Friday, January 28, 2011

Real Housewives - Beverly Hills

So, last night was the reunion show and it was pretty much the same thing it has been all season. One thing I will say for Andy Cohen is that he does not miss things and is not above calling out someone to stir things up. There is no kissing butt to the cast. He kisses the butt of the people who drop into his after show, but not the Housewives. Camille's story always changes. She would have us convinced that she was trying to deal with the whole Kelsey thing during the entire run of the show, but I am convinced she did not know what was up until much later in shooting. Don't you think she would have told Alison about it, especially after Alison's marriage remark to Kyle? I thought Camille was such good friends with her.

When Andy was reading viewer questions I thought they were good, but no one has asked her about Nick. That is the question I want asked straight point blank to her face to see how she reacts. I did love how Andy tried to pin her down about how much money she has. It looks like the Cedric thing was a blowout when he left but we have to wait until next week to hear about it. I just feel sorry for Kim at this point. She looks lost up there and seems to always be a step behind. Taylor. I am glad someone called her out about the whole going Oklahoma thing and her contrary stand when she talks about domestic violence. Then, after saying she has never been in a fight and the threat was just a joke, she did it again right in front of everyone. I also do believe Taylor was trying to stir the pot. She is not happy at home and wants everyone to be as miserable as she is or she just likes attention.

I also wonder if Adrienne's earrings were real. They looked like they weighed five pounds each and cost millions. How much is she worth? The whole hour pretty much seemed to be Camille and Kyle. All in all, it was ok, but I hope there are some real fireworks coming next week. Oh, and did it sound like to you that Camille was coming back next season? Hope so. Do you think Kathy Hilton wishes she was on the show?


Patty said...

Thanks for the update. I fell asleep before it came on and missed the whole thing.

Genericuserprofile said...

Oh Enty you totally gave Kyle a pass last night. Puh-leeze...I was getting so sick of her tossing her head like a horse that has been stung by a bunch of wasps. And that nasty feather outfit she had on...she looked like an eagle abut to pounce on it's prey, digging her talons into your shoulder and pecking your eye out with her beak. She is quite the little schemer just like dear old mum. Not to say that Camille was much better but still Kyle does not deserve the pass on last nights episode.

Oh and Taylor keeping her lip implant in...well good for her. That way her twitchy ugly face can match her twitchy ugly soul. Can't wait until Season 2 comes forth and she and BFF Kyle stab each otther in the back.

One interesting thing I noticed last night. Kim may seem haggard and delusional sometimes but that girl can spot a poser from 100 paces away. I think that is why she and Taylor didn't get along from the very start. Kim could feel that Taylor is a manipulative back stabbing soul sucker, but didn't have to words or examples to back her up. Kim sensed this way before any of the others and got her in a lot of trouble. Well that and the drinking...

Terri said...

Terri from Alabama wants to know "What classless woman starts a physical altercation with her own sister? Can anyone hook Kyle up with a good therapist?"

Ice Angel said...

I totally missed it last night, so appreciate the update. Doesn't seem like I missed much.

I do have to say that Camille is looking more and more sympathetic now. Kyle comes across as a shrew lately and after outing her sister like that on national tv...wrong!!!

It seems to me that Taylor is misterable and wants to start trouble. Kyle thinks she is all that and is mean to her sister. They totally ganged up on her at that party and that was soooo wrong. Even Lisa said...I told her to have a talk with her and sort it out...not confront her on camera at the glamorous party and make a big thing about it.

It makes me wonder just what Kyle did say to Camille and just how much Taylor had to do with the whole thing blowing up. Misery loves company.

I want to learn more about Lisa and Cedric. That whole story fascinates me. Her husband was right. It was more than time to go for Cedric. With what they offered him in terms of opportunity, he had every chance to get his act together. Her own kids are out there making their way in the world, but this Katoish guy hangs out and tans himself all day. Nice. her. She seems like the only one with any kind of common sense in her head. Lisa does, to a point...but has been keeping a strange houseguest for all of these years, so you have to wonder.

Ice Angel said... the way...does anyone know the age order of the women? I am curious to know where they are in relation to one another. I am guessing Camille is the youngest along with Taylor and Kyle and that Adrenne and Lisa are older.

Rose said...

I think Nick's wife commented somewhere about the kiss on Nick's lips and she said that right before Camille had kissed her on the lips too but they edited it out.

KLM said...

