Tuesday, September 06, 2011

Real Housewives - Beverly Hills

Last night was the premiere of Real Housewives - Beverly Hills and I was really looking forward to it. It is not like the countdown to football or free donut day, but I was still pretty excited to see the premiere. The question I kept asking myself was how was it ever going to top last year. When Russell Armstrong committed suicide it changed everything. Instead of Taylor being in the open buying lingerie, they had everyone but Camille and Taylor get together and discuss the suicide.

It was right there that I knew this season would be good and very different from last year. Lisa said something to the effect of you never know when you are getting the truth from Taylor and that Taylor does not have as much money and that you also get the feeling that at one point, Russell asked each of them for money.

Taylor went from being in the open to not even showing up until 22 minutes in. Yes, I counted.

Focusing on Kyle and Kim and that whole thing at the beginning was kind of boring and I was beginning to think my initial impressions were going to be wrong about the show. I thought the whole thing seemed forced and drawn out and had extra minutes in there to make up for the editing out of Taylor in the beginning.

Was everyone else like me when it came t Camille? Last year everyone hated her and this year, it is like she is going to be the one everyone likes? Sure, she is still snobbish, but she seems like the only one without an agenda. Oh, but she really should forget about the acting career. I loved how Paul had been very clear about what movies of Camille he had watched and they involved her naked ones.

Speaking of Paul and Adrienne. Last year the bickering was right on that line of do they really belong together and it is loving to how awful is it to be yelled at in front of your friends when everyone is sitting at the table? What did Paul do? He was trying to have some fun and make a little joke and Adrienne goes off on him. Is this just because I am a guy that I am sticking up for him? Was it dress him down in front of a table of guests and staff worthy? That sneak of the season where they might have some issues seems like it could be real and not just a fake tease.

Of course with Taylor there is drama. Should Lisa's husband say what he said about therapy being for weak people? Probably not, but I get the feeling he does not really care about anything he says and he just says what he wants when he wants and if you don't like it, then stuff it. And since when is offended a strong word? Oh, and do not let your f**king dog drink out of the $550 glasses at a dinner party when it is not your home. Seriously. What is that all about?

It looks like Lisa gets to be the bad person this year, and I cannot wait to see Brandi Glanville. I love how she drops that meth line in there and to me it looked like Kim was on something the entire episode. She did not look sober to me. From the sniffling (oh speaking of which, how many women in the episode tried to cry, but no tears came out. Hello botox), to the clenched jaw, it did not look like meth to me, but a combination of coke and prescription medicine.

Was last night the best episode? No, but it had promise. It felt like there is potential. Some of it seemed forced and contrived through editing (go back and watch and look at the waiters bringing out mac and cheese and how Taylor runs to the bathroom, but throughout the rest of the scene there is no food on any of the plates, so it was cobbled together) and some of it seemed like a setup as with the Kyle and Kim back and forth at the beginning, but it has the potential to be even better than last year.

Note to self. If Bernie is cooking, do not say anything bad because I get the feeling he is not above messing with your food if you tick him off.

One final note. Bravo could have done more than one brief PSA at the very end for suicide prevention. How about doing one after every commercial break and not right when the DVR is about to stop recording.


ChasingHeaven said...

Nope, it's not just you Enty. I cringe whenever Paul & Adrienne are on because it makes me so uncomfortable. She's always on him about something and he is always so genuinely nice and brushes it off like nothing for the most part. I don't know how he stands it.

selenakyle said...

Agree on ALL fronts, Enty! I watched it all and some was "meh" but some was lookin' to be pretty good.

Adrienne was being a total rude bee-yotch to both Paul and the guests. she was bland/vanilla last season so obvs time to put her in the spotlight. He needs to high-tail it outta there though, IMO. Screw her. He is truly NOT THAT BAD, lady. Sheesh! Matter-fact, he's one of my faves on the whole show.

And why was Lisa's hubby there anyway? And who brings their dog to someone's house for a fancy dinner party? Gyahh!

No doubt in my mind, while Kim might be shunning alcohol on camera, she is on SOMEthing. I think you're right, Enty--coke or something to kill the appetite combined with some other kind of (self-)medication.

Taylor also looked gakked-up as hell in the clothing store with Kyle. She looks horrid. sorry for her loss but yikes! Scary.

All I got right now.

ChasingHeaven said...

Oh, and I took Lisa's husband's remark as it would make HIM feel weak, not that it is weak for others who to go to therapy. That's not an uncommon opinion for men especially to have with therapy considering they're pressured from childhood to stifle feelings more than a woman is. Men from the beginning are pressured to be strong. For ex, I think a man who cries at work is viewed differently than a woman who cries at work.

califblondy said...

I DVR'd it and haven't watched yet.

I read there was no in memoriam message or picture of Russell at the end of the show.

Ice Angel said...

No In Memoriam Calif-just the brief PSA at the very end.

I actually felt really sad for Taylor as she was being honest about trying to save her marriage for the children and how they were both working hard through therapy-knowing that he would ultimately take his own life.

Paul-you are awesome and you can come by my place for a beer and watch football any time!

Lisa's husband-why is it that you can say whatever you like yet you are "offended" by the word "offended???" Offended=watching someone allow their dog to drink from your expensive water goblets at a dinner party in your home!

