Thursday, July 08, 2010

Lindsay Lohan Skips Her Birthday Party - Tries To Explain Fingernail F Bomb

Last night was supposed to be Lindsay Lohan's big birthday party celebration. It has been scheduled for weeks and it was supposed to be a night where the SCRAM would no longer be an issue, and a celebration of avoiding jail yet again. It was going to be a drunk-a-palooza of epic proportions. Until late last night the party was still scheduled to happen. I guess someone in her family convinced her to stay home and just have a one woman pill party though because she was a no show at her own shindig. Love that word.

Earlier in the day she finally thought of some harebrained halfwit idea to explain her f-bomb on her fingernail. She took to her Twitter and said,

"Didn't we do our nails as a joke with our friend? It had nothing to do w/court.. it's an airbrush design from a stencil."

So, because it was a stencil it was ok to put it on before court? Anyway, she must have been high when she came up with that one. I would have gone with something like "I did it as a statement to all those who don't believe in me," or something like that. That would have at least sounded reasonable. She sucks at coming up with spin. Of course she probably had Dina screaming at her the whole time because Dina does not know how she is going to make a living with Lindsay in jail. Meanwhile, Michael is thinking about his "exclusive prison interviews with Lindsay" stories he can sell to Radar over the upcoming months.


Little Miss Smoke and Mirrors said...

So basically, Lindsay can't afford a publicist anymore. Because her statements (tweets?) are completely whack.

looserdude said...

Enty or any other lawyers out there, can the judge declare contempt of court after the hearing is over? I'd love to see LiLo's privileged little butt can thrown in jail for the two weeks before here 90 day sentence starts.

Jenny said...

She was probably paid to host her birthday party. Oh, well. Someone lost money on that deal. Now she is shopping her story about her jail time for $1 million. Yea, more booze and pills!

BS on the stenciled fingernail. That was not from a stencil.

Michael is making so much money selling his stories about Lindsay's troubles that I doubt he wants her situation to improve. A sober, sane Lindsay would end his income.

Jail time is the only thing that might make her appreciate the need for rehab.

RocketQueen said...

Enty - I was hoping you'd mention her RIDICULOUS tweets from yesterday citing UN conventions and international law about fair treatment and sentencing. It was an absolute SCREAM. I think at one point she compared her situation to that of a woman being stoned to death for adultery. Absolutely unbelievable.

Shmooey said...

I don't care about her manicure or whether she got it done purposefully for the court appearance.

Right now I just wonder if she's going to make it, or is this just the chronicling of a headlong rush towards death.

One day it's a post about her nail stencil, the next day might be her obituary...

The life she has been leading since her mid-teens (as reported by the media) is horrific, and I am disgusted by it.

But she is no more worthy of people's contempt than other addicts.

She may get away with more because of her celebrity, but all addicts are capable of being manipulative, arrogant, narcissistic, and resort to all kinds of lies and deception and disappoint everyone just to keep doing what they're doing - including being given multiple chances to go to rehab and recover, and promise to do so, and then renegue on it time and time again.

They use whatever leverage they have, and Lindsay happens to have her fame. Or infamy.

All the drug addicts I've ever known who have become sober did it when they decided to do it.
Family pressure didn't make them stop, court orders didn't make them stop. It was personal decision that they finally came too, some of them too late to repair the damage their drug use had caused.

So this Lindsay thing can run and run still - or come to a halt abruptly, one way or the other.

I am hoping for her recovery.

Tenley said...

Um, I distinctly recall some big place helping her celebrating her birthday one year (when she was still the biggest hottest thing) in the middle of winter. Like, around Christmas time. And then another club celebrating it with her a week later.

weezy said...

Taking this girl to a public appearance is tougher than getting a dog ready for the Westminster dhow. How is her lawyer's staff letting her into the building with that on her nails? Didn't anyone check her in the car or take her into the lady's room to make sure she was dressed and groomed properly?

Also, it turns out she'll be selling the rights to her first-interview-out-of-jail/rehab for a floor of $1M.

Rose said...

It does matter if she gets away with more due to her celebrity status when she is going through the legal system. Same as Charlie Sheen, who is a violent person. These people are not being punished for things that cause harm to society and effect us all like kidnapping, duis, assault and over time they escolate.

The fact that she thinks she is being punished more than what is normal for her crimes is insane and moronic.

The Nightmare Child said...

I'm not happy about her canceling the party. It was my turn to bring the oven toasted tranquilizers.


On a serious note, who keeps bailing her out? Does she have a fairy godmother or a sugar daddy or something? Because homegirl manages to always find a way to weasel out these problems...and I'm curious as to who's helping I can gently slap them with a tire iron.

parissucksliterally said...

That's what you get Lindsay. I hope you rot for the entire 90 days (which I know will not happen).

Fuck you, you self-entitled BITCH.

Shmooey said...

Rose: "The fact that she thinks she is being punished more than what is normal for her crimes is insane and moronic."

