Friday, February 26, 2010

Olympic Photos Part Six - Reader Photos

Thanks to everyone who sent in pictures of their experiences at the Vancouver Olympics.

Several hundred people in line for the Royal Mint to see the medals used in the Olympic Games.
Downtown Vancouver is definitely pro-Canada.
One of the numerous sidewalk operations that have sprouted in Yaletown to serve the crowds during big events. Notice the sign for half-price cheeseburgers. Mmmmmm.
The five sails are a well known backdrop on television coverage. Here is a view of them from above.
The Bay in downtown Vancouver has huge posters of Canadian athletes on the side of it's building.
A Women's Hockey game between Sweden and Slovakia.
More Canada love in downtown.
Until last week this was about as close as you could get to the torches. They have since moved the barrier about 25 feet closer.
More athletes at The Bay.
Long lines to get into events are the norm because of security. This is at 830 a.m before a Men's Curling match.


Sue Ellen Mishkey said...

Cool reader pics. I wish I lived in a city that held the Olympics, that must be so neat(and frustrating!)

RocketQueen said...

Cool - in that first picture, you can see the building (the one in the back) in which I am currently sitting and "working".

My coffee shop yesterday had Inukshuk-shaped cookies. Olympic mania.

And a lot of it is frustrating. So many people on the sidewalks, so many road closures (great for pedestrians), and don't get me started on the noise coming from the temporary "Irish House" that sprouted up in the parking lot across from my apartment. Really. Don't.

Sue Ellen Mishkey said...

Oh God. The Irish House. I can just imagine. A lot of Irish kids come here, to Toronto, all year long and they are a NIGHTMARE if you happen to live near them. I had an experience one time when 4 of them lived below me and serenaded me, semi-nightly, with drunken songs of missing Ireland.

Reese said...

Great pics! A very good friend of mine is a TV news producer who has been in Vancouver covering the Games, and has had nothing but good things to say about how it has all been happening. No games will ever be flawless, but things have gone well overall.

Mooshki said...

Neat pictures!

Jingle Belle said...

I absolutely hate that they used the Inukshuk. I am so sick of those things! They used one on a sign here in my town signifying the end of highway 11 that stretches from on end of Ontario to the other. The part that bugs me is that the Inukshuk is a traditional Inuit symbol. We have NO Inuit here...just the Ojibway (Chippewa). Why not use a symbol that reflects the indigenous people of the area? For example, in Vancouver use a totem pole like they did in the opening ceremonies. Maybe I'm off base and inukshuck were used by the west coast Native Americans but, like I said, I'm just tired of them.

Sorry to rant on such a non-sense subject.

Audrey said...

Thanks for posting, Enty! Awesome pics!

jax said...

wow, lots of pics! holla!

Char said...

aw these make me homesick :-(

ClaireFrasier said...

Hey, Canada,

I think y'all did a great job, it's beautiful. (And I hope you had fun!)

(And I SO want a pair of the mittens! LOL)

bionic bunny! said...

looks so much nicer than the '84 L.A. olympics. of course i was going through a nasty divorce then, so i might be biased....
anybody remember how the mayor cleared out and/or dressed up the homeless so L.A. would look better for the visiting athletes and their countrymen? the whole town was an unholy mess!

canadachick said...

And We rule hockey once again.....Whoooo Canada


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