Thursday, March 15, 2012

Charlize Theron And Her Baby - Sandra Bullock Adopting Another?

I have to admit that I had no clue Charlize Theron was in the process of adopting a baby. When she released the statement she had adopted a boy and named him Jackson, I think a lot of people were surprised. She had always wanted kids with her ex but it just never happened. She was busy, then he did not want any, and it just never happened. Since then, her dating luck has not been great so she just handled things on her own which is great and I think she will make a great mother.

Apparently Sandra Bullock is also considering adopting another child. It is pretty obvious that she spends every waking second with her son and also think it is great. I am all for celebrity adoptions as long as they are doing it for the right reasons and not a spread in People.


MISCH said...


Thea said...

Good for her! She and Sandy can have playdates with their kids!

msgirl said...

I heard she's been trying to adopt for 2 years now and that's why she hasn't had relationships because the guys she's dated haven't wanted kids.

Good for her!

I also love seeing Sandra with Louis, very much a hands-on Mom.

BigMama said...

I think this is awesome.

FrenchGirl said...

@msgirl:you read too much Lainey (it's Lainey who wrote she tried to adopt since 2 years yesterday)

>Charlize Theron said 6 months ago in a magazine,she wanted to adopt even if she's single so congrats!

annabella said...

that is a wonderful thing she is doing. also who wouldn't want to trade places w/little louie if it meant being around sandra all day? what a lucky lucky kid he is.

Ice Angel said...

I have 3 adopted children and have a few things to say about this subject. 2 of my children were healthy white infants, my daughter is African American and we adopted through the foster care system. She was almost 4 when she was placed in our home and we finalized her adoption about 2 years later (takes forever!)

I think adoption in any form is a wonderful thing and should be celebrated. Not for the sake of the parents-our reward is with our children-but for the sake of encouraging others to do the same. I love being an advocate for adoption and to show people that while it can be scary-not knowing if birth mom may change her name, wondering what others may think of a transracial or transcultural adoption may be-it's great to show what a wonderful and rewarding experience it can be and that others considering taking the leap feel more confident in doing so.

So I don't like "guessing" people's motivations for adopting whatsoever. A spread in People is great no matter what, as it raises awareness. Trust me, no matter what you may think, adopting is a big step to take and one that requires a life-long commitment (you can't divorce your child.) I find it very difficult to believe that someone would adopt for "attention." Even Angelina is exempt in my book from that suspicion.

I also applaud the fact that so many adoptive parents are choosing to adopt here in the US, particularly those of minorities and special needs. Sadly, it is extremely difficult to find permanent homes for children with special needs, which actually includes minority children, particularly African American boys, older children and those coming from sibling groups. The older these children get in foster care, the less likely they are to ever become adopted.

I am not bashing people who choose to adopt a healthy white child,as we did for our first 2. It is natural to want your children to look like you. I love all of my children equally-no doubt about it. But I have found that adopting my daughter was one of the most rewarding choices we have ever made as a family-it was a bit scary-what will people think? What will she think of us as she grows up? How will society accept her? How will this affect my sons? These are natural questions to ask, and I won't lie-there have been some "issues" with others' opinions at times. But the positive that she has brought into our lives far outweighs any negatives that those nagatives truly become insignificant.

And finally-it is people like Angelina who ultimately did give me the courage to take the leap and I am so very happy to have done so.

For more information on foster-to-adopt, please visit my favorite charitable organization-the Dave Thomas Foundation-or at least consider purchasing a Frosty keychain for $1. It's good for a whole year and gives you free mini Frosty's with each visit. And all proceeds go toward the foundation.

Oh and congrats to Charlize, Sandra, Katherine, Minnie and all others who choose to adopt!

(Oh-one last thing-while we proudly discuss our adoptions, please stop referring to people's adopted children as "adopted children." Sure, when the news comes out, great. But I never hear Sandra's son referred to as simply her son, it is always her "adopted son." That really kind of grates on me. My kids WERE adopted. They aren't ADOPTED. Adoption is an event that takes place once and its over. After that, they are your child in every legal and emotional sense of the word. You wouldn't refer to a biological child as say "here is a photo of Nicole Richie and her biological children." Why would you say "here is a photo of Sandra Bullock and her adopted son?"

Ice Angel said...

sorry-afraid of birth mom changing her MIND...not her NAME!!

Vicki Cupper said...

I doubt either of them are doing it for Kneepads. I wish more people would adopt instead of contribute to overpopulation.