Last night was so-so, but not nearly as interesting as I had hoped. I thought it was pretty bitchy when Taylor brought up Kim's "state" and then tried to act like she wasn't referring to Kim's drinking problem. Kyle is looking worse and worse for never defending her sister. I feel badly for Kim, but at the same time, she has a well-documented drinking problem and is drinking while on a reality TV show - she had to know this stuff would come up...

Genericuserprofile said...
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Genericuserprofile said...

Forgot to mention about the comment about Kathy Hilton. No one needs to worry about her...Paris has a new show on OWN called The World According to Paris and Kathy is a big psrt of the show. Guess she couldn't stand to see her "sissys" get all of the spotlight. I get the sense that Kathy feels like she is a cut above her sisters.

@Ice Angel...if we can believe anything that comes out of the "Taylor the Twitchers" mouth she is the youngest at 39. Kim is 46, Kyle 42, Camille 42, Adrienne I don't know nor Lisa. I am guessing they are close to 50

Patty said...

I think Lisa is the oldest @ roughly 50. Her Bravo bio says she's been married for almost 29 years and on the show said she got married at 21. 21+29 = 50.

Get a Life said...

Team Adrienne all the way!!!

Poo Poo Kyle - Hated her since day 1. She is always in the middle of the drama complaining whoa is me. Can't wait til next season when the sh$t explodes in her face and everyone turns on her. The only thing good about Kyle is Mauricio.

Used to like Taylor until last week - The reunion proved even more that Taylor is a snake. Do not feel sorry for her marital issues - if they are that bad then leave or do something to fix it.

Lisa - love her but she can be a bit snarky behind the other girls backs.

Camille - Like the rest of America had to turn my head away many times when she spoke throughout the season out of embarrassment for her. However, I do believe her over Kyle in what started the 'fight'. AND she's actually taking all this bad press in stride - if I were her I wouldn't come out of the mansion again out of embarrassment.

Kim - Yeah, yeah she has a drinking problem. I might to if I had to have Kathy and Kyle for sisters. She actually seems to be the most real out of the bunch and is pretty sharp with the other people. Interesting, for all of her 'well documented' drinking issue she sure does seem to be on the spot with remembering things and how they happened. Plus, last weeks episode she spoke pretty candidly how she was the breadwinner in her family - really seems like they took advantage of her as a youngster (because of that she wasn't able to save her fortune for herself down the road).

Miss X said...

I really am beginning to wonder what Kyle really said to Camille...the only reasons I can think of for Kim to not defend her sister is coming out & repeating what she heard Kyle said would only make Kyle look bad, she's attacking her sister in a passive aggressive manner or needs to stay on Camille's good side. I lean towards option #1 because how hard is it to say to Camille & America, "that isn't what I heard Kyle say"? No matter how mad I am at my sister, I'm not going to let someone spread lies about her!!

califblondy said...

I was a little disappointed last night. The most exciting part were the previews for part 2 and Ken cussing out Cedric. I can't wait to hear that story. I guess Cedric lied about his past. Big shock, I know.

I think ALL of the ladies, well, except for maybe Adrienne, have the passive/agressive thing going on. I love Lisa, but she can say some shitty things too. I think her age and Britsh accent tends to give her a pass. Taylor isn't all sweet and innocent either, but come on, who is?

I watched Camille in the Bravo clubhouse with Andy a couple of weeks ago and almost felt sorry for her, but she redeemed her psycho self last night. That stank eye she kept giving Kyle was scarey.

Interesting to hear though that Kyle called Camille about being on the show. Hmmm, was Camille set-up to be the bitch villain the entire season and reality TV isn't real? I don't believe it!

Kim and Kyle both have valid issues. I still like Kyle, but I can undersand Kim's resentment. How many child stars have we seen go down in flames? It's a tough life.

When the cast was first announced I really thought Kim would be the star because she was IMO the most famous of the bunch. It was tough to watch her one-on-ones with the camera and it wasn't long before we really didn't see her much. Something is definitely off with her. It's too bad that Kyle had to reveal the family secrets on national TV, but Kim was pushing it.

All I know is, I can't wait for part 2 on Tuesday and a second season of the Beverly Hills' bunch.

Good job Andy!

B626 said...

Doesn't Kim need to be married to be on the show?Is she on just cuz she's kyles sis?

Patty said...

Everyone of the RH shows has an unmarried women. Why, who knows??

Genericuserprofile said...