Camille-I loved the look on her face when everyone was arguing at the dinner table and she wasn't involved-pure delight! LOL!!!

Worstcompanytoworkfor said...

wow, Adrienne was that necessary?

Quest for Enty..how can you tell the difference between someone on Meth and someone on "coke and prescription pills combo" am i the only one freaked out by that? haha

Bernie comment was funny.

Sis said...

I'm pretty sure Camille was at the earlier meeting talking about Russell, Taylor was not.

Beyond rude to have your dog drink out of a water glass at someone else's house and at the table.

I was glad that Kyle spoke up for Taylor at the dinner table.

Not sure about Kim, I think she is wound tightly, not sure if it is the show or ? I think she has major anxiety issues and I would not go as far to say she is a drug addict.

Brandi seems like a loose cannon based on the previews.

I love Camille's horse!!

Robert said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Robert said...

Adwienne Mawoof: "You'we being wude!"

Jenny S said...

These shows are reprehensible to begin with. I used to watch but I realized everyone on each of the Housewives shows are heinous human being. I think airing the shows so soon after his suicide is reprehensible. And their responses to his suicide show just how shallow and awful these people really are.

Jesse D said...

^^ that

Barton Fink said...

I liked the episode a lot. The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills is designed to make us recognize the psychopathology that rules these people's lives -- the shallow and cruel mindset, the inanity, the callous disregard for other people's feelings.

I felt sorry for Taylor a few times because she does seem to have signed away her soul to Satan for whatever little status she got in life, and now it's all crumbling away beneath her.

Kim Richards -- I am programmed to love her, so I can't not. She's awesome. Drugs and booze? Probably. Issues with her mother stealing her wealth, and with the fact that her mother froze out her father in order to have a drug-fueled series of liaisons with paid boytoys her entire childhood on Kim's dime? Probably. Mistrust of Kyle while simultaneously loving Kyle? I imagine so, since that's how I feel about Kyle.

I actually liked Kyle when she put her hands on her hips and did the horsey hairtoss thing as Lisa entered the bathroom. I like Kyle, but in a pinch I'm in Kim's corner. She probably has better drugs, and even though I'm clean and sober and rehabbed to perfection, I think I still vibrate on Kim's frequency.

Mango said...

I watched all but the last 15 minutes and I can't wait to see how the rest of the season unfolds.

I must say that I don't get the dynamic between Adrienne and Paul. Everything he does seems to piss her off, but Paul also seems to egg her on and subtly manipulate her into a reaction. It's like he knows the things that bug her and he works them with a smile. Do they love each other? Do they hate each other? Will they end up killing each other?

Jasmine said...

I think Taylor looks even skinnier than last season (and that is really saying something!)

I think both Taylor and Kim must have social anxiety issues OR be very highly consumed with an almost toxic amount of insecurity OR a combination of both those things because they both almost vibrate with what seems like out of control emotions practically all the time.
I doubt it is good for either women's psyche to be on that show.

Kyle is looking gorge!

I personally have long since thought Lisa was a manipulative person and yes, she and her ugly looking husband with the weird dog love are both judgy as shit.

Its gotten to the point that anytime Adrienne and Paul are on screen together I cringe- I have never seen such a toxic looking marriage. I know fighting/bickering can be apart of some successful marriages but this just seems too much here. Did anybody catch when Adrienne said they were like two ships passing in the night and couldnt be around each other for more than 2 hrs at a time?! WTF?! They are 'raising' a handful of young children together...how can they only see each other this amount of time and parent (or have a truly successful marraige) properly?!

Oh, and Camille will get some sympathy from me about the whole Kesley sitch BUT I will NEVER paint her as the good one in this batch. She seems fake fake fake and even when crying angles her face at the camera for the best light. which is totally gross. Plus she seems too too outta touch to be deemed as nice to me.

nunaurbiz said...

Well, I was one of the few who liked (didn't say "love," but liked) Camille from last year. I did LOVE it when she was glad she wasn't the drama!

Soooooo hope that that manipulative bitch, Kyle, gets her due this season!

Though Taylor does have my sympathy for dealing with Russell's suicide, I just wanted to slap her at the table for being so offended by Ken. In one breath, she talks about empowering herself with therapy but then PROVES she's all talk because though it was tactless for him to say that, it was his opinion and that's ALL. Chill, Taylor! Not everything is about YOU.

Looking forward to the season!

Merlin D. Bear said...

Hi, I'm Merlin and I'm a RH:BH addict.
I was in recovery but I confess I've relapsed.
I agree with Enty on a lot of what he's saying about this episode and this season, and I have to say I'm waiting for the introduction of Brandi and Cedric to this mix.
That being said, it's "reality" television. No matter what else, it's edited to draw ratings, and the most minute character flaw is magnified a thousand fold by that tactic. (Not that any of these people needs the help.)
I still cannot believe I've relapsed though. But I have.
I'll muddle through somehow.

Lelaina Pierce said...

I'm just now watching the episode. My first reaction is that little get together they staged to discuss the suicide seemed a wee bit...fake. Like I said...after watching them talk crap about the guy behind his back last season, I find their sympathy a little insincere.


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