*cough* Duggars *cough*

Ice Angel said...

@Vicki-yes there is that "green" aspect to adoption as well! ;)

Sadie said...

Speaking of Charlize...did anyone see her on Top Chef? She has a wicked fun sense of humor. I'd love to meet her.

ohno said...

@ice angel,
Kudos to you for highlighting the need for adoption, but more importantly the sheer joy of adoption.
But why applaud those who adopt here in the US? Are US children more deserving of adoption? My son is a minority, was older, and had health issues. International adoption is not about getting perfect white infants and your slam was unnecessary.
Some of us adopt thru private agencies, foster care, or even ads in the paper. In the end families are made and that is the important thing.

I would also like to urge Enty to please stop with the 'adopted child' thing unless you are going to add special notations on all celebs offspring i.e. "Mimis cesearean section twins" or "Kate Hudsons vaginal delivery son".

EmEyeKay said...

Congrats to Charlize!

I agree - son or daughter works just fine. No "adopted" necessary.

msgirl said...

Yea I hate that "adopted" stuff - they do it with the Jolie-Pitts all the time. It's infuriating they way the media makes it different.

nettalovesrobin said...

I used to work as an adoption social worker and now i work in foster care. Its always wonderful to hear stories like these. I wish both ladies success! The debate to adopt abroad or at home is too much. Whatever u chose its a great decision.

RocketQueen said...

Enty never skips a chance to dig at Angelina - sigh. I think she's done wonderful things for adoption - agree with Ice Angel.
Congrats, Charlize!

Ice Angel said...

@ohno...I've read through my post again, in case I did say something that inadvertently bashed anyone and cannot find it. Actually, I believe I was very clear to applaud all who adopt in any way shape or form.

If I am not mistaken, we are on the same "side" here :) and anything that may have come across in my post that sounded negative was completely unintentional and apologize if that is the case.

My applauding those who choose to adopt in the US in no way bashes those who choose otherwise any more than it bashes those who choose to have biological children. I even noted how great I feel what Angelina did.

How we create our families is a personal decision no matter how we build that family (and in my opinion, that also means how many children people choose to have.) To me, there is no right or wrong answer, except for what is right for you and your family. I actually had an international adoption set, room ready, name picked out, ready to get on a plane when the whole thing fell through sadly. As crushing as that was, I have no regrets and would have chosen that path again in a heartbeat. But I believe everything happens for a reason and if it hadn't happened that way, I wouldn't have my daughter, who I KNOW was meant to be with me!

I have absolutely NOTHING against international adoption and think it is also a wonderful thing, so please do not take my one line applauding those who choose to adopt in the US as a "slam." It wasn't meant to be. Also, as I noted, my 2 older kids were healthy, white, infants as well and they bring me insurmountable joy each and every day!

Also, I don't see where I said international adoption was to get perfect, white infants. Most people I know that have adopted internationally (Angelina is a perfect example) have adopted older children, generally with health issues. i have many friends who have internationally adopted and see the joy and happiness these families bring to one another. No child is more worthy of adoption than any other. I am just happy that people are talking more openly about it and these stars are able to bring more awareness to the joys of adoption, in any form. The more kids that ultimately become adopted the better.

Now that said, in terms of adoption through foster care is a unique situation in and of itself, which is why I highlighted it. I guess because of my own personal experience. I also know that many have the same concerns as I once had when considering foster-to-adopt. What issues will the child have? What if the state decides to return the child after I have had the child for years? These are real concerns, particularly when you do have other children in the home. So because of my experience, I do choose to speak more vocally about this issue, as I feel I have the background and knowlege to support my advocacy.
I was only trying to highlight my rewards as an adoptive parent from my own perspective.

Gosh, saying all the right things in a quick blog post is tricky-especially when dealing with such an important topic! I hope what I am saying is coming across right, as it is meant to be only positive.

I am so very happy for you and your son. I am sure he is precious and brings you so much love and joy and hope that he has been able to overcome his health issues. I am sure having a loving parent like you is the greatest gift to him. I wish you and your family nothing but health and happiness and appreciate you sharing!

Ice Angel said...


I totally agree with you about the debate of US vs. International Adoption. There really should be no debate, as they are both wonderful and rewarding decisions. Again, my apologies if I came across wanting to "debate" as that was not my intention.

