Friday, July 09, 2010

Random Photos Part One

Four parts today.

Peaches Geldof back in London and at least dressing up a little.
The Princess and a whole bunch of military.
So, is Piers Morgan really replacing Larry King?
Piper Perabo does not look all there.
Russell Brand filming Arthur.
Helen Mirren is also in the movie.
Who knew Snoop could paint?
Stephen Dorff is in pretty good shape.
Even Sofia Coppola seems to think so.
Salma Hayek and her daughter and step daughter at Disneyland.
Sting's daughter stops and does the robot on the street.
I would let Tamara Falco cook for me anytime.
This probably should have gone at the top. Tony Sirico is always the first guy who says yes to anything involving injured military personnel.
Want this violin? Got $18M?


pretzel logic said...

Love Helen Mirren! One of the best in the biz. I guess she's playing John Gielgud's part?

Maidstone said...

Oh I love Paulie Walnuts! Thanks for posting that Enty!

0 said...

Cannot stand Peaches or any of the Geldofs for that matter, but she does look nice in that picture.

Salma's little girl (Valentina? I always forget) is getting so big, she's adorable.

Paulie Walnuts!

MadLyb said...

Oddly, I think Peaches is pretty in a weird way.

Sting and Trudie have a daughter?

I'm guessing that is a Stradivarius? $18 million? No.

jax said...

salma's stepdaughter? is she married to that hot billionaire?

K said...

Watched the original Arthur two nights ago with's SO perfect! There's no reason it should ever have been remade, and I will not be watching this "new" version even tho I adore Helen Mirren.

Russell Brand, you're no Dudley Moore!!!!

Lana's Blog said...

I'm fine with Piers replacing Larry.

Salma probably didn't have to wait 45 min for that dumb ride like I did.

Yay Paulie Walnuts!!!

Leah said...

Peaches still looks pregnant...

unless it's coke bloat?
I hope that doesn't warrant an email to my mother from Eli-Uber-douche

CarolMR said...

God bless Tony Sirico!

Just Another Blonde said...

snort haha Leah! Careful, or Eli will come get you ;)