Friday, December 14, 2012

Random Photos Part Three

Eric Dane with his daughter at a candy store.

Yeah, I'm pretty sure if they put in a coffee shop with couches, no one would ever leave an Apple store.
Anne Hathaway dressed demurely and
legs closed together with a vise. She was present to see
Hugh Jackman get his star. Amanda Seyfried also came.
Jonah Hill has apparently found all that weight he lost before.
John Krasinski and Emily Blunt share some lemonade.
Kristen Bell hiding the baby bump.
Huh. I didn't know Kim Kardashian was a bibber. I bring my own bib when I go out to eat too.


smash said...

Wow Kristen Bell! Her belly got big fast. :) so cute!!!

hag said...

A "bibber"

dragon said...

I wonder if Jonah is going to lose the weight when they do 21 jump street 2 again. Cnat wait

Sherry said...

Jonah looked a little weird thin anyway. But maybe he exercises and eats better. Some people just have that sort of physique.

Sherry said...

Oh and I totally heart Hugh..Damn he is fine!

libby said...

I like Anne Hathaway, and I think she's a good actress whose appearance is always top-notch.

I really do believe that, I just typed it because that phrase should be typed or spoken sometime, somewhere, once in a while. Right?

Throw your shade. But remember:

I also am STRONGLY rooting for Amanda Seyfried to also be Oscar-nominated for 'Les Mis' this year (even though Anne would still win), just to jab jab jab at Lilo.

See? I'm not totally insufferable!

LottaColada said...

What's with the apple floor plan? Who made that?

Anne is campaigning extra hard! Who are her contenders?

nudibelle said...

damn jonah blew back up.

libby said...

Fortunately for Anne, every critic is campaigning FOR her.

Golden Globe noms came out today. I'd say her biggest competition for an Oscar would be Amy Adams.

FS said...

I saw a screening of Les Mis last night. I am a long time, huge fan of this musical. Anne was fookin' perfect in this role, she was heartbreaking, and damn she SANG! Hugh was just remarkable, as completely awesome as Hugh is, and then even more so. He absolutely becomes Val Jean.

The biggest surprised to me were Eddie Redmayne, who is fantastic as Marius, and Aaron Tveit, who is a bit of a scene stealer as Enjolras. It will not win Best Movie because of the uneven bits (and in my opinion the too close camera work that really should have backed up a few feet in some scenes), but it is excellent. The live singing makes this movie real, it was a brilliant decision by Tom Hooper.

I am already looking forward to seeing it again, and to owning the DVD with some scenes put back in. I want a full 3 hours!

Staple611 said...

Emily and John look genuinely happy in that photo.

libby said...

Thanks for the info, FS. I've heard nothing but praise for Anne & Redmayne specifically, though I admit I don't know him.

greenmountaingal said...

Maybe Anne is good in Les Mis, but was it really necessary to post 3 photos of her in a row?

Speaking of Anne, my favorite part of Devil Wears Prada is Emily Blunt. "I'm just one stomach flu away from my goal weight." Makes me laugh every time!

Speaking of Emily Blunt, I think Jon Krasinski is pretty fug

Kim K should not be wearing ankle straps. Actually, she should not be famous, but I digress.

Michelle said...

Wonder if Jonah Hill lost weight using extreme measures. Maintaining weight loss is hard but almost impossible when done quickly with surgery, diet pills, fad diets. Hope he can find a healthy size for his body. I saw recent pictures of Melissa McCarthy where she looks like she has gained weight. I am an amply curvy woman so by no means am fat-phobic, but extreme losses or gains are not healthy.

DBZee said...

FS, thanks for the update! I'm really looking forward to it - even Mr Zee might come because I despise movie theaters & I'd actually go into one to see this!

John Krasinski & Emily Blunt really are cute together. I'm sad to see The Office go, but this season has been sucking big time. It's downright cruel.

If people stopped paying attention to the Cardashians, maybe they'd kannibalize themselves.

auntliddy said...

