Friday, January 13, 2012

Random Photos Part Two - Critics' Choice Awards

Brad Pitt & George Clooney
Michelle Williams
Tilda Swinton & Charlize Theron
Emma Stone
Jessica Chastain
Diane Kruger
Elizabeth Olsen
Elle Fanning
Kirsten Dunst
Carrie Keagan


Patty said...

Why did Miss Fanning dress like it's 1970?

Vicki Cupper said...

Ah, Emma Stone. What Blohan could have been.

Rita said...

Carrie Keagan give a whole new meaning to "Black Swan"!

Finally, some good dresses, exept for Keagan's. I love Kristen's, but I wish she'd push her hair back.

Love Tilda, lover her since Orlando. Beautiful alien.

Sherry said...

Uhm Carrie..You need a little glue and some liftage there sweetie. I really love Diane Kruger's dress but I bet I am in the minority. I always seem to like the stuff everyone hates.

ParkerNosey said...

Ms. Olsen, love the dress just not the color.

jbdean_79 said...
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jbdean_79 said...
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Reel Blog said...

Carrie Keagan, that dress looks like it's 8 sizes too big for your b00bies.

RocketQueen said...

Who the heck is Carrie Keagan?

I really dislike a lot of these dresses. Chastain's in particular with her colouring/hair/makeup...just no.

Wow Charlize must be a lot taller than I thought if she's measuring up to Tilda!

Michelle looks lovely, but that dress seems more Meryl Streep than young Williams.

anita_mark said...

I don't like the chest of Diane Kruger's dress.

I hate Emma Stone's dress.

I kind of like Michelle Williams' dress but not on her.

Privacy said...

Carrie Keagan, that dress looks 6 sizes too big for your b00bies.

ABlake said...

I guess I'm eternally confused when it comes to fashion. Those outfits just seem 'off' to me.
If you are wearing a floor length gown or skirt, shouldn't it have long (or at least quarter) sleeves?
If you are wearing a shorter cut, shouldn't that be when you wear shorter (or no) sleeves?

Meh, I wouldn't be caught dead in most of that stuff anyway but like I said, it looks off. For example, I like Michelle Williams outfit but the mid to bottom is too wintery and bundled to explain no sleeves.


I'm just glad I don't follow Hollywood for the fashion

RenoBlondee said...

I'm not sure if one should wear that shade of pink with red hair and that coloring. It's just kind of off to me.
I like Kirsten's look there.

Looziana Magnolia said...

Wasn't there a blind item recently where it was decided Charlize and Tilda were hooking up??

Maybe I'm mixing blinds up. Something along the lines of a foreign actress who hooks up with another actress with a very recognizable face, whenever she has a break up with a guy?

Texshan said...

I actually quite like Diane K's dress. The details on the hips remind me of Cate Blanchett's Oscars dress last year, which I loved and everyone else seemed to hate.
Michelle Williams does this weird thing where she never dresses her age. She's always wearing something either too old or too young for her. This is about 20 years too old.
I love SWINTON. She can do no wrong. I own Orlando and must watch it every couple of months or so. She's amazing.
Charlize? Not so much. I gotta say, I've never seen the appeal.
Emma's dress makes her look hippy, which she definitely isn't.
Jessica's dress and makeup make her look washed out.
I love Elizabeth O's dress except for the large circles on her hips. They make her look wider than she really is.
The less said about Elle's dress, the better.
Kiki looks OK, for her. I have to admit her fashion sense is not my cup of tea, but compared to some of the getups I've seen on her, this is pretty good.
I can't even with this Carrie Keagan person, whoever she is. That dress is ridiculous. I think she stole Dolly Parton's performance costume. And Dolly would OWN this look.

j97 said...

So, the Charlize/Tilda photo..was anyone else thinking the answer to a recent blind about the female nominees?

lutefisk said...

Jessica Chastain's dress is the same color as a bottle of Pepto-Bismol.

Sherry said...

@Reno: As a redhead I concur that you should be careful with pink. That and dove grey can make you look very washed out.
@JBDean: I think Georgie has been vacationing a lot in MX. Look at reecent pics of he and Stacy. She is very bronzed.
@Texshan..Yes yes yes on Tilda..Just nothing short of amazing. Wouldn't it be killer to have a movie with her and Meryl?
@Looziana: Hmm...yes, I believe there was. Could it be? I think people actually put that guess out for the blind.

Sarah said...

I'm sorry but Tilda is so weird!

Kirsten look the best she's looked in a while!

Emma looks fantastic.

Dakota needs to dress sissy.

The boys club is becoming old men's club.

STYLISTS-please call Jessica Chastain. Stat. The girl can act but I'm pretty sure she's blind.

Sarah said...

Did Carrie Keagain think she was auditioning for Miss America or Dancing With the Stars?

Texshan said...

Sherry, if Tilda made a movie with Meryl I think I would actually explode with joy. I will watch Constantine over and over just for Tilda.

As another redhead, and one so white she's basically transluscent, yes, you have to be really careful with pink. This is a really bad shade. It's too close to her skin tone. If it were one or two shades darker, without getting too close to a fuschia, I think she'd look a lot better. Aside from the color, I just don't think the cut is flattering. It makes her looks very bosomy.

Texshan said...

Look, not looks. Sorry.

Sian said...

LOVE Emma Stones dress
Elles on the other hand...

SkittleKitty said...

I think Chastain looks severe (both the dress and her styling) in the smaller image. When I clicked on it and looked closer, the dress was more flattering on her, but the hair--yech.

