Friday, December 17, 2010

Real Housewives - Beverly Hills

I have t admit that I did not watch all of last week's episode of Real Housewives Beverly Hills. Throughout the week I caught little bits and pieces like Camille planning her dinner party and then saying how hot she was because Nick was sitting next to her. I really don't understand that. His wife just had a baby and Camille still flirts with the guy. Don't you think they must be having sex?

Anyway, I did watch last night though and I had to watch it twice because it was so good. Can I just say first off that I am glad Medium has been canceled. Yes, I want Patricia Arquette to work as much as the next person but that Alison is the one of the most vile human beings ever.

Who smokes like that? I LOVED when she said, I would know if someone's husband was cheating. Ummm, then how come you did not tell Camille? Ha!

Who says things like I love knowing how and when people are going to die?

So, does Camille memorize every issue of Playboy? I think when Kyle said she was going o invite Faye Resnick, Camille or one of her staff Googled her and Camille decided to throw out that little Playboy tidbit. Did you notice how Camille talked to Kyle about Faye like Faye was not even there? What a b**tch.

I may have to change my vote for my favorite. I do love Kyle, but Lisa is so calm and witty and under control at all times. She is brilliant. Kim had the line of the night when she told Taylor she should go pump up her lips some more. That came out of nowhere.

I am also pretty sure by this point that Kim does not drink. When everyone else has been getting hammered, Kim continues to drink coke or something with no alcohol. Oh, and what is this stuff that Camille said in the after show about her not drinking much. She drinks in every episode.

Oh, and Denise, lighten up on the makeup, and yes, having sex with Nikki Sixx is kind of like dating, although Andy put it best when he said, "so, like neighbors with benefits."


rebellious, contrary and nice said...

None of them are my favorites.

rebellious, contrary and nice said...

Oh and Kim will start back to drinking after this season, you watch!

sunnyside1213 said...

LOL...neighbors with benifits.

Pookie said...

*lost* and i'm ok w/ that.

Lauren said...

Omg Enty, I watched this mess last night and couldn't wait for your post on it. That psychic/fraud was outrageous, and all I could think about was how truly vile she looked on a national tv show. She should feel horribly embarrassed for a very long time. Her actions and words were beyond the scope of reasonable or rational.

And Camille? I can only hope that one day she receives a visit from the karma gods. Bitch has really got it coming.

Welcome to Team Lisa, Enty!

Sherry said...

Oh dear god, this was a stand-out episode! This was shot before Medium was canceled, I assume. I don't think I can ever watch that show again. Super nice of Camille to call up Watch What Happens last night and apologize for her comments regarding Kyle's marriage. Too little, too late. Enjoy your glass house, Camille.

On a side note, why was Allison dressed like she was shopping at Target? All the other ladies were looking gorgeous - was that (along with the ridiculous cigarette) her attempt to stand out from the crowd? She nailed that the moment she opened her mouth.

Marianne said...

Team Lisa!!!

All I kept thinking was "Who holds a cigarette like that?" Even if Alison was trying to quit, is holding it like a carrot to gnaw on going to help? And all the rude gestures she was throwing at the end! Oh sweet lord!

But what would have topped it off if the Countess came in singing "Psychic Abilities Can't Buy You Class" :) Train wreck perfection!

Rickatoo said...

i LOVE lisa. she's the only housewife from ANYWHERE that says exactly what she thinks, which is usually what we're thinking, too. she says it to their faces and she says it to us.

Miss X said...

I haven't seen all the episodes but I don't agree with Enty's take on Camille and Kyle. Kyle is obsessed with her kids & potentially tricking her hubby into another one. Camille is a drama queen but I don't detest her. She definitely wants attention.

I feel kind of bad for Kim...Kyle seems to have high expectations of her sister...why would Kyle expect Kim to be early for Kyle's kid's birthday party when it's the same day Kim is moving?

Lisa is definitely my favorite. But I do like Taylor & Adrienne.

