Friday, August 06, 2010

Random Photos Part Four

Top spot today goes to William H. Macy and Robert Bella because Colin Fitz Lives is finally being released!!
Alicia Keys is spending her vacation with her husband, Queen Latifah and Queen Latifah's trainer.
Spartacus himself Andy Whitfield.
Lyz sent me the pictures of this fabulous dish involving hot dogs, bacon and burgers. Love it. The turtle part does kind of freak me out a bit.
Bridget Marquardt on a red carpet without her boyfriend. First time in a long time.
Britney on her daily outing to get something to drink. Her entire day revolves around these trips.
Despite being truly awful in the new Woody Allen movie, CSI has hired Carla Bruni for an episode.
Cheryl Cole at The Grove.
Carla Gugino and Rosario Dawson do some work for Voto Latino.
David Arquette does his Borat impression.
Someone said today the only difference between Derek Jeter and Tiger Woods is that Tiger was married.
WTF happened to Dean's eye?
And Tori's makeup?


deleted by authority of the Governor said...

Tiger being married was kinda the whole point of the scandal, I thought.

RocketQueen said...

Britney should really just install a Starbucks in her home.

I really hope Macy's hair is for a role, because MAN...

Okay I know I'm biased because I"m a veg, but those burgers look GROSS.

RocketQueen said...

Oh and hooray! Finally a pic of the Queen with her gf!

looserdude said...

Brit looks good! Am I hallucinating?

Tiger is stinking it up at the Bridgestone golf tournament. Karma's a bitch.

Shmooey said...

Queen Latifah should fire that trainer. All that time they spend together and she ain't getting any fitter.

As the owner of several turtles, those food images are seriously creeping me out.

Jennifer said...

I think that's a lock of hair draping itself around Dean's eye... but his nose sure is red.

not on my dollar said...

The Queen and her lady friend trainer have been together for years so she's obviously getting her money's worth. :)

I like bacon, hot dogs, and burgers but not on one sandwich. Just add some cheese to this and kill somebody already.

MISCH said...

Andy Whitfield looks great, shows how important early cancer detection is..

Lady J said...

I LOVE Andy Whitfield and Spartacus. That show is FANTASTIC. If you are not watching it you need to.
After all of the years Queen Latifah has been with her girlfriend no one has ever been able to get a shot of them like that. They look really happy together and I am happy for them.
Alicia looks great pregnant.

RocketQueen said...

PS - I've never seen Spartacus - but does this guy look like an EXACT cross of Joseph Gordon-Levitt and Jerry O'Connell in this pic to anyone else??

Mooshki said...

Mmm, Owen...

RJ said...

That turtle thing really, really creeped me out. I think my dinner will be vegetarian. Thanks, Enty.

.robert said...

Saw that burger a while back and decided I'd use bratwurst and weisswurst instead of hotdogs.

Sherry said...

Omg, Bacon Turtles!!! Fabulous!

0 said...

I'm not sure which is making me drool more: the bacon-hotdog-burger things, or Derek Jeter in a suit. YUM.

Robert said...

@RQ: I see the JO'C/JG-L thing.

Monica said...

OMG Andy Whitfield is SO FREAKING HOT! And I agree with Lady J, Spartacus is a *fantastic* program. I, of course, was drawn in by the nudity and sex scenes, but the plot is why I stayed. LOL.

Awesome that Andy is now cancer free.

Goodgrief said...

The whole point of the Tiger scandal was that he was married and had a family. That is what made it a scandal. If he had been single then no one would have cared.

The Queen and her trainer look like they have a very close relationship.

Lana's Blog said...

Agree with Goodgrief on The Queen.

Nicole said...

Can someone please fill me in on the Derek Jeter scandal?

J-Mo said...

Derek Jeter, he's a ho that's all. I believe in some BI he was accused of having the gift that keeps on giving and then passing it on to some famous girlfriend, of whom he's had many.

mygeorgie said...

Party dress & heels for a mochachino run? I'd hate to live that lifestyle.

Ya, those turtle burgers are disturbing....I discovered a cool Asian market (T&T for the Canucks). Great for culinary inspiration, but stay away from the frozen section. BABY. TURTLES!!!!!! I just about cried scurrying down the aisle. Not cool.

An alternative to that burger Enty & bacon lovers is an amazing roast I've done where you wrap beef tenderloin in applewood bacon after rubbing with garlic, pepper & rosemary. Jaime Oliver recipe & to die for! (serve w/ herb & parmesan whipped potatoes) Mmmm, gettin hungray.

Yvie said...

Wow. Either you all are being sarcastic about Queen and her trainer or the mainstream really dose not care about AA celebrities.