I dont understand why pregnant actresses hide their baby bumps. Does anyone else?

auntliddy said...

Oh, and eric dane's daughter looks like an angel:)

Cornbread said...

@DBZee, I'm with you on The Office hate this season. The storyline with Angela, Oscar and the Senator is completely over-the-top ridiculous. I am expecting them to "discover" that he isn't the father of her baby in a few weeks. The Andy storyline is totally whack, too.

Parks & Rec has become our fave NBC comedy, followed by Up All Night.

Jonah Hill looks better with some weight on, in my opinion. I thought he looked odd so slim, but he was one of the top guesses for a Ted C. blind about a newly popular comedic actor who dropped a ton of weight doing coke. The other top guess was Seth Rogan.

Lulu G said...

I hate going in the Apple store. It's too crowded and it's full of pretentious people. God help you if you didn't make an appointment at the Genius bar. I only go in there when my iPods crap out after a year, because they always do.

pretzel logic said...

Ahhh. That's sweet. John Krasinski took his mom out for lemonade.

DBZee said...

@cornbread, I thought I was the only one - I keep seeing aww, we're going to miss The Office stuff, but no one commenting on just how mean-spirited the whole season is.

Jim & Pam have always picked on Dwight, but it was usually funny and somewhat harmless, and Dwight's responses were hilarious. Now, their pranks are mean and Dwight is turning into a Jim fanboy. Yuck. And the Oscar/Angela/Senator thing - YES, totally over the top and just plain cruel. It's like Michael left and took the heart of the show with him. :/

chachi said...

If I had Jonah Hill type money, I'd just go get the fat sucked out of my double chin, and stop worrying about the rest. This is spoken as someone who always gains weight first in the face (chin) area - totally unfair because it's so hard to hide.

Renoblondee said...

LOVE Amanda's trench! Gorgeous girl!
You know, my husband and I have watched The Office since Season 1 and we have not watched the last 5 or so episodes. We still wait with anticipation for our newer fave Parks and Rec though. The Office just isn't the same. :(

Christopher Cruz said...

I'm sorry, but Emily Blunt is the most boring, beige person on the planet.

Pookie said...

maybe it's the stupid hair or the fact that she has an irl jerky rep, but i just can't gel w/ hathaway. no likey.

for a second there i thought jonah hill was chaz bono. O_o

@renoblonde...i'm not sure what designer amanda seyfried is wearing, trench-wise, but kate spade has a similar one in this season's line. the only difference is that the piping also extends along the seam at the bottom. it's gorgeous!

oh hai, emily blunt. i hope you scored that oh-la-la zoe krassen sweatshirt along w/ the créme-de-la-créme one on the black friday deal like i did. #savingsscore

is it my imagination or does kristen bell's hair look even more lovely now that she's pregnant? #superpretty

kim k makes me stabby for a lot of reasons, but lately it's mostly b/c she refuses to wear sizes that actually fit, and b/c she has no natural instinct on how to elongate the line of her body. if she's going to insist on wearing ankle straps it needs to be w/ a rolled-up/cuffed skinny or bf jean...w/ that type of hemline it just does not work. surely she can pay people or kanye to tell her this? #stabby

Kloie said...

Amanda is looking way too thin lately.

motcollins said...

I generally like Anne H as a performer but if she wants to be demure she needs to learn to cross her legs at the ankle, especially if she is gonna wear those stupid platform pumps that make her legs too long for the chair. Once you cross at the knee you have to uncross at the knee.

Or, y'know, it's winter. Wear tights. Peeky-proof. People will forget by spring.

Harvey Manfrenjensen said...

You guys crack me up. With Anne," no likey" I don't know what it is, if she just wouldn't try so damn hard it would be easier to like her. Yep, she could have worn tights and crossed at the ankles. I strongly believe that the vag flash was another calculated move to nab that oscar. It kept her at the forefront of everyone's mind for a day or so talking about it, her, her role, her movie, her oscar, blah blah blah. So, it worked.


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