This is the 1st season I've watched. And I didn't see last night's episode.

Ice Angel said...

Loved loved loved this episode and cannot believe I have become so addicted.

I LOVE Camille!!! She is the best part of the show. Honestly, she brings the excitement. If she wasn't on the show, it would just be a bunch of rich ladies having dinner...yawn!!!

Her social awkwardness and that wonderful psychic friend of hers were just the best thing all season! I hope they bring back Allison again, because that lady is a trip and a half!

This show is AWESOME!!!

Oh...and I want to be Lisa in another life! LOL!

Stuck In Montana said...

Happy Birthday to Me! Yesterday really was my B-Day and after watching last weeks episode and viewing the highlight clips for last nights show; I crawled into bed at 7:30 PM, just so I would not miss a second of this fabulous television event. Although it was being recorded on TiVo, I locked my bedroom door and scheduled my birthday dinner for this evening! I am beyond ecstatic the Psycho's, oops I meant Psychic's show "Medium" was canned. My husband and kids remind me I had announced giving up on all the Housewives franchises after the New Jersey hot pile of mess. But I admit I love the RHBH. I too like Kyle and Lisa along with Adrienne and Taylor. I find Kim to be way too insecure for me to find her endearing. I was on the fence regarding Taylor until last week, she really turned me around after hearing her speak of her childhood experience with domestic violence. She is well spoken and obviously she obtained some level of college education. Which is more that you can say about some of the other RH hags such as; Orange County or New Jersey. The DC housewives are just plain dull. With the exception of Camille, I personnally don't see the back stabbing features in any of the other BH women, YET! Also, I do believe Kim is a closet drunk and that is why in her interviews she has very slurred speech. The end of my rant!

Jasmine said...

I agree the Lisa is smart and witty and her relationship with her husband seems fun and its refreshing that they love each other so much HOWEVER she is snubby as shit and that thing she said when she went to the DMV about not being used to seeing people out of beverely hills really annoyed me.
Team Lisa? NO
I like how sweet Taylor is and how she has some real issues she kinda lets be revealed on the show. While she hosted that very expensive party for her daughter that was obnoxious but didnt grate on my nervous as much as Lisa showing up, judging it and her, and then going to Kyle's party and comparing the two. Sure its easy to call Lisa the most calm, thats becuase the woman sits back and cooly and unemotionally judges the most!

Jasmine said...

I like Adriene too btw- but her relationship with her husband is so hard to watch it really turns me off of seeing her on the show.
I think she is the least delusional and most hardworking though.

nancer said...

lisa's my favorite. she always rises above the shit but she doesn't miss a single thing.

the medium is a ROYAL BITCH and she's NUTS too. camille's vile but this woman puts her in the shade.

kim is obviously a non-drinker for a reason. she's a recovering alky---i know one when i see one.

i like kyle. i don't see that she's trying to 'trick' her husband into anything. she'd like another baby. a lot of couples are like that---she wants one, he's on the fence.

i worry about anyone who seriously likes camille. don't think i'd want to know you.

rebellious, contrary and nice said...

Thank you, JASMINE. Lisa's an undercover snob. There was only one annoying person who bothered her at DMV. Everyone else wanted to get in and out JUST LIKE HER!

Borg Queen said...

I couldnt wait for ur take. I loved Medium and I was really taken aback to see how rude and nasty Allison Dubois is. Patricia Arquette is great actress to make this bitch seem likable. But on the show she has a family which I dont know if Allison does. She seemed to act like a single gal.

"I LOVED when she said, I would know if someone's husband was cheating. Ummm, then how come you did not tell Camille? Ha!" OMG ENTY I thought the exact same thing.

I love Lisa though the DMV bit did hurt me but she did say she was isolated and didnt interact with the public.

As for Kim not drinking, in the episode when Lisa set her up, they said that her blind date drove her home b/c Kim drank too much. Plus she looks like a pill popper to me.

Adrienne does need to soften her makeup. She looks too hard.

