Friday, July 09, 2010

Random Photos Part Three

The celebrities keep multiplying at Fashion Week.
Yeah, like The Goopster would ever have a mess.
Love the flamingo.
Joseph Gordon Levitt at an Inception party.
Mini Glee reunion. Jane Lynch and Chris Colfer.
Jennifer Lopez at a photoshoot yesterday.
Marc Anthony was probably giving her advice. Goodness he is skinny. I would love to see him next to Tori Spelling.
Jason Priestly and his wife in Rome.
Jackson Rathbone keeps plugging that Last Airbender movie.
Jessica Simpson doing some shopping in Capri. 30th birthday coming up. She went on vacation with her boyfriend. You know, because after six weeks dating, you need an Italian vacation.
Looks like Justin Timberlake has been working out this summer.
Snooki finds a pillow on the red carpet.
Kristen Bell and Sophia Bush. Yes, Dax was there and so was Austin Nichols.


Mooshki said...

Wow, K.Bell looks gorgeous, and her dress isn't so bad for a change!

RocketQueen said...

I LOVE Clare Danes' dress.

We get it, Goopy. You're a super woman who can do it all and look fabulous while doing it. Sheesh.

Cancan said...

As if Gwyneth has a plastic, mass market "branded" toy in her house.

And why is she making nice with a "TV actress" like Jessica Alba?

I hate GP more than just about anyone. And I have met her several times - going back 10-20 years. I bet she's a billion times worse now.

She is wretched.

chopchop said...

My favorite part of the GOOPy kitchen photo? That she has food and is preparing food underneath that giant floral arrangement. "Mmm, is that oregano?" "No, just some dead leaves & petals from that arrangement on the counter." Gross.

MadLyb said...

My issues with GOOP started when she fake-cried in that pink dress with the odd boobage (didn't need to throw that last thing in, really, but it is still an unpleasant image) while accepting her Oscar.

Bell looks fantastic.

Love Jane (and have for years) and the cutest 'Glee' kid together. JGL - love him!

Justin Timberlake almost looks hot - but I still don't understand the greasy permy-Brady-Bunch hair thingy he has going on. Help me?

MadLyb said...
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MadLyb said...

And why is Snookie always frolicking in JWOW's dirty pillows, LOL?

ellapetal said...

Oh crap. You guys I love Goopy!!! That's a sign that I have no soul isn't it? You would tell me, right? I have no sooooooouuullll!!!!!!! Well shit. I'm off to have three shots of vodka and call the weekend started.

P.S. I also enjoy missy KBell's dress.

Tenley said...

Halle's little girl -- all in pink and no doubt the pink flamingo is one of her favorite stuffed animals. THAT'S NORMAL. The Brangelina bunch in all black. ALL BLACK. Like, where do you even find a black toddler outfit? And what toddler even LIKES the color black over pink or yellow or red or purple or blue?

Lana's Blog said...

I hope it works out with J. Simp and the guy. She seems much nicer than most of them.

Blech on Goop.

Tara said...

Okay, so it's probably photoshop and paint spackling, but Jennifer Lopez has always had such beautiful skin when I see her (in pictures, etc not in person lol). The color is gorgeous. I think she's very pretty and she has a great body, very healthy looking. However, she does come across as an asshat sometimes.

Cancan said...

Tenley, my husband wears mostly black so it's all our 4-year-old wears. Look at the Kingsley stuff for kids - lots of black. Same with Monster Republic, Little Ruler, etc.

Mango said...

@ Cancan - tell us more about Goopy; she's one of the celebs I really loathe. I'd love some more fuel for the fire!

Awww Enty, please leave Jessica Simpson alone! She seems so sweet! There are many more celebs deserving of your disdain, like her sister for one.

Justin T needs a haircut!

Snooki, Schnooki, whatever the fuck her name is, needs to GO AWAY.

Monica said...

Marc Anthony is skinny but he's HUNG. He's got some girth like WOW.