I read in a biography about the Hilton and extended clan that Kim supposedly has photographic memory just like her father had. So that and being a rather sensitive sort makes me pay attention to what she says and notices. Kind of like an eccentric old hag bending over a cauldron and seeing the future LOL. Only, I have a soft spot for Kim so I am joking about the hag part ;>. Next to Adrienne I think she has the best intentions.

G.A.G. said...

I loathe Taylor, she's a tremendous hypocrite. Anti-abuse charity, then making agressive threats, then claiming "it was a joke"? I call shenanigans on her. Here's a video of her at the RHOBH premiere where she is totally loaded and almost knocks Kyle over.

Sherry said...

Did anyone else catch Kelsey on Regis & Kelly yesterday morning? It was quite awkward to say the least. The camera kept showing his girlfriend. Kelsey made some comment about her bringing love back into his life, that it hadn't been there for a long time. Then, of course he blithered on about his play.

I wonder if he just happened to be yesterday because the reunion show was that night, or if he is seriously trying to drum up people to see that play. Maybe both.

rebellious, contrary and nice said...

Lisa has to be the oldest.

shakey said...

I watched the show online this morning. It had a very awkward air to it.

I used to like Kyle and Taylor until the last couple of shows. I've always liked Lisa.

If Kim has a photographic memory, maybe that's one of the reasons she drinks. And a reason why she didn't defend Kyle once again on the reunion show. There was one point when Kyle said something to Camille and Kim rolled her eyes and shook her head.

Taylor can be mean when she wants to be. Russell may look like a douche on camera, but I wonder now if sweet, always smiling Taylor can turn into hellbitch on a dime. And I do believe Lisa doesn't really like Taylor. She sees through her too.

And pretty much the whole time Adrienne sat there quietly, not running off at the mouth, not judgmental. Keeping her thoughts to herself. Awesome.

HannahPalindrome said...

I would never side with my friends over my sister. Never!

I would never sit there while people trashed my sister!

Kathy Hilton? NO!
What kind of mother raises ding dongs?!

G.A.G. said...

I just googled "Kim Richards photographic memory" and got an excerpt of House of Hilton that references Kim's talent. It's certainly supported by the fact that she's always been right when she quotes people back to themselves.

MCH said...

I just watched it & thought it was kind of boring.

Camille blamed the divorce for everything. Come on.

I can TOTALLY see Kyle saying something catty as Camille implied, but I don't think that is really what happened. Again, don't really see what the big deal was over that the ENTIRE season considering she & other girls said way worse things to each other.

Am I the only one that did not take Taylor's threat to Kim very seriously? Going Oklahoma on her ass? Like this girl has ever been in a physical fight before? I'm doubting it. I def. agree that she does stir the pot though.

Kim & Kyle probably need to go to extensive therapy together to get all those issues out.

I still feel like Lisa/Adrienne are the only "normal" ones on the show.

Kyle definitely whips her hair back & forth much to often. She's gonna get whip lash.

Borg Queen said...

Cant wait for Part 2 and the Cedric fall-out. I agree with Enty that Camille is blaming her diarrhea-of-the-mouth on the demise of the marriage. I dont think she knew until later in the season. I do appreciate her apologizing for her behavior unlike Kyle. I used to be obsessed with Kyle but am kinda disguested her now. Yes, Kim is an adult witha drinking problem but she has some emotional issues stemming from being a child actress and having her earnings spent on taking care of her family. Look at her former co-star Gary Coleman. I would be an alcoholic mess too. I thought Adrienne was a cartoon character when the show first started but I am grown to respect her as the voice of reason on the show.

Barton Fink said...

I loved Kim from the first time she told that batty story about paparazzi and Paris Hilton -- her giggle is endearing, and while I don't doubt she might need some sobriety, I love her absolutely. So the reunion show didn't change my feelings about Kim, since I began at 100 percent love for her and am still at 100 percent.

Taylor's stock sank so low last night that I don't think I could give it away. And Kyle pissed me off a little. Weirdly, I found myself liking Camille more than usual. If she fesses up to things and works on her issues, Camille could be a good person.

Can't wait till next week!

Genericuserprofile said...

Taylor, as a role model for her charity, should not be verbalizing threats even if she doesn't mean them. And OK maybe she wasn't going to assault her, but what she said was a verbal threat, something that also makes her charity look really bad using her as a role model. There is such a thing as verbal abuse and Taylor is guilty of it.

She really just needs to get help for her anger issues and learn to keep that ugly ducklipped mouth of hers shut.

nunaurbiz said...

