

I'm concerned that Enty thinks about Billy Ray Cyrus at night. Even in anger.

Mooshki said...

She may be a bit too thin, but Ali does look gorgeous!

Common and Serena are one of my favorite celeb couples.

Adorable reader pics! (As usual. :) )

Lana's Blog said...

David Beckham oozes hotness.

Miley doesn't.

Yay for more readers with their little darlings.

Jada has been a tranny long time.

Tenley said...

Are Angelina's veins so bad there's now one popping up right down the center of her head, or is that just a bad shot???

genesis said...

Can I do emily blunt already? She's so prettyyyyyy (hot)!

And I was a fan of Good Charlotte for their first 2 albums....I liked benji better when he had some meat on him. He looks like an emaciated turkey now. Has that saggy neck thing going on now.....sigh.

doyouseewhatIsee said...

Hayden P's "Dad" has a woody, I think.

Anonymous said...

I like Angie, too- I agree that she looks great here...she gets soooo much hate. If she's smiling, she's drunk or fake. If she's not smiling, she's bitchy. I've always appreciated her talent and good works, but I like her even more now seeing how she rises above all the pettiness and refuses to pay millions to PR. BTW- She's ALWAYS been veiny- you see it in all her movies, too. Your body can change a lot post baby- my hair went fr curly to almost straight!

warmislandsun said...

Don Cheadle clew me away in Traffic. He is an A+ actor in my book.

Angelina looks really happy with Ali.

ardleigh said...

Marty S. supports Roman Polscumbag
so I can no longer admire him.

Do you think Jada and Will used those feathers in their "lovin'"?
Jada looks a little less then satisfied.

Pam Anderson wore clothes...too bad it didn't fit.

Jasmine said...

I seriously think Jada has meth face hear (ha ha, my little joke to you enty)
I think that Angie and Mr. Ali look great here. In other pictures she looks very honored to be around him, kinda bowing and smiling really big.
Pam Anderson looks really messed up lately, for the last yr or so, I dunno, she just looks like she has druggie face and she is crazily caking her makeup on. Honey, embrace your age you look like a fool running around in tight stripper clothes and whorey makup at over 40 yrs old. I'm not saying she should wrap herself in blankets and drink metamucsol but damn, there has to be a medium!

Jasmine said...

oh yeah, i wanna pluck out his sol patch too enty> god he is so annoying!
also, is it wrong that Chris Noth does it for me? He is like 30 yrs older than me- please tell me this isnt a latent 'daddy complex' coming out! lol

PJ Nelson said...

Hmmm, the Madden bros. are dropping weight like crazy, esp. Benji.

selenakyle said...

Let the record show that selenakyle LOVES her some Don Cheadle!

Mango said...

Don Cheadle - one of our most underrated actors!

Anne Hathaway - did she come straight from a "Dress the Celebrity!" episode of Project Runway before the designer got to finish?

Agreed: Angelina Jolie looks tipsy and veined.

Don't know who the chickie with the pink yappie dogs is and don't care.

Another reason Bryce Dallas Howard doesn't look like her dad Ron is because she looks like she has a baby bump! Her bump is on her belly, his is atop his head.

Good lord, Miley, must be color blind; she's clashed more hues and patterns than a cheap hooker! Buuuut, anything to get attention...

Unfortunate pic of George Clooney. That chandelier photographed behind him makes it look as if he's wearing a headdress, lol! His beard looks great, though!

Brad Pitt is apparently growing that nasty beard so he can star in the biography of "Colonel Sanders: The Early Years"

Martin Scorcese looks adorable. Hugh Hefner looks...ready for a nursing home.

Sienna Miller always looks a bit unwashed to me. I recently caught a few minutes of "Casanova" on cable and she looked lovely in that. In her pics she looks grubby and is reputedly ill groomed.

I wonder how many feather dusters died to clothe Jada??

selenakyle said...

Jada = lil' brown skeletor.

selenakyle said...

Haaa! I would totally give that guy money.

Kim said...

Will and Jada may have had sex in that building but I highly doubt it was with each other.

c17 said...

re: 'Nother Mistress pic - lol, I'm sure you can guess where *that's* going to end up....


justpeachy130 said...

"Colonel Sanders: The Early Years" would be the most awesome movie.

notachance said...

Enty wants to pluck Billy Ray's soul patch, I'd like to take a lawn mower to Brad Pitt's face - I CANNOT stand that beard on him. He just looks dirty and so not kissable.

burnsie said...

miley needs to lay off the tanning or she's gonna get the lohan effect in about five years.

Beensie said...

Thx for the equestrian photos the last couple of days ~ Martina needs to sign up and take some lessons from my trainer so she looks more comfortable on that poor horse ;)

Sonya said...

When Will has sex with Jada, it must sound like someone's cracking their knuckles.

Kerry said...

Maaaan, Martina Hingis is not a good rider. She needs to go back and learn the basics before doing showjumping. That poor horse.

Ahari said...

Please, do not give Rachel Bilson any credit for doing "good charity work." The one and only reason she did this is because there was PR involved and she had her picture taken. And taken, and taken. There are almost 200 pics of her from Friday morning. You'll be hard pressed to find her doing any kind of charity work that doesn't involve a red carpet or a photo op. And wearing all those designer clothes to hand out gift bags to the less fortunate, her boots alone are worth over $1,000. I find her to the about the biggest fake in HW, she disgusts me.

classalpha said...

... Allyssa WH0RE-lano is 37... but her over-"Em"xposed/used-up *vagina* is 259 in dog years...

... when uber Cutie Pie Doe-Eyed Baby Doll Selena Gomez turns 18... she will then become the Most Beautiful Young Woman on the Face of the Earth. Hopefully she won't "Em"d up *used-up* like WH0RE-lyssa or a *drugged-up*/BLACKMAILED WH0RE w/ a 'DEAD' acting "career" like Brittany Ann Murphy-Bertolotti-*SKUM-jackA$$*...

... and 'NUFF Said.