Friday, July 02, 2010

Random Photos Part Four

I love Dame Judi Dench so she gets the top spot.
This is the Russian spy Anna Chapman on her wedding day to her now ex-husband.
The new Spider-Man, Andrew Garfield. Think his life is about to change?
Randomness. Tony Bennett and Amy Winehouse.
Congratulations to Becki Newton who is expecting a child with her husband Chris. This is them celebrating in Florida.
This Brazilian stripper was paid $1500 to give the Italian Prime Minister a lap dance two nights ago in Sao Paulo. He says that it was just a demonstration of traditional Brazilian dancing.
Britney always makes me smile. Right after this she started screaming and yelling and freaking out.
Cindy Crawford and her husband and
kids at a water park.
Chad Michael Murray on the set of his new movie.
Chris Noth doing some GQ party in Madrid.
It is hard to believe Tiger Woods was with Devon James more than once. It must have been very, very dark.
The ex of Paris Hilton hangs out with the ex of Kelly Brook. The dumb look just must come naturally.
Elijah Wood hanging out with his friends
David Chokachi who is making a first time appearance and
surprisingly enough, this is also a first time appearance for David Krumholtz and his new wife Vanessa Britting.
Lindsey McKeon was also there. I haven't seen her really since Saved By The Bell - The New Class.


moxy said...

is this a hint about elijah?? anyone know what enty might be talking about?

timebob said...

Andrew Garfield looks a lot like Topher Grace to me. Who was in the last Spider Man. Ironic.

Tania said...

That's an odd, foreshortened angle in those pics.

Krumholtz got married? Yay for Mr Universe! Let's hope this one isn't a lovebot... ;-)

Shmooey said...

The spy's ex-husband is cute. Shame about the hair.

Mango said...

Nice that the spy's hubby combed his hair for the wedding... I'll bet he skipped a shower, too. I live near KSC (Kennedy Space Center) and know dozens of people who have worked/do work there and some have told me that when some of the highest ranking Russian Space Agency officials would come for meetings the stench in the meeting rooms was at times unbearable because they didn't shower and didn't wear deodorant.

The new Spiderman looks kinda douchey.

Do you think Tony Bennett knows who Amy Winehouse is?

Hey, maybe Cindy Crawford and her husband aren't a beard/merkin couple after all...

Tiger Woods liked the strange so I'm not surprised at some of the woman who have been revealed as his sexual partners. Hope Elin is still boiling herself in bleach nightly to get the taint off.

Elijah Wood lookin' like a Hobbit. His legs look tiny in that pic! Must be the angle...

I haven't seen her really since Saved By The Bell - The New Class.

Enty, I'll bet you watched it with your parents, lol. ;)

Mack said...

A decade ago, Lindsey was caught up in some mess involving the son of Clippers owner Donald Sterling. Sterling's son and his friend were in some sort of love triangle with her in the middle. As you would expect, Sterling Jr. never got charged with anything. The L.A. Times had a big piece about it here:

ea73 said...

Holy crap, Elijah Wood looks just like Tobey Maguire in that pic!

Who's Becki Newton?

not on my dollar said...

Becki Newton was on the Ugly Betty television series.

parissucksliterally said...

I hope the people at Candie's see this pics of their "Style Icon".

Mari said...

Mack, thank you for the link, I was shaking my head reading that. It was like Dominick Dunne territory. How the other half lives, indeed.

Aimée said...

Amy Winehouse looks so much better lately, i really hope it sticks this time.