Thursday, June 23, 2011

Random Photos Part Two

Heidi Klum gets some one on one time with her trainer.
Justin Bieber takes some time out for his fans.
Apparently if you star in a movie called Wimbledon, you are forever a VIP at Wimbledon. So sayeth the word according to Kirsten Dunst.
Katie Holmes goes for the sheer top (and Tom Cruise hat) while
Jennifer Aniston goes for the sheer skirt.
Kevin James has lost some serious weight.
Liam Gallagher wants peace? Huh. Well, make up with Noel then.
LeAnn Rimes says no on her shirt and to food.
Max Casella and John Turturro see who can look more tough.


Jasmine said...

That teen girl with Bieber in those black booty shorts....I'm not a prude but damn. Is it like a pre-requisite now, like you hit 14y/o and turn all your clothes over to someone who shrinks them and cuts them in half?
And we wonder why the perpetuation of overt sexuality is reaching kids at a younger and younger age and is becoming more allowable in everyday society...

As for Leann Rimes- I feel as though its stopped being interesting/odd and now we are simply looking at a series of disturbing pap photos of serious eating disorders. Her ever decreasing size is giving me Karen Carpenter vibes and even having them on the random photos makes me feel icky.

Lauren said...

Leanne needs a 3x3 and some animal style fries...stat.

parissucksliterally said...

Leann is GROSS.

Kevin James is adorable.

Jasmine, a family I used to Nanny for lets their 14 year old wear high waisted booty shorts. I am shocked they would do this. Not to mention,they look terrible on her. When I was her nanny, I told her and her friends- forget trends- wear what looks good on you!

califblondy said...

Jasmine, I'm feeling the KC vibes too with Leanne, that pic is scary. Where's Sally Struthers? This kid needs food.

Bieber seems to be a sweetheart to his fans.

Is Katie Holmes being held up by that lady?

I don't shock easily, but I gotta admit Jennifer A's skirt was surprising. Who walks around New York like that?

Ida Blankenship said...

Jasmine, it's as if you just read my mind and reiterated EVERYTHING.

I'd add one thing, though: LOL @ Liam Gallagher. If I ever passed him on the street, I'd just point and laugh.

RocketQueen said...

OMG I was thinking the same about Liam Gallagher. Dude, we're ALL over it. There's nothing hip about that get up anymore.

Can't stand Kevin James, but I think I've mentioned that once or twice here ;)

It's funny I never used to have an opinion either way about Leann Rimes, but since she's trying SO HARD to get my attention, here it is: I think you're a nasty famewhore.

Me said...

what the hell is JA wearing? jesus, she's nutty all of a sudden.

i think leann got obsesed with losing weight when people were comparing her to brandi. and now she can't stop. this is the first time i've thought she looked too thin, but she really does.

i have 2 girls in middle school. the shorts showing butt cheeks are very popular. i don't allow my girl to wear them, and i think because of my attitude they seem not to want to wear them. when i point this out to the school, its a dress code violation, they just stare blankly back at me.

Maja. With a J. said...

Aw, fuck, I have the same haircut as Liam Gallagher.

Audrey said...

I must say I like what Katie is wearing. FINALLY!

Interplanet Janet said...

(see post above)

1. SO happy that they caught Whitey (he threatened a member of my family)...

2. The guy behind Brad with the smile is 1000% hotter than Brad is...

(This post)

3. AMEN Enty re: Liam Gallagher

4. John Turturro ROCKS! (Well that don't make no sense Everett!!)

bemused said...

Wow...agree with poster Me--this is the first time LeAnn has looked "scary skinny" to me. And this is in a photo--imagine how stick-like she must appear in person.

Does Eddie really find this attractive?!? Coz the likeliest explanation is that she got this way after some "hints" from him.

Borg Queen said...

I wonder if Kevin James is the answer to a recent blind item about a comedian losing alot of weight but it was due to his drugging because of a bad breakup. Sometimes Enty will post a pic of someone with a caption that refers to an earlier blind item.

Layna Day said...

Bieber has put on a growth spurt, it appears.

Dear Lord, Leann needs help. No way should be the size of a small 8-year-old. She's got to be on Death's door by being so skinny. Yikes!

Jamie's Girl said...
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Jamie's Girl said...

Leann! Ditch the dude, and get your old personality back. This mess has made you an Anorexic! Not to mention, you look like a worn out hag!