Sooo glad people are seeing what I saw from the start in Kyle: She's a cold, manipulative bitch!

My take on the Camille/Kyle fracas: Now that I know that it was Kyle who sought Camille for the show, I can totally see her wanting her on the show because of Kelsey Grammer, to nab a bona-fide "star" would make Kyle look very good in the producer's eyes. So I can totally see her sniping to Camille about why the cameras would follow her to Hawaii if Kelsey weren't there. Kyle's snipey retort that she didn't think Kelsey would be on the show at ALL is a total lie!!!

I like how they kept showing Kyle and she tried to hold in her bitchiness (but not very well), then unleashed it.

Chickie does need some tranquilizers and therapy!!!!

and, wow, Taylor! Talk about repressed aggression!!!!! She's gonna explode one of these days!!!!

Barton Fink said...

@G.A.G., I just found that House of Hilton book on Google Books -- it has the whole Kim and Kyle and Kathy upbringing in detail. Kim worked and worked and worked, apparently. And has what they call photographic memory, by which I think they mean eidetic memory. People with eidetic memory sometimes run into terrible problems, overloading their conscious awareness with details. Thanks for the suggestion -- I might even buy this book, I love Kim Richards so freakin' much.

Hayley said...

Enty, I submitted a question to Bravo about Camille and Nick! I thought it was a pretty good question, so I'm hoping it comes up during part 2 of the reunion!!

Genericuserprofile said...

@ Barton

I downloaded it and read the part about Paris's maternal family, which includes Kim and Kyle. Granted the book is way "tabloidish" (not trying to be like Camille here LOL)but you will look at Kim and Kyle in a different light when you read about their hellish mother. In fact if Kim goes back into rehab and that becomes a focus point for the show watch for "Mommy Dearest" to come up as a topic. Kyle idolizes her and while Kim has said nothing bad, I think she would have plenty to say if drawn out in a non-threatening environment. It just makes you see that aspect of the show in a completely different light.

nancer said...

kim needs to dry out and i hope she doesn't do another season. she's a mess and doesn't belong on this show.

love kyle. love lisa. taylor isn't as sweet as she wants us to believe. adrienne is a class act, IMO.

camille is going to blame every bad thing she did or said on her marriage. who didn't see THAT coming??

and even andy said she's insecure. hahaaaaa. adore him.

Jennifer said...

I caught a few episodes of RHOBH a couple of weeks ago when they had a marathon. Can anyone tell me the deal with all of Kim's kids? It seemed like she had a lot more than she disclosed (4) and then she was breast feeding an infant? It confused me a lot.

Sis said...

Loved last nights show!

Camille was on the hot seat for alot of the time and kept her cool, I like that! After hearing more of the Hawaii story I can see Kyle asking her on why Kelsey was not going to Hawaii and why would they film without him there (in Hawaii). As it turned out they did not film there and maybe it was because Kelsey was not there.

I do think Taylor stirred the pot with relaying the information to Camille on what they talked about in the airport especially after the two girls apologized, and Taylor did not apologize at all she just admitted that she should not have said anything.

Totally tacky and rude for the girls to get from the internet Camille's soft core porn bit and play it in the limo, some thought went into humiliating Camille especially after just leaving the fiasco dinner party at her house. Kyle's argument that it is on the internet and that everyone can see it is true but at that moment there was viciousness in actually downloading it and viewing it at that time.

As Camille said, I do not think she knew everything that was going on with Kelsey, she had already stated on how things were changing in their relationship in small ways.

I think Kyle has big issues and has been jealous of Kim's earlier success's, and if Kim looks bad then she looks good or like the good one/sister. She has thrown her sister under the bus several times, and you know maybe Kim did not want to stick up for Kyle because Kyle was wrong and perhaps lying as well. Kyle could hardly contain her smirks the whole episode, she's an evil one.

Wow, I lost some respect for Taylor, and yes she is going to implode.

Wow I did not know that Kim has a eidetic/photographic memory, but not surprising since she was stating facts as they happened from when they were filming. Interesting.

As for the previews next week:

It looks like they put Kim on the spot with her drinking and I do not agree with doing that in public, with strangers, on tv, etc., and honestly all it will do is empower Kyle who I believe relishes the fact that Kim is not "put together". I feel for Kim and hope she gets the treatment she needs for her and her family.

I wonder if Kyle is as upset at her niece's sex tape with hearing her go off on Camille about her playboy stint, etc.