I think that finding 'the dress' for 'the occasion' (whatever it may be) must be extremely difficult. They look so different at different angles, different lighting and various distances. Cannot imagine having to choose something to wear that many, many people would be critiquing.

At least Elle looks her age. And Kirsten looks just as I would expect. Diane Kruger is always beautiful and at least she takes some risks though I'm not completely feeling this dress.

The Black Cat said...

Again with the FUGLY dresses.
Michelles was ok, just not on Michelle.

Sherry said...

@Texshan: Have you seen "We Need to Talk About Kevin"? I am very eager to see that one.

Momster said...

Diane Kruger's dress reminds of a boiled egg. I tried to like it, but just can't. I kind of like Elle Fanning's dress, it is age appropriate, but not really winter appropriate.

Jessie said...

Kruger's dress is gorgeous, does anyone know whose it is?

Chastain's dress ... I can't even .... why would ... No.

califblondy said...

I am not liking these dresses today either.

I said it yesterday, I'll say it today, is Rachel Zoe still on vacation?

Somebody needs Austin Scarlett's winning dress from Project Runway All-Stars last night.

Jasmine said...


(I know I'm white and I shouldnt be afraid but white people, especially children, in rural areas, especially corn fields, scare the shit out of me ever since I saw those movies!!!)

Kiki looks FABU, cool dress.

And I'll just say what I've been thinking for awhile now- I DONT GET WHY THE CLOONEY IS CONSIDERED HOTTTT?!
He looks like a grouchy old man with the low eyebrow action and thin lips and grey hair. Brad is far more handsome. It's like considering Meryl Streep's middle aged ass (though gorge for her age) to be considered most eligible in Hollywood.

I think he's all hype

kerri said...

Kiki looks amazing, good for her,
Emma Stone is a doll

Misch said...

Most of the dresses are not sad nothing to covet

Texshan said...

Sherry, I can't bring myself to watch it yet. I am going through some very depressing/stressful stuff IRL right now, and I think that movie would send me over the edge at this point. Perhaps in the future I will get myself together enough to watch it. It looks interesting, and you and I both know that SWINTON will be amazeballs in it.
Sorry about the all caps -- don't know if you read Go Fug Yourself, but they always refer to her that way because she is so fabulous, and I guess I've gotten into the habit of always thinking of her as an all-caps person!

chopchop said...

I love Michelle Williams' dress. Wow wow wow. And Elizabeth Olson's is very cool too. Is it beaded?

Texshan said...

Here's who wore whom:

Fanning -- Rodarte
Elizabeth Olsen -- Emilio Pucci
Charlize Theron -- Azzedine Alaia
Michelle Williams -- Chanel
Diane Kruger -- Prada
Emma Stone -- Jason Wu
Jessica Chastain -- Balenciaga
Kirsten Dunst -- Christian Dior
Tilda Swinton -- YSL

Jessie said...

Thanks Texshan! And yep, SWINTON should ony be referred to in caps.

Lelaina Pierce said...

Oh, Elle. No, no, no.

Love Kiki's looks there. And that's about it.

thejadedentrepreneur said...

Love those yellow dresses, especially Elizabeth Olson's.

Sherry said...

Note to self...Go to GoFug Yourself. Check!

Sorry to hear you're having some tough times Texshan. Hope life turns around very soon. As my friends signature tagline says: Tough times don't last, tough people do.

MadLyb said...

Two of my girl crushes in the same photo (Swinton, Theron)? I always knew Friday the 13th was my lucky day!

reticulation said...

The pastel girls look like Easter eggs.

Sarah said...

Brad looks like Ryan Gosling in that pic. Something about the eyes.

Diane's dress is beautiful, Michelle's would look brilliant if it were white at the bottom, and it's good to see Kirsten looking so happy.

Mother Campfire said...

I don't know who Carrie Keagan is but her dress needs to DIE.

Designers: we GET IT. Yellow is 'in' this spring. Now go puke all over a kitchen appliance and leave beautiful clothing alone, k?

warmislandsun said...

That pink dress would look lovely on me. It is made for a darker skinned brunette. Jessica - have your people call mine. Thanks bunches!

Mango said...

Hated all the dresses except for Kirsten Dunst's.

figgy said...

I adore Diane Kruger's dress! And @Sherry, I thought the same thing; I always seem to love the dresses that others hate!

Mari said...

Jasmine, don't ever watch The Village of the Damned.
Well it's all kinds of awesome, but the evil aryan aliens might send you over the edge!

Pookie said...

w/ the exception of kiki d., there's a whole lotta fug going on in every single one of those dresses. not kim k. high-waist pants fug, but pretty darn-tootin' close.

KLM said...

Yes! This is exactly why I came to post, Looziana and j97 - Tilda and Charlize were absolutely a guess recently for a blind about 2 stars hooking up... As soon as I saw that picture, I was like, "ding ding ding!"

This is my life said...

I actually reaaly like Elle Fannings dress. It's fun, and totally age approptiate.

Jasmine said...

LOL Mari!!!

I've seen it and I'm shivering right now just remembering the horror of the pale pale people.

Cant decide which movie scares me more...wait, I can. Corn fields are creepy enough on there own, in the middle of nowwhere and all, add pale white children wandering the fields intent on killing....i'D rather walk in South Central at night then be up in that mix! hahahaha

Texshan said...

Thanks, Sherry. I appreciate it!


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