Mooshki said...

I don't understand what the connection is (happily), but now I really don't want to watch this show, because I love 'Medium,' and I don't want anything to spoil it for me. Still super-bummed it was canceled. :(

HannahPalindrome said...

A psychic who uses her gift to be so mean and vindictive is disgusting.

When she smiled and made that comment about knowing when people are going to die was disturbing.

What a disgusting human being.

jbeebs said...

I hated when Allison said something like "if any of their children go missing,I'd be their first phone call." Then she smiled all creepy. It was disgusting and even Camille was taken back. What a bitch!

Ice Angel said...
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Ice Angel said...

@nancer-I guess you are referring to my comments about loving between the lines of my comments and don't worry about me. I guess I don't want to know you either, I guess. LOL!

I love Camille for her contribution as the hot mess of the show. I mean really...who is everyone talking about today? Camille and her psycho/psychic friend. Love it.

Oh...and by the way...there's no such thing as a psychic. I think this woman proves that point incredibly well, as she is probably one of the most highly respected "psychics" around. She supposedly is good at profiling??? And she didn't notice that Camille's husband was cheating on her???? Puleeze!!! I think she is hilarious to watch and I want to see more of her...

Ice Angel said...

Oh...and one more thing...I don't think very highly of Camille, but I do agree with one thing she did say (although hypocritical) was when she called Faye Resnick morally bankrupt. She is and always has been. I don't care if it was 5 years later, you don't accept blood money and recognition over your friend's brutal murder no matter how many years have passed. Just bad form. I don't care for her at all.

kcqueen said...

Did anyone else catch the Bravo aftershow where Camille called in to "apologize" to Kyle for saying her husband was a hound dog- excuse me, "He loves women". (and she said it like he came on to her regularly)? I think someone's attorney may have forced that little apology. Camille is just evil, and not in that kind of funny Alexis Carrington kind of way- she's just a die hard bitch. I guess Kyle accepted the apology in order to try and help keep Kelsey and Camille's real estate business for her husband. I would have told her to f-ck off.

valerie said...

Alison was clearly mistaking her reading of Camille for Kyle. Because she had Camille down to a T.

My fave moment was when Camille made a comment about how classless Faye was for posing in Playboy, and then Lisa or Kyle made a comment that Camille has posed in playboy too. And how Camille called Faye classless for being caught up in the OJ trial. Um, hello, her BEST FRIEND was murdered. You'd think she'd show Faye some sympathy, not treat her like dirt. Camille is seriously the most delusional person I've ever seen.

I've never watched any RH shows, but I'm totally addicted to this one. Last night was a classic episode.

nancer said...

ice angel, i wasn't really talking to you. i understand her entertainment value, but not how anyone could see anything likable about camille.

hypocritical? uh, didn't she do porn? pose in playboy? so yes, but that's only one of camille's
endearing' qualities. she has no right to judge ANYONE---including faye resnick.

MCH said...

I need to catch up on this show!

I used to have a huge crush on Nick Stabile when he was on....Passions.

Definitely thought it was weird that those 2 were friends. She is NOT an attractive woman.

Pinkie said...

"Know that." "Know that." If I heard Allison say that one more time, I was gonna do a Teresa-table-flip. That woman is vile and mean and nasty. A grown woman sitting there acting that way and then flipping someone the double bird! Come on. Kyle said it best when she asked if this was elementary school. Camille wants to talk about set-ups, she set up that whole thing with her two friends there. She knew how it would play out. Karma is a bitch, Camille and Allison. Know that.

Sis Cesspool said...

I have never watched any of the RHWO_ shows mainly because I can't believe grown women conduct themselves in such a manner - on television no less.

However, when the Grammers split, I had to take a peek.

- Camille is desperate and ignorant. I CAN'T WAIT for the show when she reveals her split with The Meal Ticket.

- Kim is confused and affected.

- I can't even watch Taylor with those duck lips. For the love of God!