Also-thank you for your work in foster care. I have known so many amazing unsung heroes in foster care. It gets me so mad when I hear stories about how the foster care system is failing our children, when I see the men and women who work ungodly hours, have an insanely huge caseload and deal with heartwrenching situations day in and day out.

If there is one way to help "fix" the foster care system, it is with funding. I know in our state, they continually cut funds to foster care and it infuriates me. I feel like our children (when I say "our" children, I mean all of the children who are wards of our state because that truly makes them "our" children and "our" responsibility) aren't considered simply because they have no voice and do not vote.

Now funding for foster care IS a debate I am willing to take up and get vocal about- because it saddens me to hear about cutting funding for our most precious and vulnerable citizens. But it makes me feel better to know that there are caring people like you that do what it takes to protect these children.

Lelaina Pierce said...

Well, as much as I'm not a fan of hers, at least Angelina gives away the money she receives from the spreads to her charities.

Good for Charlize. I think adoption is wonderful

ohno said...

@ice angel

No worries.
I have to admit to a knee jerk reaction when it comes to domestic vs international. I have had more than a few people ask me why I didn't "adopt an American". I'm tempted to respond that the store was out that day, but fear they would actually believe me, lol.
Anyways, glad your life is full and happy with your kids!

Snakeoiler said...

Charlize could adopt me. Sure, I'm almost 50, but I'm not married, I don't need to be changed (not for another 30 years or so), I won't wake up in the middle of the night for feedings, except of the sort she probably has enjoyed. She could even help her new grandchildren with college, boarding school, grad school, etc. But she would have to get rid of the infant. I did those, and I'm not looking to do any more of them.

Ice Angel said...

@ohno....LOL!!! I've always said I would love to write a book about some of the wacky questions I have had! Some of my least favorite?

Who couldn't get pregnant-you or your husband? (Really???)
Why didn't their mother want them? (This one hurts, especially in front of the child!)
Aren't you afraid their mother will some day come and take them? (I suppose, if they really want to face kidnapping charges and end up in prison!)
How much did they cost? (I usually laugh and say they were a "bargain at any cost!)
Are you SURE this is what you want to do?? (as if they would say such a thing if I were pregnant!)

But my all time favorite came from the mouth of a babe, as they say. I was with my daughter, who is African American and I am white. One of the little boys she was playing with at the park noticed she called me Mommy. With the widest eyes I've ever seen on a 4 year old he asked me "DID SHE COME OUT OF YOUR TUMMY THAT COLOR???" OMG...the poor mother of the boy was just mortified and I couldn't stop laughing!!!

I try to chalk it all up to inquisitiveness, which is a good thing. Ignorance just means "without knowledge" so I feel it is sometimes just a matter of "educating" people.

But I secretly would really like to slap some people sometimes!

Ice Angel said...

@ more thing..I hadn't realized the US vs. International topic was such a sensitive subject, so I do appreciate the education myself! :)

nettalovesrobin said...

Ice i really appreciate your kind words! I have had a hard week at work and i needed some positivity! Thank u!

Reese said...

I'm another fan of adoption; I have a niece and nephew (they are half-siblings) who are adopted. They are marvelous children; very bright and loving. They are Hispanic, we aren't, and that is no issue in my family. There are so many great children in foster care who desperately need adoption. Kudos to Charlize for giving this child what I expect will be a wonderful home life. I agree with Enty; she'll probably be a great mother.

Karen said...

Charlize is a lovely woman and would make a great mommy. Congrats to her.

TheDailyLmo said...

Oh Gawd, is she robbing African orphanages as well?
Why didn't she just get a surrogate to carry her own child that she coulds had via a sperm donor, if she's afraid of gaining preggo-weight?

WUWT? said...

Hey, this means many people had a blind wrong about a year ago. Something like: A long-time couple that never planned to have children, but then she got pregnant and they agonized over what to do. They disagreed over the next course of action. I believe she didn't have the child (or did because she didn't believe in abortion but then gave the child up?), but in any case the relationship did not survive. Many many people guessed Charlize and Stuart. Someone needs to find that blind and people need to start guessing again.

theyareangry said...

Why don't these women want their own children? Afraid of stretching that.......

Principessa said...

Who gives a shit whether or not she didn't want to give birth, or even if she could for that matter. She wants to be a mother, and I think she'll be a very good one.

Good grief! Would you ever ask a woman about her reproductive plans or difficulties? If you asked me if I was afraid of "stretching that ...." I'd backhand you!