Sad about Lisa's hubby crying over Lisa being mistreated by Cedric, but hey we called it, the guy is a liar, and Lisa's husband is a sweetie. I wonder if we will get the real story.

Andy did a great job! It truly could have been another hour plus next week!

bandy said...

Taylor is a bitch and will learn that you do not insinuate yourself into family situations. She will get burned by her behavior.

I adore Adrienne, she tried to make peace and and has always remained classy.

Master said...

While adrienne seems to be the most rational of the group, I have a good friend she regularly sees for a service and she NEVER tips. Neither does the rest of her family. Everyone there can't stand her because she is rude and entitled. Must be nice to have enough money that you don't care about how you treat people. :P

chihuahuense said...

interesting, Master. Although she's the only one that I think isn't totally effed up or a bitch, I knew she is not totally cool, or she wouldn't be on the show. And she was a really odd color last night.

That said, I wondered....If they all watched Camille's soft core porn on the limo ride home, and Camille knows: who told her?

I hope Kim gets help. There is hope for her.

Mina said...

I hope that in the second part of the reunion Kyle will be called out on her behavior towards her sister. I couldn't believe my eyes when Taylor and Kim argued about that 'Oklahoma on your ass' incident and then Taylor turned to Kyle and mumbled something to her that I didn't understand, but to me it seemed as if she felt put on the spot by Kim who she clearly looks down on and wanted to get revenge and embarrass Kim by mentioning her alcohol problem and therefore turned to Kyle because she wanted her support and hoped that she would side with her and attack her with her.
Kyle, on the other hand, should have told Taylor something along the lines of Don't you dare go there or at least , but she just looked down on her shoes and didn't do anything.
With a sister like that, you don't need enemies.

At this point, no matter how Camille behaved on the show, Kyle's behavior towards her own flesh and blood makes her so much worse and the true villain of the show.

Also, I think they should have digged a bit more. I loved the question about plastic surgery and would have loved to see more than just Lisa and Adrienne comment on what they had done to their face. I tend to believe Lisa when she said that she only had Botox and fillers, but Adrienne looks like she had a at least one nose job and this is surgery. She should know.

Andy Cohen should have roasted Taylor a bit more about the 'Oklahoma' comment.
I would say that the first part focused too much on Camille and her problems with Kyle or Kelsey.

I was really impressed by Kim and I loved how she put Taylor in her place and didn't seem to be so uncomofortably insecure like she was in the show. She seemed strong and confident. Good for her.

Lisa seems to be a person who tries to hide her true opinion about someone/something behind snarky comments so that she can always claim that she wasn't serious and that it was only a joke.
I think that's quite cowardous.
You either have the guts and tell it like it is or just shut your mouth.
It's okay to be snarky or ironic sometimes if you don't want to make a big fuss about a situation, but still want the people to know in a roundabout way what you think. But don't overdo it or you will look like a mean person.

ChasingHeaven said...

Out of everything that's been shown and all that's discussed, what gets to me the most is looking back at the episode where Camille had the girls over for dinner with her Medium friend. Those drinks she made were ginormous and I felt like Camille did it intentionally to get her friend loaded despite saying she wanted to keep her away from drinking. The more I think about it, I bet she made them that giant in attempt to get Kim loaded too. She had to know about Kim's drinking problem.

If you're having a dinner for guests, 2 of whom you know have drinking problems, if you care about them as you say why on earth make the cocktails larger than life? Camille is miserable, mean and MANIPULATIVE. She knows exactly what she's doing at all times, the problem is she's not an actor and you'd have to be blind to not see right through it. TERRIBLE!

No worries Enty, mark my words, Camille will be on Season 2 because she loves any attention good bad or indifferent. She'll be on the Season 2 and later claim she was "playing up" being a "villain" Sure Camille, Yeah....Right....

shakey said...

I agree, ChasingHeaven. I also questioned if you're the spouse of an alcoholic, why would you even drink? That's my thought, anyway.

Total set-up.

Barton Fink said...

I can't wait for Tuesday's second half of the reunion show, so I'm reading discussion boards everywhere. And my favorite joke has to be, "I would like to see the look on Taylor's face as Andy asks her how she feels about being the most hated housewife of housewife history." Because there is a consensus about Taylor. She suddenly can't mask her hard, cruel, bitter interior. "Don't laugh," Lisa said to her in one late episode, when Lisa was trying to turn attention away from reality. I can't wait to see if Taylor continues to be incapable of masking her true self in the second half.