If these photos don't out Queen and throw shade on AKey and Swizz beats then I am going to gauge out my eyes and live in a total state of oblivion.

Tara said...

@ Yvie - Yes, I agree that there's probably a 'reason' that people are now getting pics of the Queen and her GF and there's a PR team that set it all up. ;-)

Karmen said...

Aww I love that the bacon burgers are turtles. UMD pride!

__-__=__ said...

looserdude - You are hallucinating. Search for a pic of Brit and the back of the dress where her butt is hanging out. What trash she is!

simplicity said...

I think Jeter and Tiger is because both Jeter and Tiger dated Rachel Uchitel, have a thing for porn stars and each other's wingmen. Jeter was also the man who got Tiger and Rachel together last summer at Jeter's apartment Jeter apparently has been seeing Rachel a long time, and was still seeing her in November last year before the scandal. He was the first to defend Tiger and call him his best friend. articles below. Plus they were both in Vegas in 2006 together with penthouse pets.
Jeter also according to Jenna Jameson had a thing for her too.

Las Vegas Rerview Journal
Jan 08, 2006
New York Yankees star Derek Jeter, spending quality time with Penthouse Pet of the Year runner-up 2006 Cassia Riley at Light (Bellagio) on Friday night, with Tiger Woods as his wingman among the Pets.

FIRST PUBLISHED: December 4, 2009 7:38 PM EST
As the fallout continues and details continue to unfold in the Tiger Woods controversy, another sports superstar’s name is now being tossed around in connection with the scandal – Derek Jeter.
According to a New York Post source, it was at a party at the New York Yankee star’s NYC apartment where Woods and his alleged mistress, Rachel Uchitel, first met.

Jenna Jameson makes the following allegations in her book:

"While I was in a New York club, someone spiked my drink with Ecstasy, which was a terrible experience. I don't like the drug, and would never take it intentionally."

That night at the "China Club," NY Yankee superstar Derek Jeter was hitting on me and my friend. He bored me, so I went to talk to another sports superstar, Joe Montana."

Montana looked like he was 100 years old. He could hardly move from all the beatings he had taken in his heyday. When he put his hand on my leg, I realized two things: the first is that I should never be in public on Ecstasy and the other was that I should have stayed with Derek Jeter."

"The next day the tabloids reported that Joe Montana and I were having an affair but what actually happened was that I went back to my suite to have sex with a Penthouse Pet Of The Year (Paige Summers), fourth photo."

"Later that year, Paige Summers' heart would mysteriously stop in the middle of the night following a routine surgical procedure."
The source told the Post that Uchitel, the first woman with an extramarital link to the golfer, met Woods during a party at Jeter’s home inside Trump World Towers.

simplicity said...

Jeter and Tiger both dated Rachel. One married one single.

Rachel Uchitel's Mother Claims Her Daughter Dated Derek Jeter

Tiger Woods' Alleged Mistress and the Yankee Captain Were Lovers, According to Her Mom
By Ron Hart

New York Yankees shortstop Derek Jeter is in the news today for two different reasons. One, for being the first Yankee ever to win the prestigious Sports Illustrated Sportsman of the Year award.

The second reason is for being linked romantically in the past with Tiger Woods' alleged mistress, Rachel Uchitel.

Who says that Derek Jeter had a love affair with Rachel Uchitel? None other than Rachel Uchitel's mom, who reportedly told Us Magazine that her daughter has dated Derek Jeter in the past. Why Rachel Uchitel's mother would feel compelled to share this information with Us Magazine is not known at this point, but with the media frenzy surrounding her daughter as the Tiger Woods story continues to grow, any admission, big or small, is bound to get a lot of attention.

While it might initially seem doubtful that the report that Uchitel dated Jeter will matter much to Tiger Woods, it is another piece of the puzzle in terms of who Rachel Uchitel actually is. She seems to have a strong predilection for famous athletes

As the Tiger Woods story unfolds, it is highly likely that much, if not all, of Rachel Uchitel's romantic past will continue to be divulged. Many are thinking that Tiger Woods' hesitancy to speak much about his late night traffic accident is due, at least in part, to the fact that he and his wife may have been having an argument over an affair with Rachel Uchitel. As such, the more publicity she receives right now, such as this type of report having her had had a relationship with Jeter, the more difficult it will get for Woods to let the story run its natural cycles and fade from view.

But that is unlikely. An affair with a high profile athlete such as Jeter (who is not married), particularly as he comes off from another World Series championship and now winning Sports Illustrated's Sportsman of the Year award, will only add fuel to the fire. The other risk for Tiger Woods is that despite Rachel Ulrich's initial claim that she did not have an affair with him, she may at some point decide to cash in on the story and make herself into a bit of a celebrity....or at least cash in on the celebrity status that she's already attained.