Friday, January 15, 2010

Random Photos Part Two

Because I love Alex Prager and I love, love her work. And her sister Vanessa cracks me up. If you are in New York you need to go see Alex's exhibit.
It's Blossom!
Looking about ready to give birth is Christina Milian. It is ok to wear larger sizes Christina. Promise. Oh, and to burn the shoes.
I might not be able to sleep tonight. Drew Barrymore about to bite off Justin Long's face.
The guy with the elbow on the rail is Justin's brother. Are they twins because they look really alike.
Sporting the same glasses as Drew, but not eating off Justin Long's face is another Justin, Justin Bieber.
Emmanuelle Chriqui is wearing more clothes than I have seen her wear in a long time.
Fergie filming a music video out in the desert.
One of my favorites. Felicity Huffman.
It's baby time. Gwen and Zuma.
Pete and Manhattan Green Eggs&Ham.
And the most airbrushed baby photo of all time. This could replace the photo of Jennifer Lopez and her twins as the most retouched photo ever.
Ian Gomez picking up some things for his wife Nia Vardalos.
Still not really liking James Gandolfini at all lately.
I saved this for almost last because I know I will lose your attention. Josh Holloway for Coolwater.

A picture of Jennifer Lopez I actually like. Her top makes me dizzy but I like the picture.


BigMama said...

ok anyone else notice the dude in the speedo in the Josh H. pic? EWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWW

Zuma is adorable,btw.

Tenley said...

Nice photos of Josh -- but why is that one guy in the crew wearing a Speedo when everyone else is fully dressed?

lutefisk said...

My brother-in-law owns a sneaker store in NJ. Last week James Gandolfini came in by himself to switch some sneakers he had purchased online. He posed for photos with everyone, & was supposed to have been extremely nice, but spent most of the time with the female employees.

Middle-aged Diva said...

Ok so this is what I mean. Male writers do not "love love love" any artist. Not even really good ones. That's a woman's voice. This blog is written by a woman.

Don't care, long as the blinds keep coming, and they are real blinds and not stuff that's been published with names.

Momster said...

Methinks speedo guy should have been cropped from the photo.

Zuma is so damn cute.

Manhattan green eggs and ham! LOL!

Pookie said...

i'm a little scared of blossoms ginormous lumberjack hands, but she looks cute and happy...go her. also much respect for raising babies while finishing your doctorate. major awesome.

hey drew, i have those 1985 glass in pink. love the yellow tho.

team zuma!

gandolfini on a vespa...that's just all kinds of wrong.

Hilary said...

Middle Aged Diva- reminds of when a football player wrote that something San Francisco was "really pretty" and someone called it out as a fake twitter and the player was all offended saying "what I can't say something is pretty"

mikey said...

Hey Lutefish, is your brother's store near Gill St. Bernards school? If so, I shop there. James bought a house in Tewksbury, not far from where I work. I have not run into him. Something to look forward to, I guess.

nichole said...

I don't know which of Justin Long's brothers that is, he has an older and a younger brother. They're all within a few years of each other though and they look a lot alike. While I've never worked with Justin, I've worked with his brothers in the past.

Kat said...

That Kardashian-baby-father guy looks like the Patrick Bateman character in 'American Psycho'. I'm sure I'm not the first to notice this.

Anonymous said...

Christina Milian looks like Snooki.

Moriah said...

Nom nom nom, want to eat Josh!

Kinky Bootleg said...

Blossom!! Ah, I have good and bad feelings about seeing her. Good for the TV nostalgia, and bad because I used to look A LOT like her and apparently (according to school bullies) that was bad. After some therapy and a recent nose-fix it's kinda strange to see what I would have looked like au natural. Quite pretty if you ask me, but alas the mental damage was already done. And life goes on.

Anyway, blah blah whine, back to gossip.

Justin Bieber? Who is this little boy and why should I care?
Enty, you should watch 'In The Loop', it might change your mind about James Gandolfini. He's a funny guy.
Felicity Huffman should have won the Oscar for 'Transamerica'. It's inconceivable that she wasn't given more recognition for that film.

Haha, "inconceivable", now I'm having 'Princess Bride' flashbacks.

mygeorgie said...

Thank you Enty for the Gandolfini pic. I am officially *over* Tony now.

My 73 y/o dad has 2 Vespas that he toodles around on. He's so cool, I'm surprised he's still single.

Reese said...

Mayim Bialik is the anti-Taylor Momsen; she got her Ph.D in neuroscience at UCLA. Never a fan, but good for her. Haven't seen her out and about in ages.

jax said...

isn't that a lil narrow minded? do we really have gender specific language? i happen to know a few guys who say they 'love love love' stuff. i also know a lot of women who swear like sailors and use the word 'dope' as an adjective, doesn't mean they are any less women or any more men.

you new readers really need to get past this,you are driving away long time readers from commenting with your theories. good day! lol.

Harriet Hellfire said...

I agree with you Jax, and besides, for a man to be able to have a woman't point of view from time to time, is that so bad?

Now for more important things:


Harriet Hellfire said...

I can type good.

califblondy said...

