Wednesday, January 30, 2013

The Letter B Prank


Agent**It said...
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Dee Lurker said...

This gives cute girls SUCH a bad rep.

How the fuck are you gonna just throw your bag down cuz some random men told you to?

WTF is with all the squealing?

I am fairly cute, but you would never catch me doing this shit.

VeryUnseemly said...

Hmm do I foresee a future form of "distraction" theft (much like being squirted with mustard)?
every single person was ripe for have their bag or wallet stolen!!

Agent**It said...

VeryUnseemly, that was my first thought...

Sunny said...

I can't make it through the whole thing. Did anyone kick these guys in the nuts?

prolixe said...

Ah, 12yo frat boys.

Chances are very high most women didn't respond that way, they just selected the over-the-top ones to show how utterly awesome they are.

Lelaina Pierce said...

LOL @ Sunny

I thought it was kind of funny. What if they were allergic? ;) I am certain I would have reacted the same way.

@VeryUnseemly - I had that same thought.


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