Friday, December 24, 2010

Demi Lovato Pays Off Dancer

Even though Demi Lovato remains in a Chicago rehab center, her lawyers managed to put the final touches on a settlement with Alex Welch, the backup dancer that Demi punched on her way to rehab. Alex had previously threatened to sue because of her physical and emotional injuries and said she was going to need plastic surgery. Well, at least we know that Demi probably could have a great career in celebrity boxing.

Have you noticed that despite being a very huge tween star, the only peep we have heard about Demi Lovato or from Demi Lovato was the one leaked photo of her being gawked at by her dancers. Other than a few words from a dad who does not know what he is talking about, things have been quiet. Compare that with Lindsay who needs to keep herself in the news all the time. This is why Lindsay went to Betty Ford and not to some rehab in Chicago or some other excellent ones away from the tabloids that make her content.


timebob said...

The diffrence between Demi & Lindsay is Demi has Disney behind her and Lindsay has White Oprah.

Wasn't one of Lindsay's rehab out of state? And she was just as bad there, getting hooked on meds and where she found her skater "boyfriend". Because sex in rehab is just oh so acceptable.

sunnyside1213 said...

Wasn't she in AZ for rehab once?

Jenny said...

Demi must be on lock-down by her family, management team, and Disney. Maybe they all can get her on the straight and narrow.

It doesn't matter where Lindsay goes for rehab. She can cause trouble and drama anywhere. Her crazy family makes excuses and blames others instead of Lindsay, their little money-maker.

Hopefully Demi will come away from this with her act together. I could care less about Lindsay and her circus.

blondegossip said...

Lindsey went to rehab in UT & got in all kinds of trouble. Very good point about difference-one of these young women might actually get sober, and it's not team orange oprah. No money in sobriety for that crew.


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