Friday, December 24, 2010

Real Housewives - Beverly Hills

It is not that there was anything wrong with last night's episode of Real Housewives - Beverly Hills, it is just that I have come to expect these huge fireworks and yesterday there were only sparklers and no real big explosions. I did notice that Bravo must have edited these episodes after the world started to make fun of Camille, because everytime anyone said something the camera would suddenly go to a closeup of Camille's face.

A couple of things I noticed last night. Giggy should have one special. I mean what is one hour to give to a dog. Why does Kyle need a ladysitter/personal assistant? Maybe now she might, but at the time what was she doing that she needed an assistant? Oh, and her hair looked awful in that 20's costume party. Did you know that Camille is generous? Oh, she is and she will let you know every episode just how generous she is.

Speaking of Camille, is there going to be an obligatory fondling session with Nick every week? The motorcycle ride was a bit odd. Can you imagine when they show them together after we get to Kelsey leaving her? I wonder how much Nick's wife can take before she says enough. They should have a camera focused on her during these two minute Nick and Camille interludes. Camille sat down with Extra and tried to fake a tear or two as she discussed putting up her Christmas tree. Umm, Camille does not even answer her own phone, there is no way she decorates her own tree.


ea17 said...

i suspect that Kyle will be a witch come next season. i also can believe that her husband is a big flirt, but how far he goes is anyone's guess.

nancer said...

i was surprised camille didn't zero in on adrienne's remark about 'putting you both in timeout.' i think she sees kyle as easy prey, but she knows better than to fuck with adrienne.

and i thought the same thing about her decorating the tree. no way she does that. she hires people to breathe for her, after all.

timebob said...

I thought last night was lackluster compated to the week before also. Honestly it is a shame they didn't cast Alison Dubois as a regular housewife. She is a demon and brings the drama.

Clearly Kyle and her husband were trying to make nice-nice to get Camille's & Kelsey back as clients. Which was exactly what Camille had in mind. I have money you will bend to my will bullshit.

Sad, I still can't wait until they drop the bomb episode where Camille finds out Kelsey left her for another woman.

califblondy said...

If that drunk medium is so great why didn't she tell her bff Camille that Kelsey was cheating?

Camille is a passive/aggressive psycho.

rebellious, contrary and nice said...

There is a story out now that Kelsey has fixed it so, Camille cannot have access to many of his accounts. She'll still get a grip from child support, but she will have to downsize I believe.

Hello Kitty said...


Julie said...

Allison knows that the Grammers were signing her paychecks. She had to be buddybuddy with Camille.
I'm not defending her one bit. I'm actually not watching the rest of the season because damn, Patricia Arquette is like-able.

Once again, I do not trust people who Adrianne Curry considers to be a good friend. Just sayin'. (long story behind that)

oh yeah, and Kyles hair was pretty atrocious.

timebob said...

I wonder if Adrienne has real gold sewn into her hair. It is so sparkly.

Yes, I love that Kelsey has put the brakes on Camille's access to his accounts.

I think if Kelsey really wanted to he could get full custody of the kids. He has hundreds of hours of proof of how bat shit crazy she is and other women are raising her children.

Sadly, Camille will never be poor but I do hope she burns through her settlement money like Heather Mills did and cry poverty to the public.

OHHHH I can't wait until RHOBH Season 2 starts.

Lissette said...

Adrienne uses a sparkle spray from Frederic Fekkai. She said it on "Watch What Happens Live."
I was surprised at how flirty Mauricio looked, and you KNOW he was holding back because of Kyle.

Patty said...

Cannot not wait for the show when Kelsey leaves her. She is sooo manipulative.

Katja said...

Everything the Medium said to Kyle described Camille to a tee.

Katja said...

@Julie - what is this about Adrianne Curry? I missed this, please spill!

Christine said...

Those things in Adrienne's hair are called "bling strands."