- Denise takes it all in, but she's got good commentary.

- Kyle is loose cannon - thank God.

- Lisa is a doll.

- That psychic is full of bat shit crazy.

Hayley said...
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Hayley said...

Enty (and everyone else),they're taking questions on facebook for the reunion taping of this show. You should think of some good ones to put Camille in her place! I'm working on a couple of good ones myself.

Ice Angel said...

Who do you all think most of the questions for the reunion show will be directed at or about? Camille, right?? Maybe she isn't so dumb after all!

Hayley said...

Hah, true, but she won't get the last laugh because she's guaranteed to misuse words well outside her range of vocabulary and she'll come across like an idiot. Leaving Andy Cohen looking quite confused.

Miss X said...

So I finally caught last night's episode.

That medium was crazy. She was just there to get the pot started & then to keep stirring (yes I did make that up). And it's already been said...but if she's so good, why didn't she know Camille's husband was cheating?

I think Camille expects Kyle to kiss her butt since Kyle's husband is her realtor. Instead, Kyle treats her like an equal so Camille creates drama & decides Kyle must be jealous.

I felt bad for Kim & Taylor in this episode...even though Kim attacked Taylor, I thought it was in poor taste for all the girls to abandon her.

chihuahuense said...

I just caught the re-run tonight, and you guys have so eloquently said everything that I thought. (Even pointing out that though Lisa is probably one of the most likeable in the franchise, she still is a freak in her own way)

The one thing that struck me, is that Camille said something about Faye Resnik's lips and then she kinda rolled her two pillows that she calls lips together---UGH!!! I really and truly gagged a little. And how when she is doing interviews she keeps turning her head and looking behind herself and down and then back up again--oh seriously, she is so fucking weird.

The medium was--whew! And to say that about their children? I mean, how often does that happen? 1:10,000? 1:100,000? That was just weird.

Sis said...

This was the best episode ever! I love the show Medium but the real Allison is nutso! I also thought Faye Resnick did stir the pot and with Allison it was Oh boy here we go again, without those two the evening probably would have been nice!

Sorry peeps, I still like Camille and Taylor is becoming my favorite!

Kyle did call her a delusional bitch and she does not "own" what she says, which is part of the problem, imo.

I wish they would all stop with the botox, plastic surgery, and lip work, geez don't they see themselves?

I heard (Sirius radio) an interview with Adrienne and she does not and will not discuss how her children "came to be", not assuming here but considering how much flack everyone gave Camille for using a surrogate I thought I should mention it.

I vote for unedited episodes now that would be even more entertaining!

Oh and Camille being the host should have put an immediate end to all the shenaigans at the dinner table, although I did like how she took a drink away from Allison, she should have done more.

ChasingHeaven said...

I like how Camille noted that she just "needed to keep Alison from getting drunk" at the dinner party and then everyone shows up to the largest and strongest pre-dinner drinks they've ever encountered. That was no accident on Camille's part, IMO. She knew exactly what she was doing. If I wanted to help keep my friend from drinking too much, I certainly wouldn't be serving strong drinks the size of my head.

ChasingHeaven said...

Oh yeah, and for being Camille's close friend you'd think she would have been there for her dress shopping and all instead of just the people she pays to "like" her.

Julie said...

lets not forget that Allison was an employee of Gramnet. She WAS "on the clock", of course she had to be on Camilles side, of course she wasn't gonna say "Kelsey's cheating on you", she knows how and where her bread is buttered.

Also, I do not trust anyone who is "BEST FRIENDS" with Adrianne Curry. I've been in a conversation on Adrianne's old NowLive show with both of those girls (Allison used to go on there a lot)...I just wasn't a fan of her candor. But I dont remember her smoking those cigs like that.

god, i wanted to hit her.

Carrie said...

Kyle's breathtaking cruelty toward Kim makes it almost impossible to watch this show. Frankly, I think Lisa nailed it when she said to Adrienne, "We're the only sane people here. We have to stick together!"