Friday, November 05, 2010

Random Photos Part One

Four parts today.

Sandra Bullock in a cold and rainy New York.
A 21 year old Sean Connery in the nude. It was discovered recently.
Spike Jonze gets blown by Jeff Tremaine.
Sarah Jessica Parker at a Gloria Vanderbilt celebration.
Ditto for Kathy Griffin.
Shiloh goes zip lining.
Love it!
The Hoff meets some interesting people in his life.
It's not so much that Taylor Momsen has given up wearing clothes, it is the fact that her parents just don't seem to care.
Only Tracy Morgan could pull this off.
Taylor Swift shows off her I am better than you pose.
The Hot In Cleveland cast.


califblondy said...

Don't the Hot in Cleveland ladies look nice? But, where's the hottest one of all?

Jamie's Girl said...

Love the Hot in Cleveland Cast, and the show! Sandra Bullock looks awesome in the rain.

Lady J said...

LOVE the pic of Shiloh. How cute is that! She is a risk taker!

RocketQueen said...

What amuses me is that Taylor Momsen would probably cut any one of us for suggesting she looks "goth" - I'm sure to her it's her "own" thing, NOT goth. Whatever, little J.

I want to like Hot in Cleveland, but I just don't. Although in the couple of times I've watched - holy hell, have you noticed the calves on Jane Leeves? She is incredibly ripped.

I still think Shiloh is going to be extraordinarily beautiful.

HannahPalindrome said...

Taylor Momsen cracks me up.

lanasyogamama said...

I'm a little worried about Taylor, I think she's losing the innocence thing.

MacVixen said...

The picture of Shiloh is too cute for words! She looks like she is having a blast.

Both Taylors in this set of pictures irritate the hell out of me.

cali said...

Adorable- Shiloh is BOLD!! Well, what do expect with Achilles for a dad and Lara Croft for mom! Yes, RQ, I agree, she is going to be gorgeous.

kathryn said...

SJP and KG both look so great! Yesterday was Kathy's (50th!) birthday and I would bake her a cake if I could. xo

Patty said...

Kathy looks great in that picture. Better than Sarah actually, IMHO.

Zip line, how fun is that. Lucky, lucky!

Electric Warrior said...

I see Larry King is keeping his costume as the Crypt Keeper on past Halloween...maybe he's trying to thwart the Grim Reaper.

Sandra Bullock can do no wrong lately, I appreciate the fact that there's no official "umbrella holder" hovering over her.

I have to give props to SJP & Kathy Griffin, both of em look good here and they're both usually pretty dodgy at best.

Taylor Momsen, to paraphrase Michael K..I can't with you right now. Or ever. So played honey, so played.

I want Tracy Morgan to be on my voicemail, ranting in his traditional style. Love him.

john said...

Aw Shiloh. What a boo! So adorable!

Kathy Griffin has a great wig maker/hairpiece maker because her hair looks incredible (and natural, which if you watch D List, you know is not the case). Love Kathy but definitely think she went overboard on the weight loss thing. She was always boobalicious but no so anymore.

MCH said...

Is he wearing a thong of some sort or is that butt shadowing?

So Taylor doesn't like wearing pants but she'll wear thigh high stockings???? Cannot fathom something less comfortable.

Robert said...

Sandra's apparently in her "New York intellectual" mode.
Despite her "whistle-blower" status, Kathy Griffin has that red carpet schtick down pat!
Who's Taylor Momsen's friend, some Scott Ian wannabe? How tall is that guy, anyway?
"I'm Brian Fellows!"

3culprits said...

Could those of you more in the know please explain to me how seemingly private moments in the lives of the Jolie-Pitt children turn into photo opps? Are parents of other kids selling pics, or are Jolie-Pitt providing them? There is something creepy about seeing pictures like this. As darling as these photos are, as a parent I think it's time for a moratorium. Those children have a right to privacy irrespective of their parents' professional interests and lives. Leave 'em alone. That means you too Enty. Sorry. Hot flashes suck.

Sorka8 said...

Taylor M proves that you can look like a undead ho at the sweet age of 17.

Super long sleeves past your hands? Why? Not a style even undead ho's are going to appreciate.

[ ♥ тαммι ¢нєяιѕє ] said...

@MacVixen "Both Taylors in this set of pictures irritate the hell out of me."

DITTO 100%! I think Momsen is just looking worse and worse with each photograph I see her in.