Of course it is. But ALL addicts are insane, and moronic, whiney, with a persecution complex.

If you ever meet a reasonable, conscientious addict, who holds their hands up and says: I know I have been leading an utterly negative, destructive lifestyle, and that my actions have caused a lot of damage to myself and others - through no fault of their own.
I hang my head in shame.
Please take away all of my drugs and send me away to a compulsory treatment facility where I will have to be weaned off them, and when I have done so, I will try to repay the debts I have towards those who I have injured with my reckless ways", let me know.

Look at Amy Winehouse, whose physical and psychological disintegration has been chronicled step by step, all while she protested she was "fine".

My favourite comment was from Slash, another long-term hardcore drug user (he only stopped some 3 or 4 years ago) who, when asked to comment on Winehouse's situation during an interview said: "I don't know exactly the extent of her situation. It doesn't seem like that big of a deal to me, but it's really blown out of proportion."

nancer said...

an addict's whole life depends on one rationalization (and lie) after another. the drugs weren't mine. those aren't my pants. i wasn't driving, etc.

while i get that (and am in recovery myself), i cannot feel sympathy for her. if rehab takes this time, maybe i will, but i seriously don't think that's going to happen.

jax said...

oh snap,her lawyer just quit!

mikey said...

I wish the judge had ordered her to stop twittering.

melissa said...


you know it's bad when the lawyer bows out

__-__=__ said...

Would be nice if someone in the jail could film her detoxing when they take away all her drugs.

selenakyle said...

Dirty, greasy, cheap and tacky.

That is all.

Middle-aged Diva said...

This girl is a hopeless case and so are her parents. And what exactly is her Diluadid prescribed for???? What ailment could she possibly have? It's such BS. And also tragic: She has a happy-drug doctor who's willing to let her kill herself with addiction. And Hwd is complicit and so are those loser parents of hers and everyone else who lets her get away with stuff.

I think maybe she should be in the category of the celebutard whose name we no longer mention. Because it's excuse after excuse, ridiculous statement after ridiculous statement.

I feel sorry for her, I do, because there are no mature adults in her life to serve truths up to her. Truths like you do not call the judge an Effin bitch, you do not paint FU on your nails just before court, you do not compare your sad, immature, addictive ass to a woman being stoned to death..."

But even so, I am so tired of her. If she kills herself, at least the agony would be over. So short of that, maybe all the gossip sites should blackball any mention of her. Maybe getting no attention would even save her life.

Middle-aged Diva said...

and PS Shmooey, that comment from Slash is CLASSIC. Just classic.

Mooshki said...

Can you imagine how LiLo and Dena probably screamed at her lawyer for "allowing her" to go to jail? And what do you think the odds are she's even getting paid? Maybe Gloria Allred has room for another fame whore in her stable.

kathrynnova said...

if I were lindsay, I would have stated "that wasn't MY fingernail. that was someone else's."


"somebody photoshopped that in there. that was never on my nail"


"my dad put that onto my fingernail so i would get in trouble"

Gretchen said...

I'm still stuck on the part about her imaginary "friend." Uhhh yeah, pretty sure she ain't got none o' those. Unless it's her middle-aged maiden aunt Ali. Oh wait, Ali's still a teenager, never mind.

ktheletter said...

There is a specific picture where her middle finger is raised and you can read the "F**k U" but you can also see her index finger that has writing on it saying "shhh..."

Not that I need to point out that she is a liar, but the writing is obviously the same. Also, I'm not sure who would request a stencil airbrush on the side of their finger while getting a manicure.

Do I believe she is capable of randomly having this done without realizing there might be implications alleging that her actions were purposeful? Yes.
Do I believe she is capable of pre-planning a stunt like this? Yes.

Paisley said...

@ktheletter, the "shhh..." thing is a tattoo she got a few years back.

Little Miss Smoke and Mirrors said...

Hey Lindsay, you can't pay your lawyer with a dimebag!

ardleigh said...

Why didn't she say she had her nails done for the paps?????????

I wonder why her family hasn't contacted A&E's INTERVENTION.
(Picture it:)

Liho running off in her coke pants then car jacking random people.

Ali looking 2x her age while posing for cameras. Dina fake boo-hooing into a lace hanky telling one and all her BABY is not an addict. Mike the DB in his black mesh shirt doing a fake manly run after Lilo then telling anyone who'll listen that she's doomed.
Her poor brother fading forgotten into the background like a houseplant.

Yep, now that would be Emmy worthy reality.

nancer said...

where IS her brother? is he sane? can he possibly be sane?

mngddess said...

A huge part of the problem is the LAPD letting all the "celebrities" get off scot free. This has gone on too far.

The Nightmare Child said...

@ardleigh - THAT. IS. BRILLIANT.

MCH said...

I saw them @Rocket. Don't you love when celebrities act like they are so knowledgeable on constitutional law, foreign affairs, etc.?

Lindsey Lohan ---> Mensa Member

so what happens now that the lawyer quit?