I've read good and bad things about Gandolfini and I just wonder if he's one of those kiss my ass if you don't like it kind of guys?

Kinky, that's sad, but school kids can be brutal. I always thought Blossom was unique and she reminded me of Bette Midler, who I love.

sassyfrassy said...

Am I the only one that gets a bit nauseous when seeing the Kardashian picture? I could not possibly care less about a story than that girl having a baby.

Bad Fish said...

Is it just me, or does that Scott dude have a total date rapist face. I swear his looks were made for Lifetime TV movies.

Bad Fish said...

Also, holy shit Josh Holloway for Cool Water? Drool. Now if Cool Water was actually worn by cool people and not skeezy old senior citizens.

kimmypie1 said...

Gwen and Zuma = total preciousness.

I love Ian Gomez on Cougar Town!!

Kinky Bootleg said...

@califblondy, someone on CDAN actually replied to me!! It's tragic how happy that's made me. Bless yooou.

And yeh, I can see her unique prettiness now, ironic no!?

miss said...

okay so its either my moniter exclusively making Josh H look orange or he is just really orange.

NOT in the Sawyer fan club. Like the character but never thought he was super hot. I will take a Jin/Daniel Farraday sandwich any day of the week!

Carla said...

Ah Big Mama, we think alike and I sat here debating, hesitating to point it out but there you were at #1 and you made me laugh out loud.

Anonymous said...

Not to fan the flames, but I've always thought Enty was a gay man. (which would also explain why he loves him some Jax!) :)

dragonlady said...

kinky - second reply - as you as i read inconceivable my first thought was 'princess bride!!!" (i watched it only recently - so i am glad you write the next sentence.

also i dont care who enty is and people need to get over it - if you really did not care as you say, you would not continually bring it up - all these comments are getting old and boring.

dragonlady said...

forgot to add - josh holloway - yum! and the guy in the speedos - ummm......freak!

feraltart said...

Ditto all the yum posts about Josh and Ick Nast the 'excited' guy in the speedos.

Also, don't care who Enty is, Enty rules! Love, love, love Enty! So go ahead, am I male, female, gay, straight, transgender??? Who cares?????

califblondy said...

LOL@Kinky. Thanks you made my weekend.

MadLyb said...

I just want Enty to know he almost killed my computer. I was sipping coffee when I came across his Justin Beiber comment. That was a close one!

MadLyb said...

Oh, and I don't care if Enty is a man or women. I've enjoyed reading his/her site for a few years now and it's the first site I log onto for gossip. Meh, I could care less.

john said...

Love, love Ian Gomez and Nia Vardalos. Why do I feel like their's is a happy home?

And Josh..... *drool*

Leah said...

Looks like Mayim is keeping up the "what not to wear" makeover !
Looking good!

white lorelei said...

Ok, for those of us who sometimes don't know who people are, could Enty kindly add names to his captions, even parenthetically?

I have no idea who the picture of the couple with the baby is. Are.

dragonlady said...

white lorelei - the fact you don't know who they are makes you very lucky!! but if you really insist on knowing (and there is no turning back once you do) its one of the kardashian sisters (i am lucky enough not to know her first name) and the guy is some bloke who knocked her up (i am guessing for 15 minutes of fame) - try not to learn their real names - it could damage your brain.

dragonlady said...

oh and he does look like patrick bateman - creepy!

Middle-aged Diva said...

Jax, Jax, Jax...I've been reading since Day One. Yes. I have.

There for craziness that was the Hez get-together that Enty failed to show for.

Yes, remember all those crazy days...and nights.

And still think this blog has a woman's sensibility.

Also THANK GOD there are new readers--I don't think reading for years --or reader status as a longtime poster or just lurker--accords any reader any special privileges. Any blog needs new readers and shouldn't make newbies feel badly about having something to say. Very high school.

New and old readers--love to see your comments. Love love love them. I do!Best gossip commenters on the web.

shakey said...

Leah, I thought the exact same thing! And she didn't grow out her hair (at least not a lot).

How is this Justin Bieber famous? I've heard him sing for about 30 seconds, that was it for me.

If only yesterday's BI fit Emmanuelle Chriqui - that comment would be gold.

What is with Fergie? One moment, she looks thin, the next - major face bloat.

Ent - can you get a business card off of the Kardashian baby daddy?

James Gandolfini looks like he should be on the edge of the Grand Canyon yelling, "Hoveround!"

Lana's Blog said...

JLo actually has a natural looking smile on her face. Nice.

The baby Dash picture is gaggy.

I find Drew slutty.

Poor Blossom is trying, but that bag is not good, and it doesn't go with that dress.

mygeorgie said...

@Middle-Aged Diva: Well said :)

For the most part this place is very respectful of a variety of opinions ranging from "lick'n the boots & drinkin the Enty kool-aid" to complete disgust in Enty's idea of beauty & posting. That's what makes the blog so interesting. I hope it stays that way.

Sometimes though, it seems like trying to sit at the 'popular kids' table in highschool. Very territorial.

ardleigh said...

I love love that pic of Josh Holloway and want to know how one goes about being the towel girl to Josh? Anyone know??

Thanks for the pic Enty. It will make having to work this weekend bearable.

braverwoman said...

