Friday, May 21, 2010

Random Photos Part Five

Happy Victoria Day to all the Canadians out there. Yes, I know it is on Monday, but you probably won't be reading then, so I thought I would say it now. I wish your day fell on our Memorial Day so we could have one big North American poutine and hot dog party. Nothing like processed meats and french fries smothered in gravy.
It's like the 80's all over again. Valerie Harper and Linda Lavin.
AB Quintanilla, aka Selena's big brother.
This might be the first time I have seen Anna Kendrick at a club. Of course I would go to if they
had Tigers drinking from milk bottles and
naked women serving food and
being the table.
Still not a fan of AnnaLynne McCord, but at least she doesn't look as plastic here.
Aaron Paul and an obviously thrilled Jacqueline Novak.
Angel Reed makes a first time appearance.
See that look on Jay Z's face? See that smirk on Jada's face. One thing and one thing only. She just told him that she and Will had sex in his bed.
Different picture, same expression. He won't ever recover.
Chace Crawford hides his drink from CW President Dawn Ostroff.


Cheryl said...

No, Jay-Z always looks like that-constipated.

rtsew said...

Meticulus facial hair on that one guy.

rtsew said...

Jada looks like a man in drag, imo.

Robert said...

That Jay Z/Jada caption was hysterical! Perfect expressions!

not on my dollar said...

I disagree. Jada just confirmed that she and Will swing and asked Jay Z if he'd care to join them.

Jess said...

@not on my dollar lmao!!

-When Chace Crawfors looks scruffy, he looks better. not so Ken doll

not on my dollar said...

Thanks Jess.

Kisha said...

Yikes, Bey looks rough.

Ayesha said...

Am I the only one who would never eat food off of a naked person I wasn't already sleeping with?

Especially sushi. Warm sushi is gross.

ellapetal said...

@Ayesha - I totally agree! The first thing that I thought when I saw those pictures was NASTY. Keep the naked people away from the food, please. I mean how is that not some kind of health code violation or something.

Chase can hide the drink all he wants, he can not hide the massive drunk look on his face though.

I like that Anna Kendrick. She seems like a sweetie. And I'm guessing the Twilight people NEVER thought they would have an Academy Award nominee in their cast! Or has Dakota Fanning been nominated before? I can't recall.

john said...

rtsew - my first thought was how drag like Beyonce is looking in those photos. She doesn't have that pregnant glow yet..

sunnyside1213 said...

Jada, what in all that is holy is that on your head?

Elizabeth said...

well they aren't really naked if they have panties/pasties covering their genitalia. and as long as it's covered i don't really see a problem

Tallulah said...

John, has it been confirmed that Beyonce is pregnant? Her boobs look ginormous, and her face is different.

MizCaramel said...

that whole Jada Jay-Z comment was fricken funny! God you're funny Enty!

Who's that with Aaron Paul? I've never heard of her before? I love Aaron on Breaking Bad what an excellent show!

redfishbluefish said...

I still love Will Smith. I can't help it. Hometown boy and all.

I thought Beyonce was Kenan Thomas.

Chase actually looks kinda cute with his drunk on.

Kit said...

Poor Jay always looks uncomfortable in photos. Not sure why.

Maybe it's coz he has to go home with the Creole Biskit? You can only eat so much of that.