Thursday, September 09, 2010

Random Photos Part Two

Jamie Lynn Sigler at Fashion Week in New York.
Julianna Marguiles on her way into Letterman.
Jessica Simpson is the guest judge for the season finale of Project Runway.
Earlier in the day, Heidi showed off her latest magazine cover. I wonder how many she has total.
Speaking of fashion, Kelly Osbourne is going to be on Fashion Police on E!.
Kate Winslet looking lovely at some Longines thing.
A first time appearance for Laura Bailey but not so for Thandie Newton.
Lindsay doing what she does best. Other than stealing or taking drugs. Shopping. Oh, and if you want to be freaked out, Lindsay supposedly is wanting to have a baby. She thinks being pregnant will keep her clean.
Lourdes Leon on her first day of school.
Megan Fox in Elle.
Launching a new video game? Michelle Rodriguez always says yes.
Nick Rhodes and Georgio Armani.


chopchop said...

Giorgio Armani looks like Voldemort.

RocketQueen said...

Kate W looks "tighter" in the face. But still gorgeous.

I know people don't agree, but I think Kelly is looking bobble-headed now. Something's off.

sunnyside1213 said...

Oh please don't let Blohan reproduce.

Patty said...

Jessica can't dress herself decently. How does she qualify to be a fashion judge?

holyrollernova said...

can someone please explain to me what exactly jessica simpson is wearing?

i am no jessica hater, in fact i think she seems very sweet and like a decent person, but wtf is that?!

JESSICA - you need a new stylist ASAP!

take it from a fellow gal with curves - dress for your body! with a big chest, something baggy up top and then tight on the bottom will make you look a lot bigger!

and lindsay lohan with a baby is just too much for me to handle right now.

MCH said...

LOL @chopchop

Great reason to have a kid, Lindsey.

anarchi said...

lol @MCH

Other great reasons to have kids:
-I can dress and name them weirdly
-I have a movie opening near the due date
-It's the only time my surrogate can do it
-I need leverage in the divorce
-Kids = good press
-My beard wants one

SkittleKitty said...

I don't think I've even seen Nick Rhodes face so bare. He looks just as good without the guyliner! :)

paulealex said...

Kelly Osbourne looks so much like her mother in that picture. You can just take that face and put it on a Sharon Osbourne pictures, add a couple wrinkles and voila!

looserdude said...

Jessica Simpson? Project Runway season finale? That makes no sense.

RJ said...

I don't think for a minute that Lohan wants to be a mother. She probably just wanted more free promotion/press and knew that rumor would set off a whole new chapter of sound bites for her.

Jessica Simpson has the Short Girl with Giant Boobs syndrome. She either learns to dress for it or have her breasts reduced a couple of cup sizes to better fit her petite stature. I like her a lot, but I still cringe almost everytime I see a picture of her. Fashion is not her thing which is why I think the Project Runway thing is an odd fit for her. No pun intended.

john said...

Did Megan Fox get her implants removed? I always though she had bigger tatas? I can see the fillers on her cheeks puff up weird in that smiling photo.

*putting claws away now*

forefootinto said...

What Kate Winslet has done to her face is a tragedy. RIP Kate's Face.

MadLyb said...

@forefootinto - I'm with you. It's the 'cat lady' syndrome, and I never thought Kate would succumb to it. She was always so against that sort of thing.

I thought Juliana Marguiles was Terry Hatcher for a second there.

Nick Rhodes is still hot.

SFG said...

Thank you!! Glad I'm not the only one who thought ok there's no way in HELL that Kate W. hasn't done something to her face, despite all her proclamations in past interviews that she would not do so.

Mango said...

Re Jessica Simpson as a Project Runway judge: at least she has her own purse/shoes line (that aren't hideous, either!). I did not get Faith Hill as a finale judge last year.

Wow, Kelly Osbourne is very tiny!


No idea who Laura Bailey is, but she kinda looks like a younger, blonde Courteney Cox in that pic.

Why can't Lindsay just adopt a goldfish or something? Even Wonky knows her limitations. Yes, she adopts more animals than she can care for, but at least she's not stupid enough to accessorize with babies, especially while she's doing all that blow.
OMG, I can't believe I said something positive about Paris Hilton.

Georgio Armani looking seriously like my grandma's old leather handbag.

Kit said...


He's still the D2 cutie pie. :)

delilah said...

peeps for PR judging (b/c obviously they are running out of ideas):
chloe s (say what you want but she is into fashion)
kate moss
sienna m-sorry
christian sariano (however you spell it)
joan rivers
agnes deyn
liv tyler (more than simpson!)
sorry (again!) but Zoe

...and that is what i thought of after a BIG mimosa!

__-__=__ said...

Other great reasons to have kids:
They like cheetos!

Do you really think Lindsay could have a kid? Isn't she so polluted that she couldn't reproduce if she had to??? Anyways, if she does, Ali will have something to do.

Lourdes is beautiful!

Good to see Michelle Rodriguez looking healthy and happy!!

Just Another Blonde said...

RJ- as a fellow SGGB club member, I wholeheartedly agree. i'm not SO off-kilter (5'5/D) and I STILL have problems like JSimp does.It's hard to dress for this body type. If I could just be like 3 measly inches taller, it'd be great! *sigh*

And Nick Rhodes does it for me, even sans guyliner.

Christina Penn said...

I can't believe Jessica Simpson showed up the the PR finale dressed like that and not one person said anything to her or tried to convince her to change. I would have loved to hear what the Duchess thought of that outfit.

[ ♥ тαммι ¢нєяιѕє тαn ] said...

How on earth did Kelly manage to get so slim!?! I want her secrets right now, haha.