Bronx is looking a little syndromy in that pic.

Mango said...

So Enty didn't show for a meet with Hez. Hez = disturbingly weird. Enty now showing for a meet = smart.

Last Christmas when I was shopping for a gift for my 12 y.o. niece, my sister-in-law said, "She loves anything Justin Bieber." I had no idea what she was talking about and got DN a watch, LOL.

Pete Wentz does seem like a devoted dad. Too bad he's married to a female tool (a Toolette?) I didn't get the Manhattan Green Eggs and Ham comment; can someone enlighten me?

Someone please tell the Whoredashian chick that her baby daddy looks very GAY.

Genesis said...

"Sometimes though, it seems like trying to sit at the 'popular kids' table in highschool. Very territorial."

It's like youre in my head...pulling my thoughts out and placing them gently on the board.....

ms_goddess said...

Mango - It's a play on the poor kid's name (Bronx Mowgli). Enty likes to goof on him with new names such as "Manhattan JungleBook" and "Manhattan GreenEggsnHam." WTH were those two crazy kids smoking when they picked out the name for that kid???? I agree, though - Pete seems like a devoted daddy. Can't say the same about Asslee though.

Dragonlady/White Lorelei - Unfortunately, my mind has been poisoned to the point that I actually know which Kardashian sister this is - it's Kourtney (yeah, with a "K"). And the baby daddy is her long-time-on-again-off-again-can't-keep-it-in-his-pants boyfriend. That poor baby needs a therapy fund set up pronto!

To counter the negativity: Baby Zuma is friggin' adorable! Love love love Mayim Bailik for turning out to be such a wonderful woman (and she was great in Beaches as Bette Midler's younger self). And don't know much about him musically, but the first time I heard anything about Justin Beiber was when he was on Chelsea Lately - he was supercharming and adorable. Just hope he doesn't turn into a douchemeister!

Aimée said...

I'm not being cruel but does Mason Kardashian have a touch of jaundice? It could just be my computer or the picture...most likely my computer.

mygeorgie said...

@Genesis: That was very kind of you to say that. Like *most* posters, I don't post here for anyone's approval, but as I have on many occasions been 'ripped a new one', all in the guise of humour or debate(read: superiority), it's nice to get a hug once in awhile.

I think we should all just "hug it out" :D

Genesis said...

*hugs it out*

Mina said...

"Sometimes though, it seems like trying to sit at the 'popular kids' table in highschool. Very territorial."

I think neither of you should dare to comment on Dlisted then.

I really like that the commenters on here are capable of discussing things with each other even if their opinions might differ without having to resort to calling others every name under the sun. Well, at least not most of the time.

However, I can't understand why people tend to react so harshly towards commenters who have doubt about Enty's identity.
I myself even achieved troll-status in the eyes of Lioness70 for once daring to publically ponder over Enty's gender.

Of course, it depends on the tone in which those kinds of comments are made but I for one would never feel viciously betrayed by Enty if he indeed would be a woman or not even a lawyer and I don't think that he is in any way obligated to tell us the truth about his gender or profession. What I mean to say is that with once posting a comment about questioning his gender I didn't mean to offend or call him a liar. I merely wanted to point out that for a man his posts fortunately lack the typical snark, misogynistic remarks and macho mannerism one usually experiences if they read celebrity gossip blogs written by men. What's so bad about that?

I don't get why people tend to jump on other people's throats for voicing their doubts?
After all, most of us come here to guess who's doing it with whom for what and who's gay or not and why - which is actually none of our business either - but when it comes to Enty people suddenly have to keep their mouths shut?

Kind of hypocritical, no?

mygeorgie said...

@Mina: I don't post on Dlisted. Great guy, insane posters & complete fucking mahem. No thank you. My Nicoderm patch isn't strong enough for that crowd.

juicy said...

mygeorgie said
Sometimes though, it seems like trying to sit at the 'popular kids' table in highschool. Very territorial.
WO the the RD WORD.

i've always felt that way, and i've been reading since the beginning. yeah, it's changed, but who the EFF cares?! JC it's a gossip blog for crying out loud. Get a life, if you care *that* much who's servin' up your daily workday hollywood gossip.

there are some posters here who are genuinely sweet and nice and have been suuuuper great on anonymous days... and then others where i'm like "damn, take a deep breath, it's the internet dude."

(oh, i said dude... does that make me a male, since it's a "male" tone?)

who/whatever enty is: thanks, you're entertaining. especially during work hours, or on the off night when everyone's outta the house but me, and i have a quiet night in.
aaaaannddd... i love the posters. most of you are super cool. :) that's why i keep coming back. i may not post often, but i read every single day.

juicy said...

and can we have more jon hamm? i don't think im alone in this endeavor.

Genesis said...

I love dlisted.

Kelsey said...

Cool Water used to be the shizzzzz circa 8th grade. I didn't even know it was still around. Thanks for the reminder, Josh Holloway!

Pete, what did you kill to drape around your neck? Aiyiyi.

RocketQueen said...

Speaking of Michael K, I'm going to steal one of his quotes and say outright that Scott Disick looks rapey-eyed